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The Precarious State of Religious Freedom in Ethiopia



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The Precarious State of Religious Freedom in Ethiopia

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The Precarious State of Religious Freedom in Ethiopia

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

In a weekly column entitled “Unity in Divinity” this past June, I expressed grave concern over official encroachments on religious freedom in Ethiopia. I lamented the fact that religious freedom was becoming a new focal target of official human rights violations. But I was also encouraged by the steadfast resistance of some principled Christian and Muslim religious leaders to official interference in religious affairs. I noted that “For the past two decades, Ethiopia has been the scene of crimes against humanity and crimes against nature. Now Ethiopian religious leaders say Ethiopia is the scene of crimes against divinity. Christian and Muslim leaders and followers today are standing together and locking arms to defend religious freedom and each other’s rights to freely exercise their consciences.”
Officials of the ruling regime in Ethiopia see the issue of religious freedom as a problem of “religious extremism”. The late Meles Zenawi alleged that some Christians at the Timket celebrations (baptism of Jesus, epiphany) earlier this year had carried signs and slogans expressing their desire to have a “Christian government in Ethiopia”. He also leveled similar accusations against some Ethiopian Muslims protesting official interference in their religious affairs for being “Salafis” linked to Al Qaeda. Meles claimed that “for the first time, an Al Qaeda cell has been found in Ethiopia. Most of them in Bale and Arsi. All of the members of this cell are Salafis. This is not to say all Salafis in Ethiopia are Al Qaeda members. Most of them are not. But these Salafis have been observed distorting the real teachings [of Islam].”

A Statement issued by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) last month not only dismissed allegations of religious extremism but also expressed “deep concern about the increasing deterioration of religious freedoms for Muslims in Ethiopia.” USCIRF virtually indicted the “the Ethiopian government [for seeking] to force a
change in the sect of Islam practiced nationwide” and for “punishing [Muslim] clergy and laity who have resisted.”

According to the USCIRF Statement,

since July 2011, the Ethiopian government has sought to impose the al-Ahbash Islamic sect on the country’s Muslim community, a community that traditionally has practiced the Sufi form of Islam. The government also has manipulated the election of the new leaders of the Ethiopia Islamic Affairs Supreme Council (EIASC). Previously viewed as an independent body, EIASC is now viewed as a government-controlled institution. The arrests, terrorism charges and takeover of EIASC signify a troubling escalation in the government’s attempts to control Ethiopia’s Muslim community and provide further evidence of a decline in religious freedom in Ethiopia. Muslims throughout Ethiopia have been arrested during peaceful protests: On October 29, the Ethiopia government charged 29 protestors with terrorism and attempting to establish an Islamic state.”

USCIRF Commissioner Azizah al-Hibri bluntly stated,

These charges are only the latest and most concerning attempt by the Ethiopian government to crush opposition to its efforts to control the practice of religion by imposing on Ethiopian Muslims a specific interpretation of Islam. The individuals charged were among tens of thousands peacefully protesting the government’s violations of international standards and their constitutional right to religious freedom. The Ethiopian government should cease interfering in the internal affairs of its Muslim community and immediately and unconditionally release those wrongfully imprisoned.
It is important to note some very important facts about USCIRF to underscore the significance of its findings. First, USCIRF is not an NGO, a partisan human rights advocacy group or organization or a government agency. It is an independent Commission established by the U.S. Congress (the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998) for the purpose of “monitoring the status of freedom of religion or belief abroad and to provide policy recommendations to the President, the Secretary of State, and Congress.” Second, Commissioners are appointed in a bipartisan process by the U.S. President and Democratic and Republican leaders in the U.S. House and Senate. Third, Commissioners are “selected among distinguished individuals noted for their knowledge and experience in fields relevant to the issue of international religious freedom, including foreign affairs, direct experience abroad, human rights, and international law.” Fourth, as an independent body, USCIRF’s mission is to “examine the actions of foreign governments against these universal standards and by their freely undertaken international commitments” such as those found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
The Statement of USCIRF is based on substantial evidence that freedom of religion in Ethiopia is under sustained official attack.

Ethiopia’s International and Constitutional Obligations to Uphold Freedom of Religion

The ruling regime’s constitutional duty to respect the religious freedom of its citizens revolves around its obligations to prevent the establishment of an official religion and refrain from interference in the free exercise of religious belief. Article 11 of the Ethiopian Constitution (which could be described as the “establishment article”) mandates “separation of state and religion” to ensure that the “Ethiopian State is a secular state” and that “no state religion” is established. This article creates a reciprocal obligation between religion and state by prohibiting the “State [from] interfere[ing] in religious affairs” and “religion [from] interfere[ing] in the affairs of the State.” Article 27 (which could be described as the “free exercise of religion article”) guarantees “Everyone the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion” including the “freedom to have or adopt a religion or belief of his choice, and freedom, either individually or in community with others and in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching.” Article 27 prohibits “coercion by force or any other means, which would impair his freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice.”
The constitutional language of Articles 11 and 27 is derived almost verbatim from Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (ratified by Ethiopia on December 10, 1948) and Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ratified by Ethiopia on June 11, 1993) which provide that “Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right shall include freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice, and freedom, either individually or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching.” Article 8 of the African [Banjul] Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights similarly guarantees “freedom of conscience [and] the profession and free practice of religion” and prohibits States from enacting “measures restricting the exercise of these freedoms”. Article 13 of the Ethiopian Constitution incorporates by explicit reference as the law of the land international legal obligations in securing fundamental freedoms, including religious freedom: “The fundamental rights and freedoms enumerated in this Chapter [“Chapter Three, Fundamental Rights and Freedoms”] shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international human rights covenants and conventions ratified by Ethiopia.

The Ruling Regime in Ethiopia Must Conform Its Actions to Its Own Constitution and Obligations Under International Law

There is substantial and independently verified evidence and a massive amount of anecdotal evidence in the form of testimony by victims of violations of religious freedom that the ruling regime in Ethiopia has engaged and continues to engage in acts that flagrantly violate the constitutional and legal rights of citizens to freely exercise their religion. The regime has sought to impose upon the Muslim community in Ethiopia not only leaders that it has chosen for that community but has also tried to impose its own preferred al-Ahbash Islamic sect on them. It has interfered in quintessentially religious affairs by engineering the election of preferred leaders to the Ethiopia Islamic Affairs Supreme Council which is the “central organizing body of the Muslim Community in Ethiopia” and manages 11 Regional Islamic Affairs Councils in various zones and districts. The regime has usurped established procedures to conduct elections of religious leaders in officially controlled centers instead of mosques. Religious leaders and administrators who have demanded official non-interference or refused to cooperate with officials in protest have been removed from office, persecuted and prosecuted. Religious dissidents and leaders have been placed under surveillance for pursuing purely religious activities and theri vocal opposition to official interference. As a result, the officially engineered Council has little credibility with the vast majority of Muslims and is generally viewed as an agency of the regime created by the regime and for the regime to serve the interests of the regime in politically controlling the Muslim population.

The ruling regime has produced no evidence to support its claims of subversion, terrorism and other allegations of criminality by those protesting official interference. There is no evidence to show that those demanding non-interference in their religious affairs are in alliance with any radical groups or have any intention whatsoever to seize political power or establish an “Islamic state” in Ethiopia. All independent observers confirm that the protesters seek nothing more than their constitutional right to democratically elect their own Islamic Affairs Supreme Council leaders. That is not an unreasonable demand. It is their democratic right. The protesters insist that the “leaders” elected for them by the regime do not have their consent nor can they faithfully represent their interests. They believe the regime selected leaders could ultimately create strife, division and conflict in the Muslim community throughout the country. It is also clear that the leaders that emerged from the regime orchestrated elections do not enjoy much credibility with a significant segment of the Muslim community.

The ruling regime has a bad habit of whipping out its “anti-terrorism law” every time it violates its own Constitution and laws by denying the rights of citizens to religious freedom, the right of the press to report freely and the right of citizens to freely express themselves. Its arrest and detention of at least 29 Muslim leaders on charges of “terrorism” is just the most recent example of the regime’s indiscriminate and predictable use of its so-called anti-terrorism law as a cure all for all of its problems in society.

What the leaders of the regime in Ethiopia do not seem to appreciate is the simple fact that there is a limit to the use of the “anti-terrorism law”. The regime cannot get legitimacy or acceptance by the people by exacting harsh punishment on citizens who exercise their constitutional rights. The “anti-terrorism law” is not a panacea to fix the complex political problems facing Ethiopian society. It does not guarantee stability or permanence for the regime. What the “anti-terrorism law” does is keep the regime blinded to the real problems, issues and demands of citizens in Ethiopian society. Citizens want and demand basic human dignity -- to be respected and treated fairly by those in power and to have their human rights protected. They do not want to be treated as criminals for demanding or exercising their constitutional rights.

With their “anti-terrorism law”, the leaders of the regime see peaceful protesters and demonstrators in the streets demanding official non-interference in religious matter; but they are completely blinded to the quiet riot that is raging in the hearts and minds of citizens and communities throughout the country. They are blinded to the quiet riot among the masses of the youth whose sense of despair and hopelessness is deepened daily by lack of educational, employment and other opportunities for self-improvement and participation in the development of their country. For a time, the quiet riot of despair and hopelessness will simmer. But those in power today should not doubt that when hopelessness and despair reaches the boiling point of desperation and citizens overcome their fear of fear, their winter of discontent will be made glorious by an inexorable spring, just like the “Arab Spring”. When that happens, the tables will turn and the “anti-terrorism law” will visit its erstwhile practitioners.

The regime could learn an important lesson from the counsel of two eminent U.S. Supreme Court Justices:
Nothing can destroy a government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws. Our government teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.

As USCIRF deamnded, the regime must "release those it has arrested and end its religious freedom abuses and allow Muslims to practice peacefully their faith as they see fit.”


Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Well unfortunately so long as TPLF is around freedom of any sort will never be achieved.

We have to wipe them out by all means necessary so Ethiopia can truly progress. These are looters and dependents on remittance money from the diaspora.

12/03/12 @ 19:02
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

I have a list of looters and dependents we should start with:

1. Agazit Pr0zac Woman
2. Addis Zefzef the female Shabian
3. extraIdiot
4. The chicken head Heny
5. Yeha dedebit

the list of losers with low self esteem and with no country of their own goes on……………..

12/03/12 @ 19:08
Comment from: [Member]

“In Somalia its been decreed illegal to carry old chewing gum stuck on the tip of your nose”

Almaria, that’s how ridiculous and absurd like the above decree you sound. You simply are a shameless banda loser, who has nothing to do with Ethiopia.
We know you’re still dreaming for arab spring in Ethiopia. You don’t need to remind us. You keep talking about a riot again and again. Does that seems to give you a break to visit Ethiopia? I don’t think so. A banda like you will never achieve anything tangible, but cry for the ages to come and die in your shithole.
What is QUIET RIOT anyway? Wow!
Whether you like it or not Ethiopia is a land of LAW & ORDER, and a country for all, regardless of religion, ethinicty, language, culture, etc.. and we all live together proud of our diversity. Incase you’re not aware of all these facts, it could be because you’re thousands of miles away hiding in your closet, out of touch from reality.
Nobody is able to help you, until you yourself move your own ass and deal with the reality. “Awiqo yetegna, biqeseqisut ayesema”
Ethiopia these days is, some light years away from your decayed mentality. Wake up and smell the Ethiopian coffee brought to your neighborhood by ECX!!!

12/03/12 @ 19:09
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

What in the hell are you ranting about Addis Zefzef the she-female?

Ethiopia is not your country it belongs to people like myself and Al-mariam. You are a refuge brought over to the capital by a separatist group in case you decide to wake up from your self induced amnesia and delusion.

You and your low self esteem issue have you ranting uncontrollably. lolllllll hideous refuge…..

12/03/12 @ 19:37
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

ante agecham shimagle, what the hell are you talking about? Who the heck do you think you are to preach of religious tolerance and freedom in EPRDF led Ethiopia. No matter hom many pages you write, there will not be religious strife in my Ethiopia. This means, your craving for a seat at 4 kilo palace is ZEROOOO. Fesam, agecham shimagle.

12/03/12 @ 19:44
Comment from: Wayane is evil [Visitor]
Wayane is evil

Addis fesam

Zeem bel, Yetelahaw abeyote eyegenefele yebalahal. In the past EPRP used to undestimate the power of wayane. But now it is the reverse. This Muslim revolution will galvanize all Ethiopians despite their religious creed. Soon, it will be real.

Mark my word. People are tired of the hide and seek policy of Wayane. Look all foreign ministry is taken over by Wayane and some hodam tigres and Amharas. No Somali No Oromo Muslim No Somali. All Embassies taken over by some Tigres and hodam Amharas. Where is the liberation of Gambela? Where is the liberation of Benshangul? Where is Mursi and Welayta? Still eating beet roots?

Yes, we all know Ethiopia could be much better under fair election system. We say “Beka” whether you like it or not. Killing thousands of people will not stop us this time. We are not afraid of your tanks, your tear gas, we are not going to run away this time. We will stand by and die and be martyrs. We are ready to die in thousands and we will see who will blink. Death is no more a threat for us, it is a rewarding cause for us.

All Ethiopians. Who is more worse than this clever and witty mercenaries who have no religion, who have no citizenship who are now colonizing Ethiopians? Do we not as great nation on earth deserve the best democracy? The best leaders? Instead of some stupid illiterate and greedy leaders? Do we not need more moral and ethical standards? Do we need a fair jailing system than this? Please my friends the West is still thinking Wayane is using trick and treat method to buy time. West has no choice if we keep silent.

Raise your voice loud and clear, ask your congress, send messages back home, send message of sacrifice for peaceful change, show them they are our heros, tell them that all the world is watching, approach all human rights international journalists, approach major media to give us attention, yes, we may be not Syria, but we can get enough UN attention if we raise our voice loud and clear, if we show solidarity, let the song be heard, the song of change be heard from east to west from north to south, let freedom ring, let us make freedom banners, let us hang them in our houses, let us hang them in our cars, let hang them in our doors, let us wear them in our hands or necks, let us create the biggest movement the African continent has seen, let us break the silence, let us call the names of Mandella, let us call Tahriri Square, let us hear Tunisia example, and more and more.

Are you fired up????

Are you fired up???

Are you fired up?????

12/03/12 @ 20:53
Comment from: [Member]

Garbage ahmed, the bokko arram,….

Ante arram lebba, I know you’re ready to blow yourself up soon. Don’t worry about your four wives. I will take a good care of them, while you enjoy your 79 virgines in hell.

12/03/12 @ 21:18
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Heny the Chicken Head Refuge

Since you don’t like Ethiopia why don’t you join your shabia master in Asmera. The other loser shabia is DEAD. His looter wife is a shameless laughing stock.

12/03/12 @ 21:22
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefzef the she-female shabian

You are sticking the website, go somewhere where TPLFs like you chat.

Is there not a or

Fesam aram she-female!!!

12/03/12 @ 21:25
Comment from: [Member]

While we guard liberty of thought and expression and encourage the fullest discussion of differences, let us not forget courtesy and gentleness, lest difference of thought should glide into vituperation of those who think differently from ourselves. Personal attack and imputation of evil motives are the weapons of attack used by the uncultured and the vulgar, and should find no place here or elsewhere.

The newly upgraded and renewed form of offense sponsored by the serpent whose head lie in ENSA and his tentacles ejected out, even reached in this site, includes all sorts of personal attacks, including degrading one’s religion. It is done by individuals who are barbaric, uncivilized and with ungentle attitude. It should also be noted that some unintentionally are fueling this innocently.

Religious matter should have been dealt cautiously. Harshly, like the regime, using the state controlled media talking all about terrorism, have affected numerous Muslims to start to fanaticize their belief. If the regime continue in its path of interference with beliefs, it is time to join democratic forces now, before they start to knock on other beliefs. Already foreign elements have put their eye on this muslim movement, to take their own advantage. So let us beware and aware!!!……


12/03/12 @ 22:52
Comment from: SelamLeEthiopia [Visitor]

Dear Prof.
No to Iranian, Ayatollah Khameni, Ahmedinejad sponsored teachers at Awalia. No to any form of Sharia law. No to Wahabism. We don’t want anything to do with Ahmedinejad’s teachers. By the way he vowed to wipe Israel of the map and that the Holocaust is hoax a fraud so no to his teachers. By the way this whole thing began when the government fired Iranian teachers from Awalia. There is nothing divine about Wahabism, don’t you know that it is illegal to be a Christian in Saudi Arabia and don’t you know that you will face death penalty if you get caught talking about a single bible verse to a Muslim and he deems it proselytizing or evangelizing. There is nothing divine about Ayatollah Khameni sponsored teachers who probably agree with Ahmedinejad on the holocaust. The word Iran is derived from Aryan so perhaps Ahmedinejad has a soft spot for Nazism.

12/03/12 @ 23:01
Comment from: Wayane is evil [Visitor]
Wayane is evil

Sddis fesam,

Already you are mocking on the religious belief of many muslims. forget me your stupidity to take over my wives indeed is sending a shivering news to those defenseless Muslims. Soon they will rise up to defend themselves. Your vulgarity knows no limit by Wayane cadres indeed that is how rotten the system is. No evidence exists Ethiopian Muslims are tied to the international network of terror. America knows it, Isreal knows it and Wayane and all of us know it. So why the fuss? Because Wayane running out of ideas and food to feed people. Now, it is blaming everybody including the innocent journalists as terrorists. the definition of terrorism has globalization component so how on earth Wayane accuses Eskinder Nega or Getachew Yusus who both defended Ethiopian freedom for speech as terrorists? If this is not alarming to Ethiopians what will be?


You can not cover up Wayane using Iran. We can not be played by illiterate Wayane cadres using one time Saudi and now Iran. Your stories don’t fit to be called a sign of good leadership. Wayane has bankrupted of ideas. It used to burn Mesjids and Churchs and now it is clubing Muslim women and men.

Now, all christians if you believe Wayane. I say go ahead with Wayane and believe their stories and they will give you more miserable life. If you join democratic movements like that of Al Mariam we will be liberated. Don’t fear the unknowns. Don’t be hold by stupidity of Wayane. Do you trust Wayane? One day they use Junedin Sado, next day they call his wife a terrorist. Now today they will call you their friends and like Essayas they will call you enemies when they want Western aid money. Now, do you believe Wayane? Do you believe Wayane? Do you believe Professor Almariam? Do you believe what I say? I leave the judgement for you. But I just ask you find your true heart and say what are my options to topple this parasite regime?

I hope you get it.

12/03/12 @ 23:50
Comment from: Wayane is evil [Visitor]
Wayane is evil

One big idea:

ESAT should immediately open an open line to alleviate the concerns of many who still think Muslim protestors are not peaceful. We have shown the world how we are peaceful by enduring the insults of Waayane police on streets of Addis Wollo Jimma and many others. If we are terrorists why we are not burning churchs now? We are simply getting the attention of the international media and powers. So I ask Professor Almariam to directly communicate with ESAT and form a new task group that is aiming at dismissing false information and misinformation of the campaign of Wayane. As I said it should include political experts and Muslim and Christian scholars who are following the events in Addiss to take direct questions from audiences so that they can remove out any of the doubts they have aout the current movement. We know that If Muslims hate christians Wayane will love it and if christians hate Muslims Wayane will love it. So, let us not even give it the excuse to rule over us and time to struggle as one.

Have your say please. I would like to read even those who genuinely ae concerned about Islam in Ethiopia.

12/04/12 @ 00:07
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

This sick desperate seiko jump into religion to create more problem and chaos and destabilization just like his twisted sick two face master who don’t believe with right and wrong only obsessed with power my way or no way. That kind of fantacies is over lick your selfish wound and move on to some where else such us Egypt,Syria or any where in the mideast.

12/04/12 @ 00:15
Comment from: [Member]

Garbage Ahmed, the bokko arram,…

Ante arram leba, You’re acting like a rabid dog. Hurry up please on your sucide mission. Blow yourself up and get over it. Don’t let your wives wait too long for my treatment. They can’t wait to see you gone to your virgins in hell. And then I will make them the happiest they ever been. I will rock their world.

12/04/12 @ 00:28
Comment from: SelamLeEthiopia [Visitor]

@Wayane is good

You fool and ante boko aram if you spend less time watching Gossip TV ESAT run by Al Mariam perhaps you will know what is going on in the rest of the world? Hamas supported by Iran is launching 100 of missiles into Israel and they are gaining more legitimacy even though they provoking Israel into action. Turkey which is predominately Muslim country is sliding backwards into theocratic dictatorships. Once fiercely secular Turkish democracy is being undermined by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who is ‘moderate Islamist’ but Turkey now ranks lower than Iran and Eritrea in terms of press freedom, just google Turkey and press freedom. Look at Egypt, they are drafting a constitution that will introduce Sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood is the new sheriff in town. Look at Nigeria, Boko Haram aka Boko aram is terrorizing the country. Look at Mali who has been overrun by Islamist in the North. Look at Thailand, of all places Thailand has Islamic insurgency. How about the troubled caucus region of Russia that includes Chechnya? How about the Muslim Uyghur led bombing campaigns against the Chinese state. This goes on and on and on so what makes you think Ethiopia is any different. Yes I agree the people that are protesting are being used and are innocent but that doesn’t mean the government doesn’t have a legitimate reason why they wouldn’t want certain individuals from running for a leadership position in Mosques. ayman al-zawahiri is an Egyptian that used to belong to Muslim brotherhood. The overwhelming majority of muslims across the globe are peace loving good people but there are those like ayman al-zawahiri that preach violence and hatred. Obama issued an executive order authorizing a killing of American citizen living abroad and suspected of links to terrorism which I personally believe is very slippery slope and the first person they assassinated under is Anwar Al-Awalki who is US born Yemeni American. The idea that if few clerics are prevented from seeking a leadership position in their mosque doesn’t mean there is egregious interference of religious affairs in Ethiopia because we are no different than those countries that are experiencing difficulties with extremism. I love my Ethiopian Muslim brothers and sisters but they are being manipulated by few for a political reasons. By the way stop the hypocrisy, one day you are with Muslims that are protesting against the government and the next day you are spreading rumors that Muslims are tearing down monasteries and burning churches to whip up anger within the Christian population. Yes Iran does sponsor Hamas and yes Iran sponsors Hezbollah and yes there were Iranian teachers that were fired from Awalia school by the Ethiopian government. Facts are stubborn my friend.

12/04/12 @ 00:57
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

If you want to understand who Al Mariam is read a book written by Abe Gubegna titled “Gobland Achebrebariewe Tota".

It is one of the funniest story by an Ethiopian author in which the main chatterer Gobland is an orphan monkey found in a forest and adapted by a human family to live with them like their child and went to school and become a PROFESSOR, there is a big similarity between Gobland and Al mariam.

Abe Gubegna was aware there will be a monkey who will become a professor.

12/04/12 @ 02:05
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

SelamLeEthiopia [Visitor] the usual zero IQ cadre with a different nick name.

Did you say Iranian teachers were teaching wahabisim at Awalia school??? Wayyy Guddd

Ayne Ya wetta weshet malet yehe know. Did you run out of lies?

Do you know what wahabisim is ante Ahiya?
Since when Irianian start to teach Wahabisim?

Is this what you get trained at ETV school of lie, deception, and propaganda?
If you lie, lie the way you used to you know stuff like “all oppositon members are terrorist or caught while plotting to do xyz” something like that. So you confuse the gullables and get money from the west.

Now this will be the quote of the year.

ETV and Woyane cadres claiming that
“Iranians were fired for teaching Wahabisim in Ethiopia”

12/04/12 @ 02:14
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

ment4you [Visitor]

Why you avoided 2 news connected to Eritrea?

I am waiting to see what you have to say!

If you are tired to go to the other articles you can comment under this thread, tell us what do you think about the defected Red Sea Cockroaches in Kampala and Ethiopia seeking a neutral environment to play with the Read Sea flies?

Can you please help us with your outstanding opinions about this 2 issues as well?


12/04/12 @ 02:30
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

@Addis Zemen

Kudos to you both!

Alemayehu and the likes are in a lost world of their own who yearn to see Ethiopia fractured and disintegrated come what may. When the so called the “Arab Spring” did not ,as they hysterically had expected to happen in Ethiopia too, religion or rather the anti-religion theme(since extremism is intrinsically anti-religion) is their last straw which they foolishly hope will fulfill their dreams come true not realizing or rather not wanting to realize(awko yetegnawn….)that the people of Ethiopia have no time or desire to waste their time listening to their unabated toxic cries.

Ethiopia is prospering and will contnue to prosper!

12/04/12 @ 02:58
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi Banda ,which country are you refering where Law and Order are respected .What a joke ,you mean the actual Ethiopia ,under the rule of your Agazi Boss .Where TPLF Bandits and Tigre Mafiosis Terrors and Lootings Reign .Religious Institutions are controlled by the regime cadres and Bandas .And peoples are illegally detained .When you talk about the ECX coffee,you certainly mean the ones stolen by the Azeb Gangs from the Ethiopian Peoples .Like the Sesame including the Khat into which
the evil widow with her gangs is illegally prospering her Mafia Firm .SHABYAN ASS HOLE AKATTARI KEFTAFF BANSA !!!!

12/04/12 @ 03:30
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@addis zemen [visitor]

You said, “ Whether you like it or not Ethiopia is a land of LAW & ORDER, and a country for all, regardless of religion, ethnicity, language, culture, etc.. “
If that is true, let the ordinary people, the journalist, the human rights organizations speaks their own minds. I say, No, No, to the propagandist Woyanne Cadre Addis zemen. B/c he has no guts to speak about LAW & ORDER.
Unlike to Addis zemen, our prof. Al has the capacity, the guts, the know - how to our problems.

12/04/12 @ 05:07
Comment from: [Member]


You’re just a brain washed blind supporter of almaria. You need to see him in different perspectives.
Asbibet, esti ahun yehe sewye le hageru min sisera ayeshiw? le heger tifat kememegnetina letelat wore kemaqebel lela!

12/04/12 @ 06:15
Comment from: solo [Visitor]

I was so happy yesterday morning when I turned on my computer that Dum ASS al mariam rant was not on. But I was wrong again this useless,wasted mined will never go away.Will never do any tangabile job to ethiopians other than wake up and write outrageous article every morning. I am tired of this shit….. please do something people start petition…please make hime his time to do some constructive deed…

12/04/12 @ 06:29
Comment from: My2cents [Visitor]

Illegitimate and bogus regime. Anti-terrorism law that arbitrarily apply on anybody. Dangerous games and rule by incompetency. People exist on the edge because of evil rulers everywhere including in our country. We say no to repression and oppression. We say no to extremism. We say no to import influence which is intervention. It is the responibility of Ethiopians of all kind to coexist in peace.

12/04/12 @ 06:44
Comment from: sf [Visitor]

@addis zemen [visitor]

I am not a brain washed blind supporter of prof. AL.
I am not a cadre or brain washed individual.
Rather, I am well informed democrat, who always tries to speak my own mind with out fear.
Do not forget addis zemen prof. AL is well articulated man who have done a lot of work to his beloved country [Ethiopia].
He always writes debates to inform our society to be true for themselves.
In short, he is a teacher for the whole nation. You can not blame him for not doing a Sky scraper or a restaurant b/c he was/is a teacher not a Cadre or speculator.
Do you get me addis zemen why i support this great man?
If you do a fraction of what he has done, I will be on your side!
Try to write your own history addis zemen before it is to late?

12/04/12 @ 07:13
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

My2cents [Visitor]

I know you are an important and busy “Ethiopian” person. For some mysterious reasons you are not commenting from the four on three of the important news of the day, WHY?

You only commented on the news “The Precarious State of Religious Freedom in Ethiopia (By Alemayehu G. Mariam)” But Not on the news “Fourteen Eritrean footballers disappear in Uganda"; “Ethiopia wants Eritrea matches moved to neutral venue (BBC)” and “$117 million Adama One Wind Power Project Inaugurated".

My question is why you are dodging some news (good news) while you are critical on only specific types of news (negative news about Ethiopia)?

I would like to hear what you have to say about the Red Sea Cockroaches who sought asylum in Uganda?



12/04/12 @ 07:20
Comment from: [Member]


You’re so funny! Shall I call you sf “so funny". HaHaHaHa!!
You said almaria has done a lot for his country. That statment by itself will make everybody laugh their a** off including the shrewed almaria.
Come on, you could be more reasonable and rational person than this. Do you know almaria have never been back home the last 35 years, Not alone to do anything for his country?

12/04/12 @ 08:03
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

My2cents [Visitor]

You idiot, can you tell us why the cockchafers are dispersing in all direction they can?

12/04/12 @ 08:22
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Adgi ;when you say that Prof Al
never been in Ethiopia for 35 years ,by the way what about you who have never raised a single penny ,forget Ethiopia ,even just for your Desperate Rocky land and your Amice Bros than barking days and nights as a mad dog on this website .By the way ,why should he have to go ,as your dream to become
a Slave as the Opportunist Ephrem calling your Dead Master as the Our Times Alexander The Great or Jules Ceasar ,or the Ass Holes Diasporas as Eleni looting the poor Ethiopian Peasants and the Liars Pig Ben and Mimi whorshiping days and nights your Agazi Boss by advocating Tigre Mafiosis .TCHINKILATEBIS LEFFAFFI BANDA !!!!!

12/04/12 @ 09:37
Comment from: Nebro [Visitor]

“Christian and Muslim leaders and followers today are standing together and locking arms to defend religious freedom and each other’s rights to freely exercise their consciences",
This guy is getting trash propagandist, where did he the above information. I saw such info ESAT, Ethiomedia or Ethiotube

12/04/12 @ 10:31
Comment from: SelamLeEthiopia [Visitor]

dim wit where did I say Iranians are teaching satanism? you idiot just because I mention wahabism and Iran in the same sentence that does not mean I am linking the two. I know wahabism comes from Saudi not Iran. read what I wrote before you start insulting me.

12/04/12 @ 10:40
Comment from: SelamLeEthiopia [Visitor]

I would like to make a correction because my stupid Android phone auto corrected what a word I intended which was wahabism to satanism sorry about that. For those of you with afraid or any smart phone touchpad relate. This was not meant as a cheap shot against wahabism it was an honest mistake on my part.

12/04/12 @ 10:59
Comment from: weyane is evil. [Visitor]
weyane is evil.

torenetLeEthiopia akak Wayane

First, you have no right to change my nick. Otherwise, you get what you want.

Second, all garabage stuff you put out there is simply out of order and magnitude. You are wayane and wayane knows what is being said in that country. Now, Americans stated that there is no network or cell inside the Ethiopian territory. Now, my question is why your feri late boss deny that and instead he said that there is al qaaeda cell? If so the court should tell us the link between the Assassa killing of a 6 year old son and a 70 year old Imam. But the fact is it is Wayane lie. No evidence whatsoever. I urge you to please tell me exactly why there should be any reason to fabricate lies other than buying more cheap shot at the expense of my Muslim brother’s blood to stay in power. There is no reason for a Muslim blood to be spread for keeping Wayanae in power.

Yo also stated:

“The idea that if few clerics are prevented from seeking a leadership position in their mosque doesn’t mean there is egregious interference of religious affairs in Ethiopia because we are no different than those countries that are experiencing difficulties with extremism.”

This is complete and unfounded accusation. First, you lack any real hard data. What do yo mean when you wrote few? Do you know exactly the magnitude of the interference? Wayane imported Ah Bash from Lebanon controlled by Iran and Syrian to Ethiopia. It is a sect called Ah bash. Its founder waw Ethiopian but he was recruited by Mossad to work for Israel. He used to live in Demascus after he left Jerusalem. Before that he was kicked out by Haileselasie for opposing Wehabi ( Idon’t want to use this word) in Harar. He used to be called “fitna” Sheik.

At any rate, read the full story how Dr Shiferaw of Federal Affairs usd his position using Harari few fake Muslims to import it. Absulahi Harari the founder of the sect is Harrari. The whole scenario was planned by the Ministry of affairs in public. They received about 680 million birr for the project from Israel. Now, why did Meles and Shiferaw want this grand scale type of project to try and experiment it on Ethiopian Muslims who are proud to have their own history of Islam. Ethiopian Imams were forced without any consent to appear for the training. Most of the training was conducted in Sendafa Police camp and I ask why? You have to watch the conspiracy of this whole thing in you tube. Just type Ah Bash in Ethiopia to understand what is going on.

Now, coming back to the issue. Government allowed free speech. All religions use strong language against each other. Now, what is funny is Mesjids were burned but no one so far has been charged on that regard. So, if church burning can cause you concern why you don’t address the Mesjid burning? Who is buring it? Why not the government take strong hand as it is doing against Islam?

If Aha Bash is indeed good for Muslims why not preach it for christians too? Meles never accepted Ah bash. We did not hear that.

At any rate, I am not sure what is the plan of the government is. If they go heavy hand, we will go heavy hand. We showed them the peaceful way.

Also, the government talks to even Ogaden rebels who are under terror list but not to the present leaders hwo are at one time sitting with the government itself?? That is stupid. Plus, if there is terror coming through the air port because the border to Somalia is secure as our troops are even occupying another sovereign country what the hell is going on with this fake terror law. Terrorism is an international network and it has nothing to do with domestic crimes or treason. Wayane now claims even a treason is a terrorist act. So, he is detaining the human rights activists such as Eskinder Nega and Yusuf Getachew.

The use of terror law must be stopped.

Otherwise, we will fragment into pieces.

Finally, I urge yo to please be mindful that we don’t want you to tell us ” I love Muslims". Because you action speaks louder and that is true. The 29 leaders were elected by the people. The people signed their names. They also gave their phone numbers to government officials. So, all of these people should go to jail which is the 60 million Ethiopians. Watch Watch out.

12/04/12 @ 11:47
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


I am not a sympathizer of the crazy Issais, if you must know.

12/04/12 @ 13:39
Comment from: [Member]

Woyane is good’…

Garbage Ahmed the bokko arram, you said “the use of terror law must be stopped.” What do you’ve in mind? To go on a rampage in our peaceful cities? Not even in your dreams! Our country remains a land of LAW & ORDER.
Why don’t you go to pakistan and Afganistan on TORRA BORRA mountains, where your likes coward terrorists keep terrorizing and torturing their own people? That would be an easy ticket to your 79 virgins in hell.

12/04/12 @ 14:20
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

ment4you [Visitor]

Hahahahaha is that all you got to say about this shocking news?

You idiot, that is not what I asked you to comment on.

Feyele wedya kezemzeme wedhie ale sewyewe!

The question is why is that the northern cockroach’s are scattering in all direction they can, and why is that you are dodging this thread?

You sound anxious about this new development, is there something worrying you, what happen … what is going on in that fake state … or you are also sing-poorian?

12/04/12 @ 14:32
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

addis zemen, hey, extraterrestrial
and the rest of hired agents

You guys fight Al for telling you as it is.
You tell us as if Ethiopian Muslims are OK on their lands except for few (millions of them) and yet insult, mock, grave for virgins and somebody else’s 4 wives, all Durie, Worabela, wonbedie, vagabond Tigrai sedeb rains on their religion and their dignity. Why this?
You think you are angel for insulting their religion without knowing you worship cave god, angels, woman, meskel tree, etc.

What is Ethiopian Muslims demand? to overthrow you? If not then what’s wrong if they want be wahabi, salafi, sunni, etc… You don’t have the right to tell them how to worship. Did they meddle in your cultural religion? No. So why fight and mess up the country?
Wake up jungle child.

What’s the difference b/n you and the past rulers?
Do you work in Embassy or where do you live? You are here to combat the truth with lie day in day out without fatigue.
Addis zemen purges his brain with his alcohol as mentioned it before. Am I lying like you or not? Certainly I am not. I am a Muslim.

I thought you are feudal remnant who fights only for your old good time to rein again. You are neither dry fanatic copt (whose teaching is only to hate other religion-Islam) nor narrow Amhara who die for power.

You tried very hard to be sincere and honest without fear from ultra extremist Tigrai/Amhara stone age jungle beast attack. Your article thus got credibility. You are respected for this matter.
Imagine Amhara copt to write not only on Ehiopian Muslims but on Nigerian Muslims based on truth.

You bands don’t have this kind of wisdom to dare where no one dared so far in copt camps except for Great prof Al. Do you think he is paid for this like you are paid by Ethiopian money via consulate. NO No no.
Compare yourself here with this great man. Sid balegie ye durie lidgoch. Street children.

12/04/12 @ 16:16
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


I am not idiot enough to associate people who are straggling to survive to a goverment they are trying to flee from. I am not a bitter and hateful loser and coward like you to call them coacroachs. They are humanbeings. I don’t have inferiority complex towards them like you seem to have (major).

As for Issais and his circle, well that also includes many TPLF (Meles too), they are my enemies. They are sworn enemies of Ethiopia. Any one associated with a libration from is one who HATES Ethiopia.

Digist that I know this is too much for you and Addis Zefzef the Brainless former Shabian slave.

12/04/12 @ 17:29
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Declaring religious freedom in the Christian land of Ethiopia is like giving free ride to the Al Qaeda-affiliated Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims who are protesting to overthrow the legitimate Christian government of Christian Ethiopia, and finally to convert the Ethiopian Christians to Islam by force augmented by foreign powers such as Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Gaza territory, Lebanon, Sudan, and Somalia.

Professor Al Mariam has failed to see the side effect of religious freedom in the Christian land of Ethiopia that has never seen before such foreign religious intrusions in the name of religious freedom in all her glorious Christian history.

All Muslims all over the world do whatever their false prophet Muhammad had told them to do: What did the pedophilia Muhammad tell his followers to do? He told them to incite the believers to fight (Quran 4:84). Therefore, those Islamist intruders from Saudi Arabia and from other Islamic countries are inciting the Ethiopian Muslims to rise up against the indigenous Ethiopian Christians in the name of religious freedom devised to deceive the gullible Ethiopian Christians.

Persuaded by the soft-spoken Mullahs and Imams, inspired by the United States agents – USCIRF that does not include Russian, Japanese, and Chinese experts – Professor Al Mariam has given the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims strong ammunitions at the expense of the Ethiopian Christians when he wrote his factious article that would give the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims the absolute right to finagle some extra religious rights out of the Ethiopian Christian government constitution.

Al Mariam’s article clearly demonstrates he is angling toward Islam to be a starter of the future religious revolution in the Christian land of Ethiopia so that he can be a catalyst in the revolution and finally secure a high government position if he succeeds in his dream of becoming “somebody.” He wrote this article purposely for that ambitious and selfish goal.

The Professor believes the elections of Ethiopian Muslim leaders should be held in Mosque instead of openly and locally in places where Muslims reside:

“The regime has usurped established procedures to conduct elections of religious leaders in officially controlled centers instead of mosques. Religious leaders and administrators who have demanded official non-interference or refused to cooperate with officials in protest have been removed from office, persecuted and prosecuted.”

If Muslim election of Muslim leaders is carried out in Mosque, then the Imams could force some Muslim members to vote for a Jihadist person whom the Imams prefer. There would be no freedom of exercising one’s right to vote freely in a closed Mosque and tightly controlled by the bigot Imams. The Christian government has never refused the Ethiopian Muslims to freely and openly conduct their elections. What the government doesn’t like is when the Muslims wanted to run the election in a Mosque, and this is not right. Why shouldn’t the Ethiopian Muslims run their election in various public centers where every Muslim could participate?

If the Ethiopian Christian government thinks al-Ahbash is a moderate, non-violent, a peaceful sect, and, at that, a better one than the al-Qaeda affiliated Salafis sects, the government has the right to promote al-Ahbash for the security and safety of its citizens.

Al Mariam has not yet learned the tricks and the deceptions of Muslims and how through their schemes, lies (taqiyya), manipulations, and briberies try to achieve their final goal – the Islamization of the Christian land of Ethiopia. The Professor’s article openly enhances the Ethiopian Muslims and their foreign supporters, like the Professor himself, to dream high and to succeed in destroying Christianity in Ethiopia and in establishing their Islamic state with its Sharia law as the law of the land.

As I have stated earlier, all Ethiopian Muslims follow their leader, and their leader is not Desalegn Haile Mariam: their spiritual and secular leader is Muhammad the false prophet. Muhammad the false prophet had already said: “I am the best of plotters. I deceived them with my guile so that I deliver you from them” (Ishaq: 323).

Following this satanic Quran verse, the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims have been plotting, in the name of a lackadaisical freedom of religion, against the Ethiopian Christian government. Their protest has nothing to do with their Islamic cult – Islam that they have been freely worshiping for 1400 years. Their disguised protest, like this disguised article from the good Professor, has to do with Christianity in Ethiopia and particularly with the Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahido Church.

Through the influence of the Ethiopian Muslims, the Ethiopian Christian government has removed the statue of the famous Christian Martyr Abune Petros from the public eyes, but removing the old statue of Abune Petros will never satisfy the Ethiopian Muslims: their next demand will be the building of a grand Mosque in the Holy city of Axum, and this will not satisfy them either until they have completely destroyed Christianity in Ethiopia and expunged the impressive histories of our Christian kings and queens.

In all directions, Muslims have been trying to convert Ethiopia to Islam by using various agents, and those internal and external agents have succeeded in enervating the Ethiopian Christian Churches, especially the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church.

Like a pregnant woman, the Ethiopian Christian Church is in her lying-in to give birth to her first bustard child – Islam – and this deformed child may or may not rule Ethiopia in the future. The first question that comes to our mind is who impregnated this Ethiopian Christian Church. The probable answer is Al Amoudi, who built hundreds of Mosques in Ethiopia for the Ethiopian Muslims or one of the very rich Saudi Muslims.

Enkindled by the Ethiopia’s Muslims’ tawdry protests every Friday and mesmerized by the do-nothing human right groups, the good Professor is advocating religious freedom for the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims and condemning the Ethiopian Christian government for protecting its citizens from the Jihadist terrorists. It is sad to see such one-sided article from my beloved professor whom I always admire for his weekly contribution and writing skills.

The professor has brought the following serious accusations on the Ethiopian Christian government as if he were personally in Ethiopia when the government imposed such harsh rules on the Ethiopian Muslims:

“The regime has sought to impose upon the Muslim community in Ethiopia not only leaders that it has chosen for that community but has also tried to impose its own preferred al-Ahbash Islamic sect on them.”

Dear Professor, what are your proofs the Ethiopian Christian government has put leaders it has selected? Can you give us the names of those leaders the government appointed to lead the Muslim communities in the entire country?

I doubt the good Professor understands that Muslims’ religious activities include not just prayer to the moon-god, Allah, but also violence against the existing government.

Ignoring this fundamental truth, the Professor says:

“Religious dissidents and leaders have been placed under surveillance for pursuing purely religious activities….”

Every Friday, Muslims recite the following verses: “Non Muslims are evil, liars, pervert, filthy. They are lowest creatures and worst beasts” (Quran 5:59, 8:22, 8:55, 9:5, 9:28, 16:39, 95:5) and more.

Do you think these verses are purely religious activities? Who are the non-Muslims? The non-Muslims are Jews, Christians, Hindus and many others; therefore, according to these Quranic verses, we all Christians, Jews, Hindus, and others are evil, liars, pervert, filthy, lowest creatures, and worst beasts.

How can then the good professor stands up on the side of such misguided Ethiopian Muslims who call us in their weekly prayers “evil, liars, pervert, filthy….,” and he boldly states the Muslims were “pursuing purely religious activities….”? Is calling someone evil, pervert, and filthy considered purely religious activity? I don’t think so!

Sir, the arrest of the 29 Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims is justified even though you disapprove it, perhaps, for your own hidden agenda; in fact, the government should have arrested every Muslim who participated in that illegal Muslim protest.

You arrogantly said: “As USCIRF deamnded, (sic) the regime must “release those it has arrested and end its religious freedom abuses and allow Muslims to practice peacefully their faith as they see fit.”

It is the Ethiopian Christian government that runs the country, not USCIRF made in the image of Obama administration that gave its blessings to the same sex marriage in America. I don’t approve the authority of your USCIRF over my Christian country, Ethiopia. I don’t want Ethiopia to follow the American recently invented culture: a man marrying a man, and a woman marrying a woman! That beautiful Christian country, America, is heading toward total destruction.

Thank you for the article even though it has hurt my feelings, and I hope you will write another article that supports the Ethiopian Christians who are cornered and outnumbered by so many Muslim hordes inside and outside the country.

12/04/12 @ 18:03
Comment from: Bitter Truths [Visitor]
Bitter Truths
12/04/12 @ 18:24
Comment from: Wayane is evil [Visitor]
Wayane is evil

Addis Chingaf:

Wayane agents are telling us that they can kill the Muslim men in the name of terror and then possess our young wives as slaves and then enjoy them for sex because they will not be able to be rewaeded by jesus if they die and go to hell. There are no virgins in Hell according to christian jesus and his followers and not even in the heaven. So, they will maximize their chances of securing virgin girls instead they will raped married women or widowed women. Wayane is so ugly they want widowed women instead of young girls because no woman will ever get married to a Wayane. Not even Azeb.

When Muslims rise up and want their women protected and not be abused and insulted then we will the end of Wayane. I will come to you soon no doubt about that Addis Chingaf.

Assta Getu,

Al Mariam is not your simple idiot. He knows who is behind all these tricks trying to depict Islam as violent. We Ethiopian Muslims and Christians could be taught by some evangelics how to live together. Nature necessitates living together as the only choice. However, your Paulian bravado has no place in Al Mariams mind. Get lost. No body cares about your knowledge. You don’t even know how to interpret the Bible. I asked you why there is cannibalism in Bible to begin with and you stated it is because of the fact that Allah wanted us to learn a lesson. The lesson is when you are in a dire circumstance you can eat your live son. so, is this the lesson you want us now to learn in the case of Ethiopia. Are you telling us that Wayane can kill Muslims in case of terror as alleged by Wayane. And then are you telling us Addis chingaf can rape our women once the men got killed? If that is your wish Al Mariam has no appetite for retards. I told you, you can get buried along with christianity. Your type of Paulian christianity has no place in Ethiopia. We don’t eat bread or wine to cannibalis jesus.

12/04/12 @ 18:59
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Assta B. Gettu

Please deacon we all know you are a coward, how about growing some balls and working to improve yourself instead?

Well deacon, if you haven’t by now you should know a mentally unstable freak like you ranting for ages dents not much except expose ones true self… a nut case and a loser.

Now how about finding something productive to do instead retard? What a loserrr!

12/04/12 @ 19:37
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

men 4 you [Visitor]

So you are saying you are Ethiopian but you have some kind of romantic feelings for them? Is that what you are saying “men 4 you"?

You didn’t even noticed I am more than necessarily kind enough to call them cockroach’s out of modesty than they deserve, don’t you think Eritreans are the most idiot of all creatures. Ask me why they are or I think they are?

A creature that destroys his house he lived in it for thousands of years is not worst than cockroach’s?

You must be an idiot to think that I have inferiority complex to them, because they are “men 4 you” doesn’t mean i will have inferiority to them, inferiority for what, about what, inferiority for slavery and being f*uck*d by all powers who came across.

are they “men 4 you"?

Ekekame be gulite injera yadege ye deha lij, hulume sewe endante endymeslehe, the majority of Ethiopian let alone to the slave Eritrean cockroaches even to the rich whites feel superior!

The way you are shying around to speak the truth and your feminine like modesty and b1tch like self humiliation of your self towards them sounds like you are (deleted).

Banana head, you still failed to answer the question, you are one motor mouth in this sight but, today all in a sudden I discovered you only appear like an annoying bird to chirp when there are bad news about Ethiopia while effectively dodging when it is about Eritrea.

What is fuck*ng your mind to speak the truth about those idiots called Eritreans?

12/04/12 @ 19:56
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

You see it all the time, we keep sinning and God gives our portion, our honor - everything - to others. Be it killing, persistent fighting, hating, discriminating, bribe-taking, injustice, arrogance, coveting etc., and the next thing you know the Woeyanes, the Shabians, the foreigners, the Islamists … are already in town. Justice is swift. We do not have the cultural base, the vanguards, the genuine leaders and the true priests anymore. The shining city on the hill, which is us, are no more. Europe and America is legalizing and exporting homosexuality and abortion. Ethiopia is still remains backward. But our fall would be minimal compared to the superpowers. My people perish for lack of understanding. -The Bible.

12/04/12 @ 19:56
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]


I think that tigray head of yours is boiling and about to blow a gasket.

Chill moron. The fact that there is a country called Eritrea in the first place is you and your coward master were owned by your slave master ‘Issais’.

To top it your venomously spitting out with all your ‘little’ might against poor people, who are running away from a dictator, shows but you are filled with hate, despair, and inferiority complex.

See I and many Ethiopians like Al-mariam Teddy, Amhara Princess have a tall order to restore back the glory and the class of a country depraved it by people like you, Addis Zefzef, Agazit, Assta B. Gettu, etc… who are the true ‘nekezes’ of our beloved country but if and when I start rest too sure I will do so by cleaning my house first, I will worry about the milk you and Meles spilled aka ‘Issais and Eritrea’ later.

12/04/12 @ 20:34
Comment from: [Member]

Woyane is good,…

Garbage Ahmed the bokko arram. Why do you get deffensive when somebody talk about your four wives? I know you married young girls as much us 30 years younger than your age. That’s why you’re uncomfortable whenever I talk about them.
Btw, you don’t even have to go to TORRA BORRA after all, Northern Malli in Africa has becom a safe heaven for Alqaida and some rif raf Alqaida sympthizer like you. So, you don’t need to waste time on the waiting list. Just go somewhere close to Mali to fulfil your life long desire of meeting the 79 virgins. I will liberate your four wives.
Speaking of almaria the hopless banda, never mind, he’s been like this in his whole life, picking and droping every kinds of issues thinking they will help his cause to destroy anything Ethiopian. It is not a surprise. He supported shabia, he supported alshebab, what not? Anything against Ethiopia is his friend. Even after he dies, if he meets the devil, he will sell his soul to distruct anything Ethiopian.

12/04/12 @ 20:38
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefzef the She-Famale

Fesam aram woyane… flash your days in addis are over, your master Meles the ethnic baiting tyrant is DEAD. Get back to Mekele safe while you can afford it.

12/04/12 @ 21:05
Comment from: [Member]


Ment4you the desperate old shele is some one who is trying to build her self esteem. She seems to have some kind of lack of self confidence and a massive inferiority complex.
Did you read how she trys to make her self relevant by saying me and almaria are doing this and that? HaHaHaHa!!!
What is that guy she always call addis zezef did to her? Whenever she comes with all kinds of comments, she has to call his name. Minalbat qitua wist yehone neger zezifobatal maselegn, hule zezef zezef endalech litimot new. Degmo bizefezibibat tirru yemeslegnal. Egnam enarfalin.

12/04/12 @ 21:07
Comment from: Wayane is evil [Visitor]
Wayane is evil

Addis Chingaf,

Ante balege ye meles gered, Azeben lefended salbedat yenen mistoch endet tewesdaleh. Be islimina endashofke be azeb lay enedemikeledebat endetawk.

Degmo simen atekeyer. Sem bemekeyer mameneh erasu yetun yahel endemeteberegeg yasayal

What we know is African dictators go to hell as we remember history. Hailemaraim should simply exit as soon as he can before he has blood on his hands. Simply, he has b=no business cleaning the dirty house of Meles the beggar and Azeb the prostitute. She does not deserve to be in palace. Rikash shermuta wedi adgi mekele. We hate agames. This koso fit sell out of Ethiopia. Kante belya agere shachi degmo alena naw ante agere asabi yehonkew??/

Time for Anbeta kortamis to take their usual food with them to Mekele.

I wish there was Al Qadea cell in Ethiopia so that they can rape your agases women and Agazi Dedebe Azeb. And then they will hang you uspside down. You mock at islam by calling it fake 72 virgins.

Al Mariam, my support is unabated and everytime you hit them they come here barking like a starving “Wusha". You are the lone fighter. Please Muslims and other Ethiopians stand with these heroic people:
Elias Kifle
Al Mariam
Abebe Gelaw the thundering bolt of our time. With these people we go miles.

12/04/12 @ 21:29
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed aka Woyane is evil (visitor),

It is understandable why you hate St. Paul because St. Paul had denounced your sexual immorality when he wrote:

“Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion” (Romans1:26-27).

As a pervert Muslim and a child molester, you are uncomfortable whenever you read Paul’s message that destroys the fundamental tenets of the Muslim religion that allows Muslim men to sodomize other Muslim men, and your filthy prophet Muhammad was famous on his homosexual activities. Do you deny your false prophet Muhammad had raped Aisha when she was only nine years old while he was 54 years old? Do you deny your filthy and false prophet Muhammad had fucked the body of a dead woman?

You must learn St. Paul was not like your dirty, liar, lusty, and pedophile false prophet Muhammad, who killed over 900 innocent Jews of Yathrib in one single day. Whom are you going to deceive on this web site as if you were a perfect person? St. Paul was a holy man, not a worldly person like your mendacious Muhammad the false prophet. St. Paul never used magic in all his ministries, but your false prophet Muhammad did use magic:

“Magic was worked on Allah’s Apostle and he was bewitched so that he began to imagine doing things which in fact, he had not done” (Bukhari: V7B71N661).

I don’t want to hear your deceptions on and spread your taqiyya to the readers; on the other thread, you called the Christians “cannibals who kill and eat their sons.

You have been cursing the good professor several times, and now when you see him supporting your Jihadist Muslims, you are praising him. You are the wicked person on this web site. In fact, all Muslims are like you, and there is no good Muslim at all! They all lie because their prophet Muhammad told them to lie.

I just don’t want to hear anything good or bad from you on this web site anymore! Why don’t you just disappear and go to the Islamic web sites and spread your lies there?

12/04/12 @ 21:37
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

addis zemen
nazret deleted my comment on yours.
I really don’t know why?

I said Prof Al writes his article after he performed extensive research on a subject. For Example on Nigerian Bokko haram. He told us they fight for economy parity and not religion.

I also said prof Al is not a vagonbond or a twisted psych like the alcoholic addis zemen who vomits here whatever he gets from hate-mongers.

Prof Al gets nothing from Ethiopian Muslims for telling the truth on the ground. In fact he did not tell us 100%. At least he is a brave man to go this far.
I salute you Al for not being cold blooded psychi islamophobics.

addis zemen
Please do not mind about our religion as we did not mind about yours. If you worship the cave or you think god is in the cave, it’s your privilage. You can tell me that even about the Ark. I don’t cause an insult to injure you. I said good luck!

nazret I am a nice guy why you do this. I am sure you are not Assta. IF so then now I did not mention your name here.

12/04/12 @ 21:43
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Ment4you (visitor),

As always, your comment is ignored, and it remains ignored!

12/04/12 @ 21:57
Comment from: [Member]

Woyane is good,…

Garbage ahmed the bokko arram, you seem losing it. You’re picking and dropping anything around you. Why are you so nerves? What ever you do’ you cannot avoid what is coming to you. Your four wives have learned something from the arrab spring. They’re going to take you out and dump you in garbage dumpster like the garbage you’re. Arab spring is coming to your house. Be ready.
Stop calling Ethiopian muslims loser. A terrorist like you have nothing to do with Ethiopian muslims. Stupid asshole. Like I told you go to northern Mali, and we will fry your stinky ass with the state of the art drones, and you will meet your 79 virgins in hell.

12/04/12 @ 21:58
Comment from: [Member]

Ethiopiawinet the taliban from torra borra,…

Almaria banda is a well known terrorist sympathizer. He showed us last time when Ethiopian troops went to Somalia to help the innocent poor people of Somalia being terrorized by alshebab, we all know what he wrote advocating for the terrorist group alshebab.
Now on the above article what he wrote has nothing to do with religion, rather it is all about RIOT, ARAB SPRING in Ethiopia and all kinds of wishes of unrest to happen, a devilish wish of destruction.
He was salivating when the islamic extrimists in Ethiopia start every weekend Friday instigate some disturbance. But thanks to our great govt, all things are under control.
Ethiopia is a land of LAW &ORDER and a country for all. The code of the land is mutual respect. If you don’t respect others, don’t expect others to respect you period!!!

12/04/12 @ 22:12
Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]

Ato Alemayehu:

First,you state that Ethiopia must comply with International Law. You have failed to state which particular law. Last time I checked, If anyone is charged with any type of crime, the illegal acts must be contrary to the law. Are you talking about a certain pact like the Geneva convention or some UN statute? You have laid blame so you must address specific facts to a specific law. You have presented yourself as some sort of expert on International law.

Second, do you honestly foresee Ethiopians being dragged into court like Rwandans, Kenyans and, at some point Bashir of Sudan? Don’t you have self-respect? Menelik& Tewodros would cut out your tongue.

12/04/12 @ 22:14
Comment from: Wayane is evil [Visitor]
Wayane is evil

Fesam Wayane, addis shefafa,

Ante araam lante naw lene Arab spring yemimetaw? Haaahhaa . You can be stand up comdian loser. How on earth a Tigre knows Arab Spring.All you know is dedebit like dedebe argument and shifta style stealing. Mengstu left the house of Ethiopians wide open and the wayane thugs could not hold their breath to get hold of the riches of that country. They are amassing wealth and enslaving Ethiopians from Gambela to Somalia. Now, the Professor is neither ignorant like you illetrate Wayanes nor a fanatic cold blooded Ethiopian historian. He simply craves for a democratic system that he deeply loves to enjoy. I don’t know about this guy but I am lately impressed by his long articles. I wish he could write a shorter version of the articles for the illiterate Wayane cadres so they can grasp the meanings of his articles. For sure you have not sucked any of it from him as I understand you lack integrity and wit.

As my virigin (72) it is not only the Talibans who are believing in it but also every pious Muslim does. If you don’t know this now you know otherwise your “denfata” is not going anywhere. In fact, from now on I will call you"Erkus wayane", I will change my nich to your character which is Erkus wayane an Amharic version of wayane is evil.

Evil is, however, much better than “Erkus".

We Ethiopians have never seen such a low level cadre and so called leaders.

12/04/12 @ 22:18
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

ante kirnatam kese Assta Getu,

Why you created on this earth? Why you stink this website with your stinky, unwashed dirty ass. You touch your ass and we smell it in your fingers that type the filthy words.

I mean I am flamabagasted by your lack of wit. I am really appalled you can eat me if you are mad like Wayane.

Unless you promise not to write any thing good or bad against Islam I will be staying here until my last breath is taken away by my Allah. Until then I will bleed you and tear you and tear christianity into pieces and I will dig up your christianity from its grave and analyze it if it got any poisons from Paul’s writings and properly bury it back. Simply you can not match me in my writing skills, in my imaginations, in my graphic style of writing, in my all roundedness, in my steadfastness, in my ability to deal with multitude tasks. in my ability to challenge the likes of Marcus, Addis shintam, amhara pieces, Nostra Dam, Hagere, Dallas, Extratermite, Agazit woman, heny or hen, oromo, etc…

All of you combined you can not beat me.
Here are the conditions from me to you for me to stop coming to this website:

1. Don’t ever call my name write my name here.

2. Don’t touch any of Islam. Be in in Afghanistan or Taliban Pakistan. It is simply done of your business.
You are not a social reformer or scholar.

3. I simply don’t think you are Ethiopian so I advise you to not oppose any of the Movements in Ethiopia led by Muslims.

4. No curse words and no insults against Islam and Muslims of the world not only against Ethiopians.

If you break any or all of the above rules partly or minimally or entirely, we will invoke the treaty of Wuchalle as we did to Menelik II. I will break your neck and make it look like it was never part of you. It is none of your business if Ethiopia becomes all Sharia Law or partly Sharia Law or is controlled by Saudi or Iran. You can not negatively associate Arabs with Islam nor negatively comments against those Muslim investors if your intent is to defame Islam.

As to your christianity I don’t need it and it is in fact in the grave and try your luck with it. If, however, you come to the fold of Islam your all sins will be forgiven and you will be like a new born baby. So don’t lose hope Allah is merciful.

NO need to respond to me if you agree. Or you can just say I agree Sir and I will pay all my jizza taxes. You will not be asked to defeind the nation of Islam and you will follow your religion in accordance with Islam.

My response is based on the thing you posted above and is again posted below:

“I just don’t want to hear anything good or bad from you on this web site anymore! Why don’t you just disappear and go to the Islamic web sites and spread your lies there?”

12/04/12 @ 22:40
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Finally, has caught the deceiver who uses various screen names to mislead the readers.

This notorious cheater is Gragn Ahmed.

Following are his screen names:

1. Gragn Ahmed

2. Ethiopiawinet

3. Woyane is evil

4. Bitter truthes

5. Seattle

6. Jesus wife

7. Dagnachew Koru

8. Shewa Mote

9. The Black God

10. 1000 Wives

He uses all these screen names for deceptive purposes:

For example, Gragn Ahmed posts a comment under his screen name. Then someone attacks Gragn Ahmed’s comment. Immediately, Gragn Ahmed uses his other screen name, Seattle, and attacks the person who attacks Gragn Ahmed’s comment and praises Gragn Ahmed’s comment. Immediately Seattle (the same Gragn Ahmed) uses Woyane is evil, and if someone attacks Woyan is evil, Gragn Ahmed uses Ethiopiawinet, and so on and so forth. He has been doing this confusing technique for a long time on this web site.

I hope has discovered Gragn Ahmed’s dishonesty on this web site and prevented him from using multiple screen names. Any way, this is the nature of all Muslims – deceptions, deceptions, and deceptions!

12/04/12 @ 22:50
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefzef the she-female shabian

“What is that guy she always call addis zezef did to her?” bohhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

a guy? bohaaaaaaaaa lol I am sure you have finally convinced all that you a ‘guy’ and not a she-female….bohhaaaa

pathetic and simplified brain dead little girl!

Here is my version of it

I am a guy with a big qula…..lolllllllll

I hope that settles it…..moron

Now before we catch you and put you to dust you may want to snick out of Addis and go back to Mekele…..

12/05/12 @ 00:00
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you the illitrare desperate old b!tch is so addicted to cock sucking, and well known for being banged by everybody in town, they call her PUBLIC TOILLET!! HaHaHaHaHa!!!!

12/05/12 @ 00:08
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Assta B. Gettu

You ignoring me??? lol Please crazy deacon why would I want attention from a religious fanatic who someday is going to set himself on fire in a town square?

I rather suggest for you to see a shrink or pray day and night for the gods to heal you.

I am afraid the devil has stolen your soul without you realizing yet.

You need some soul searching, you owe it to your soul!!!

12/05/12 @ 00:14
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you segeraaff the illitrate PUBLIC TOILET is so desperate and addicted to dick sucking, she start begging on the side of the street with a sign of “I will work for a big kulla” HaHaHaHa!!!

12/05/12 @ 00:18
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefzef the she-female shabian

Just go suck on some qula….and when you are done go back to Mekele and never come back!!!


12/05/12 @ 00:20
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you segerraaff the illitrate old public toilet is so much addicted of dick sucking, whenever she coughs she spits a sperm. eeeeewwwww!

12/05/12 @ 00:35
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you old shele aka the public toilet segerraaff is so addicted to dick sucking, her mouth looks like her own arrogge emis. HaHaHaHa!!!!

12/05/12 @ 00:47
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

Gragn Ahmed, the true follower of the false prophet Muhammad made the following threatening statement:

“I will break your neck and make it look like it was never part of you.”

And now read the similarity between his statement and the false prophet Muhammad’s statement:

“I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their head and cut off their fingers and toes” (Quran 8:12).

Gragn Ahmed, I know you are trying to fulfill one of the commandments of your filthy prophet Muhammad the false prophet. It is through such threats of yours and merciless killings that your piggish Muhammad was able to convert millions of people to the kingdom of the devil. I will not take your threat easily, and, before you strike, I will strike first, and I am ready for that.

First you should know the fact that I was conceived, born, grew up, and educated for one purpose only, and that one purpose is to destroy Islam completely, and I will never rest until I have reached my goal and converted all Muslims on this planet to Christianity. Then I will hire well known archeologists to dig Muhammad’s grave, collect his broken bones, assemble them exactly as they were before, dress them, and write Muhammad’ name on the forehead of the assembled body of Muhammad the false prophet. Finally, I will invite thousands of former Muslims who were misled by Muhammad the false prophet. After they saw him standing tall on the top of a big table purposely made for this big occasion. I will allow the crowd to come forward, spit on him, throw their shoes at him, and, finally, smash him, burn him, and scatter his ashes into the one of the big Oceans. This is revenge One!

Revenge Two: I will ask the crowd to desecrate the Black Stone by killing a pig and sprinkling the pig’s blood all over the Black Stone.

Revenge Three: I will allow the crowd to go out to every Muslim Mosque and convert each one of the Mosques into libraries and museums.

Revenge Four: I will order the crowd to collect all the Qurans, the Hadith, and the other Muslims’ religious books and burn them down into ashes.

Revenge Five: I will allow the crowd to bring down the Crescent Flags and burry them under a filthy ground.

All who accomplished the cleansings of all Muslim heritages, Muslim histories, and anything Muslim will be handsomely rewarded. And after the crowd sang “God’s Victory over evil Islam,” they will be dismissed into their homes.

Gragn Ahmed, I will never stop exposing to the world the falsehoods of Islam and its cruelty on Muslim women, and on the Muslim minors. This is a promise, and I will keep my promise until I depart and be with my beloved Paul in heaven.

12/05/12 @ 00:48
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Ment4you (visitor),

As always, your comment is ignored, and it remains ignored!

12/05/12 @ 01:07
Comment from: Teddy_Afro [Visitor]

Al Fesum
pleae every body that is a good name for him let call him prf Al Fesum
Al Fesum
Al Fesum
Al Fesum
every body call him that…..

12/05/12 @ 01:58
Comment from: serbedin [Visitor]  

@Gragn Ahmed i really appreciate all your comments and understand fully what you want to say from today i convert my christianity to Islam and i witnessed by the prophet mohamed the messenger of GOD and God is our creator

12/05/12 @ 02:39
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

serbedin [Visitor]

“from today i convert my christianity to Islam”

Welcome to the ass washing world of moon god!

12/05/12 @ 03:22
Comment from: nenewe [Visitor]

prof Al,
As usual you articles receive a barrge of negative responses. But people are inspired by your article in a sense that the yours are one of the the most commented on articles. members/visitors may not like your stance on many issues but they find themselves reading & and commenting on them. Your last one, about Susan Rice, drew record number of comments. So not all is lost.

12/05/12 @ 08:57
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefzef the She-female Shabian

There is no room for TPLFs and Shabians in Ethiopia. Go back to wherever it is that you came from.

I see you are on verge of losing your head. What is going on inside your little brain woyane???

She-female cool it!!! and move back to Mekele where there might be room for idiot politics like the one inside your pea brain!!!

12/05/12 @ 09:08
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Assta B Gettu

“Ment4you (visitor),

As always, your comment is ignored, and it remains ignored!”

Is that what you call ignoring crazy deacon?

I guess for crazy heads that is ignoring. Keep it up loser.

Ass-ta B. tell us are you a closet homosexual deacon? loll

12/05/12 @ 09:14
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

It’s better to worship moon, sun, the space between the earth and the sky Ruler God (not only moon God) than your cave god.

Cave man, cave deweller, cave god worshipper.

Ass washing with water is highly hygenetic advertised on TV in USA rather than using your dry hand in your case. Idiot cave man.

Your mom conceived you in the cave, you were born in the cave and you worship cave god. You worship a dead book fake.

12/05/12 @ 09:32
Comment from: Abebe [Visitor]


Don’t mention the wise man Assta with your dirty mouth. I know you are one of those Silte Jihadists who are Arab sent thugs. Ye mercato kis awlaki islam, yeshermuta lij.

12/05/12 @ 10:25
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you the illitrate asshole shabian public toillet, is so stupid she cannot write more than two lines of the same recycle words. ie go back to mekele, kulla metibat, “her favorite", and crying.
Actually she cannot speak her mind, if she spoke her mind, she will be speechless. HaHaHaHaHa!

12/05/12 @ 10:26
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Dear readers,

For your information:

Gragn Ahmed has just added a new screen name to his old screen names, and his new screen name is “serbedin.” Therefore, all in all his screen names are 11 at this time.

Here they are:

1. Gragn Ahmed

2. Ethiopiawinet

3. Woyane is evil

4. Bitter truthes

5. Seattle

6. Jesus wife

7. Dagnachew Koru

8. Shewa Mote

9. The Black God

10. 1000 Wives

11. Serbedin

He is now claiming he has converted “serbedin” his screen name to Islam and praises himself. What a funny and laughing stock character? Gragn Ahmed has never been a free-spoken person since day one on this web site. Now, I am ready to vote for his termination from using this web site. His termination has nothing to do with his color, gender, and religion: it has to do with his DISHONESTY, which has been the big problem with the entire Arab-Muslim world too.

He uses all these screen names for deceptive purposes:

For example, Gragn Ahmed posts a comment under his screen name. Then someone attacks Gragn Ahmed’s comment. Immediately, Gragn Ahmed uses his other screen name, Seattle, and attacks the person who attacks Gragn Ahmed’s comment and praises Gragn Ahmed’s comment. Immediately Seattle (the same Gragn Ahmed) uses Woyane is evil, and if someone attacks Woyan is evil, Gragn Ahmed uses Ethiopiawinet, and so on and so forth. He has been doing this confusing technique for a long time on this web site.

I hope has discovered Gragn Ahmed’s dishonesty on this web site and prevented him from using multiple screen names. Any way, this is the nature of all Muslims – deceptions, deceptions, and deceptions!

12/05/12 @ 10:46
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


Mashal AlLah. Please go to one of the Mesjids nearby and join them and tell them that you are a new Muslim. They will accept you as a friend and as a human being. I accept your decreee: “La Illaha illelah Mohamede REsulula". There is no deity excpt Allah and that Mohammed is his messenger. Jesus is also a messanger. This is called making “Shahada” witness in Arabic.

May Allah bring your soul to the beloved Prophet.




Now let us see if revenge is also allowed for Assta on religious matters against my proposal of truce. Remember personal revenge is not the same thing as revenge for the sake of Allah. Islam authorizes revenge for the sake of Allah only. And it is allowed only for his Prophets or Himself.

The Quran advocates forgiveness over revenge. But if one wishes revenge then we have to follow the same principle an eye for an eye. But Quraan does not force one to revenge.

This translation of Sura (Chapter) 5:45 is done by Hilali and Khan and funded by the Saudi royal family (The Noble Qur’an, Riyadh: Darussalam, 2002).

This historical context of Sura 5 is discussed thoroughly in this article. Suffice it to say here that the sura was received from on high when Muhammad has established his authority in Medina and in many regions in the Arabian Peninsula, so he lays down various laws for his community, and judging personal injury is one of them. The literary context (discussed in the same previously linked article) finds Muhammad rebuking and exhorting the Jews to listen to their own sacred Torah and to judge wisely, and they must not sell verses in it for a paltry price. Which verses? One includes the law of retaliation or lex talionis. Sura 5:45 speaks of the Jews ("them") and their Torah ("therein"). The law of retaliation is carried over to Islam.

5:45 And We ordained therein for them: Life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth and wounds equal for equal. But if anyone remits the retaliation by way of charity, it shall be for him an expiation. And whosoever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed, such are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrongdoers . . .).

Four facts must be considered from this verse. First, the Arabic word for “equal for equal” is qiSaaS. The capital S’s mean that the heavy Arabic “S” or “Saad” is used, and the double “a” means the alim or long “a.” For our purposes, this word will be transliterated as qisas. It means literal retaliation, physical eye for physical eye.

Second, the injured party has the option to remit or forego retaliation and take blood-wit or an indemnity or compensation in money or in goods or livestock in an agrarian economy. This option is known as “diya.”

Third, later jurists combine this verse with other verses and the hadith, and see a third option: forgiveness. This means that the injured party forgoes retaliation and monetary compensation. However, it is difficult to find this option actually being taken in the hadith and classical legal opinions, the next two sections.

Fourth, the last two options are reasonable and fair. A plaintiff or injured person should be compensated for his bodily injury, and he should have the option to forgive.

Critics say the following but I don’t agree with it:

(But, as usual with Muhammad and Islam, they take things to extremes and impose the old law of retaliation). The introduction to this article and the next two sections demonstrate that the law is primitive and barbaric, especially when it is contrasted with the light of Christ, six hundred years before Muhammad came on the scene. Muhammad wants to revive the old law of retaliation, but this is excessive and therefore unjust.

Assta Getu

Revenges 1-5 as told by Assta Getu are sinful and are not prescribed for the followers of Allah the only true God not for the followers of the sick path the Paulians. Paul has taken over the role of Allah and he has taken all rights of revenge for himself and now we see Assta Getu opposing the Laws of Allah.

In Quraan the revenge on religious matters is for Allah only and not for individuals to act. So if you oppose the Almighty Allah then you run into trouble with Allah and Allah will take care of you. Or he can give permission to his Prophets as he did to Moses and Prophet Mohammed. But this is only after they have been told to lay arms and become peaceful. Instead, you refuse to be a peaceful person. In fact, you want to revenge me for nothing other than laying out the conditions of truce. Hence, now like Pharoah you are acting like a God and from now on I will not even call you a christians you are a heathen. You don’t love Paul and no one else except yourself.

“I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their head and cut off their fingers and toes” (Quran 8:12).

“What does the Bible say about revenge?”

Answer: The Bible has a great deal to say about revenge. Both the Hebrew and Greek words translated “vengeance,” “revenge,” and “avenge” have as their root meaning the idea of punishment. This is crucial in understanding why God reserves for Himself the right to avenge.

The key verse regarding this truth is found in the Old Testament and quoted twice in the New Testament. God said, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them” (Deuteronomy 32:35; Romans 12:19; Hebrews 10:30). In Deuteronomy, God is speaking of the stiff-necked, rebellious, idolatrous Israelites who rejected Him and incurred His wrath with their wickedness. He promised to avenge Himself upon them in His own timing and according to His own perfect and pure motives. The two New Testament passages concern the behavior of the Christian, who is not to usurp God’s authority. Rather, we are to allow Him to judge rightly and pour out His divine retribution against His enemies as He sees fit.

Unlike us, God never takes vengeance from impure motives. His vengeance is for the purpose of punishing those who have offended and rejected Him. We can, however, pray for God to avenge Himself in perfection and holiness against His enemies and to avenge those who are oppressed by evil. In Psalm 94:1, the psalmist prays for God to avenge the righteous, not out of a sense of uncontrolled vindictiveness, but out of just retribution from the eternal Judge whose judgments are perfect. Even when the innocent suffer and the wicked appear to prosper, it is for God alone to punish. “The LORD is a jealous and avenging God; the LORD takes vengeance and is filled with wrath. The LORD takes vengeance on his foes and maintains his wrath against his enemies” (Nahum 1:2).

There are only two times in the Bible when God gives men permission to avenge in His name. First, after the Midianites committed hideous, violent acts against the Israelites, the cup of God’s wrath against the Midianites was full, and He commanded Moses to lead the people in a holy war against them. “The LORD said to Moses, ‘Take vengeance on the Midianites for the Israelites. After that, you will be gathered to your people’” (Numbers 31:1-2). Here, again, Moses did not act on his own; he was merely an instrument to carry out God’s perfect plan under His guidance and instruction. Second, Christians are to be in submission to the rulers God has set over us because they are His instruments for “vengeance on evildoers” (1 Peter 2:13-14). As in Moses’ case, these rulers are not to act on their own, but are to carry out God’s will for the punishment of the wicked.

It is tempting to try to take on the role of God and seek to punish those who we feel deserve it. But because we are sinful creatures, it is impossible for us to take revenge with pure motives. This is why the Mosaic Law contains the command “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD” (Leviticus. 19:18). Even David, a “man after God’s own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14), refused to take revenge on Saul, even though David was the innocent party being wronged. David submitted to God’s command to forego vengeance and trust in Him: “May the LORD judge between you and me. And may the LORD avenge the wrongs you have done to me, but my hand will not touch you (1 Samuel 24:12).

As Christians, we are to follow the Lord Jesus’ command to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44), leaving the vengeance to God.


If you revenge me for simply putting a truce on you then what will be the revenge for killing a christian? Now we know why christians are violent because they are Lawless. They confuse us one time they have New Testament and next day they have old testament. Very confusing indeed.

12/05/12 @ 10:58
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]


Sounds like you are an expert in smelling ass, keep bending wanna be arab.

12/05/12 @ 13:26
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed aka all the other 10 screen names of yours (visitor),

You have converted yourself from paganism to Islam under your new screen name – Serbedin. What a despicable person you are?

When you know you have lost the game of persuading the readers, you go directly to the Holy Scriptures and list some verses and tell us you are a peace-loving person and you want to make treaty with us the Christians. Then, as soon as, you know you have the power, you go back and break the treaty you have made with us the infidels. Such deceptions of yours have been recorded in our Christian history and the whole world knows that.

Gragn Ahmed, you cannot outsmart us any more as you are trying to deceive here the American Christians, using freedom of religion and then blowing up their buildings and killing thousands of innocent people in the name of freedom of religion. That deceptive game of yours is over. Can’t you understand what the Afghanistan Muslim soldiers have been doing to their fellow American soldiers? They first express they are friendly to the American soldiers in Afghanistan with the same uniform; then when they see the right time to shoot their American soldier friends, they turn their backs and kill the American soldiers in their uniform. Such betrayals by Muslims have been known since 1400 years, and here you are quoting some verses to tell us the difference between Biblical semantic words as if we are not aware of those words.

Your main purpose is to pretend as if you were a person who can abide by the treaty you have made with us that you would never wish something bad to happen to us. Then, like some of the Afghanistan soldiers, you will turn your back and kill us when you get the chance. We will never and ever trust you whatever Biblical words you use to convince us to accept you as a normal human being because you are not.

All your words, all your comments, all your humors, all your prayers, and all your condescension and humbleness are totally based on deceptions that lead us the Christians to your satanic faith – Islam. Therefore, we reject whatever you say on this wave site and on the other ones.

How many times that terrorist leader Yasser Arafat of Palestine broke the treaty he had made with the state of Israel? Perhaps, more than ten times? And the same thing is with you.

You will never keep your words, and we will never trust you because your filthy prophet Muhammad allows you to break your vows, your words, your promises and your treaties with the non-Muslim people.

Here is what that fagot prophet Muhammad had said to his disoriented Muslim followers:

“The Prophet said, ‘If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oaths’” (Bukhari: V7B67N427).

Quran 9:3 also says: “Allah and His Messenger dissolve obligations.” In fact, Quran 66:2 confirm the above Hadith and Quranic verses: “Allah has already sanctioned for you the dissolution of your vows.”

You have these satanic commandments from your pedophile Muhammad the false prophet; hence, your deceiving conciliatory message has no place in the more advanced and civilized Christian world.

Go and join the treaty-breakers, Yasser Arafat and the false prophet Muhammad the child molester in the hell fire. Both of them died being poisoned by their own people, and I wish someone from your own Muslim community will poison you and get rid of you from this beautiful planet of ours – a planet which is now being desecrated by godless people, the Arab-Muslim nations.

12/05/12 @ 14:01
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Correction: Then, as soon as you know you have the power,….

12/05/12 @ 14:07
Comment from: Wayane Erkus [Visitor]
Wayane Erkus

Wayane arrested 40 people around ledeta coming to follow the court proceeding against Muslims arrested. There were two police of Wayane arrested after intimidating one Muslim in Bole area to pay them a ransom money of 20000 dollars or face terror charges. He subsequently paid all money except the 1900 dollars out of the original asked after taking him to his house. He later promised to pay back the rest which he did when he went to the Kebele office during which the two police men of wayane were caught red handed.

Enough for Wayane. Every Muslim in ethiopia is now under terror watch list and are being exposed to such silly abuse by any one. Can we stop red terror?

12/05/12 @ 14:08
Comment from: Wayane Erkus [Visitor]
Wayane Erkus

copy Assta Getu
and audience of

I have been crashing my computer due to the deliberate cyber crime against me. If this is the work of FBI please stop. Otherwise, I want FBI to investigate this criminal who is hating my comments against christianity. I offered a truce but no one is taking it seriously. I will ask FBI to pay any of the damages that is causing me a lot of time to fix my computer issues. I urge FBI to respect my freedom of speech or do the same thing to Assta Getu. Otherwise, there is no free speech in America. I urge FBI to directly intervene against Assta Getu. Or he has to stop any infamous comments. If he continues I will be taking the responsibility to respond to him in kind.

12/05/12 @ 14:13
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Dear Abebe (visitor),

Thank you for telling Ment4you who he is and from where he is!

I could have responded to him in kind; however, the Holy Scripture tells me how to treat such a person: “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself” (Proverbs 26:4).

12/05/12 @ 14:29
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Thank you the well polished Prof. Alemayehu.

TPLF/EPRDF/WOYANE are the extensions of foreign enemy fingers creating problem at every level. They target what ever brings Ethiopians together. Today even the new born Ethiopians knew what EPRDF or TPLF are after.

As we all knew the “British Field Officers, soon after World War II conceived and created the first Waayane (Tigray Peoples Liberation Front) to dismember Ethiopia.” The dead tyrant, Meles’s father and families are the product of British made Woyane.

The only solution for peace and stability is to oust all EPRDF/TPLF/WOYANE goons.

The same old foreign recruited EPRDF goons in a new name or shuffled will bring change. The only change needed is to change EPRDF goons with new visionary leadership.

We cant expect anything good from Woyanes as we don’t expect to receive honey from a fly. Only Bees produce honey which we all love to eat while the later is hated and carries disease just like Woyanes.

12/05/12 @ 14:45
Comment from: Bitter Truths [Visitor]
Bitter Truths

How did Christianity become mixed with polytheistic beliefs?

If true Christianity brought the message of the Oneness of God (Tawheed), and stated that He alone is to be worshipped to the exclusion of anyone else in His creation, whether that is ‘Eesa (Jesus) or anyone else, then how did this religion become mixed with polytheistic beliefs (shirk) and how did they take ‘Eesa (Jesus – peace be upon him) and his mother as gods besides Allaah?.

Praise be to Allaah.

There can be no doubt that the call to believe in Allaah alone (Tawheed) and to worship Him alone to the exclusion of anyone else, is the basic message that was brought by the Prophet of Allaah ‘Eesa (peace be upon him), as it was the basic message brought by all the Prophets. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“And verily, We have sent among every Ummah (community, nation) a Messenger (proclaiming): ‘Worship Allaah (Alone), and avoid (or keep away from) Taghoot (all false deities, i.e. do not worship Taghoot besides Allaah).’ Then of them were some whom Allaah guided and of them were some upon whom the straying was justified. So travel through the land and see what was the end of those who denied (the truth)”

[al-Nahl 16:36]

“And We did not send any Messenger before you (O Muhammad) but We revealed to him (saying): Laa ilaaha illa Ana [none has the right to be worshipped but I (Allaah)], so worship Me (Alone and none else)”

[al-Anbiya’ 21:25]

‘Eesa will bear witness to this call against his people, as Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“And (remember) when Allaah will say (on the Day of Resurrection): ‘O ‘Eesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary)! Did you say unto men: “Worship me and my mother as two gods besides Allaah?”’ He will say: ‘Glory be to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my inner‑self though I do not know what is in Yours; truly, You, only You, are the All‑Knower of all that is hidden (and unseen).

117. ‘Never did I say to them aught except what You (Allaah) did command me to say: “Worship Allaah, my Lord and your Lord.” And I was a witness over them while I dwelt amongst them, but when You took me up, You were the Watcher over them; and You are a Witness to all things’”

[al-Maa’idah 5:117]

With regard to how the followers of this religion deviated after that from pure Tawheed to idolatrous beliefs and the worship of Jesus and his mother besides God, this is something which happened early on in Christian history. We will quote here some evidence to that effect from their own people’s words. Let whoever has ears listen.

It says in the American Encyclopedia:

The belief in the Oneness of God – as a theological movement – began at a very early stage in history, and in fact it preceded the belief in trinity by many decades. Christianity developed from Judaism, and Judaism firmly believes that there is one God.

The path that led from Jerusalem (the home of the first disciples of Christ) to Nicea (where it was decided in 325 CE that Christ was equal to God in essence and eternal nature) can hardly be described as a straight path.

The doctrine of trinity which was affirmed in the fourth century CE bears no resemblance to the original teachings of Christ concerning the nature of God. Au contraire, it is the opposite, a deviation from that teaching. Hence it developed in opposition to the belief in One God… (27/294).

You can refer to the views of some of those Christians who still believe in the Oneness of God in the same American Encyclopedia, 27/300-301

Will Durant says:

When Christianity conquered Rome, the new religion (i.e., Christianity) was infused with the blood of the old idolatrous religion: the title of archbishop, worship for the great mother, and an innumerable number of lords who gave peace of mind and were like who exist in all places and cannot be detected with the senses. All of this came into Christianity as the blood of the mother comes into her child.

The civilized empire handed over power and administration to the papacy and the impact of the word replaced the impact of the sword. The preachers of the church started to assume positions of power.

Christianity did not put an end to idolatry, rather it reinforced it. The Greek mind came back to life in a new form, in the doctrines and rituals of the church. The Greek rituals appeared in the rituals of the monastic saints. From Egypt came the idea of the holy trinity, the day of reckoning, eternal reward and punishment, and man’s eternal life in one of the other. From Egypt also came the worship of the mother and child, the mystical union with God, the union which led to Platonism and agnosticism, and the erasing of Christian doctrine. And from Persia came the belief in the return of the Messiah and his ruling the earth for 1000 years.

Qissat al-Hadaarah, 11/418 (The Story of Civilization)

Despite the element of atheism in the words of Durant, which is something that he is known for, and which is apparent in his claim that the idea of eternal reward or punishment came from the Egyptians, tracing the origins of deviant idolatry in Christianity is no longer a secret, and he is not the only one who has researched them. In his book Christianity and Idolatry, Robertson states that Mithraism, which is a religion of Persian origin, flourished in Persia approximately six centuries before the birth of Christ, and it reached Rome around the year 70 CE, where it spread throughout the Roman lands. Then it reached Britain and spread to a number of British cities. What concerns us here about this religion is that it says:

- That Mithras, after whom it is named, was an intermediary between God and man (for a similar doctrine in Christianity, see Acts 4:12).

- He was born in a cave or in a corner of the earth (cf. Luke 2:8)

- His birthday was December 25 (which is the day celebrated by the Christians as the day when Jesus was born)

- He had twelve disciples (cf. Matthew 10:1)

- He died to save the world (cf. I Corinthians 15:3)

- He was buried but he came back to life (cf. I Corinthians 15:4)

- He ascended to heaven in front of his disciples (cf. Acts 1:9)

- He was called “Saviour” (cf. Titus 2:13)

- Among his attributes is that he is like a peaceful lamb (cf. John 1:29)

- The “Divine supper” was held in his memory every year (cf. I Corinthians 11:23-25)

- One of his symbols was baptism

- Sunday was sacred to them

The French Orientalist Leon Joteh, in his book “An Introduction to Islamic philosophy” is of the view that the origin of the Christian trinity is to be found in Greek philosophy, specifically in the ideas of modern Platonism, which took the basis of the idea of trinity as a view of the Creator of the universe from Plato, then developed it to a great extent, so that the resemblance between this idea and Christianity became greater. So (in their view) the Creator, the One Who is absolutely perfect, appointed two intermediaries between him and mankind, who emanated from Him, and were also part of Him at the same time, meaning that they are contained in His essence. These two entities are reasoning and divine spirit. Then he said:

The marriage of Jewish belief and Greek philosophy did not only produce philosophy, rather it produced a religion too, namely Christianity which imbibed many ideas from the Greeks. The Christian concept of divinity is taken from the same source as modern Platonism. Hence you see many similarities between the two, although they may vary in some details. They are both based on a belief in trinity, in which the three “persons” are one.

This is what the American writer Draper refers to:

Idolatry and polytheism entered Christianity through the influence of the hypocrites who occupied positions of influence and high positions in the Roman state by pretending to be Christians, but they never cared about religion and were not sincere at all. Similarly Constantine had spent his life in darkness and evil, and he did not follow the commands of the church except for a short while at the end of his life. (p. 337)

Although the followers of Christianity gained some power, to the extent that they managed to have Constantine appointed as ruler, they failed to eradicate idolatry completely. As a result of their struggle, their principles became fused with idolatry, from which point there developed a new religion in which Christianity and idolatry were manifested equally.

Thus the Christians followed the same path of those disbelievers who had come before them, step by step, as their own Book testifies. And Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“And the Jews say: ‘Uzayr (Ezra) is the son of Allaah, and the Christians say: Messiah is the son of Allaah. That is their saying with their mouths, resembling the saying of those who disbelieved aforetime. Allaah’s Curse be on them, how they are deluded away from the truth!”

[al-Tawbah 9:30]

And Allaah is the Source of strength.

Islam Q&A

12/05/12 @ 14:59
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

“Ass washing with water is highly hygenetic”

That is it, love your comment, tell me more, do you also insert one of your finger for quick excitement? I always think during your prayer’s each one is watching the other as he bend and salivating.

12/05/12 @ 15:25
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed aka Wayane Erkus (visitor),

If those 40 people arrested by the police are Muslims, then the police had done a good job except the number of the arrested Muslims is too low: they should have arrested, at least, 40,000 of them. On the other hand, if those people arrested are Christians, the court must immediately release them.

As a fugitive Muslim, living in the United States, you always complain; even if someone puts you in paradise, you will still complain there too for not getting the 72 virgin girls.

When you were in Ethiopia, you complained why the Ethiopian Christian government didn’t allow you to build a Grand Mosque in the Holy City of Axum.

You are now residing in Seattle with a temporary passport and you are complaining the FBI has sent a computer virus and attacked your old and second hand computer and ruined all your documents. Therefore, you want the FBI to do the same thing to me, an innocent person who has never plotted against the United States government. But you have committed treasons to establish your barbaric Sharia law in the Christian land of America by putting aside the United States Constitution, a living document.

I am sure all your documents of sabotage and treasons are now in the hands of the FBI, and very soon you will be deported to Saudi Arabia, where your ancestors came from. The Ethiopian Christian government will never accept you, and the Saudi people will reject that you are an Arab because you are black. Finally, you will end up either in Somalia or in Sudan. Too bad for your 4 wives and 25 children and for those who are in their ways – those who are still in their mothers’ wombs. When these unborn fetuses are born, then the number of your children will be 29 or more if you have pregnant concubines. It is a big burden, but thanks to the generous Americans who pay their tax money to support your big family and put you on food stamps until you get a job.

12/05/12 @ 15:45
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

What does Fidel Castro and Qaba have in common?
They both have secrets that they guard from the Public.
They both are guarded and attended by Blacks because they do not trust nobodyelse.
The secret on Fidel Castro would be his health and contacts.
The secret on the Qaba would be it’s contents. Nothing.

12/05/12 @ 15:59
Comment from: WAVE SITE [Visitor]

All your words, all your comments, all your humors, all your prayers, and all your condescension and humbleness are totally based on deceptions that lead us the Christians to your satanic faith – Islam. Therefore, we reject whatever you say on this wave site and on the other ones.

12/05/12 @ 16:19
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Abebe, Abebe, Abebe see you already

“Don’t mention the wise man Assta with your dirty mouth. I know you are one of those Silte Jihadists who are Arab sent thugs. Ye mercato kis awlaki islam, yeshermuta lij.”

I see that you are not wise and intellectually mature enough to tell the difference between a crazy over zealous religious fanatic deacon and a wise man.

I am also an orthodox Christian and an Amhara. I have not reached to conclusion you did wisely did you?

So much for being wise … and Assta B. Gettu belong in same category ….. lost and confused ….. I won’t put you in the same category as the possessed deacon but careful about calling the Assta wise with his closet secret.

12/05/12 @ 17:12
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefzef the She-Female Shabian

The bell is ringing in Mekele. It is a call to all TPLFs to come home safe before the dawning of the dooms day for all TPLF and Shabian solders.

It is now time to go and keep yourself and your family safe. Even a dog has his days….and you had yours dog….now time to wisely slip out of town.

12/05/12 @ 17:19
Comment from: Bitter Truths [Visitor]
Bitter Truths


By Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

12/05/12 @ 17:26
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

Christians are to be blamed for the rise of Islam. If Christians were law abiding then Islam would have remained dormant. In the bible, Islam is likened to wave of an ocean and fire. While Muslims in Ethiopia and middle east are descendants of Ishaq and Ishmael and have been called “People” by God because they are descendants of Abraham, other Muslims in Asia and elsewhere are not. The creator encircled the Israelites with descendants of Ishmaelites deliberately so when the Israelies, called “heritage” by God, erred, the distance cousins are there to even old scores. The world needs to combat wrong doing in order to avoid the impending collision of the two worlds.

12/05/12 @ 17:57
Comment from: Bitter Truths [Visitor]
Bitter Truths


Biblical Attrocities Committed by ‘God’ and his followers.

12/05/12 @ 18:12
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you mehayim asshole shabian shermuta is so stinky, if you put her next to a skunk, the skunk smells sweet.
So whenever her clients want a BJ, “her top profession and addiction", they have to wear a water proof mask. HaHaHaHa!!!!

12/05/12 @ 18:45
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


your mental breakdown telling you a wise man is dirty foul mouth duruye Assta????????????????????

12/05/12 @ 19:07
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zezfef the Gay She-female Shabian

Even sheneneh looks better than you Addis she-female ….lolllll

You live in someone elses’ country. Ethiopia belongs to Ethiopians not TPLF and Shabia. The sooner you realize that the better. Else you will become a fertilizer.

Here is the alarm ding, ding, ding…..time to look for shelter in Mekele or join your Master Issais across the boarder and to never comeback!

12/05/12 @ 20:21
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you the public toilet mehayim asshole shabian segera aff is so stinky, if you put her next to a skunk, the skunk smells sweet.
So whenever her clients want a BJ, “her top profession and addiction", they have to wear a water proof mask.eeeewwww!
She was so famous in asmara hosting as much as forty shabians a day, they called her ARBA GORASH!! HaHaHaHaHa!!!

12/05/12 @ 21:27
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

After you drowned yourself into the ocean of Christian teachings, thinking the Christian teachings are simple to understand without first asking the Holy Spirit for guidance to understand the Christian Church, you came up confused, frustrated, and dismayed. Finally, you cut and posted almost the entire Encyclopedia when you are unable to summarize the main points of the Christian teachings about the Lord Jesus Christ.

The only reason that you could not understand Christianity is that you are trying to only carper – to find fault – in Christianity, not to understand it for your own salvation. For this reason, you will never comprehend the width, the breadth, the length, the mystery, and the beauty of Christianity.

Christianity is not like Islam invented by an illiterate orphan boy, Muhammad the false prophet, for business deals, for making prophets, for conquering territories, for looting other people’s properties, for enslaving their women and their children for life. Islam leads its followers to total darkness and commands them to submit to an idol called Allah or the moon god. Islam does not teach us to love our heavenly Father, Jesus Christ; Islam teaches us to love our arch enemy the devil. However, Christianity teaches us to love, to worship, and to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave his life on the Cross for our salvation.

Our Lord teaches us what to say in our prayers:

“This, then, is how you should pray:
‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one’” (Matthew 6:9-113).
You can see the depth, the width, the height, the mystery, the beauty, and the purity of Our Lord’s Prayer.

Nevertheless, Islam is a confused religion that demands its followers to pray every Friday, reciting the following confused Quranic verses:

1. Muhammed was allowed to have sex with his wives, captured women, slave girls, first cousins, and any woman who offered herself to hem (Quran 33:50).

2. Muslim men can have sex with their four wives, captured women and slave girls (Quran 4:3, 4.24; 23:6; 33:50; 70:30).

3. Mohammed slept with his daughter in law by Allah’s order (Quran 33:37).

4. Mohammed slept with his wife’s maid by Allah’s order (Quran 66:1-5).

5. Wives are tilth who can be married before age of menstruation, approached at will in any style, beaten divorced and replaced, raped and contracted for short periods (Quran 2:223; 65:4; 4:24; 4:34).

6. Women can be captured, enslaved and raped (Quran 4:3; 4:24; 23:6; 33:50; 70:30).

7. Non Muslims are evil, liars, perverts, filthy. They are lowest careatures and worst beasts (Quran 5:59; 8:22; 8:55; 9:5; 9:28; 16:39; 95:5).

8. The infidels, homosexuals and apostates must be killed (Quran 9:5; 4:15; 4:16; 4:89; 4:90).

9. Allah converted Jews into monkeys for fishing while fasting (Quran 7:163-166).

10. Thamud tribe wiped out by Allah for slaughtering his she came, which came out of a stone instead of a vagina (Quran 7:73,77; 54:23; 54:27,29,30,31; 91:11,13,14).

11. Allah killed man and his donkey and reborned them after 100 years to prove his power (Quran 2:259).

12. Allah made boys and his dogs sleep for 309 years for kicks (Quran 18:10-19).

13. Sulaiman spike the language of all living beings including ants (Quran 27:15-44; 34:12-13).

14. Jesus talked right after birth, gave sight to blind and life to dead (Quran 5:110).

15. Sun has a resting place in Murky waters (Quran 30:38; 71:016).

16. Moon is a lamp (Quran 071:016).

17. Stars are lights attached to the lowest sky and can be used as missiles to shoot down evil jinns (Quran 67:5; 37:6).

18. Sky is the roof/canopy without cracks where water is stored (Quran 2:22; 13:2; 50:6,7; 22:65).

19. Mountains are pegs to hold the earth firm (Quran 78:6-7).

20. After creating earth sky and mountains Allah offered Islam to them (Quran 33:72).

21. After mountains refused to accept Islam, Allah forced them to recite hymns [Azan] twice daily (Quran 38:18).

One can easily identify the origin of such a filthy prayer, mixed up with so many sexual activities and science fictions; for sure, the originator of such prayers is Satan himself through his Messenger, Muhammad the false prophet. Muslims call their God Allah; in fact it is Satan, the father of lies and deception, and that is why this Satan called Allah allows his followers to lie to all non-Muslim people and to deceive them.

Gragn Ahmed, is this what you do every Friday at your Mosque, glorifying sex instead of magnifying the creator of the universe, Jesus Christ? Shame on you all! The government is right to interfere in such open sexual activities in a Masque. What kind of spiritual teachings are you offering to your children? No wonder why most Muslims are violent and hostile throughout the world.

12/05/12 @ 21:40
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Correction: #10- his she camel

12/05/12 @ 21:51
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefzef the Gay She-Female Shabian

You are going to blow a gasket slow down TPLF, your Tigree blood is boiling and spilling endlessly. Chill!

Well I am sure your former master Issais will welcome you back and remind you why it is not wise to mess with Ethiopians.

Now that TPLF is on its death bed much like your DEAD master the ethic baiting tyrant his excellency the Issais servant Meles, how about you slip out before you get caught and lose your life or spend the rest of your sinking life in jail? How about that country less woyane?

12/05/12 @ 22:13
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

You say: “And Allah is the source of strength.”

Which Allah are you talking about? Are you talking about the moon-god Allah or someone else?

Your moon-god Allah has never been the source of strength; on the contrary, he has been the source weakness, deception, lies, greed, and lust.

12/05/12 @ 22:15
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Assta B. Gettu

Deacon writing page full of crap no one reads except may be a nutcase religious fanatic who is lost and confused and in despair like you, I hope you pray to your god to free you of his grip and let you see the light…..well perhaps if you haven’t figured it out by know the god you worship to, it is actually Satan disguising himself as your god.

Hope you two work your issues out. But in the mean time keep on wallowing in your confusion and self pity. That is if you don’t kill yourself to end it all!

12/05/12 @ 22:25
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Attention John Hopkins University.

subject: fanatic christian has finally broekn down his cerebral hemisphere for unknown causes.

Possibly he is consuming too much of Bible verses written by the Satanic Paul. I hope the new discovery will finally put to rest the dead christianity. the Bible is nothing but the song of Kings and old shemageles. For example,King Aram ordered his people into siege so they can starve and then eat their sons live. This is the holy scripture dirty and misty. Whereas Quraan is full and alive with every verse filled with wisdom and goo heart. All the verses point to the occasions that arose and has a meaning even to this day. Unlikethe Bible there is no satanic spirit needed to understand the verses. They are already written down in all details so no body can make any confusions like you do for the Bible verses.

So, my friend you are no longer to hide under the satanic spirit. I am a man like you and you have no special spirit that guides you through other than the satanic spirit that put three gods into one. I am aa pure person and I use my brain given by Allah to read my Quraan. You have no mind no heart to understand the Quraan. Most of the commentators don’t even know how to use punctuation let alone get aspirit sepcial from Allah. Allah does not discriminate and he gives all of a chance equal to find him. May be it your gheto Paulwho is again confusing you. I have already told you enough about Paul, he was a possessed man.

12/06/12 @ 00:19
Comment from: [Member]


Don’t forget to clean yourself once in a while. while you’re serving your shabian brothers, make sure to save your ass for isayass.
Multi tasking and trying to accommodate others while you satisfy yourself is taking a toll on you. Take it easy.
BTW, it seems you’re decapitated and kept in your closet not to read other news on that’s what I like when I fry your ass. I make you sleep on one thread, and you become more paranoid than you naturally are.

12/06/12 @ 05:33
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


Have you ever had a check up for your prostate? If so then do you remember when you bend over and the Dr inserted his finger deep into your anal. Is this bad thing to do so do water hygien.
May be for you everything looks unique because you were born in the cave, grew up there, worship cave code and never lucky to see day light.
That’s why your brain is darker like the rest of your friends: Assta, addis zemen, heny, all those hard headed stonge fellows.

Pursue worshiping your cave god. In the mean time I urge you to go back to that dark cave before you cause turmoil to this peaceful world.

12/06/12 @ 08:55
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefzef the Bushti Shabian

Your master Issais is calling you to serve him again just like you and your master Meles used to do, for old time sake.

I know you the memories of those days are fresh in your mind and rejection of woyanies like yourself in the streets of Addis and every were has you rethinking your position about associating yourself with Amhara, oromo, gurages…etc..

No worries I am sure he will welcome you with open arms and you two can wipe on the open for your DEAD master and relive those days.

Now please head north to your hide out before you get caught.

12/06/12 @ 10:40
Comment from: Patience is not Fear [Visitor]
Patience is not Fear


This is what the Radical Islamists in Ethiopia are preaching. They don’t want peace they don’t like peace and they should be dealt accordingly.


And a few ceremons by the islamists calling Christians in Ethiopia (qafir or infadal)… many many things… Click on the link below:

12/06/12 @ 10:52
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Patience is not Fear [Visitor]

Get lost Wayane. How many Mesjids are burning? How many christians force Muslims into terror? The police, the government make us feel like we are only okay if we say “yes sir".

Don’t bring your stupid propoganda. We Muslims lived under discrimination but that is no reason to kill anyone unlawfully. We have a right to ask our constitutional rights and responsibilities nothing more nothing else. You are trying to detract us.

All Muslims please ignore Assta Getu. I am not trying to put a ban on freedom of speech but he wants to bring chaos into Western land and particularly to America. So, FBI may be interested in him. The more hatered he creates on this website the more he is going to suffer in the West. In no time he brought chaos in Ethiopia by sowing the seed of discord and now here in the West he wants to agitate.

12/06/12 @ 12:02
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you ARBA GORASH,…

You seem very much gone crazy from the forty banging you get everyday. Well, that’s what you wished for when you promised to isayass to accommodate as much as forty of his shabian fighters. Ayzosh chayiw. Ahunima qiteshin asfitewut segerashinem mquater aqitoshal alu. What a sad ending for an aspiring prostitute like you.

12/06/12 @ 13:18
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Extraterrestial tumor inflicted

It’s big deal for you to focus on your ass. You brain is always there. Sicko!
Smell foul! gimatam.

Durie (out of wed child)

12/06/12 @ 13:30
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

correction You= Your

dirty ass!!!!!!!!!!
Try to clean up with water and see the differences. You have a big problem because you’re garbage trash.

12/06/12 @ 13:33
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Ment4you (visitor),

It is too bad about Ment4you getting out of control in his vulgarity he had learned from his slut mother and alcoholic father – name and address unknown for sodomizing his child Ment4you, age 7, in the absence of his promiscuous mother – but then that is how the cookie crumbles – that is life! For such unfortunate person, like Ment4you, talking profanity speaks louder than talking decency, wisdom, and virtue.

Every commentator on this web site knows that Ment4 is always angry with himself because he has aired his dirty linen in public. Talking too much indecent words without time out for respect, responsibility, honesty, and accountability, renders Ment4you a dull boy, a boring boy, and a cursed boy whom society abhors to help such a troublesome and mischievous boy.

Ment4you has always a rude response to others on the tip of his tongue, but he doesn’t remember his bad manner just in time; therefore, he is doomed to depart from this world he has littered with his filthy talks. Then we will start cleansing the earth where his dirty feet has walked on, his bloody hands has touched, his donkey ass has sat in, and where his big mouth has polluted the air with its poisonous breath.

Ment4you, who has recently been to a geriatric hospital because of his geriatric disorder he has inherited from mother nature that is preparing for him a dungeon for the rest of his life, has lost his brains and found himself behind the eight-ball. As a notorious person in the world of Internet, Ment4you has been a big frog in a small pond, and when that pond dries out, he will definitely expire and all the cursing words with him.

No doubt in anyone’s mind that Ment4you carries off the palm in the curse championship and in the inferiority complex tournament, and he is unmatched in all the games of disorderly conduct in the world. Ment4you may think he has scored a victory over those of us whom he regularly abuses, insults, and disparages, but my advice to him is not to crow before he is out of the woods. Anyway, thinking that we may hurt him for insulting us, he has started crying before we hurt him.

Ment4you is getting noisy by the hour and such noisy behavior of his may lead him into a lot of troubles as they say: “Curiosity killed the cat.” He likes belittling people for the sake of curiosity and for the sake of entertaining himself since he is a person unqualified for any job; hence, his main job is to mess with other people to get attention he lacks from his friends who has avoided him because of his big mouth that emanates poison into the air we breathe and inhale.

Ment4you wants to be the captain of this web site in his defamatory remarks, but we cut the ground from under him by telling him that his slut mother is the best player on this team of the hooligans. If Ment4you continues behaving piggish, we will then cut to the bone his access to this web site for failing to follow our rules we have outlined for him; however, Ment4you, dead to the world, may not abide by the rules of this web site; then we have no other choice but to regard him as dead duck – that he is in a hopeless situation.

When Ment4you’s mother died recently in substance abuse, he tried to drown his sorrows in whisky at a nearest beer tavern where his father used to frequent and get drunk and finally committed suicide. As an orphan boy, always being teased and beaten up by his classmates, Ment4you ran away from his village and sought refuge in the house of a Muslim Imam who sexually abused him.

Ment4you survives by shoplifting, by breaking in the elderly people’s homes, by stealing bikes and selling them in the black markets, and by snatching off some women’s handbags. He goes into an expensive restaurant, orders a big meal, eats the entire meal, and then he runs out in the backdoors of the restaurant without paying the bills. He has never been caught after he has committed all these big and minor crimes and left so many people sad and desperate with his new trick that puzzles the police. Finally, the police have caught up with him, and it is the end of the road. In the jail he is living now, he is allowed to use the internet and post his views, and that is what he does; he picks up some cursing words from the inmates and posts them on the He never posts some descent comments but only cursing words because he hears the inmates cursing each other and sometimes fighting.

The world is too nebulous for the poor boy, Ment4you! Where has he to go from here? He is stuck in his world of profanity, abuse, insult, disrespect, indecency, and loose talks which are his daily food, daily drink, and daily prayer!

12/06/12 @ 14:28
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

አስደንጋጭ መረጃዎች

ኮሚቴዎቻችን፣ የማዕከላዊ ዘግናኝ ግፎችና ግፈኞቹ

ከዚህ በፊት ታማኝ ከሆኑ የውስጥ ምንጮች ባገኘነው መረጃዎች ላይ ተመስርተን ባስነበብናቸው የተለያዩ ዘገባዎች ኮሚቴዎቻችንና ሌሎች ታሳሪ ወንድሞቻችን ላይ በማዕከላዊ የደረሰባቸውን ግፍና ሰቆቃ በመጠኑ ለማስቃኘት ሞክረናል፡፡ ዘወትር ሰላምን ሲሰብኩና መቻቻልን ሲያስተምሩ የኖሩትን ኮሚቴዎቻችንንና ዓሊሞቻችንን በግድ የሽብር ድርጊት ልትፈጽሙና ኢስላማዊ መንግስት ለመመስረት ስትንቀሳቀሱ እንደነበር የሀሰት ቃል ስጡ በሚል አንድ ኢትዮጵያዊ የራሱ ወገን የሆነ ኢትዮጵያዊ ላይ ያደርሰዋል ተብሎ የማይታሰብ አረመኒያዊ ድርጊት ፈጽመውባቸዋል፡፡ ከነዚሁ ታማኝ ምንጮች የደረሰን ተጨማሪ መረጃ ደግሞ እነዚህ ተርቦ እንደተለቀቀ አንበሳ ደም የጠማቸው የማዕከላዊ መርማሪዎች እነማን እንደሆኑና ሲያደርሱባቸው የነበረው ሰቆቃ ምን ይመስል እንደነበር ዘርዘር ባለ ሁኔታ ያሳያሉ፡፡

ኮሚቴዎቻችንና ዳዒዎቻችን ከዚህ በፊት ከጠቀስናቸው ለረዥም ቀናት በጨለማና ቀዝቃዛ ክፍል ማቆየት፣ እርቃናቸውን በማድረግ መግረፍ ፣ ለረዥም ሰዐታት ያለ እረፍት ማቆም… በተጨማሪ ሞትን የሚያስናፍቁ በርካታ ኢሰብአዊና አረመኒያዊ ተግባራት ሲፈጸምባቸው እንደቆየ ማወቅ ተችሏል፡፡ በተለይ ደግሞ በተከበሩት የረመዳን የመጨረሻዎቹ ሌሊቶች ለተከታታይ ቀናት ከቤተሰብ የሚመጣላቸውን ምግብ በመከልከልና በረሃብ ከመቅጣት አንስቶ ኤልክትሪክ ወንበር ላይ አስቀምጦ እስከማሰቃየትና በግድ ‹‹ኢስላማዊ መንግስት ለመመስረት እንሰራ ነበር›› ብላቹህ ፈርሙ እስከማለት የደረሰ የሽፍታ ስራ ሲሰራባቸው ቆይቷል፡፡ የውስጥ እግራቸውና ሰውነታቸው በደም እስኪጨማለቅ ድረስ ገልብጦ የመግረፍና ስለታማ ነገሮች በተበተኑበት መሬት ላይ በባዶ እግር በጨለማ እንዲሄዱ የማድረግ ጭካኔ የተሞላበት ቅጣት አስተናግደዋል፡፡ ከሁሉ በከፋ ሁኔታ ደግሞ አንዳንዶቹን እርቃናቸውን በማድረግ ብልታቸውን ለይቶ በመግረፍ እንኳን ለመፈጸም ለማሰብ እንኳ የሚዘገንን ግፍ ፈጽመውባቸዋል፡፡ መሪዎቻችንን እና ወንድሞቻችንን ከብረት በተሰሩ ሰውን እንደሳንድዊች መሃል አስገብተው በሚጨፈልቁ ዘመናዊ መሳሪያዎች ውስጥ አስገብተው በመኖርና መሞት መሃል የሚከቱ ቅጣቶችን አስተናግደዋል፡፡ በነዚህ ሁሉ ቅጣቶች መሀል ‹‹ኢስላማዊ መንግስት ለመመሰረት እንሰራ ነበር›› ብላችሁ እመኑ ለሚለው ጥያቄ የሚሰጡ መልሶች ሁሉ ይመዘገቡና እንዲሁም በድብቅ ካሜራ እየተቀረጹ በአሳፋሪው የጸረ ሽብር ህግ አንቀጾች መሰረት መልሶ ቢካድ እንኳን በፍርድ ቤት ተቀባይነት በማያገኝበት ሁኔታ በመረጃነት ይቀርባሉ፡፡ ይህ ነው እንግዲህ አገራችን የደረሰችበት የፍትህ ደረጃ! በዚህ መሰሉ ህግ ነው ኮሚቴዎቻችንን ለመዳኘት የታሰበው!

ይህን መሰሉን በደል ሲፈጽሙ የነበሩ የማዕከላዊው አረመኔዎች አሳፋሪ ማንነታቸውን ለመደበቅ ይህን አሳፋሪ ድርጊታቸውን በሚፈጽሙበት ዐለማቸው ሌላ ስም፣ ውጪ ደግሞ ሌላ ስም የሚጠቀሙ ሲሆን በአላህ ፈቃድ ግን ትክክለኛ ስማቸውን ለማግኘት ተችሏል፡፡ እነዚሁ ግለሰቦች ዛሬ ላይ ይህን አረመኔያዊ ድርጊት በማን አለብኝነት ቢፈጽሙትም ነገ ግን በሌሎች አገራት የቅርብ ታሪክ እንዳየነው ሁሉም ፍትህ ፊት የሚቀርቡበት ቀን መምጣቱ የማይቀር በመሆኑና ህዝብም እነዚህን ሁለት ፊት ያላቸው ግለሰቦች ማወቅ ስላለበት የጥቂቶቹን ትክክለኛ ስም ቀጥሎ ይፋ እናደርጋለን፡፡

1.ኮማንደር ተክላይ፡- ግርፋትና ሌሎቹም ማሰቃያዎች እንዲፈጸሙ በዋነኛነት ትዕዛዝ የሚያስተላልፍና ሲፈጸምም ቁጭ ብሎ የሚመለከት፤

2. ምክትል ከማንደር ከተማ፡- የኮሚቴዎችን ቃል ቶርች እያስደረገ የሚቀበል፤

3. ሳጅን ርዕሶም፡- ኮሚቴዎቻችን ና ወንድሞቻችንን በፎጣ እና በእስካርፍ ፊታቸውን አፍኖ በመውሰድ በኤሌክትሪክ ወንበር እንዲሰቃዩ የሚያደርግ፤

4. ዩሱፍ (ሙስሊም ነው ይባላ&#4621 ፡- ከባድ ድብደባ የፈጸመባቸውና እና ከሌሎች በተለ የመልኩ ስቃይ እንዲደርስባቸው የሚያደርግ፤ አሳፋሪ ስድቦችን በመሰንዘርም ሲያሸማቅቃቸው የነበረ፤

እንዲሁም የተለያየ ሚና የነበራቸው

5. አለማየሁ
6. ፀጋዬ
7. ዘመድኩን
8. አብዮት የተባሉ ግለሰቦች ይገኙበታል፡፡

እነዚህ ግለሰቦች ዛሬ በሚያነክሰው የኢትዮጵያ ፍትህ ስርዓት ተከልለው ይህን ድርጊት ቢፈጽሙም በዚህ ድርጊታቸው ፍትህ ፊት የሚቀርቡበት ጊዜ ግን ሩቅ እንደማይሆን ምንም ጥርጥር የለንም፡፡ ይህ እውን እንደሚሆን ደግሞ በሌሎች አገሮች ብቻ ሳይሆን በአገራችንም ተፈጽሞ ያየነው እውነት ነው፡፡ እነዚህ ግለሰቦች የትም አገር ሄደው ቢከለሉ፣ በየትኛውም መልኩ ራሳቸውን ሊሸሽጉ ጥረት ቢያደርጉ የወንድሞቻችን ደም ተከትሏቸው እንደሚሄድ በደምብ ሊገነዘቡ ይገባል፡፡ እንደ አይናችን ብሌን የምንሳሳላቸው መሪዎቻችን ላይ የፈጸሙትን አረመኔያዊ ድርጊትም መቼም ቢሆን ከአእምሯችን አይፋቅም፡፡ ይህ ቃላችን ነው፡፡

አላሁ አክበር!
12/06/12 @ 12:22

12/06/12 @ 16:27
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

Like a powerful king who wants to get the attentions of his subjects by saying “hearken, hearken,” you, though feeble and deformed, declared to your treacherous and Jihadist Muslims the following calumnious messages:

“All Muslims please ignore Assta Getu. I am not trying to put a ban on freedom of speech but he wants to bring chaos into Western land and particularly to America. So, FBI may be interested in him. The more hatered he creates on this website the more he is going to suffer in the West. In no time he brought chaos in Ethiopia by sowing the seed of discord and now here in the West he wants to agitate.”

The deformed and mentally unbalanced Gragn Ahmed, I am not the one who destroyed the lives of more than 3000 innocent Americans on September 11, 2001 and brought to a nearly complete collapse of the United States’ economy. It is your Muslim terrorists, not the Christians, who put this wealthy and welcoming Christian country of ours into big depression that has brought despair and chaos into the lives of many unemployed Americans. It is your Arab-Muslim brothers and sisters who slaughtered the United States Ambassador to Libya and the three other Americans.

There is no end for the chaos and tragedy you Muslims have been bringing to this country:

1. You bombed the Pan Am flight 103.

2. You bombed the World Trade Center in 1993.

3. You bombed the Marine Barracks in Lebanon.

4. You bombed the Military Barrack in Saudi Arabia.

5. You bombed the American Embassies in Africa.

These are just few examples out of hundreds of your heinous atrocities against the United States of America, and you are still complaining Muslims are being watched in America and do not have a complete freedom.

You already know America is a Christian country where her citizens welcome any person to live here and enjoy life, but you Muslims once you are here in this Christian country try to impose by force your rotten culture on the American descent society.

You claim in Islam there is no compulsion in religion (Quran 2:256), and at the same time you change your words and terrorize the infidels to convert to Islam. You even say openly in your weekly Friday prayer: “After mountains refused to accept Islam, Allah forced them to recite Hymns twice a day” (Quran 38:18).

You have immigrated to this Christian country with a hidden agenda, like most other Muslims who come to this country:

1. To breed like ants and to outnumber the Christian population here as you are doing it in the Christian land of Ethiopia

2. To build unnecessary Mosques all over the United States

3. To open Muslim Madrasses in various places in America like in Pakistan

4. To facilitate Muslim Charities that support the terrorist Hamas in the Middle East

5. To infiltrate the American government and to become one of the policy makers in the White House

6. To influence the United States official by bribing them with Saudi money to support the Muslim causes all over the world

7. To metastasize Islam throughout this Christian country

8. To supplant the United States Constitution with the Sharia law

9. To hunt down the apostates and kill them

10. To include a blasphemy law into the books of all of the United States where no one is allowed to criticize the pedophile Muhammad as a false prophet

11. To encourage Muslim American men to impregnate as many American women as possible and give births to many Muslim children

12. To finally change completely the demography of America and, thereby, all the elected officials for the high offices will be Muslims, and that will be the end of Christianity in America.

To avoid such disasters, Christian America must deport all Arab-Muslim people back to their country and never accept any more Muslims into this country.

Gragn Ahmed, this is not your country: this is America, a Christian country for the Christians and for these who abide by the United States Constitution. The United States Constitution gives equal rights to all American citizens, but your Sharia law considers that Muslim women are inferiors to Muslim men. Besides, Islam condemns the western civilizations; therefore, you must leave immediately this democratic Christian country before I pass all your documents to the FBI. You know how much you hate the United States of America, and yet you are using and abusing the financial help you get from this generous Christian country.

12/06/12 @ 17:24
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

America is a muslim country and it will be. America is tired of evangelical christians who hate Muslims. is a hater Muslim. They delete my post.

Muslims don’t hate America, they love it. Muslims don’t love extremist christian evangelicals. Many Muslims died during 9/11. 9/11 is not done by Saudi. We are peaceful citizens and growing.When we get power we will make Sharia our Law because we are obliged to do that for making Allah our savior. If you are not happy with this reality, pack and leave. The likes of you are killing Muslims all over the world and they are advising America with their hate agenda. Because of you Egypt is in chaos.

One thing is clear FBI knows who hates America. Christians eveangelicals who worship Paul more than they love America. They will never stop until they convert Indians, Budhists and Muslims alike.

I hope they lock you soon you bastard Paulian.

12/06/12 @ 18:27
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Kotari Nekeleke endi? alhe akbabr belhe endatefenda teregaga!

12/06/12 @ 18:31
Comment from: Weyane is evil [Visitor]
Weyane is evil

Ye Wayanew mengst President siwash teyaze? Weyse VOA naw keneberun yaderegew? Addisu Abebe yemilew terat selegodelew endegena dewelku yelal. ahun manene enemen? ye loptoch neger muslimochn mafzez naw be weshet. yehe yemyasayew coptikoch betam rekik endehonu ena lemuslimoch betekarini ande lemehone yemayaregut tere endelele naw. Addis Abebe gelse yarge akuamun.

Muslimoch nektenal. America mengst ejun ke islmina yansa. Yhe kebade yehone be muslimoch neket naw.

12/06/12 @ 19:32
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Assta B. Gettu

Ayeeee serafet MORON!!! See what I was telling all along how it makes sense? that you are a crazy deacon and a moron?….. you spent all that time to write page full of absolute nonsense and amateurish crap? saddening to say the least!

“If Ment4you continues behaving piggish, we will then cut to the bone his access to this web site for failing to follow our rules we have outlined for him”

And how do you suppose you can do that idiot???? ayeeee worada

A loser
A brain dead
A coward
A sociopaths
A psychopathy
A crazy
A fanatic
A pathetic
A confused
A Strange

See I can keep going on and on and on and none of them miss the target when it comes to describing you….see how big a problem you have?…. deacon pray for your soul it is lost and in a dark.

But you are right about something … I do go to expensive restaurant, order a big meal, eat the entire meal, and then run out in the backdoors of the restaurant without paying the bills. You should try it is not only fulfilling it is also trilling deacon…..

12/06/12 @ 20:01
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefzef the Gay She-female Shabian

Please move back to the norther part of Ethiopia where you belong. Your third world polices has run its course, now it belongs in a Mekele zoo or along side Issais in his zoo….opps I mean place in Asmera.

You can try and try and try but a TPLF is NOT ETHIOPIA but a refuge in ETHIOPIA!

Now shoo away adgi TPLF woyane!

12/06/12 @ 20:17
Comment from: Bitter Truths [Visitor]
Bitter Truths

The Origins of Christianity and Quest for Historical Jesus Christ.

By Acharya S/D.M. Murdock

12/06/12 @ 20:47
Comment from: Bitter Truths [Visitor]
Bitter Truths

The Pagan Origins of Jesus Christ and Christianity.

12/06/12 @ 20:51
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you ARBAGORASH asshole shabian,…

Are you still alive? After Asta gave you that reality check, I thought you will get it and go to your shit hole closet. Looks like you’re just a brain dead moron who doesn’t get it in a million years.
Well, a pig is always a pig no matter what you do to it to change it. So I will say, stay in your stinky pigsty. Stop stinking our web site. This is not a place for a stinky arram shabia like you.

12/06/12 @ 20:53
Comment from: Bitter Truths [Visitor]
Bitter Truths
12/06/12 @ 20:55
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

Muslims, whether rich or poor, educated or uneducated, modern or conservative, never stop complaining.

As one of those Muslims who complain, Gragn Ahmed laments:

“America is tired of evangelical christians who hate Muslims. is a hater Muslim. They delete my post.”

America is founded by evangelical Christians and never gets tired of them: Evangelicals are not the only ones who execrate Muslims; Jews, Hindus, and all other non-Muslims hate Muslims for their barbaric actions on the infidels – the Jews, the Christians, and the Hindus. If you want Christian America to love you and to accept you sincerely, burn down the Quran, the Sharia law, and denounce the false prophet Muhammad as the Messenger of the Jinn/devils. has been printing your botchy comments all these years, and now you say is a Muslim-hater web site. You are indeed an ungrateful person full of hatred against, against Christian America, against Christian Ethiopia, against St. Paul, against Jesus Christ, and against everything that is Christian. may have deleted your comment because of its illegal contents or because of its purely terrorist schemes to blow up one of the United States’ buildings. You are a crazy Muslim and you can do anything to please your moon-god Allah; otherwise you will never get those pretty virgin girls unless you kill many Christians, Jews, Hindus, and other infidels.

It seems you are very concerned about the alleged sufferings of those Ethiopian Muslim Jihadists, and that is why you posted their concocted stories on this web site. When I commented about the sufferings of the Ethiopian girls who worked as maids in the Arab Muslim world, you attacked my comment by telling me that they should not have gone there. I am so happy to hear those Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims have been mistreated, humiliated, and dehumanized because they have been planning to overthrow the Ethiopian Christian government and constitute their Islamic republic in the Christian land of Ethiopia.

Denying the solid facts that Muslims hate America, you wrote:

“Muslims don’t hate America, they love it. Muslims don’t love extremist christian evangelicals. Many Muslims died during 9/11. 9/11 is not done by Saudi.”

If Muslims love America, why then Millions of Muslims danced on their streets when the 9/11 Islamist terrorists slaughtered thousands of innocent people in New York City? Is that the way Muslims express their love toward their friends by killing them and by destroying their properties? For sure, Muslims not only hate America but they kill them wherever they find them as their Pedophilia Muhammad the false prophet instructed them:

“Slay them wherever you find them and catch them and drive them out…” (Quran 2:191).

You are still putting the blame on someone else not on Saudi Arabia from where most of the 9/11 airplane hijackers originated. If you don’t accept the accuracy of the CIA reports about the origins of those hijackers, where do you think they might have come from?

I am not concerned about those Muslims who perished on 9/11 incident: my greater concern is about those innocent infidels who died on that particular sad day. If backward Muslims die, we can easily replace them with other backward Muslims, but if more advanced and very civilized infidels die, it will be very hard to replace them. After all, we are not short of many dummy Muslims, but we are in need of millions of smart and refined infidels, therefore, I have dried eyes for those Muslims who were killed on 9/11 by the airplane hijackers, but I have wet eyes for those infidels who died on that same day.

I would like every Muslim country to be like Egypt and Syria – chaotic and out of control – and that is what the Muslim moon-god Allah would like to see every day in the Arab-Muslim world.

12/06/12 @ 21:47
Comment from: The Truth [Visitor]
The Truth

…I don’t know where the idea that muslims are close to 50%. Look around you, how many muslims do you know? I bet you know less than 20% of the ethiopians you know are muslims. And again, I have asked many of my muslim friends how many muslims they know and most of them they know less than 20% of all their ethiopian friends are muslims… I even went on facebook with some of my friends that consider themselves conservative muslims and we started counting how many of their Ethiopian friends are muslims and none of them were able to provide more than 30%.

I don’t know where the muslims are getting their statistics but I will bet you that muslims won’t even constitute 30% of the ethiopian population. It’s all a propaganda…

One thing these people don’t understand is if and when Christians start taking arms against muslims these people all will hide under their “qemis”

Qemis lebash hula… why can’t you try to live in peace? because the route u r following is only going to hurt you… don’t follow these sickly demented mujahidins and extremist islamists because eventually you guyz will lose… and by the way, Christians are peace loving people and it is sad a radical and backward belief is still hindering the growth of these people. STUPIDS…

12/06/12 @ 22:19
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Fesam the Gay She-female Shabian

You don’t belong in Addis or anywhere in Ethiopia for that matter. You belong in a zoo where primates live. There you can practice your third world political.

And do you understand why people get caught by surprise? I will tell you why…they dilute themselves into believing it will never happen to them and sleep walk into their demise.

Now you have a chance to ditch it all and head for safety. And if I were you I would take advantage of my opportunities knowing once the lights deem they will never come back on.

Look around you and read b/w the lines time has been up TPLF it is the roar you here is the noise before the flood fool!

12/06/12 @ 22:44
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


Your numbers are wrong. Even by your count, it is 30%? good. Who did you talk to??? facebook? where in facebook? How many are there on facebook? are you counting the diaspora? Many of the diaspora are christians because most of them end up in Middle east. If you count how many there are in Middle East then you would think there are only 20%.

Now, as to defeating us why are you even unable to control the Somali small population? Why you count on Oromia pentes?

Let us see where you come from.

Ante shetata gimatam. Bekutrachen teferaleh.

Assta Getu,

You are not making sense. You always write I complain complain. Endless. We are tired of christian Paulism. Period. Weshetamoch.

12/06/12 @ 22:44
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you ARBA GORASH asshole shabian,…

That’s what your problem is. You try to be what you’re not. Arihen metreg yematicheil arram!
You’re like that mouse who tried to be big like the elephant she saw standing next to her. Do you know what happend to that mousie? She huffed and puffed, and finally blew her ass off, stinking the whole area where she lived. That’s exactlly what you’re going thruogh. You huffed and puffed to be ike me, and Your ass is blown out, and you’re stinking our website. Gimatam arram shabia!!

12/06/12 @ 23:04
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Fesam the Gay She-Female Shabian

Keep diluting yourself thinking you are an elephant. More like a donkey who is clueless.

Well sit and wait till you get caught and thrown to the hyenas.

Flee to the north where third world politics is still practiced then you may have a chance.

One of your masters is DEAD of fear, anxiety and stress with realization TPLF is dying too. Your other master Issais is still alive … well if you can call it that ….

In the mean time keep coming here to fart she-female

12/07/12 @ 00:09
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed also Weyane is evil [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed also Weyane is evil

U.S. church criticized for planning to host Muslim convention.


A U.S. church planning to hold an annual convention for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) has received hate emails from radical Christian groups, according to media reports.

Salam al-Marayati, president of MPAC, told the Huffington Post that he chose All Saint’s as a venue “to provide an alternative model of positive Muslim-Christian relations … in light of all the negativity surrounding Christians making nasty films about The Prophet and Egyptian courts threatening Christians.”

The annual convention, the first to be held in a Christian house of worship, is set to take place on Dec. 15 with 1,000 attendees.

The church’s Rev. Ed Bacon said his congregation was “called” to work with MPAC, according to a report by NBC4.

Bacon told the news channel that most of the hate mail came from Fox News National Security analyst Ryan Mauro, founder of the website

NBC4 reported that Mauro has accused the Muslim organization of “taking advantage of naïve Christians.” He added that “this is not the type of group that we want to represent the Muslim-American community.” He said, however, that he is not anti-Muslims but and that he doesn’t believe certain groups can undermine America.

All Saints have received hate emails since Friday, Rev. Susan Russell told the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post released several of those emails.
“You are consorting with the Enemy that is Killing Christians Worldwide,” an email stated, calling Muslims “Body Snatchers.”

Another indicated that All Saints will continue to hold the event “to expose the ugly underbelly of Islamophobia in this country,” and show “the ugliness of the ignorance and the demonization of Islam is exactly what we are trying to combat precisely by having that convention here.”

In the same vein, the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD), a conservative Christian group, released a statement on their website, saying, “Yet again, the Islamists are taking advantage of naïve Christians with a desire to show off their tolerance.”

MPAC’s president said he is working with the FBI and local police to ensure the venue is secure and safe.

This is what Assta Getu is doing in the West.

Read the following comments from the above site:

Carol Jensen Sorry Viola…but Islam has no more hipocrisy than any other faith. There is only one God and no matter what he is called in any language, He is still God to all. Bigotry should die a rapid death and we should all learn to respect the feelings of others always. BTW..I have just converted to Islam and the people I know of this faith are wonderful. A local church here allows the call to prayer for the few Muslms who reside here. There are no problems in our little world. We respect each other and worship God as we see fit. Peace to you and your’s. Alhamdulillah!!

Clearly America is becoming Muslim but Asssta Getu wants destruction of Mesjid. Soon there will be church meeting in Mesjid of Egypt. I urge Obama not to give in to nay sayer coptic fanatics who hate Muslims of Egypt and Ethiopia. We can live with equality.

12/07/12 @ 01:07
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you ARBA GORASH asshole shabian,…

Arramu qizenamu ment4you,
With your zero IQ and none intelect personality, this is a win or lose situation you will never give up. That’s why I enjoy frying your loser ass untill your ass is blown out like that little mousie you’re. And you will continue coming back with the same phrases of go back to mekele etc..
You’re still shiting in your pigsty closet. Ante arram qizenam lebba!

12/07/12 @ 01:10
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


To establish a vibrant Muslim American community that will enrich American society through promoting the Islamic values of mercy, justice, peace, human dignity, freedom, and equality for all.

Mercy: “And thus O Prophet, we have sent thee as (an evidence of Our) grace towards all the worlds.” (Quran 21:107)

Justice: “O you who have attained to faith! Be ever steadfast in upholding equity, bearing witness to the truth for the sake of God, even though it be against your own selves or your parents and kinsfolk. Whether the person concerned be rich or poor, God’s claim takes precedence over (the claims of) either of them. Do not, then, follow your own desire, lest you swerve from justice: for if you distort (the truth), behold, God is indeed aware of all that you do!” (Quran 4:135)

Peace: “But if they incline to peace, incline thou to it as well, and place thy trust in God: verily, He alone is all-hearing, all-knowing!” (Quran 8:61)

Human Dignity: “Now, indeed, We have conferred dignity on all the children of Adam, and born them over land and sea, and provided for them sustenance out of the good things of life, and favored them far above most of Our creation.” (Quran 17:70)

Freedom: “There shall be no coercion in matters of faith. Distinct has now become the right way from (the way of) error: hence, he who rejects the powers of evil and believes in God has indeed taken hold of a support most unfailing, whiich shall never give way: for God is all-hearing, all-knowing.” (Quran 2:256)

Equality for All: “O men! Behold, We have created you all out of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you may come to know one another. Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him. Behold, God is all-knowing, all-aware.” (Quran 49:13)

12/07/12 @ 02:20
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Fesam the Gay She-female Shabian

Your misplaced and empty bravado is as empty as your empty skull itself. A cyber warrior who will never master the courage to openly express his (well her) wishes like your she-female self will always be limited to venting out on the WWW. Inferiority complex driven life such a b!tch isn’t it shabian?

You can fool and continue to dilute yourself believing you will not get caught, but once you do it will be the end of it.

Did you not master the courage to ask your master Issais to take you back to your masters zoo …opps palace in Asmera yet?

Head north … not south, west, or east TPLF your future is awaiting!

12/07/12 @ 08:24
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you arramu qizenamu,…

Are you still making noise? HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!
Ment4you ARBA GORASH shabian b!tch, you must be taking more than forty, if you continue in this pace. Well, isayass will give you some kind of trophy for the year’s big and best Gorash b!tch award. Segerashin mequater kechalish new tadia. Otherwise, if you continue shiting like this, you will be the stinkiest b!tch in the world. Congrat aramu qizenamu ment4you!

12/07/12 @ 09:38
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Fesam She-Female Shabian

Easy, the gasket is off the cover, that uneducated Tigray skull is over the 100deg C boiling point limit…. cool it … drink some lemon-aid if that fail try some more kool-aid.

And if all fails pour in a gallon of gasoline and lit yourself up and show as you are brave enough and you can take matters in your own hands, just like Tewoderos did. I AM SURE YOU COMPARE YOURSELF TO HIM.

Or you can go back to Mekele and fart. Asemra is open too if you play your cards right with your former master Issais TPLF woyane.

12/07/12 @ 10:23
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


Why don’t try to bend over only one time in the middle of 1000 prayers to see all of them will abondon you even the building will come down on you gimatam.

Trust me their ass is way clearer than your filthy dirty foul mouth. I mean it bisbis dureie vagabond.

Only a few like you exists in Ethiopia whose brains are on their shoulders. Believe me Ethiopia could have been a land of justice, equality and freedom for all.
I urge you to trash those haters, killers, wanna be genocidor Hitlers on this web site. You waste your energy in vain. Woldeyesus was like you. Assta called him bastard.
Assta tried to teach you ethics, moral and manner. What a guy from another planet. Delusional fake debtra who worship cave god.

Your cave god has sprit, lung and tonge the tree silassie. Do you think those three things in one created this indefinite universe let alone this tiny earth. Delusional fake depetra cave man. Your brain can not see that far so dewell in cave hell in the mountain.

12/07/12 @ 10:49
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

infinitive and not idefinite.

12/07/12 @ 10:52
Comment from: [Member]

Ment4you arramu qizenamu,…

LOL! Woy anchi ARBA GORASH, litfeneji tinesh new yeqeresh. I’m loving it. It doesn’t get better than this. I like frying such a loser b!tch like you. We will see how long you can go.
Ment4you, The lttle mousie which tried to be big like the elephant is now huffing and puffing.
Or like Asta put it, “curiosity killed the cat” ment4you likes to mess with people more intelect than him just for the sake of getting attention he lacks in his life.
Ment4you arramu qizenamu, who can’t control his sh!t, keeps on stinking this website. He is unqualified for any other job.

12/07/12 @ 11:21
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Dear American Christians and all other non-Muslims:

As an active member of an American Muslim community, Gragn Ahmed wants, as usual, to deceive the American Christians by quoting some verses from the fictitious Quran to show that Muslims are for Mercy, Justice, Peace, Human Dignity, Freedom, and Equality.

For Mercy, Justice, Peace, Human Dignity, Freedom, and Equality, he quotes Quran 21:107, Quran 4:135, Quran 8:61, Quran 17:70, Quran 2:256, and Quran 49:13 respectively.

However, I have rebuffed his deceptive claims by Quoting from his fictitious Satanic Quran that teaches his followers not Mercy, not Justice, not Peace, not Human Dignity, not Freedom, and not, of course, Equality but only deceptions to convert American Christians to the cultish religion – Islam – the most hated religion ever existed on this planet.

Please look very carefully into the following verses and compare them with his contradictory verses:

1. Mercy: “It is not fitting for the Prophet and those who believe, that they should pray for the forgiveness for disbelievers, even though they be close relatives, after it is clear to them that they are the inmates of the Flaming Hell Fire” (Quran 9:113). Is this mercy? Not at all!

2. Justice: “If they turn back from Islam, becoming renegades, seize them and kill them whenever you find them” (Quran 4:90). Is this justice? Not at all!

3. Peace: “Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their numbers…” (Quran 5:51). Is this peace? Not at all!

4. Human dignity: “Women can be captured, enslaved, and raped (Quran 4:3; 4:24; 23:6; 33:50; 70:30). Is this human dignity? Not at all!

5. Freedom: “And take in your hand a green branch and beat her [your wife] with it…” (Quran 38:44). Is this freedom? Not at all!

6. Equality: “Allah has made men superior to women…” Quran 4:34). “A male should receive a share equal to that of two females” (Quran 4:11). Is this equality? Not all!

I have been telling the world that Islam is not a religion: it is a political ideology with a hidden agenda – to dominate the entire world through its deception by telling people that Islam teaches mercy, justice, peace, human dignity, freedom, and equality, which is absolutely false.

Who can believe Islam as a religion of peace after we have seen the destructions of our city and the deaths of thousands of our brothers and sisters on that fateful day of September 11, 2001?

Please, America, don’t ever trust Arab-Muslim Americans and the whole Arab-Muslim world: They are liars, manipulators, deceivers, Jihadists, and killers. They are here, as I said before, to:

1. breed like ants and to outnumber the Christian population here as you are doing it in the Christian land of Ethiopia

2. build unnecessary Mosques all over the United States

3. open Muslim Madrasses in various places in America like in Pakistan

4. facilitate Muslim Charities that support the terrorist Hamas in the Middle East

5. infiltrate the American government and to become one of the policy makers in the White House

6. influence the United States official by bribing them with Saudi money to support the Muslim causes all over the world

7. metastasize Islam throughout this Christian country

8. supplant the United States Constitution with the Sharia law

9. hunt down the apostates and kill them

10. include a blasphemy law into the books of all of the United States where no one is allowed to criticize the pedophile Muhammad as a false prophet

11. encourage Muslim American men to impregnate as many American women as possible and give births to many Muslim children

12. finally change completely the demography of America and, thereby, all the elected officials for the high offices will be Muslims, and that will be the end of Christianity in America.

America, don’t ever let them fool you and little by little take your land!

Assta B. Gettu

12/07/12 @ 12:53
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Correction:#1-as they are doing it in the…, not as you are…

12/07/12 @ 13:03
Comment from: abchahu [Visitor]

Assta B Gettu my dear friend.

You can not fool any more. Exposed.
You should be the one Ahmed Gragn for sure, without any slight doubt carbon copy of each other.

The proof is simple, the nick names you have listed under Gragn Ahmed are yours!!! Lol. You know them all because they are yours.

Nice try to plant evil seed, but Ethiopia and Ethiopians are above that.


12/07/12 @ 13:12
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Your comment is ignored!

12/07/12 @ 13:53
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

abchahu [Visitor)

Your comment is ignored!

12/07/12 @ 13:59
Comment from: abchahu [Visitor]

Assta B Gettu my dear friend,

The comment is meant for the general public to be aware of your sinister tricks.

You are shooting against each other to confuse using different screen names by using extreme views of seemingly two camps. Your portrayal of yourself being extreme Christian against Islam and revert with another screen name of being extreme Muslim against Christianity that is a very cheap plot.

As I told you earlier and will repeat again and again, Ethiopia and Ethiopians are no fools of yours.


12/07/12 @ 14:33
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

From the 1880s to 1914, several thousand Muslims immigrated to the United States from the Ottoman Empire, and from parts of South Asia; they did not form distinctive settlements, and probably mostly assimilated into the wider society.[2] Many of the slaves brought to colonial America from Africa were Muslims;[3][4] it is estimated that 15 to 30 percent of the African slaves were Muslims.[5]
Once very small, the Muslim population of the U.S. increased greatly in the 20th century, with much of the growth driven by rising immigration and conversion, and a comparatively high birth rate.[6][7] In 2005, more people from Islamic countries became legal permanent United States residents — nearly 96,000 — than in any year in the previous two decades.[8][9] In 2009, more than 115,000 Muslims became legal residents of the United States.[10]
American Muslims come from various backgrounds, and are one of the most racially diverse religious groups in the United States according to a 2009 Gallup poll.[11] Native-born American Muslims are mainly African Americans who make up about a quarter of the total Muslim population. Many of these have converted to Islam during the last seventy years. Conversion to Islam in prison,[12] and in large urban areas[13] has also contributed to its growth over the years. The immigrant communities make up the majority, with mainly people of Arab and South Asian descent.

12/07/12 @ 16:50
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Islam in America continued..

Pre-Columbian Islamic contact theories
The date of the first Muslim visit to the Americas, or to what is now North America, is unknown. There are popular theories that the first Muslims landed or visited the territory long before Christopher Columbus.[14][15][16][17][18][19][20]
“The story of Islam in America antedates the European conquest of the continent. Some say that Andalusian Muslims visited the American continent long before Columbus, as reported by al-Sharif al-Idrisi in the twelth century. Others claim that adventurers from the Muslim kingdoms of West Africa had visited the Caribbean. Furthermore, it is alleged that the Portugese and Spanish discoverers were led by Andalusian Muslim mariners who were familiar with the high seas. Some of the discoverers were said to be Moriscos (Spanish Muslims who pretended to be Christians). Andalusian Muslim immigrants of Rabat and Salé in Morrocco led the fight against Spanish and Portugese navies in the Caribbean."[21]

Religious freedom
In 1776, John Adams published “Thoughts on Government,” in which he praises the Islamic prophet Muhammad as a “sober inquirer after truth” alongside Confucius, Zoroaster, Socrates, and other thinkers.
In 1785, George Washington stated a willingness to hire “Mahometans,” as well as people of any nation or religion, to work on his private estate at Mount Vernon if they were “good workmen.” It was a rhetorical statement, as he hired no such people.[35]
In 1790, the South Carolina legislative body granted special legal status to a community of Moroccans. In 1797, President John Adams signed a treaty declaring the United States had no “character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Mussulmen".[36]

A group of immigrants, most wearing fezzes, surrounding a large vessel which is decorated with the star and crescent symbol of Islam and the Ottoman Turks (1902-1913)
In his autobiography, published in 1791, Benjamin Franklin stated that he “did not disapprove” of a meeting place in Pennsylvania that was designed to accommodate preachers of all religions. Franklin wrote that “even if the Mufti of Constantinople were to send a missionary to preach Mohammedanism to us, he would find a pulpit at his service."[27]
Thomas Jefferson defended religious freedom in America including those of Muslims. Jefferson explicitly mentioned Muslims when writing about the movement for religious freedom in Virginia. In his autobiography Jefferson wrote “[When] the [Virginia] bill for establishing religious freedom… was finally passed,… a singular proposition proved that its protection of opinion was meant to be universal. Where the preamble declares that coercion is a departure from the plan of the holy author of our religion, an amendment was proposed, by inserting the word ‘Jesus Christ,’ so that it should read ‘a departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion.’ The insertion was rejected by a great majority, in proof that they meant to comprehend within the mantle of its protection the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mahometan, the Hindoo and infidel of every denomination."[37] While President, Jefferson also participated in an iftar with the Ambassador of Tunisia in 1809.[38]
[edit]Anti-Islam sentiments
However, not all politicians were pleased with the religious neutrality of the Constitution, which prohibited any religious test. Anti-Federalists in the 1788 North Carolina ratifying convention opposed the new constitution; one reason was the fear that some day Catholics or Muslims might be elected president. William Lancaster said:.[39]
Let us remember that we form a government for millions not yet in existence…. In the course of four or five hundred years, I do not know how it will work. This is most certain, that Papists may occupy that chair, and Mahometans may take it. I see nothing against it.
Indeed, in 1788 many opponents of the Constitution pointed to the Middle East, especially the Ottoman Empire as a negative object lesson against standing armies and centralized state authority.[40]

12/07/12 @ 16:53
Comment from: Bitter Truths [Visitor]
Bitter Truths


That proves how confused, lost and evil its followers are!

12/07/12 @ 17:04
Comment from: Bitter Truths [Visitor]
Bitter Truths

A List of BIBLICAL Contradiction (1992)

By Jim Meritt

Open the above link and click on the title of every topic that has been provided, and then, see for yourself the falsehoods therein.

12/07/12 @ 17:20
Comment from: abchahu [Visitor]

My dear friend Gragn Ahmed a.k.a. Assta B Gettu

Cut it off. Enough.

Don’t try to labor in delivering your hate impregnated ploy.

Ethiopia and Ethiopians are no fools of yours.


12/07/12 @ 17:23
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

abchahu (Visitor),

You must have a blind heart that has failed you to identify between a Muslim person and a Christian one.

I have never been Gragn Ahmed, and Gragn Ahmed has never been me. You can ask those readers who follow my comment on daily basis who I am and who Gragn Ahmed is.

You come once a year to this web site and you write: Gragn Ahmed aka Assta B. Gettu; I am sure, Gragn Ahmed is laughing at your stupidity and ignorance.

12/07/12 @ 17:56
Comment from: W.Yilma [Visitor]

. Al Mariam totally condemned the government and 100% agreed with what the USCIRPF statement had said about Muslim discontent in Ethiopia. As usual it is purely politics designed to add fuel in the fire! I do not see the differences between Ms. Azizah, the commissioner of the USCIRPF and Al Mariam in handling this sensitive issue. What may be difference between them is that the former is a Muslim American and the latter is Ethio-American. The similarity between them is that both are playing a dirty game in the name of religion.
Having said this, I truly believe that the recent Muslim movement in Ethiopia is not free from internal as well as external radical Islamist movements. If we think this is not true, and Diaspora politicians continue to play a role in aggravating the situation just to gain political advantages, I am afraid we may end up in a situation where no one will predict what the outcomes will be. If we have deaf ears, blind eyes and ignorant minds, we do not know the challenge our world is facing today from radical Islam. For some scholars, Diaspora Ethiopia “politicians” it is easy for them to post an article on the internet mainly based on their subjective academic knowledge, without understanding the repercussion of their messages to our societies as a whole. Addicting only to criticize every events is not an expression of intellectuality. Intellectuality is beyond this.
To me the comment made by Al Mariam is not targeted towards the current government in power, but it is against the Ethiopian people’s interest as a whole. It challenges the traditions of Ethiopian Muslims and Christians who are living in harmony side by side for centuries. Opposing the government as an individual or as groups is ok, but adding fuel to the fire by raising a very sensitive issue is another thing, and questionable.
Our history shows, that Ethiopia does not have reliable allies in bad or good times. As an Ethiopian, I truly believe that the USCIRPF report is not honest and has a hidden agenda, either by American politicians or individual Muslim advocates, like Azizah disguised themselves in the state department in the name of USCIRPF.
If we are sincere, and we are talking as adults, the truth is that Muslim believers are getting more freedom in Ethiopia under the current government. It is not a secret for either the USCIRPF or for Al Mariam to know the motives of this Islamic extremist movement in Ethiopia. Some of their financers are in the birth place of Bin Laden and his cohorts who created havoc here in American cities. I do think that unless commissioner Azizah or Al Mariam cover their faces with Niqab, it will not be a secret to anyone to understand the motive of radical Islam in Ethiopia.
The other issue which I want to raise here is that I do not think a country which does not have religious tolerance in her back yards have moral grounds to teach a country which has been practicing religious tolerance for many centuries. Ms. Azizah or Al Mariam may have wrong perceptions about America regarding religious tolerance. Both Azizah and Al Mariam are living in closed shells, which makes it hard to see the objective realities on the ground and also hard to understand to what extent radical Islam is becoming the number one enemy to world peace today. How many people are dying every day in the hands of Islamist extremists around the world? Other than radical Muslim extremists, which religion has created a problem in our world today? Which religion is killing people in the name of religion? Is it a secret to Azizah or Al Mariam to understand this elementary concept that radical Islam is spreading like a debilitating cancer in our world today?
Raising issues about human right and dealing with Islamic extremism are two different things that need to be dealt with separately. It should be clear to USCIRPF or for any one who sides with radical Muslim that unless you surrendered to their demands or give up, you cannot make a deal to get solutions with any kind of radical religious group, especially with radical Islam. I do not think a person like Al Mariam misses to understand this reality.
It is not a secret for the ordinary American public the danger radical Islam brought to this world. It is America and the rest of the world who was victimized the most on their own soil and lost nearly 3000 lives and is still paying dearly sacrifices in fighting terrorism around the globe. With all these understandings, it is not clear why the USCIRPF stands on the side of Islamist extremists who are functioning in Ethiopia. Does the State department think that radical Muslims in Ethiopia are different from radical groups functioning around the globe? Or does terrorism have different meanings here in America and in Ethiopia? What is strange here is that America expedited and brought the radical clergy from the UK to put him on trial here in the US. Is there any difference with what this radical clergy is teaching to his followers in the UK with what the radical Muslim clergy is teaching to his follower in Ethiopia? Other than language I do not see any conceptual or ideological differences here and there. Is it because America is exceptional from the rest of the world? Why were radical Muslims kept in confinements until now in Guantanamo? Are these terrorists different from the terrorist groups in Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq or Afghanistan? Why is America still fighting in Afghanistan and spending billions of dollars, while that money could close a loop hole here at home?
We Ethiopians have many issues that need to be addressed through direct participation of our people. The rule of law, especially the judicial system, human rights and other democratic principles need to be implemented to serve our citizens. However, we shouldn’t expect that this can happen overnight while insulting each other and exposing our country to foreigners. Other than aggravating, foreigners will never solve our internal problems. It needs time and concerted efforts from all Ethiopians. All these home works are ours. We do not need help or assistance from external powers that don’t have knowledge about our collective psyche and values which are unique and hard to understand for any ignorant outsider.

We Ethiopians of all faiths and beliefs should stand together and condemn the irresponsible interference of external forces in the internal affairs of our country, especially by raising very dangerous and sensitive issues, like religion.

Long Live Ethiopia


12/07/12 @ 19:13
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Our history shows, that Ethiopia does not have reliable allies in bad or good times. As an Ethiopian, I truly believe that the USCIRPF report is not honest and has a hidden agenda, either by American politicians or individual Muslim advocates, like Azizah disguised themselves in the state department in the name of USCIRPF.

You seem a reasonable person. But most of your post is about your opinion, your fear and jumbo mumbo here and there. We don’t see any real data or evidence as to what you really want to say to us. I mean you run either the risk of being naive person or just delusional one.

Anyways, let me tell you or ask you this:

Have you really made any study as to why people of ethiopia are protesting? Because of Israel imported ah bash. why we need to convert Muslims? Because future Islam is gaining growing up. Is this a good solution? No. What should the government do? Well, be very attentive to the demands of people. If they find easy solutions it will be much easier. Those accused were chosen by the people. Thus ehadeg is conflicting with the people. All those preachers preached conservative Islam and they are allowed under the constitution. You can not accuse them of hate crime unless they did anything really criminal. Those accused were humble but conservative people who never killed a fly and would not kill one. Now, simply blaming someone for whatever happened in the world only shows our panic. Let us not drive ourselves through crazy fear. You have to bring evidence. Otherwise, we will not be ready to change Ethiopia. We have to follow the Law and the constitution.

As to foreign interference there will always be. But that is no reason to stop our communications to the outside world. Remember Catholics used to be hated. What we need is not cursing others. Atse Yohannes failed to kill Muslims. For some reason tigres are nervous about Islam except King Negash. They all want to eliminate it.

Yilma don’t minimize the suffering of Muslims. If we can get rid of Wayane the future is bright. But don’t expect Muslims to be second citizens. If that is what you envisage then USCIRPF is right.

12/07/12 @ 19:48
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

Christian Americans and all other non-Muslim nations know very well that Islam has no solid history in America, but, as always, you want to create a new history for Islam in the Christian land of America. It will never work that way! You have been doing the same thing in the Christian land of Ethiopia as if you had a history in that country. Why don’t you make your own history in your own mother land – Saudi Arabia?

By fabricating a false history, you want Islam to associate with the United States great Presidents, and you may also say that one of the United States Founding Fathers was a Muslim as you have already said that one of the Ethiopian Christian kings was a Muslim, which is absolutely false.

You have told us, as part of your deception, that Adam was a Muslim; Noah was a Muslim; Abraham was a Muslim…and Jesus was a Muslim. In this case, you are going to tell us George Washington was a Muslim and all the other American Presidents were Muslims except Barack Hussein Obama.

As your pedophile Muhammad the false prophet plagiarized the Holy Scriptures, you are plagiarizing the document you have cut and posted. You didn’t tell us where your sources came from and you have failed to give credit to the person from whom you copied the document. This is what all Muslims all over the world do – deceive the Jews, the Christians, the Hindus, and the other non-Muslims.

The document you have presented is a fake document like the fictitious Quran and like the fairy-tale Hadith, and no one accepts it as a true history of Islam in the Christian land of America. You cannot fool this highly advanced American Christian society by just pretending that Islam has been in America from the beginning of the American history. You just want to get attention from Christian America and that may be the main reason you bombed American city and destroyed thousands of innocent Americans and other nationalities, just to get some attentions.

If you believe Islam has been in America since the beginning of the American history, do we have any American-Muslim explorer, any American-Muslim inventor, any American-Muslim geologist, any American-Muslim astronomer, any American-Muslim neurologist, and any American-Muslim astronomer?

Of course, we have many American-Muslim gas-station owners, many American-Muslim shop-owners, many American-Muslim imams, many American-Muslim baby-breeders, and many American-Muslim Jihadists and terrorists.

Who are you to tell us about the religious freedom in America? Every American knows his/her religious freedom; unfortunately, one of your hidden agenda is to destroy our freedom we enjoy in this Christian country of ours by advocating the establishment of your dirty Sharia law invented by that filthy false prophet Muhammad of yours.

We will fight for our Constitution, and we will never allow your barbaric Sharia law to be the law of the land of Christian America. You tried to build a grand Mosque at the Ground Zero in New York City, but Christian America fought hard and dismantled your bootless Islamic project. We will do the same thing to your cultish Islam and to your fictitious Quran.

I ask you to stop narrating a non-existent Islamic history and telling the American people a false history of your religion.

You have no history in America; You have no history in Africa; you have no history in Europe; you have no history in Asia; and you have no history in Latin America.

Your bloody and oppressive Islamic history begins in the Middle East and ends in the Middle East! Therefore, you go back to the Middle East and be part of that history of yours. You have no place in America; you have no place in Africa; you have no place in Europe; you have no place in Asia; and you have no place in Latin America, but you may have a place in Saudi Arabia, but your eternal place is in the hell fire where your false prophet Muhammad resides until he goes to his final destination – Gahanem!

12/07/12 @ 22:37
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

correction:Leave out the second astronomer.

12/07/12 @ 22:43
Comment from: W.Yilma [Visitor]

Dear Graign. I appreciate your comment, but I am not delusional or fear anything. It is not in my blood! However, I worried for my country and people because there are people who overwhelmingly intoxicated with hate (people like you and Al mariam). Other than opposing, criticizing and siding with foreigners expose their country, they do not have a positive solution to the problems our country is facing today. I truly believe that our problems are in our hand, and if we have a good will we can solve it. However,if you born only to criticize what went wrong, you are part of the problem instead of part of the solution. This is what I am observing in most opposition groups. I am sure you follow various media outlets, do you think the majority of them are playing a positive role to bring positive change in Ethiopia? To me the majority of them are trash and toxic to our society.It is up to you to agree or disagree, but the facts is there!
With regard Muslim discontent in Ethiopia, I do not have phobia about Muslim as you and others have phobia about “Woyane” . I do not understand why you related our discussion here with “Woyane". Whether you like it or not you are dealing with the Ethiopian government or as you call “Woyane” to resolve your question, and the majority of ordinary Ethiopians, Christians and Muslims are behind the government. People like you blind oppositions do whatever is necessary, including religion to achieve your political The good thing is the time has changed and a new vision is shining within the youngest generation of Ethiopian youth, and no one is interesting to follow the old doctrine “my enemy enemy is my friend", especially religion affiliated politics. It is up to you to follow your dangerous path, but you have to know it is a risky game which does not benefited our country. You said those who are under judicial process are law abiding, but conservatives and raised only legitimate questions? am I right? How do you explain Muslim conservatism? Is it not against others?No matter which religion you follow, one thing you have to know is leave alone religious conservatism, conservatism in any form is a danger for our civilized world. That is what I am opposing, including the radical Muslims illegitimate question in Ethiopia.
Graign. Are you denied that Radical or what you call it conservative Muslim religion is now becoming number one problem to our world a security threat today? Observe what is going on in the Arabs countries, Nigeria, or Mali. Do you think these are modest and secular Muslims and struggling to bring peace and security to our world?
As far I am concerning, I have a great respects to Ethiopian Muslim, because they have Ethiopian identity. What I do not like is when Radical Muslim ideology imports from radical Muslim countries. Let’s respect each others.

God bless Ethiopia

12/07/12 @ 22:46
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

Yilma’s comment is absolutely right there are Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia who are trying to disrupt the Christian government of Christian Ethiopia.

You asked Yilma a dishonest question: “Have you really made any study as to why people of ethiopia are protesting?”

You are a tricky Muslim, Gragn Ahmed, and that is why I hate you from my heart of hearts.

The people of Ethiopia are not protesting; only the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims are the ones who are protesting and shouting “Allah Akbar!” They want to accomplish their goal – to overthrow the Ethiopian Christian government, and they are handsomely paid by the Saudi government to meet their plan – the Islamization of Ethiopia.

Yilma is not as dull as you are about the propensity of the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims to destroy Christian Ethiopia and make Ethiopia like Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, and Jordan, ancient Christian countries. The entire Arab-Muslim world is puzzled why Ethiopia is still a Christian country and wants to destroy her by any means, but the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will protect her from the Arab-Muslim invasions and from Gragn Ahmed clandestine plan to harm the Ethiopian Christians.

Gragn Ahmed, you have a problem of understanding the word “people.”

You said: “Well, be very attentive to the demands of people….” And again, you stated: “Those accused were chosen by the people….”

The word “people” represents the entire Ethiopian people; therefore, you have to say the demands of some of the Ethiopian Muslims. Still, the Ethiopian people did not choose the accused Jihadist Muslims; only very few Muslims chose them.

Those Jihadist Ethiopian Muslims do not represent the entire Ethiopian population: they represent only those Ethiopian Muslims who have been protesting to overthrow the Ethiopian Christian government, but they have failed, and they will end up the rest of their lives in Jail without seeing the sun, and you are exacerbating the situation by inciting the Ethiopian Muslims to rise up and bring down the Christian government of Ethiopia. The reality is, however, they will never get what they want to get: to establish the Sharia law in the Christian land of Ethiopia.

As a member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, you may be able to create chaos in the Christian land of Ethiopia, but you will never change Ethiopia into an Islamic state.

12/07/12 @ 23:43
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed aka Bitter Truths (visitor)

Quran contradictions:

12/08/12 @ 00:02
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed aka Bitter Truths (visitor),

Contradictions in the Hadith: Sources for the Hadith contradictions are from WikIslam.

12/08/12 @ 00:14
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed aka Bitter Truths (visitor),

There are no contradictions in the Holy Scriptures: Contradictions are only found in the Fictitious Quran.

I posted long time ago on this web site that there are no contradictions in the Holy Bible. If any one wants to see the evidence, I can post it here.

12/08/12 @ 00:40
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

“They want to accomplish their goal – to overthrow the Ethiopian Christian government, and they are handsomely paid by the Saudi government to meet their plan – the Islamization of Ethiopia.”

What is more lie than the above post?

Really very disturbing from christian fanatics. Yilma, you never criticized Assta Getu but you are afraid of me and Al Mariam. Well I don’t expect from Wayanae cadre anything good to come out. But at the same time let me reason that there will be no amount of lies to make Ethiopian Muslims disunite. You may succeed by arresting them and by killing them and they are not afraid to die because they have not done anything wrong. If any harm occurs to them then Ethiopia more than ever will get dismemeberd and fragmented. Both Yilma and Assta Getu are one and the same because they are wayane and shabia both colonialists of Ethiopia. Whether you like it or not Abebe Gelaw and Tamagn and ESAT and Al Mariam and Jewar Mohammed have clearly supported Muslim Ethiopian movements. As the day goes by we will expose the likes of you who are hating Muslims and Mecca. We will soon know what is going to happen to our people.

Viva Hailemariam.

To understand why Tigres hate Muslims we have to remember why Abraha Atsbeha the then of Yemen ruler Abraha Atsbeha>

It is in the Sura of Quran called fil (the elephant).

The story is like this:

The Year of the Elephant (Arabic: عام الفيل‎, ˤĀmu l-Fīl) is the name in Islamic history for the year approximately equating to 570 AD. According to Islamic tradition, it was in this year that Muhammad was born.[1] The name is derived from an event said to have occurred at Mecca: Abraha, the Christian ruler of Yemen, which was subject to the Aksumite Empire of Ethiopia,[2][3] marched upon the Kaaba with a large army, which included one or more elephants, intending to demolish it. However, the elephant is said to have stopped at the boundary around Mecca, and refused to enter. The year came to be known as the Year of the Elephant, beginning a trend for reckoning the years in the Arabian Peninsula used until it was replaced with the Islamic calendar during the rule of Umar.

Recent discoveries in southern Arabia suggest that Year of the Elephant may have been 569 or 568, as the Sassanid Empire overthrew the Axumite- and Byzantine-affiliated regimes in Yemen around 570.[4] However, historians today believe that this event occurred at least a decade prior to the birth of Muhammad.[5][verification needed]

The year is also recorded as that of the birth of Ammar ibn Yasir

According to early Islamic historians such as Ibn Ishaq, in honor of his ally, Negus Abraha built a great church at Sana’a known as al-Qullays, a loanword borrowed from Greek: εκκλησία “church".

Al-Qullays gained widespread fame, even gaining the notice of the Byzantines.[1] The pagan Arabs of the time had their own center of religious worship and pilgrimage in Mecca, the Kaaba.[1] Abraha then proceeded to attempt to divert their pilgrimage to it and is reported to have appointed and sent a man named Muhammad ibn Khuza’i to Mecca and the Hijaz as a king with a message that al-Qullays was both much better than other houses of worship and purer, having not been defiled by the housing of idols.[1]

Ibn Ishaq’s prophetic biography states:

With Abraha there were some Arabs who had come to seek his bounty, among them Muhammad ibn Khuza`i ibn Khuzaba al-Dhakwani, al-Sulami, with a number of his tribesmen including a brother of his called Qays. While they were with him a feast of Abraha occurred and he sent to invite them to the feast. Now he used to eat an animal’s testicles, so when the invitation was brought they said, “By God, if we eat this the Arabs will hold it against us as long as we live.”
Thereupon Muhammad ibn Khuza’i got up and went to Abraha and said, “O King, this is a festival of ours in which we eat only the loins and shoulders.” Abraha replied that he would send them what they liked, because his sole purpose in inviting them was to show that he honoured them.

Then he crowned Muhammad ibn Khuza’i, and made him emir of Mudhar, and ordered him to go among the people to invite them to pilgrimage at his cathedral which he had built. When Muhammad ibn Khuza’i got as far as the land of Kinana, the people of the lowland, knowing what he had come for, sent a man of Hudhayl called `Urwa bin Hayyad al-Milasi, who shot him with an arrow, killing him. His brother Qays who was with him fled to Abraha and told him the news, which increased his rage and fury and he swore to raid the Kinana tribe and destroy the temple.

Ibn Ishaq further states that one of the men of the Quraysh was angered by this, and going to Sana’a, slipped into the church at night and defiled it; it is widely assumed that they did so by defecating in it.

Abraha, incensed, launched an expedition of forty thousand men against the Kaaba at Mecca, led by a white elephant named Mahmud (and possibly with other elephants - some accounts state there were several elephants, or even as many as eight)[1][4]) in order to destroy the Kaaba. Several Arab tribes attempted to fight him on the way, but were defeated.

Abraha’s elephant refused to cross the boundary of Mecca and sat down. It could not be persuaded otherwise, either by reason or violence. The accounts state that if the elephant was turned towards Syria or Yemen it would walk without hesitation, but when it was turned towards the Kaaba it would kneel on its knees as if it would adore the city that its master was intent on destroying.[verification needed]

When news of the advance of Abraha’s army came, the Arab tribes of Quraysh, Banu Kinanah, Banu Khuza’a and Banu Hudhail united in defense of the Kaaba. A man from the Himyarite Kingdom was sent by Abraha to advise them that Abraha only wished to demolish the Kaaba and if they resisted, they would be crushed. Abdul Mutallib told the Meccans to seek refuge in the hills while he with some leading members of the Quraysh remained within the precincts of the Kaaba. Abraha sent a dispatch inviting Abdul-Muttalib to meet with Abraha and discuss matters. When Abdul-Muttalib left the meeting he was heard saying, “The Owner of this House is its Defender, and I am sure He will save it from the attack of the adversaries and will not dishonor the servants of His House.”

According to the Qur’an,[6] the next day, as Abraha prepared to enter the city, a dark cloud of small birds appeared. The birds carried small rocks in their beaks, and bombarded the Ethiopian forces, who fled in panic. Abraha was seriously wounded and he retreated towards Yemen but died on the way. However, the animals of Abraha’s army were not killed, and the tribes saw this as a sign of the holiness of the Kaaba.

So. clearly all Tigres will want to destroy Meccca and Kaaba. I don’t trust Tigre copts. But there are good copts we can work with them like the Ling Negash time copts.

بِسۡمِ اللّٰہِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِیۡمِ
1.اَلَمۡ تَرَ کَیۡفَ فَعَلَ رَبُّکَ بِاَصۡحٰبِ الۡفِیۡلِ
1.اَلَمۡ یَجۡعَلۡ کَیۡدَہُمۡ فِیۡ تَضۡلِیۡلٍ
1.وَّ اَرۡسَلَ عَلَیۡہِمۡ طَیۡرًا اَبَابِیۡلَ
1.تَرۡمِیۡہِمۡ بِحِجَارَۃٍ مِّنۡ سِجِّیۡلٍ
1.فَجَعَلَہُمۡ کَعَصۡفٍ مَّاۡکُوۡلٍ

English Translation by Muhammad Shameem, Mohammad Wali Raazi and Muhammad Taqi Usmani:

Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with the People of the Elephant? [1] Has He not turned their plan into nullity? [2] And He sent upon them flying birds in flocks, [3] throwing upon them stones of baked clay, [4] and thus He turned them into an eaten-up chaff.

We don’t need any Tigre and we don’t believe that they love Islam. It is pure lie.

12/08/12 @ 00:45
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

It is your customary way of saying that any one who opposes your Islamic view is a Woyanne, and anyone who supports your Jihadist view is a friend of your cultish faith- Islam and a friend of the child molester Muhammad the false prophet.

You wrote:

“Both Yilma and Assta Getu are one and the same because they are wayane and shabia both colonialists of Ethiopia.”

Yes, I am the arch enemy of Islam, and I want to destroy it completely not just from Ethiopia but from the entire world because the Arab-Muslim nations who followed Islam have been unproductive in our civilized Christian society. The Woyanne government (the Ethiopian government) has never authorized the destruction of Islam in Ethiopia, so why do you claim I am a Woyanne? Why do you believe Yilma is a Woyanne? You have never learned the premises of logic: The Major, the Minor, and the Conclusion. Until you master these three logical premises, you are not going to convince some people to accept your Islamic views.

We already know the history of Byzantine; we know the history of Sophia Hagia; and we know the Yemenite history (the history of Ethiopia since we had ruled Yemen for many years); therefore, no one asked you to tell us this ancient history.

You mentioned Quran as you mentioned the year of the Elephantine, but what Quran has to do with the year of the Elephantine? Of course, the ancient manuscript of Quran has been found in Sanaa, Yemen, and it has been one of the frustrating issues for Muslim scholars that the ancient Quran discovered in Yemen has many dissimilarities with the present Quran Muslim used to read and used to believe that Quran is the word of God, and it has been preserved exactly as it had been revealed to Muhammad the false prophet.

Millions of misguided Muslims believe Quran has never been changed, but they are absolutely false as you read the following mindboggling article by Oskar:

“The end of the Quran as Muslims know it

Today’s Quran in the light of its early manuscripts

By Oskar

“The Quran is a record of the exact words revealed by God through the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad. It was memorized by Muhammad and then dictated to his Companions, and written down by scribes, who cross-checked it during his lifetime. Not one word of its 114 chapters, Suras, has been changed over the centuries, so that the Quran is in every detail the unique and miraculous text which was revealed to Muhammad fourteen centuries ago.” (, search for ‘What is the Qur`an?’; accessed 19 May 2011)

The fundamental Islamic belief that no word of the Quran has changed is put in question by a rather unique ancient manuscript, a palimpsest, known as ‘DAM 0 1-27.1.’It was discovered by Muslims in 1972 at the ancient Great Mosque of Sana’a in Yemen. According to the latest academic studies, aided by the use of ultraviolet photography, this palimpsest contains many differences when compared with today’s Arabic Quran. They range from different and missing words and dissimilar spelling to a changed order of Surahs and words within verses. The find is part of a bundle of parchments thought to be the oldest surviving copies of the Quran.
A palimpsest is a manuscript from which a text has been scraped or washed to make room for another one in order to re-use the expensive parchment. Such a process would normally only be done after several centuries. However, in the case of ‘DAM 0 1-27.1’ it took place within the first century of the ‘Hijrah’ (7th and early 8th century AD), shortly after the Uthmanic recension. This is confirmed by the fact that the primary writings that reappeared and the secondary ones that followed, including the corrections of both, were found to be made in the ‘Hijazi’ style of the first Islamic century. The characteristic, irregular lines of that particular style exist in all the four above mentioned developmental stages of the text.

1. The Evidence

The palimpsest known as ‘DAM 0 1-27.1’ contains at least 38 Quran leaves. They were each written on parchment with an approximate size of 36.5 x 28.5 cm. Since on the majority of the leaves a primary text is visible and both texts contain parts of over 70 % of today’s Quran, the palimpsest must be a remnant of two, previously complete, yet different Qurans. ‘Folio 16r’2 below contains Surah 9:70-80 in the less visible primary writing and Surah 30:26-40 in the better visible secondary writing. The numbers on the right side of the image written in cursive type refer to the lines of the earlier, primary text. The normal ones identify the lines in the later, secondary text.
In the following examples, changed words from the primary writing are compared with the Standard text (StT). These changes represent only a very small part of a much bigger, in-depth analysis conducted by Dr E. Puin.

2. Examples

A. Several words are missing within a paragraph leading to a different meaning:

Sahih International translation: ‘… (if) they turn away, Allah will punish them with a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter. And there will not be for them on earth (any protector or helper.)

Sana’a manuscript, ‘DAM 0 1-27.1’, translation: ‘… (if) they turn away, Allah will punish them in this world. And there will not be for them on earth (any protector or helper.)

The finishing letter, ‘Alif’, in ‘yatawallaw’, ‘they turn away’, found in today’s standard text of the Quran is missing in the early manuscript under discussion, as indicated by the empty box with a black frame above. Moreover, in the the verb ‘yu’addibhum’, ‘he (Allah) will punish them’, found on ‘Fol. 16r, Z.13’, is not explained with ‘adaban aliman’, ‘with a painful punishment’, as in the Standard Text (StT). There one finds ‘fi‘l-dunya wa-‘l-ahirati’, ‘in this world and in the Hereafter.’ The Sana’a manuscript contains only ‘in this world’ and therefore fits better with the end of the verse in both versions: ‘And there will not be for them on earth any protector or helper.’

B. Words are different from today’s Quran:

The shaded area above indicates uncertainty. Instead of the word ‘gahannnamu,’ ‘hell’, found in the Standard Text, the old manuscript version contains the synonym ‘l-naru’, ‘the fire’, found in the box with the interrupted frame. It is almost identical with a parallel text found in today’s Surah 24:57:

The word ‘yaqsimuna’ in the old manuscript, found in the box with the interrupted frame above, has been replaced by the different, yet synonymous, ‘yahlifuna’, ‘they swear,’ in today’s Quran. The words that follow, crossed with horizontal lines, have been reconstructed with certainty. Behind the ‘Kaf’ of ‘kalimat’, ‘(the) word’, a part of the manuscript is missing. The grey, shaded area indicates uncertainty about the original word. The room left on the parchment allows only for ‘(ka)limata ‘l kufri’, ‘(the) word (of) the disbelief’. The next line in the manuscript starts with ‘wahammu bima lam yanalu’. Therefore, the phrase ‘wakafaru baʿda is’lāmihim’, ‘and disbelieved after their (pretense of) Islam’, is only found in the today’s Standard Text. The three words missing in the text form used by the old manuscript are again indicated by the white box with the black frame.

Whereas the secondary text of the examined palimpsest comes close to the content of today’s Quran, it is still not 100% identical. None of the numerous changes under discussion are mentioned in the Qirâ’ât literature that is concerned mostly with methods of pronunciation used in the recitations of the Qur’an. The changes are also different from those found in the collections of the Quran by Ibn Mas’ud, known primarily for the absence of Surah 1, 113 and 114, and Ubay bin Ka’b who listed two additional Surahs.

3. Questions of Muslims answered

A. Why should we listen to Western Orientalist scholars who are known to be against Islam?
Sadly there are not many other scholars who dare to approach the sensitive subject of early Quranic manuscripts in an objective manner. A notable exception was Dr Nasr Abu Zaid, formerly a lecturer in Koranic Studies at Cairo University. He argued that the Quran is a literary text which needs to be examined through a literary approach. The highest court in Egypt ruled in 1995 that he was an apostate and therefore his marriage was annulled.
Salim Abdullah, director of the German Islamic Archives, affiliated to the powerful pan-Islamic Muslim World League, is open to critical research too, saying: “I am longing for this kind of discussion on this topic.”

Since, for the above mentioned reasons, currently no other scholars have done as detailed a research as Dr E. Puin, Saarbrücken, Germany, on the palimpsest ‘DAM 0 1-27.1’, there was no other option available then the one chosen. However, other eminent scholars have examined different manuscripts and reached the same conclusion that the Quran has a history of textual development.

B. Was it just a bad copy used by those whom the Uthmanic text had not yet reached?
There are several problems with such an assumption:

1. The palimpsest ‘DAM 0 1-27.1’ has been proven to actually contain four different Qurans: A complete primary and secondary text, and both showing later corrections. Therefore we are not just dealing with one but four ‘bad copies’ within the first Islamic century. If the Uthmanic text had not yet reached the mosque, upon what basis were the corrections of the two different texts made?

2. The Great Mosque of Sana’a where the manuscripts were found was built in the 6th year of the Hijrah by one of Muhammad’s companions. It was a centre of Islamic learning and as such must have been supplied with Uthman’s text immediately and urgently, since the Qurans found in any mosques have naturally been in use among the Muslims.

3. Since even the secondary text with the corrections does not resemble the Uthmanic text 100%, the question arises as to why it was not corrected when the ‘Authorized Version’ arrived? To keep a different Quran in an Islamic centre of learning is a recipe for passing on false teachings.

4. Where do we go from here?
It has become clear that the Quran is not a record of the exact words revealed by God. Instead, the palimpsest, known as ‘DAM 0 1-27.1,’ demonstrates clearly that the holy book of Muslims has gone through stages of historical developments. There are at least three ways people can respond to these facts:

A. Anger

There is a right kind of anger, when people are treated unjustly or God’s will is misrepresented and neglected. While the world could definitely do with more of that kind of righteous anger expressed in productive ways, uncontrolled rage fueled by self-interest is sadly much more common. It is fully understandable that people resent a change of thought about what in many ways lies at the very heart of their faith and society. However, if painstaking examination of evidence has proven certain dearly held beliefs to be false then it would be foolishness to stubbornly hold on to them, just because one has always done so. Change never comes easy but it is better to bring a painful end to lies than to keep on living in the pain of deception without end.

B. Ignorance

Some people decide to turn a blind eye on the facts discussed so far. They try to live in denial and carry on as usual. After all, it has been rather comfortable so far, so they think. Such individuals and communities act a bit like someone who has lived in a small room for a long time. They will be happy with it until they realize that other people live in a spacious house. The truth that the Quran has been changed, not just in transmission but in the actual text as well, has far reaching, potentially life-changing implications.

C. Jesus

Lastly, the third way people can respond to the findings of this academic research is Jesus. He says about himself literally, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” He is the answer to the prayer Muslims are to perform five times every day, saying: ‘Show us the straight way, the way of those on whom you have bestowed your Grace…’ Jesus did not say, ‘I am showing you the way into Christianity.’ He simply says, ‘I am the way.’ Eternal life in paradise comes from following him alone. It happens by grace, by an undeserved favour. Jesus wants us to turn around from our old ways and put our faith in him and what he has done for us on the cross. He does not ask people to abandon the good aspects of their culture or to embrace the sinful parts of a Western lifestyle. God will give us the power to be like Jesus in whatever situation we find ourselves in.
Jesus is not only the way but he is also the living word of God. The Quran calls him uniquely, ‘Kalimatullah’ – ‘The Word of God’ (Surah 4:171; cf. Revelation 19:13 & John 1); it is identical with God. The Bible is about Jesus. Many articles have been written to show that it is still trustworthy. However, the standard and definition by which the Holy Scriptures of the people of the Book has been revealed and preserved is different from the one given hundreds of years later by Muslims. Whoever examines the Bible on its own terms, praying earnestly and with an open heart for guidance will be blessed. I invite you to do so through a simple e-mail correspondence course.”

There are many articles that support Oskar’s view about the discrepancy of Quran, but I have chosen the shortest one and posted so that my readers will have a clear idea that Quran is not the word of God, and the Quran we have today is not the same as the ancient one found in Yemen; hence, Quran is not the word of God because no one changes the word of God.

12/08/12 @ 13:02
Comment from: w.Yilma [Visitor]

Dear Astta. G. Thank you for your elaboration the issue. I think we are making a mistake dealing with a deceived radical Islam advocate. He mentioned few Ethiopian who are sympathizers of radical Muslims in Ethiopia. These people are doing their best to dismantle the current government no matter what will be the outcomes. These are people who intoxicated with hate, and grievances. They could have reasons, but the path they are following is completely wrong and dangerous. When we deal with sensitive issue like religion, we need to be cautious. However, there are people who do not care as long as they do something harm to the government they are opposing. Those people whom Graign mentioned their names as his supporters are among the many. I am not a government supporter. However, I will never compromise with the national interest, and security of Ethiopia. If it is necessary I will stand by my principles. There are people who opposed my stand, but it is up to them. For me it is better to stand for your country in time of need, for others it is OK, to inflict injury to their own country in the name of politics. We have many in Diaspora. Last let’s stand and protect our country from religious radicals. let’s show them we Ethiopians will never and ever give them a chance to import radical islam to Ethiopia.
God bless Ethiopia

12/08/12 @ 15:46
Comment from: abchahu [Visitor]

Assta B Gettu a.k.a. Gragn Ahmed a.k.a. W.Yilma, the web snake

Ethiopia and Ethiopians are not
playing your playing games.

Find your fools somewhere else to spread your venom.


12/08/12 @ 16:24
Comment from: Bitter Truths [Visitor]
Bitter Truths
12/08/12 @ 16:28
Comment from: Bitter Truths [Visitor]
Bitter Truths
12/08/12 @ 16:38
Comment from: abchahu [Visitor]


Assta B Gettu a.k.a. Gragn Ahmed a.k.a. W.Yilma, the web snake

Ethiopians are not playing your evil games.

Find your fools somewhere else to spread your venom.


12/08/12 @ 17:06
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta Getu

Ante leba lemen sele paualos guadena Barnabas yesafew BIBLE aaweranem? Ahune degmo Turkey lay tegenae.

Eski asredan selesu?

Aye ye coptic neger ahune men tawkalehena naw sele Quraan yeitenegeren??

You can not post some garbage news for us.

Yilma are ebskeh ant ewayane zem belee yemisemah yelem. Akrarinet yelem ethiopia wist.

Wayane akrariwech alu. Yelma and Assta Getu are one and the same Erireans.

12/08/12 @ 18:06
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta Getu,

The Quran is word of Allah. It has been studied and was found to be perfectly preserved. However, there are many people who are fabricating Quraan and Hadith even today. Most notable are Jew scholars who are just bent on fabricating stories. Even they go as far as saying that Mohammed never existed. It is better to say Jesus never existed because there is a reason to doubt the authenticity of the Bible. Quraan is however is real and beyond shadow of doubt the word of Allah. Indeed, your point proves that indeed there was Quran.You are now arguing whether Quraan was real one that was sent to our beloved Prophet not that Quaran was not revealed to our Prophet. That is big change.

Now, even if the Sanaa Qurran was found that does not make it the original Quraan. We believe the Quraan that was kept by Khalifa Uthman. He destroye many scriptures all ove the world that contradicted the Quraan. One of these could be the Sanna copy that was not burnt. We don’t care because we believe Uthman was the direct descendant of the Prophetic message and there is no reason to suggest that the Quraan he kept was not the original. Instead, you want us to believe some other text. That is ludicrous. You have to know that Paul was never close to Jesus and yet you believe his lies while the words of Barnabas who was one of the disciples of jesus is ignored by christian Pauls. Simply there is no credible evidence as to you supposition that the Quran found in Sanaa was from a pious disciple of our Prophet, may he blessed. But we know credibly that the Bible of Paul false because Paul was a false apostle of jesus.

I have told you that Paul was a liar and I don’t need to repeat that. Bitter truth also is telling you exactly that christianity is not a religion of jesus.

12/08/12 @ 18:55
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Dear Yilma (visitor),

You are welcome!

As you know, Ethiopia has many internal and external enemies: She can stand up against her external enemies as she had in the past: however, it is very difficult for her to deal with her internal enemies, for they are her children, and she has tried her best to treat each one of them fairly, regardless of their color, religion, and ethnicity.

However, Ethiopia has the responsibility to protect her citizens from some of her unruly, rude, and extremely selfish children who have become agents for foreign Islamic governments for few pittances, and such adversaries of Ethiopia must be punished severely. Some of these agents, like Gragn Ahmed, have a hidden agenda, and their agenda, as I see it clearly, is to disintegrate Ethiopia at any cost.

Gragn Ahmed has been advocating for the Ethiopian Muslims to have a separate Islamic state, and the state he has chosen is the entire Oromia region. He thinks all Oromos are Muslims; he doesn’t know there are millions of Oromo Christians in the Oromia region. Besides, he condemns the Ethiopian government for jailing the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims who have had a plan to overthrow the government and replace it with that backward Islamic rule that has been tried in many other Muslim countries and failed, leaving many Islamic nations in chaos.

Gragn Ahmed has been one of the worst enemies of Ethiopia: he accuses the Ethiopian government for refusing the Ethiopian Muslims to build a grand Mosque in the Holy City of Axum. He complains the Muslims in Axum do not have a burial place for their dead; he denounces all the Ethiopian kings as bias toward the Ethiopian Muslims. He praises Mengistu Haile Mariam for bringing the Ethiopian Muslims to the highest rank for the first time in the Ethiopian history.

By the way, Gragn Ahmed changes his screen name now and then to confuse the readers: Following are his screen names:

1. Gragn Ahmed

2. Ethiopiawinet

3. Woyane is evil

4. Bitter truthes

5. Seattle

6. Jesus wife

7. Dagnachew Koru

8. Shewa Mote

9. The Black God

10. 1000 Wives

11. Serbedin and many other screen names

He changes his screen name not only to confuse the readers but also to pretend that he has big audiences that support his cause. Deception has been one of his best weapons so far!

Take care, my friend!

12/08/12 @ 19:01
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

We Ethiopians believe Tigre will love us but they don’t. I hope fitawrari understands this. The tigre people are snakes. The best way is to seclude them in our future power. They are now trying to kill the spirit of Abebe Gelaw and Taman the best Ethiopians. What a tragedy if we Ethiopians don’t buy the political agenda of tplf. Don’t give tplf any excuse be it Abbay or whatever.

12/08/12 @ 19:30
Comment from: abchahu [Visitor]

Assta B Gettu a.k.a. Ahmed Gragn a.k.a. W.Yilma,

You are wasting your time and laboring for nothing.

Ethiopia is above you, there is no room for your mischief.

Will repeat it again and again - Trillion times, Ethiopians are no fools of yours.


12/08/12 @ 19:57
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Verily, We Ourselves have sent down this Exhortation, and most surely We will be its Guardian, (Al-Hijr, 15:10)

This Quraan verse is even believed by those Ahmadyaa who are considered a fringe cult of Islam by main stream Islam.

So, my question is I want you to display any verse in the Bible which can make me believe that God of jesus or paul has promised he will keep his Bible forever?

For Muslims the above verse stands by itself as a proof that Quraan is eternal word of God. But some cults like ah bash suggest that the Quraan is the word of Ghebrail and not Allah. Thus, this dangerous premise can be fatal mistake that will unite all Ethiopian Muslims against Wayane and shabia Assta Getu.

2. Is Bible memorized? not any one I know. But Qyran is.

The Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in sections throughout the twenty-three years of his prophethood. The Era of the Prophet (PBUH) 609-632 CE

The Qur’an was the main miracle given to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to prove that he was a true prophet of Allah and not an imposter. So, the Qur’an had to be saved to prove to the later generations that Muhammad (PBUH) was really the last prophet of Allah. All of the false prophets who came after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) brought books which they claimed to be revealed from Allah, but none of them have the miraculous ability to be memorized by thousands, nor have they improved on the message of the Qur’an.

One of the leading orientalists, Kenneth Cragg, said the following regarding the memorization and preservation of the Qur’anic text, “This phenomenon of Qur’anic recital means that the text has traversed the centuries in an unbroken living sequence of devotion. It cannot, therefore, be handled as an antiquarian thing, nor as a historical document out of a distant past.

Another orientalist scholar, William Graham, wrote: “For countless millions of Muslims over more than fourteen centuries of Islamic history, ‘scripture’, al-kitab, has been a book learned, read and passed on by vocal repetition and memorisation. The written Qur’an may ‘fix’ visibly the authoritative text of the Divine Word in a way unknown in history, but the authoritativeness of the Qur’anic book is only realized in its fullness and perfection when it is correctly recited.

Yet another, John Burton, stated: “The method of transmitting the Qur’an from one generation to the next by having the young memorize the oral tradition of their elders had mitigated somewhat from the beginning the worst perils of relying solely on written records…

At the end of a voluminous work on the Qur’an’s collection, Burton stated that the text of the Qur’an available today is “the text which has come down to us in the form in which it was organised and approved by the Prophet….What we have today in our hands is the mus-haf

With every succeeding generation of Muslims, the numbers of those who memorized all of the Qur’an has increased. Today there are literally hundreds of thousands of Muslims throughout the world who have done so.

There is no other book, religious or otherwise, which has been memorized on this scale in recorded history. The Qur’an is about four-fifths the length of the New Testament of the Christians, yet not a single person in recorded history is known to have memorized the New Testament completely. In fact, if all of the books in the world were somehow destroyed, the only book which could be rewritten, word for word, without a single mistake is the Glorious Qur’an.

The Qur’an has been preserved in both the oral as well as written form in a way no other religious book in history has.

12/08/12 @ 20:03
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


12/08/12 @ 20:49
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

The Sana Quran is the oldest one according to many Muslim scholars, and that Quran does not verify the present Quran that you are reading blindly is the original Quran.

Dr. Nasr Abu Zaid, formerly a lecturer in Koranic Studies at Cairo University argued that “the Quran is a literary text which needs to be examined through a literary approach. Also, Salim Abdullah, director of the German Islamic Archives, affiliated to the powerful pan-Islamic Muslim World League has said that he “is open to critical research too, saying: ‘I am longing for this kind of discussion on this topic.’”

Gragn Ahmed, you are the only one who doesn’t want your fictitious Quran to be examined by Quranic Muslim scholars. I know you are ashamed of your Quran because it is a false Quran.

You better go back and read Oscar’s well-reached article instead of hammering on St. Paul every second after you are tired of using the word “Coptic.” You are a pitiful creature indeed!

At least I have proven to you that the present Quran is not the Quran the false prophet Muhammad received from the Dark Angel; however, the Sana Quran is the genuine one that Muhammad left for his misguided Muslim followers.

Therefore, I want you to approve the following true statements and signed your name at the bottom.

1. Islam is not a religion.

2. Muhammad was a false prophet.

3. Quran is a fiction.

4. Hadith is a fairy-tale-Arabian Nights.

5. The Sharia Law is the law of the devils.

6. Muhammad was an adulterer and a child molester.

7. Muhammad was a terrorist.

8. Muhammad was a dead woman fucker.

9. Aisha was a violent woman and a murderer.

10. The Quran Was Not Preserved.


12/08/12 @ 20:52
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Correction: sign,not signed

12/08/12 @ 20:56
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

You have been insulting the Amharas, and now you are turning your insult to the Tigrean people: how stupid you are!

Tigray has been the cradle of civilization: Axum is in Tigre, and the Ark of the Covenant is in Tigre; great kings and queens, such as Abraha-Asbaha, Ezana, Queen Sheba, and many others came from Tigre, but nothing has come out from Muslims, and your legendary Negash does not exist in the Axumite Chronicle. Islam has produced nothing to Ethiopia except treasons, hate, deception, and hostility.

You are mentally retarded! You want me to prove to you that Jesus is God. Indeed, he is God, and I have proven to you many times on this web site: I am not a mentally disturbed person like you to post what I had posted before several times.

I know you are terribly disturbed and angry when you saw Oscar’s article, and I understand you have no answer for that; hence, stay with your ignorance and with your false Quran.

Go back to Oscar’s article and red it again, at least, 100 times since you don’t comprehend a well-researched and written article like Oscar’s.

Out of your desperation, you wrote:


Your false prophet Muhammad doesn’t even know a single Arabic letter; he doesn’t know how to add, how to subtract, and how to multiply; and here you are trying to make him a mathematician as you have tried to make him equal with Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God and the Savior of the world.

Your false prophet Muhammad was nothing but only a child molester and a number one deceiver, liar, and killer. You have failed to prove Muhammad was a prophet, but I have proved to you he was a false prophet and a dead woman fucker.

Continue deceiving your Muslim brothers and sisters, but you cannot deceive the Ethiopian Christians any more: you are exposed to the world as a man of deception.

12/08/12 @ 21:45
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta Getu,

so far you ignore my questions?

1. Is Paul liar?
2. Is Bible preserved?
3. Is trinity word of Jesus
4. Is Paul in quraan, if not why not?
5. Is Abraha Atsbaha a courageous man when he ran away in Mecca?
6. Is tigray cradle of hate against Muslims?
7. Is Queen of Sheba eritrean, yemenite or tigray?

8. Is the son of Sheba Menelik the author of womanizing is Ethiopia? Is that why habesha are promiscous? was wueen sheba on sex tour?

9. Is forgiveness the rule of Bible or Quran more than revenge?
10. Is old testament mentioned in the new testament as null and void? or did the papa said we don’t need old testament?
11. Did jesus reject the Torah law or accpet it?
12. Did Bible ever predict the coming of Paul?
13. Why christians hate number 13 and why King solomon needed 1000 wives? was it to helo them or entertainthem?
14. Is cannibalism allowed in Bible and christianity when dire conditions arise?
15. Did jesus have wife?

16. Why copts are primitive and Tabot worshiping? Is it in the bible to worship tabot? did you not reject the old bible?

I will add more, but I know you are mentally challenged. So, no body cares what you say.

You point one guy research of Oscar while many many researchers agreed that the entire Quraan is the work of Allah.

As to my Prophet being illiterate indeed that is a miracle itself. Whereas Paul and others were literate and copied other books to come with Trinity. Indeed, without knowing a number he could give us mathematical ingenuity is a miracle by itself and it shows that nature works through simple rules because the creator is using simple rules to teach us.

12/08/12 @ 23:25
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta Getu,

So far you ignore my questions?

1. Is Paul liar?

2. Is Bible preserved?

3. Is Trinity word of Jesus

4. Is Paul mentioned in Quraan, if not why not?

5. Is Abraha Atsbaha a courageous man when he ran away in Mecca?

6. Is Tigray cradle of hate against Muslims?

7. Is Queen of Sheba eritrean, yemenite or tigray?

8. Is the son of Sheba Menelik the author of womanizing in Ethiopia? Is this why habesha are promiscuous? was Queen Sheba on sex tour?

9. Is forgiveness the rule of Bible or Quran more than revenge?

10. Is old testament mentioned in the new testament as null and void? Or did the Papa or Bishop say we don’t need old testament?

11. Did jesus reject the Torah law or accept it?

12. Did Bible ever predict the coming of Paul?

13. Why christians hate number 13 and why King Solomon needed 1000 wives? Was it to help (may be the wives were helpless) them or to entertain (because they were on sex tour) them?

14. Is cannibalism allowed in Bible and in christianity when dire conditions arise?

15. Did jesus have wife?

16. Why copts are primitive and Tabot worshiping? Is it in the Bible to worship tabot? Did you not reject the old Bible?

I will add more, but I know you are mentally challenged. So, no body cares what you say.

You point one guy’s research of Oscar while many many researchers agreed that the entire Quraan is the work of Allah.

As to my Prophet being illiterate, indeed that is a miracle itself whereas Paul and others were literate and copied other books to come with Trinity. Indeed, without knowing a number he could give us mathematical ingenuity and it is a miracle by itself and it shows that nature works through simple rules because the creator is using simple rules to teach us.

12/08/12 @ 23:32
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Sahih International translation: ‘… (if) they turn away, Allah will punish them with a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter. And there will not be for them on earth (any protector or helper.)

Sana’a manuscript, ‘DAM 0 1-27.1’, translation: ‘… (if) they turn away, Allah will punish them in this world. And there will not be for them on earth (any protector or helper.)


I compared the above two verses and here are the slight differences:

Today’s Usthman Quraan:

Allah will punish them with a painful punishment

Allah will punish them

Today’s Uthman Quran:

in this world and the Hereafter.


Sannaa Quran
in this world.

Now, let me tell you that there are many versions of the modern Bible today that show major variations in the words, content and messages more than Quraan let alone the ancient scripts of the Bible. Let us even go there to begin with. Because we don’t even know if there exists a good Bible written by jesus himself in aramaic.

Before I go there, let me tell you that there are minor difference between Quraan translation. But that is how translations are. Since you are suggesting that the Sanna script is not revised that will only show us that Khalifa Usthaman indeed had to act in order to preserve such problems to begin with. There were various interpretations of the Quraan at the time and the Khalifa had to get the original copy that was inherited from Hafsa a sister of Khalifa Omar known for her pity toward Islam. There is no reason why the Medina copy of the Quraan would be incomplete while there were at the time many followers of the Prophet who could recite it on memory in its entirety. I suppose the researchers never told us enough to reach their conclusions.

We simply are not going to follow their plan of confusion.

12/09/12 @ 01:35
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Criticism of the Quran

Al-Qurʾān - (القرآ&#1606&#59;)

Prophets in the Quran[show]

Dear Assta Getu. This will be my last communication with you. As a die hard follower of Paul I know you will never be on my side. I know that you are hard supporter of Madrid soccer club and you will never side with Manchester United. Simply this is your emotional character. But my friend Paul lied to you that jesus preached christianity. Wakeup man. The following document will put to rest all doubts you have on Islam.

Those fellow critics led by Dr Puin and crook and others were in the minority and have found no followers except you and your likes who just hate Islam and or Arabs. I believe this is your end. Read it and enjoy it. All of your idol critics have been terminated and have become bankrupt ideologically. They employed Paul’s method of deception to deceive the unsuspecting Western christian. Now, they were hammered by able Western scholars all of which removed any single doubts that Quraan was indeed a meticulously written scripture. Simply perfect, beautiful, complete, precarious, impeccable, magnanimous, glorious, flawless etc. I love Quran.

Here, enjoy your reading:

Criticism of religion

“While the Quran is the scriptural foundation of Islam, criticism of the Quran has frequently occurred.

Critics have made allegations of scientific, theological, and historical errors, claims of contradictions in the Quran and criticisms of the Quran’s moral values.

Historical authenticity

See also: History of the Quran and Historicity of Muhammad

“Most Muslims believe that the Quran is the literal word of Allah as recited to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. Muhammad, according to tradition, recited perfectly what the angel Gabriel revealed to him for his companions to write down and memorize. Muslims hold that the wording of the Quranic text available today corresponds exactly to that revealed to Muhammad in the years 610–632.

Maurice Bucaille states in The Bible, The Qur’an and Science that “The Quranic Revelation has a history which is fundamentally different from the other two. It spanned a period of some twenty years and, as soon as it was transmitted to Muhammad by Archangel Gabriel, Believers learned it by heart. It was also written down during Muhammad’s life. The last recensions of the Quran were effected under Caliph Uthman starting some twelve years after the Prophet’s death and finishing twenty-four years after it. They had the advantage of being checked by people who already knew the text by heart, for they had learned it at the time of the Revelation itself and had subsequently recited it constantly. Since then, we know that the text has been scrupulously preserved. It does not give rise to any problems of authenticity.”

John Wansbrough believes that the Quran is a redaction in part of other sacred scriptures, in particular the Judaeo-Christian scriptures. In their book Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World, Patricia Crone and Michael Cook challenge the traditional account of how the Quran was compiled, writing that “there is no hard evidence for the existence of the Koran in any form before the last decade of the seventh century.” They also question the accuracy of some of the Quran’s historical accounts. For example, professor Gerd R. Puin’s study of ancient Quran manuscripts led him to conclude that the Quran is a “cocktail of texts", some of which may have been present a hundred years before Muhammad.

Quran from the 9th century. It was alleged to be a 7th century original from Uthman era Herbert Berg writes that “Despite John Wansbrough’s very cautious and careful inclusion of qualifications such as ‘conjectural,’ and ‘tentative and emphatically provisional’, his work is condemned by some. Some of the negative reaction is undoubtedly due to its radicalness… Wansbrough’s work has been embraced wholeheartedly by few and has been employed in a piecemeal fashion by many. Many praise his insights and methods, if not all of his conclusions.”

“It is generally acknowledged that the work of Crone and Cook was a fresh approach in its reconstruction of early Islamic history, but the theory has been almost universally rejected. Van Ess has dismissed it stating that “a refutation is perhaps unnecessary since the authors make no effort to prove it in detail … Where they are only giving a new interpretation of well-known facts, this is not decisive. But where the accepted facts are consciously put upside down, their approach is disastrous.” R. B. Serjeant states that “[Crone and Cook’s thesis]… is not only bitterly anti-Islamic in tone, but anti-Arabian. Its superficial fancies are so ridiculous that at first one wonders if it is just a ‘leg pull’, pure ’spoof’.” Francis Edwards Peters states that “Few have failed to be convinced that what is in our copy of the Quran is, in fact, what Muhammad taught, and is expressed in his own words".

In 2006, legal scholar Liaquat Ali Khan claimed that Crone and Cook later explicitly disavowed their earlier book. Patricia Crone in an article published in 2006 provided an update on the evolution of her conceptions since the printing of the thesis in 1976. In the article she acknowledges that Muhammad existed as a historical figure and that the Quran represents “utterances” of his that he believed to be revelations. However she states that the Quran may not be the complete record of the revelations. She also accepts that oral histories and Muslim historical accounts cannot be totally discounted, but remains skeptical about the traditional account of the Hijrah and the standard view that Muhammad and his tribe were based in Mecca. She describes the difficulty in the handling of the hadith because of their “amorphous nature” and purpose as documentary evidence for deriving religious law rather than as historical narratives.

The author of the Apology of al-Kindy Abd al-Masih ibn Ishaq al-Kindi (not the famed philosopher al-Kindi) claimed that the narratives in the Quran were “all jumbled together and intermingled” and that this was “an evidence that many different hands have been at work therein, and caused discrepancies, adding or cutting out whatever they liked or disliked". Bell and Watt suggested that the variation in writing style throughout the Quran, which sometimes involves the use of rhyming, may have indicated revisions to the text during its compilation. They claimed that there were “abrupt changes in the length of verses; sudden changes of the dramatic situation, with changes of pronoun from singular to plural, from second to third person, and so on". At the same time, however, they noted that “[i]f any great changes by way of addition, suppression or alteration had been made, controversy would almost certainly have arisen; but of that there is little trace.” They also note that “Modern study of the Quran has not in fact raised any serious question of its authenticity. The style varies, but is almost unmistakable.”

I love Islam and it is in my heart. I love Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and all prophets of great character. I hate Paul the big deceiver of all time.

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Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Were King David and King Solomon chieftains or bandits? You may want to check it out.

“For the united monarchy both Finkelstein and Silberman do accept that David and Solomon were really existing persons (no kings but bandit leaders or hill country chieftains)[71][72] from Judah about the 10th century BCE[73] - they do not assume that there was such a thing as united monarchy with a capital in Jerusalem.

The Bible reports that Jehoshaphat, a contemporary of Ahab, offered manpower and horses for the northern kingdom’s wars against the Arameans. He strengthened his relationship with the northern kingdom by arranging a diplomatic marriage: the Israelite princess Athaliah, sister or daughter of King Ahab, married Jehoram, the son of Jehoshaphat (2 Kings 8:18). The house of David in Jerusalem was now directly linked to (and apparently dominated by) the Israelite royalty of Samaria. In fact, we might suggest that this represented the north’s takeover by marriage of Judah. Thus in the ninth century BCE—nearly a century after the presumed time of David—we can finally point to the historical existence of a great united monarchy of Israel, stretching from Dan in the north to Beer-sheba in the south, with significant conquered territories in Syria and Transjordan. But this united monarchy—a real united monarchy—was ruled by the Omrides, not the Davidides, and its capital was Samaria, not Jerusalem.[74]

—Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman, David and Solomon. In Search of the Bible’s Sacred Kings and the Roots of the Western Tradition.

Others such as David Ussishkin argue that those who follow the biblical depiction of a united monarchy do so on the basis of limited evidence while hoping to uncover real archaeological proof in the future.[75] Gunnar Lehmann suggests that there is still a possibility that David and Solomon were able to become local chieftains of some importance and claims that Jerusalem at the time was at best a small town in a sparsely populated area in which alliances of tribal kinship groups formed the basis of society. He goes on further to claim that it was at best a small regional centre, one of three to four in the territory of Judah and neither David nor Solomon had the manpower or the requisite social/political/administrative structure to rule the kind of empire described in the Bible.[76]

These views are strongly criticized by William G. Dever,[77] Helga Weippert, Amihai Mazar and Amnon Ben-Tor.

André Lemaire states in Ancient Israel: From Abraham to the Roman Destruction of the Temple[78] that the principal points of the biblical tradition with Solomon as generally trustworthy, as does Kenneth Kitchen, who argue that Solomon ruled over a comparatively wealthy “mini-empire", rather than a small city-state.

Recently Finkelstein has joined with the more conservative Amihai Mazar, to explore the areas of agreement and disagreement and there are signs the intensity of the debate between the so-called minimalist and maximalist scholars is diminishing.[63] This view is also taken by Richard S. Hess,[79] which shows there is in fact a plurality of views between maximalists and minimalists. Jack Cargill[80] has shown that popular textbooks not only fail to give readers the up to date archaeological evidence, but that they also fail to correctly represent the diversity of views present on the subject. And Megan Bishop Moore and Brad E. Kelle provide an overview of the respective evolving approaches and attendant controversies, especially during the period from the mid-1980s through 2011, in their book Biblical History and Israel’s Past.”

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Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

The four gospels were from some common source, called source “Q".

Mark gospel lacks GPS information. Apparently he never lived close to where Jesus used to live or never met him. So, it lacks geographical information.

Most scholars believe that Mark was written around or shortly after the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Second Temple in year 70.[55][56][57]

The theory that the Gospel of Mark was written first and is the earliest of the Gospels is not without its problems. For example, its author seemed to be ignorant of Palestinian geography. Mark 7:31 describes Jesus going from Tyre to the Sea of Galilee by way of Sidon (20 miles farther north and on the Mediterranean coast).[58] The author of Mark did not seem to know that you would not go through Sidon to go from Tyre to the Sea of Galilee, and there was no road from Sidon to the Sea of Galilee in the 1st century, only one from Tyre. Catholic scholars have interpreted this passage as indicating “that Jesus traveled in a wide circle, first north, then east and south".”


According to the majority viewpoint, this gospel is unlikely to have been written by an eyewitness.[62] While Papias reported that Matthew had written the “Logia,” this can hardly be a reference to the Gospel of Matthew.[62] The author was probably a Jewish Christian writing for other Jewish Christians.[63]

Biblical scholars generally hold that Matthew was composed between the years c. 70 and 100.[64][65][66][67]

[edit] Luke

Some scholars[68][69] uphold the traditional claim that Luke the Evangelist, an associate of St. Paul who was probably not an eyewitness to Jesus’ ministry, wrote the Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles. Others point out that Acts contradicts Paul’s own letters and denies him the important title of apostle, suggesting that the author was no companion of Paul’s.[70]

In the majority viewpoint, it is unlikely that John the Apostle wrote the Gospel of John.[82][83] Rather than a plain account of Jesus’ ministry, the gospel is a deeply meditated representation of Jesus’ character and teachings, making direct apostolic authorship unlikely.[84] Opinion, however, is widely divided on this issue and there is no widespread consensus.[85][86]

Most scholars date the Gospel of John to c. 80–95.[46][87]

Two of the most important interpolations are the last verses of the Gospel of Mark[92][93][94] and the story of the adulterous woman in the Gospel of John.[95][96][97] Some critics also believe the explicit reference to the Trinity in 1 John to have been a later addition.[98][99]

The New Testament has been preserved in more than 5,800 Greek manuscripts, 10,000 Latin manuscripts and 9,300 manuscripts in various other ancient languages including Syriac, Slavic, Ethiopic and Armenian. Even if the original Greek versions were lost, the entire New Testament could still be assembled from the translations.[91] In addition, there are so many quotes from the New Testament in early church documents and commentaries that the entire New Testament could also be assembled from these alone.[91] Not all biblical manuscripts come from orthodox Christian writers. For example, the Gnostic writings of Valentinus come from the 2nd century AD, and these Christians were regarded as heretics by the mainstream church.[100] The sheer number of witnesses presents unique difficulties, although it gives scholars a better idea of how close modern bibles are to the original versions.[100] Bruce Metzger says “The more often you have copies that agree with each other, especially if they emerge from different geographical areas, the more you can cross-check them to figure out what the original document was like. The only way they’d agree would be where they went back genealogically in a family tree that represents the descent of the manuscripts.”

The question of the internal consistency of the Bible concerns the coherence and textual integrity of the Biblical scriptures. This has long been an issue for Christians and Jews, who consider the Bible and Tanakh to be divinely inspired.

Concerns regarding biblical consistency have a long history. In Contra Celsum, the church father Origen replied to the writer Celsus, a critic of Christianity, who had complained that “certain of the Christian believers, like persons who in a fit of drunkenness lay violent hands upon themselves, have corrupted the Gospel from its original integrity, to a threefold, and fourfold, and many-fold degree, and have remodelled it, so that they might be able to answer objections".[1] Origen responded that “I know of no others who have altered the Gospel, save the followers of Marcion, and those of Valentinus, and, I think, also those of Lucian. But such an allegation is no charge against the Christian system, but against those who dared so to trifle with the Gospels. And as it is no ground of accusation against philosophy, that there exist Sophists, or Epicureans, or Peripatetics, or any others, whoever they may be, who hold false opinions; so neither is it against genuine Christianity that there are some who corrupt the Gospel histories, and who introduce heresies opposed to the meaning of the doctrine of Jesus."[1]

Among the classic texts which discuss textual inconsistencies are The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine,[2] the Tractatus Theologico-Politicus by Baruch Spinoza, the Encyclopédie of Denis Diderot and the Dictionnaire philosophique of Voltaire.

My friend Assta Getu. I will now rest my case against you and conclude that Paul made a huge blunder on christain mind. Jesus preached much like jewish christianity and Paul altered it. What a pity.

12/09/12 @ 03:11
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Types of consistency

[edit] Canonical

Since the Bible itself never enumerates its own component parts, believers must appeal to extra-biblical authority to decide which books are part of the infallible Bible.[17] Over the centuries different communities have accepted shifting collections of books. The size of these biblical canons varies enormously, from the Samaritans, who consider the five books of the Torah alone to be authoritative,[18] to the Ethiopian Bible, which contains all the books of all other churches plus such titles as the Book of Josephus and the Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians[citation needed]. The contents of canons have varied over time, books regarded as authoritative by some Christians at some points in history being excluded from the collections of later communities - this was the fate of the many apocryphal Gospels from the first few centuries of the Church (the Gospel of Thomas is a famous example); books long regarded as canonical in one branch of Christianity may be dropped by others on doctrinal grounds (the fate of the Deuterocanonical books, canonical in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church but repudiated by the Protestants because they are not included in the Hebrew Bible[19] and supported doctrines to which the Protestant reformers objected such as the intercession of saints, purgatory, prayers for the dead etc.;[20][21] and some books which could have been included, such as the Book of Enoch, quoted as scriptural in Jude 1:14-15, were excluded from the canons of almost all later communities (Enoch made it into the Ethiopian Bible, but was left out of the Orthodox and Roman collections because it was written in Aramaic instead of Hebrew).[


Accepted canon


24 books


5 books

Roman Catholicism

73 books


66 books

Eastern Orthodox Churches

78 books

Ethiopian Orthodox Churches

81 books (variable)


Most suggestions of inconsistency relate to contradictions in the narrative, and the vast bulk of apologetic arguments are devoted to attempting to show that no such contradictions in fact exist. Some of these discrepancies are minor, for example: the number of soldiers in an army (e.g. 1 Chron. 21:5 vs. 2 Sam. 24:9), the year a certain king began his reign (e.g. 2 Chron. 36:9 vs. 2 Kings 24:8), the details of Apostle Paul’s itinerary (Acts 9,11,15,18:22,21 vs. Galatians 1:18,2:1). In some cases, seemingly trivial point of differences can actually have an enormous significance for the interpretation of a book or the reconstruction of the history of Ancient Israel, how the world was created, why God allows suffering, or the importance of Jesus’ death.[24]

[edit] Theological

There is no argument among theologians that the New Testament has a single and consistent theological focus on the salvific nature of Christ, but the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament contains not one but several different theologies. Some of these complement each other, but others are contradictory, even within the same book.[25] Despite the lack of a single unifying theology, common themes recur, including (although no list can be exhaustive) monotheism, the divine origins of human morality, God’s election of a chosen people, the idea of the coming Messiah, and the concepts of sin, faithfulness, and redemption. The study of these is central to both Jewish and Christian theologies, even if they differ in their approaches (see Christianity and Judaism). For example, although both religions believe in the coming Messiah, the Jewish expectation is different from the Christian view. Within Christianity, themes such as the nature of God (trinitarianism and nontrinitarianism),[26] nature of Jesus, Mosaic laws, original sin, predestination, ordination of women, hell, biblical prophecies, etc. have continued to be a matter of dispute among theologians and various denominations.

Such level of shoddy work in Bible and inaccuracies and fallacies are not to be found in the Quran.

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Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

It is funny stinky A*game from the village like you who have never seen a bathroom all his life until you came to the west, who defecate every where and in public have the audacity to talk about cleanliness.

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Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

You have refused to read Oskar’s article and that is where your fictitious Quran ends, and there is no any reliable Quran in the Arab-Muslim world today. Scholars are not allowed to examine the ancient manuscript of the Quran because Muslims already know the ancient Quran falsifies the present fictitious Quran written only to deceive the entire world.

Dear readers please read the following shocking article by Mumin Salih (9/4/2012) and decide for your self how Muslims behave when they are faced with the reality that the Quran they have now has never been preserved.

This article is fascinating to read and enlightening to understand the deceptions of Muslims. Gragn Ahmed is a confused Muslim who does not know how to handle gracefully the truth Oscar presented him, and now he may commit suicide when he reads Salih’s article. Gragn would simply say the Quran that he has in his hand is the correct one.

Here is the Article:

The Quran Was Not Preserved
Mumin Salih

“We have sent down the Quran and surely We will protect” The Quran 15,9


Most Muslims are familiar with the above verse from the Quran, which they consider as the concrete proof that the Quran is perfectly preserved. The verse is clear; Allah pledges to protect his book from corruption, which provides Muslims with a much needed assurance that their holy book is reliable. Such assurance was necessary to Muslims whose confidence in the divine scriptures was shaken after the Quran’s repeated accusations to other nations of tampering with their own scriptures.

Muslims are taught that preservation of the Quran is an accepted fact that distinguishes Islam from the rest. The claim aims to make the Quran stand out as the only true divine book in the procession of mankind today.

The Muslims’ claim is a big lie that has proved to be a very successful selling point to converts who often refer to the Quran in that sense.

It is not advisable to question the authenticity of the Quran with Muslims unless you are sure of their relative tolerance. The Muslims clouded minds quickly moves into circular logic such as: ”Of course, every word in the the Quran is preserved as Allah revealed it to his prophet, this is an absolute fact because Allah vowed to protect his book from any corruption” It would be a struggle to try to point out that a statement in the Quran can not be accepted as a proof of its authenticity.

From a scientific point of view, the Quran and Islam wouldn’t stand a chance if subjected to proper historical scrutiny (1). Mohammed’s birth and life, the Quran and the beginning of Islam are all shrouded with a thick coat of vagueness and obscurity. But this article discredits the islamic claim on the basis of the accepted Islamic history.

How the Quran was preserved
As all Muslims know, the Quran was not Allah’s first book; a few others were revealed centuries before the Quran. None of those scriptures survived to our day because they were tampered with by the very people to whom they were revealed. Fourteen hundreds years ago, Allah decided conclusively to reveal a scripture, once and for all, which He called the Quran, and vowed to protect it from corruption.

We do not know the reasons why people tampered with the earlier scriptures. Did they gain anything by deliberately making changes to Allah’s words? Why they did not fear Allah, especially with all the stories in those scriptures, about Allah’s punishments to those who dared to disobey Him. We also do not know why Allah allowed his books to be tampered with. Even human writers do not allow any changes to their works.

As Allah pledges to protect the Quran, one would think that He would create the ideal conditions for His revelation along with man-proof measures to safeguard the Quran.

Well, it doesn’t look to us that way. On the contrary, it looks as if Allah made every effort to make the Quran disappear, even before its revelation was completed.

Let us examine the circumstances of the Quranic revelation:

The Nation

The Quran was revealed in the seventh century to the Arabs, one of the most illiterate nations of the time. It was the Arabs first ever book. Before the Quran the Arabs never authored a book and had no idea how books look like or how to handle them. Revealing the Quran to the Arabs sets the scene for mistakes of all kinds.

The Timing

The Quran was revealed before the Arabic script was fully developed. The Arabic script was not yet suitable for writing anything with significance because many letters shared the same appearance. The script problem was only solved, decades after Mohammed’s death, by adding dots to the script. It is only fair to wonder why Allah rushed the Quran before the Arabic script was well developed.

It looks strange that the Arabs used the same script for multiple letters. But before the Quran, the Arabs only managed to write a few pieces of poetry. Reading the script served as a reminder for the reader of what they already knew by heart.

As a matter of fact, the Arabic script still suffers of a similar problem in our time.

There are many Arabic words (not letters) that share exactly the same appearance, even after adding the dots. It is usually left for the reader to work out, from the context, the proper pronunciation of a particular word.

To distinguish those words from each other, printing has to include the diacritical marks ( like fat-ha, kasra, and damma ), which the Arabs started to use more than a century after Mohammed’s death. Although used in the Quran, the diacritical marks are rarely used in every day printing of ordinary books or newspapers because they make the words cluttered and printing more demanding.

The Illiterate Receiver

At the time of the Quranic revelations, there were some Arabs who were educated enough to be able to read and write. Out of all the Arabs, Allah appointed Mohammed, an illiterate person, to be in charge of the Quran. This is like appointing an illiterate person to be in charge of editing an important newspaper..

The Scribes

Mohammed had some scribes working for him in Medina. After a revelation, Mohammed would ask whoever available of those scribes to write the revealed verse/verses. The scribe service was not available to Mohammed when he was still a weak person with only a handful of followers in Mecca. Therefore, it is fair to assume that the Meccan verses, over one third of the Quran, were not written immediately by scribes.

Being an illiterate person, Mohammed had no means to check the work of the scribes for errors that could have been made accidentally or on purpose. Being trustworthy himself is meaningless if Mohammed had to leave the work to be completed by ordinary people without supervision.

The story of Ibn Abu Al Sarh:

This is a very important and very little known story about the Quran. Muslim scholars make every effort to tuck it away and keep it out of sight of ordinary Muslims. I only learned about this story after I left Islam.

In short:

Abdulla Ibn Abu Al Sarh was one of the scribes in Medina. Once Mohammed dictated to him a verse that has one of the common endings like aleem khabeer or hakeem aleem.

When Ibn Abu Al Sarh reached the end of the verse he double checked with Mohammed: “Oh prophet of Allah, is it hakeem aleem?” to which Mohammed said ‘yes, it is’. Ibn Abu Al Sarh became suspicious because he thought it was aleem khabeer. Ibn Abu Al Sarh decided to test Mohammed in future verses and noticed that Mohammed accepts his suggestions of aleem khabeer or hakeem aleem or other endings that do not distort the meaning.

Ibn Abu Al Sarh concluded that Mohammed was not a prophet but an impostor. He denounced Islam and defected to Mecca and told the Quraysh of what happened. Mohammed became very angry and vowed to kill him once he conquers Mecca, which he was preparing for. When Mohammed conquered Mecca, Ibn Abu Al Sarh was arrested but was saved from the death sentence by Uthman, his brother in breast feeding. Ibn Abu Al Sarh survived and had a successful career under the Umayad dynasty, which speaks volumes of the faith of the Umayads!

We do not know which verses were scribed by Ibn Abu Al Sarh, but we know that at least those verses were not accurate!

The materials

The technology necessary for writing was not well developed in Arabia. The scribes used primitive ink and perishable material to accomplish their work. Consequently, by the time Mohammed died, some verses were unreadable or completely missing from the Quran.

According to Aysha, Mohammed’s wife, she used to keep the stoning verse under her bed, but was eaten by a ‘dajen’ ( chicken or domestic animal !)


Until Mohammed’s death, nobody inspected the work of the scribes, which was left to gather dust until after Mohammed’s death. The moment of truth came about two decades later when Caliph Uthman appointed a committee to start the project of collecting the Quran. Only then the discrepancies in the various writings came to light. Uthman’s solution was to order to burn all existing copies and keep only the formal five copies which were produced by his committee. Many leading Muslims refused to recognize Uthman’s copies and refused to surrender their own to be destroyed because they believed theirs were the accurate ones.

Ibn Massoud, a sahabi whose knowledge of the Quran was renowned and commended by Mohammed, was one of those Muslims who refused to recognize Uthman’s copies and refused to surrender his personal, presumably accurate, collection.
Preserving the Quran in the Muslims’ chests

Some Muslim scholars claim that all of the above is irrelevant because the Quran was preserved in the Muslims’ chests as well. (Yes, the Quran associates the heart with intelligence, not a word about the brain, and the Muslims believed it). This claim is coupled to a belief that the early Muslims were humans with extra ordinary intelligence. Of course this is completely unfounded and still doesn’t explain the discrepancies between the various collections of the Quran.

Mohammed could and should have done more to safeguard the Quran, if he really believed it was Allah’ words and the most important document on earth. He had the resources and the authority, as a leader in Medina, to order a supervised writing and proper collection of the Quran. He should have stamped that authenticated copy ( Mohammed had a stamp) and devised a system to take care of it after him. But he didn’t because he was busy fighting wars; over seventy of them in a space of ten years. Besides he didn’t really feel the Quran was that important. He probably found the chaotic situation useful, as it gave him the freedom to contradict the earlier verses without being noticed.

Many Muslims believe that two of Uthman’s copies still exist today and they seem to be sure about it. They do so because they believe their scholars who propagate this lie with apparent confidence, which is not unusual for Muslim scholars.
Caliph Uthman sent four of his copies to the governers of the newly conquered states and kept one with him in Medina. Those copies were supposed to have been well looked after but there is no trace of them. How can Muslims afford to lose such important divine documents? This is difficult to fathom considering the way today’s Muslims treat the Quran.

Muslims are usually reluctant to dispose of their old copies of the Quran because it is not a straight forward matter; it should be burnt and not mixed with the general waste.

Until the discovery of the Quran of Sanaa, the oldest two copies of the Quran were thought to be the ones in Tashkent and Istanbul. Both copies are partial, not the full Quran and both were dated to some two hundred years after Mohammed’s death.

Therefore they are not Uthman’s copies.

In the 1970s, manuscripts of the Quran were found in Sanaa, Yemen, and were dated to about hundred years after Mohammed’s death. They are believed to be the oldest copy of the Quran. The Yemini authorities stopped the German researchers from completing their work once they noticed the differences between the manuscripts and the existing Quran. It is also interesting to note that independent researchers have no access to do proper studies on the copies in Tahkent and Istanbul.

Have a blessed Sunday!

12/09/12 @ 12:31
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor)

You asked me to prove to you that Jesus is God, indeed Jesus is God!

You have no brain to understand that Jesus is God because you don’t read the Holy Bible with an open heart and prayer, and you never asked the Holy Spirit to come into your heart. The only thing you know is cursing St. Paul and invalidating the deity of Jesus Christ.

Except you, most Muslims believe in the immaculate conception of Jesus Christ (Quran 19:16-41), this means without the union of a woman and a man. If you believe this, how is it hard for you to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God without a mother?

1. Before Jesus was born from Mary, he existed (John 1:3; Hebrew 1:2, 8-12; Col. 1:16-17).
2. Jesus existed before Abraham who died around 2000 BC: John 8:56-58.
3. Jesus existed before John the Baptist who was six months older than Jesus (John 1:15; Luke 1:24-26).
4. It was prophesied Jesus will be called “God with us” (Isaiah 7:14).
5. Jesus will be called “Mighty God, Eternal Father” (Isaiah 9:6).
6. God the Father addresses His Son as God (Hebrew 1:8).
7. The Word was God (John 1:1).
8. Jesus existed in the form of God (Phil. 2:6-8).
9. Thomas said to Jesus, “My Lord and My God” (John 20:28).
10. Isaiah the great prophet prophesied: “A Child will be born and His name is called Immanuel – God with us” (Isaiah 7:14).
11. Isaiah again prophesied: “A Child will be born and his name is called Mighty God, Eternal, Father, Prince of peace” (Isaiah 9:6).
12. Jesus accepts worship from Angels (Hebrew 1:6).
13. Jesus accepted worship from men

a) From the wise men (Matthew 2:11)
b) From the leper (Matthew 8:2)
c) From the ruler (Matthew 9:18)
d) From His disciples in the boat (Matthew 14:33)
e) From the Canaanite woman (Matthew 15:25)
f) From the man born blind (John 9:38)
g) From the woman and other disciples following His resurrection (Matthew 28:9,17)
h) From the disciples following His ascension (Luke 24:52)
14. Jesus is a Mediator between God and man (1st Timothy 2:5-6)

I can give you more verses that tell us Jesus is the Son of God, and he is God: one of the purposes he came to this world and took our flesh is to explain his Father to us.

12/09/12 @ 12:42
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

You want to know about St. Paul you hate and insult every hour.

Who was St Paul?

St Paul:

1. St. Paul was a Jew (2 Corinthians 11:22).

2. St. Paul was from a Benjamite tribe (Philippians 3:5).

3. St. Paul was an Apostle (Romans 1:1; 11:13).

4. St. Paul was a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 1:12).

5. St. Paul received his apostleship directly from the Lord Jesus Christ through revelation (Galatians 1:11; 1 Corinthians. 9:2).

6. St. Paul told who he was (1 Corinthians 2:4-13; 1 Corinthians 15:10).

7. St. Paul wrote 14 Epistles by his own hand (Colossians 4:18).

8. ST. Paul advised his followers to avoid “worldly and empty chatters” (1 Timothy 2:16-18).

9. St. Paul wrote that the path to spiritual perfection is acknowledging God (Ephesians 4:13).

10. St. Paul explained his endurance: “We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; when we are slandered, we answer kindly” (1st Corinthians 4:12-13).

11. St. Paul taught the value of love: “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal” (1st Corinthians 13:1-13). Then, how can one say Paul is a terrorist?

12. St. Paul denounced immorality: “Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers…will inherit the kingdom of God” (1st Corinthians 6:9-11).

This is the main reason Gragn Ahmed hates St. Paul because St. Paul abhorred homosexuality which the Muslim world, since Muhammad the false prophet, practices openly. Homosexuality in the Arab-Muslim world is a tradition, a culture inseparable from the Arab-Muslim dirty history.
Gragn Ahmed, every now and then, you ask the same questions: Is Jesus God? Was Mary Magdalene the wife of Jesus? Was St. Paul an apostle? Is the Bible the word of God? And I have answered all these questions several times. As a Muslim, unfortunately, you have made up your mind never to recognize that Jesus is God, that Jesus never married, that St. Paul was an apostle, and that the Holy Bible is the word of God.
More evidence about the credibility of St. Paul:

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

More evidence that St. Paul’s writings are credible sources of Biblical information:

St. Peter:

1. “He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction” (2nd Peter 3:16).

2. “Bear in mind that our Lord’s patience means salvation, just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him” (2nd Peter 3:15).

St. Luke:

3. “Then Ananias went to the house and entered it. Placing his hands on Saul [Paul], he said, ‘Brother Saul, the Lord–Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here–has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit’” (Acts 9:17).

4. “So we all agreed to choose some men and send them to you with our dear friends Barnabas and Paul…” (Acts 15:25)

St. Paul is an Apostle chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ and his writings are parts of the Holy Scriptures as the Holy Bible says: “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness…” (2nd Timothy 3:16)

All the Old and the New Testament prophets had the Holy Spirits and so did all the Apostles including St. Paul.

St. Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, wrote his enlightening Epistles: “No prophecy ever originated from humans. Instead, it was given by the Holy Spirit as humans spoke under God’s direction” (2nd Peter 1:21). Therefore, St. Paul wrote his Epistles by God’s direction, not by his own direction and will. He wrote all of them by the will of God.

Can you tell me your false prophet Muhammad’s link to the old prophets? As far as I know, Muhammad’s link was first to the devils/Jinn; second, to gluttony; third, to lust for power and adultery; and fourth to capturing women and subjugating them as his sex objects for life.

Therefore, you better ask your false prophet’s link to the old prophets rather than asking St. Paul’s credibility and his relation to the prophets before him.

I am certain your false prophet Muhammad was one of those lying prophets spoken in the Holy Bible: “How long will this continue in the hearts of these lying prophets, who prophesy the delusions of their own minds? (Jeremiah 23:26).

The prophet Jeremiah is right the false prophets prophesy the delusions of their own minds, and that is exactly what Muhammad the false prophet did: He said: “terrorize them, catch them, maim them, drive them out, and slaughter them.” The old prophets of God never terrorized any person, never waged war against any one, and never said a single word unless the Almighty God had told them what to say.

As a misguided Muslim, Gragn Ahmed wants to distort the writings of St. Paul and the other Holy Scriptures. He wants to take the Apostle Paul out of the other Holy Scriptures. It is not new, Muslim scholars have been trying to mislead the Christians by distorting the Holy Scriptures.

David, the man of God, said: “All day long they twist my words…” (Psalm 56:5). Muslims for 1400 years have been twisting the word of the Almighty God to accomplish their carnal desires. When they say Moses was talking about the coming of Muhammad the prophet in Deuteronomy 18, they are seeking to find a little space for their false prophet Muhammad in the Holy Scriptures so that Muhammad could be accepted by the Christian world. Too bad! Muhammad will never be accepted as a true prophet, because he had been a false prophet, a murderer, an adulterer, and a child molester throughout his life. He died without confessing his sins, and he was condemned to death in absentia. He remained in a death raw, even if he is dead. Jews, Christians, Hindus, and many other non-Muslims want to retaliate against him for his incomprehensible crimes. They are waiting until Jesus comes and avenge them.

12/09/12 @ 13:02
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

You have said many times that the Bible is not the word of God, but I can prove to you that the Bible is the word of God.

• All Scripture is inspired by God (2nd Timothy 3:16-17).

• Men inspired by God spoke the word of God – the Bible (2nd Peter 1:20-21).

• Men are advised to remember the word spoken in the past by the holy prophets (2nd Peter 3:1-9).
• The word of God – the Bible – is sharper than any double-edged sword (Hebrew 4:12-13).

• Jesus read the Bible, especially the Scroll of Isaiah, (Luke 4:17-22).

• Moses recorded everything God had said (Exodus 24:4).

• Moses finished writing the words of the Lord in a book and gave the book to the Levites to place it beside the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord God (Deuteronomy 31:24-26).

• Ezra was told to bring out the Book of the Law, which he did (Nehemiah 8:1).

• Ezra read the Book of the Law of God day after day… (Nehemiah 8:18).

• God commanded Jeremiah to write in a book all the words God had spoken to him (Jeremiah 30:1-2).

• The word of God in the Bible is true (John 17:17).

• God’s law in the Bible is true (Psalm 119:142).

• All God’s commands in the Bible are true (Psalm 119:152).

• All God’s words in the Bible are true (Psalm 119:160).

• Men are condemned if they do not speak according to the word of God in the Bible (Isaiah 8:20)

• The word of God in the Bible is the word of truth (2nd Timothy 2:15).

• The word of God in the Bible stands forever – it is eternal (Isaiah 40:8; 1st Peter 1:25).

• “The Scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35).

• Jesus came to fulfill what is written in the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms (Luke 24:44).

• God has fulfilled what he had foretold in the Scripture (Acts 3:17-18).

Dawit (psalms) is not a fairy tale like the Muslim Quran and the Muslim Hadith.

• Jesus, many times, had used the Book of Psalms (Dawit): Examples, psalm 22:1; 110:1; 2:7 and many other verses in the Book of Psalms. If the Book of Psalms were a fiction, Jesus would have never used it.

The Torah is the Law of Moses that he wrote under the guidance of the Almighty God.

• Moses recorded every thing God had said to him (Exodus 24:4).

• Moses finished writing the words of the Lord in A book and gave the Book (the Torah) to the Levites to place it beside the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord God (Deuteronomy 31:24-26).

• Jesus came to fulfill what is written in the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms (Luke 24:44).

12/09/12 @ 13:16
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta Getu,

I asked if he will keep whether the new testament is the word of God.

The word of God in the Bible stands forever – it is eternal (Isaiah 40:8; 1st Peter 1:25).

• “The Scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35).

But john did not say it will not be lost. He said it will not be broken. But we know John broke his scripture when he talked about Trinity. Have your say other scriptures were not talking about Trinity.

12/09/12 @ 13:39
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

You have declared to the world that the Holy Bible contradicts, but, as always, you are wrong: The Holy Bible does not contradict itself:

Read very carefully the following document: “Countering Biblical Contradictions” by Andrew Tong and Companies

First, read the “Index of Biblical Contradictions,” then go down to “Answers to Biblical Contradictions….”

Enjoy the reading!

12/09/12 @ 14:54
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

It is now your responsibility to give complete and reliable answers to the contradictions of your fictitious Quran and to prove that Muhammad the false prophet was a real prophet like one of the Old and the New Testaments prophets. And if you don’t confirm the following statements as true ones, I will never respond to you and ignore your trashy comments.

1. Islam is not a religion.

2. Muhammad was a false prophet.

3. Quran is a fiction.

4. Hadith is a fairy-tale-Arabian Nights.

5. The Sharia Law is the law of the devils.

6. Muhammad was an adulterer and a child molester.

7. Muhammad was a terrorist.

8. Muhammad was a dead woman fucker.

9. Aisha was a violent woman and a murderer.

10. The Quran Was Not Preserved.

All your posts from now on will be ignored unless you respond to these factual statements.

12/09/12 @ 15:08
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

Your comment is ignored!

12/09/12 @ 15:12
Comment from: Bitter Truths [Visitor]
Bitter Truths

Insanity is repeating the same [falsehoods] over and over and expecting new results.

But, then, it is not a surprise who you are and how evil you conduct yourself here because you are just a shameless and an odious NFIDEL who is being supported by an INFIDEL website who allows you to post any EVIL here but, blocks the good Christians and good Muslims to respond to you accordingly.

12/09/12 @ 15:57
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta Getu,

Quraan has been given high regards by famous people who are well known for their expertise. Now you want us to believe some hypocrite who never ever produced any single master piece to give us opinion on Quraan? Who was Mumin Salih? I expect you to tell us, but in the mean time here it is what others say about Islam:

Speaking about the Quran, Goethe says, “It soon attracts, astounds, and in the end enforces our reverence… Its style, in accordance with its contents and aim is stern, grand - ever and always, truly sublime -
So, this book will go on exercising through all ages a most potent influence.”

[Goethe - quoted in T. P. Huges “Dictionary of Islam", p. 526]

“The Koran (Quran) admittedly occupies an important position among the great religious books of the world. Though it is the youngest of the epoch making works belonging to this class of literature, it yields to hardly any in the wonderful effect which it has produced on large masses of men. It has created an all but new phase of human thought and a fresh type of character. It first transformed a number of heterogeneous desert tribes of the Arabian Peninsula into a nation of heroes, and then proceeded to create the vast politico-religious organizations of Muslims world wide which are one of the great forces with which Europe and the East have to reckon with today.”

[G. Maragliouth in his Introduction to J. M. Rodwells - ‘The Koran", New York - ‘Everyman’s Library, 1977, p VI]

“A work, then, which calls forth so powerful and seemingly incompatible emotions even in the distant reader - distant as to time, and still more so as mental development - a work which not only conquers the repugnance which he may begin its perusal, but changes this adverse feeling into astonishment and admiration, such a work must be a wonderful production…
indeed and a problem of the highest interest to every thoughtful observer of the destinies of mankind.”

[Dr Steingass quoted in T. P. Hughes - “Dictionary of Islam", pp 256-257]

“It is impossible that Muhammad (peace be upon him) authored the Quran. How could a man, from being illiterate, become the most important author, in terms of literary merits, in the whole of Arabic literature?

How could he then pronounce truths of a scientific nature that no other human-being could possibly have developed at that time, an all this without once making the slightest error in his pronouncement on the subject?”

[Dr. Maurice Bucaille - author of “The Bible, the Quran and Science” 1978, p. 125]

“Here, therefore, its merits as a literary production should perhaps not be measured by some preconceived maxims of subjective and aesthetic taste, but by the effects which it produced in Muhammad’s contemporaries and fellow countrymen.

If it spoke so powerfully and convincingly to the hearts of his hearers as to weld hitherto centrifugal and antagonistic elements into one compact and well organized body, animated by ideas far beyond those which had until now ruled the Arabian mind, then its eloquence was perfect, simply because it created a civilized nation out of savage tribes, and shot a fresh woof into the old warp of history”

[Dr. Steingass, quoted in Hughes’ Dictionary of Islam p. 528]

“In making the present attempt to improve on the performance of my predecessors, and to produce something which might be accepted as echoing however faintly the sublime rhetoric of the Arabic Koran, I have been at pain to study the intricate and richly varied rhythms which - apart from the message itself - constitute the Koran’s undeniable claim to rank amongst the greatest literary masterpieces of mankind..
This very characteristic feature - ‘that inimitable symphony’, as the believing Pickthall described his Holy Book, ‘the very sounds of which move men to tears and ecstasy’ has been almost totally ignored by previous translators; it is therefore not surprising that what they have wrought sounds dull and flat indeed in comparison with the splendidly decorated original..”

[Arthur J. Arberry - “The Koran Interpreted", London: Oxford University Press . 1964, p. x.]

“A totally objective examination of it [the Quran] in the light of modern knowledge leads us to recognize the agreement between the two, as has been already noted on repeated occasions. It makes us deem it quite unthinkable for a man of Muhammad’s time to have been the author of such statements, on account of the state of knowledge in his day.
Such considerations are part of what gives the Qur’anic Revelation its unique place, and forces the impartial scientist to admit his inability to provide and explanation which calls solely upon materialistic reasoning.”

[Dr. Maurice Bucaille in his book: “The Bible, The Quran and Science” 1981, p. 18]

12/09/12 @ 16:10
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

The False Allegation of Muhammad having sex with a dead body:

The allegation is that Muhammad had sex with Fatima bint Asad when she was dead.

It is a nonsensical and a malicious claim which is gaining some popularity amongst the aberrations on the internet

The simplest way to disprove this allegation is to go to Islamic Jurisprudence.

As the charge is that of necrophilia (sex with a dead body), we can look into Islamic theology. If the allegation is true then the act of necrophilia would be allowed in Islam. So what does the expert (Ibn Hajar Haytami) say?

Well, he includes necrophilia in his list of sins [1]. Thus we can realise necrophilia is not allowed in Islam and the Prophet did not engage in such a deed.

In fact, if we consult Fiqh we realise “it is unlawful to look at the nakedness of the deceased or touch it” [2].Thus further showing sex with the deceased (dead) cannot possibly be allowed. This further shows the Prophet did not engage in such a deed as if he did then the practice of necrophilia would have been allowed in Islam.

Now we know the claim of necrophilia against Prophet Muhammad is incorrect we can analyse the methodology used by the claimant (Zakaria Botros) and the narration he uses. This course of action will suffice for us to be fully conversant with this claim and able to explain why the claims are erroneous (false).

It is important to be able to explain it as there is a growing number of willing propagators of such falsehood, thus this false claim will only become popular if good people sit on their hands.

Analysing the Allegation: Authentic?

The narration which is used is from a book named Kanza ul Amal. This book contains fabricated and weak narrations, thus is not recognised as an authoritative source (individual narrations need to be checked).

Regardless of the authenticity let’s still look at the narration and context to gain understanding so we can realise the actual meaning of such a narration (regardless of authenticity)

The Narration

Narrated by Ibn Abbas:

“I (Muhammad) put on her my shirt that she may wear the clothes of heaven, and I SLEPT with her in her coffin (grave) that I may lessen the pressure of the grave. She was the best of Allah’s creatures to me after Abu Talib"… The prophet was referring to Fatima, the mother of Ali.

Looking at the narration alone one would not cry “necrophilia” or any wrong doing as “sex” is not mentioned. However, simply looking at the narration’s English translation one would find it odd. Sleeping with somebody in a coffin (grave) is an odd occurrence indeed. However, once the context is given we realise what actually happened.

The Context and Explanation

Firstly, the translation of “I slept” does not best convey the meaning based on the context, the Arabic word translated as “I Slept” is Idtaja’ (اضطجع ). This word can either mean:
lie down, lie, recline, repose [3].

I hope you have noticed within the list of definitions (lie down, lie, recline, repose) the word “sleep” (or “sex”) does not appear. Lane’s Lexicon does indicate it can refer to sleeping too:

lay upon his side; or] he laid his side upon the
ground; [and simply he lay; and he slept [4]

Though the word can refer to sleep, I have seen NO indication in Lane’s Lexicon nor the other dictionary which indicates the word means sex. (I will elaborate on this later on in this paper whilst discussing Father Zakaria’s bizarre and fallacious interpretation of the narration)

So we are left with the question: did Muhammad sleep or lie in the grave?

The context explains it all, as it was a grave we realise the word cannot possibly mean “sleep” but rather it means “lie/lay in the grave”.

This actually makes sense with the other bits of context we have at our disposal; “When the grave was prepared Muhammad himself examined it and placed her into the grave” [5].

Thus, it is reasonable to think the examination procedure also involved Muhammad lying in the grave. This would not have been at length in terms of duration (time). Therefore, we realize Muhammad simply laid in the grave to make sure it was comfortable for his deceased foster mother as well as to honour the lady as it would be seen as a fabulous honor to be resting in a place where a Prophet of God had previously laid.

Did Muhammad Lie with his Foster Mother (Fatima Bint Asad) in the Grave?

It does not appear so as the process of investigating/examining the grave would have been PRIOR (before) lowering Fatima Bint Asad into the grave. Therefore Muhammad would have reclined (lied) in the grave in order to check the grave before Fatima was placed in the grave, thus he would not have lied with her. Furthermore, there were two types of graves in vogue at the time of the Prophet which were Lahd and Shaqq (shiq) [6], [7].

The Shaqq type of grave is characterized by a niche within the grave for the dead body to be placed within. So, it is impossible to lie with the body due to the niche. [8]
The Lahd form of grave is characterized by a lateral hollow which is dug into the side of the base of the grave for the body to be placed [8]. This type of grave makes lying with the deceased body risky as the earth could cave in on top of the body and the one who is lying with the deceased.

Thus, it seems the laying in the grave for examination purposes was done prior to Fatima being lowered into her resting place. This is despite the Arabic phraseology used literally denoting “with”:

اضطجعت معها في قبرها

However, even if one takes it literally it does not mean wrong doing took place and it certainly does not refer to sex.

If Muhammad did lie with his foster mother whilst she was in the grave in order to check for comfort and honor her before the companions filled the grave it would only have been for a short time and this would have been witnessed by other people too. There is nothing wrong with lying in the grave to ensure comfort for your foster mother and honor; in fact it was an act of great compassion.

Having established all the above we can move on to discuss and deconstruct the misdirection of Father Zakaria (the one who initially made this fallacious claim)

This seems to be a transcript of Father Zakaria’s explanation to the narration:

The Arabic scholar Demetrius explains: “The Arabic word used here for “slept” is “Id’tajat,” and literally means “lay down” with her. It is often used to mean, “lay down to have sex.” Muhammad is understood as saying that because he slept with her she has become like a wife to him so she will be considered like a “mother of the believers.” This will supposedly prevent her from being tormented in the grave, since Muslims believed that as people wait for the Judgment Day they will be tormented in the grave. “Reduce the pressure” here means that the torment won’t be as much because she is now a “mother of the believers” after Muhammad slept with her and “consummated” the union.”

Firstly, who is “Demetrius”? Zakaria gives no introduction to this scholar. Why? I have had a look at Lane’s Lexicon and I did not get the inference the word meant sex. However, this is a smaller point in the deconstruction of Zakaria’s claim.

We will look at Father Zakaria’s unauthorised interpretation of the event and show the holes within his reasoning.

Have Sex with Her in Order to give her a Special Status?

Zakaria states:

“Muhammad is understood as saying that because he slept with her she has become like a wife to him so she will be considered like a “mother of the believers””

Zakaria’s premise is that Muhammad had sex with Fatima because he wanted her to attain special status as the “mother of the believers”. Well, Zakaria’s premise falls flat on its face because Fatima bint Asad already had the special status of being Muhammad’s foster mother. [5]

In the transcript this information has been withheld (i.e. nobody is told of her special status as the foster mother of Muhammad). Why is this information not relayed to us in the transcript which is circulating the internet? It is because Zakaria’s premise is thrown into doubt immediately if we are told she already has a special status. Thus if she already had a special status then there would be no need for her to be given the special status of being “like a wife to him” as she was already like a mother to him (Muhammad).

So Father Zakaria’s reasoning is flawed from the start. However, it gets worse for the Zakaria.

“She has become like a wife to him”

Father Zakaria is trying to fool us. He is claiming Muhammad had sex with Fatima in order for her to have a status of a wife of Muhammad and thus the title of “mother of the believers”.

Zakaria is either ignorant or dishonest.

Muhammad could NOT possibly have taken Fatima Bint Asad as a wife as Islamic Law dictates consent be given by BOTH parties in a marriage; of course marrying a dead person would not be allowed simply based on this injunction. Father Zakaria knows this but continues with his fanciful claim because it suits his agenda to besmirch the reputation of the Prophet Muhammad

So the point here is that Fatima could never have become his wife through such an act, despite Father Zakaria’s nonsensical pleadings. Thus Father Zakaria is looking even more foolish in his claim. It gets more embarrassing for Father Zakaria

“Muhammad did this to save her from the torment of the grave”?

Father Zakaria is showing signs of a fertile imagination and utter ignorance.

If we consult Ahadith literature we will realise Muhammad’s PRAYER made the grave a better abode for people (Hadith) through the grace of God. This shows us if Muhammad seriously felt Fatima Bint Asad was in danger of the punishment of the grave he would have simply PRAYED for her grave to be a better dwelling. [9]

Thus we realise Zakaria’s debauched idea that sex (or marriage) is required to save a person from the punishment of the grave is warped and fallacious to say the least. It gets worse for Father Zakaria.

“Muslims believed that as people wait for the Judgment Day they will be tormented in the grave”

Zakaria is showing signs of clear ignorance. Muslims of course believe in the punishment of the grave but those whom Allah is pleased with are NOT punished. Fatima Bint Asad is considered a saintly woman thus Muslims do not believe she is subjected to the punishment of the grave.

In fact the Muslim belief concerning pious people (such as Fatima Bint Asad) is that their graves will reflect Paradise and will be very comfortable and blissful indeed.

‘The grave is a garden of paradise or a pit of hell.” (Mishkat)

Rasulullah said, ‘The grave is a garden of paradise or a pit of hell.’ (Mishkat).
Concerning the pious people (such as Fatima Bint Asad) “A believer will answer all three questions and he will be honored with the clothing of Jannah. The window of Jannah will be opened for him and he will enjoy the sight of Jannah” (Mishkat) (appendix 1)

Thus we realise the grave of a saintly woman (i.e. Fatima Bint Asad) would not be one of torment but of splendour, peace and bliss. She will also see Jannah (Paradise).

This just illustrates Father Zakaria’s ignorance and shows his crackpot idea of Muhammad having sex with his foster mother in order to save her from torment is unadulterated nonsense and a product of a very strange mind indeed.

Father Zakaria’s Hypocrisy

The one making this odd claim is a Christian and it just goes to reveal his hypocritical nature because the same word (a construct of Idtaja) is used in the Arabic Bible and it is not translated as sex but is translated as “LAID”. Does Father Zakaria want to be consistent now and withdraw his silly claims?

Please also bear in mind the dictionary references (given earlier) which disprove Father Zakaria’s malicious claims, well the Bible is now disproving hm.

The same Arabic word is used in the Bible (2Kings 4:32) and it is translated as “laid” and not sex or anything of that nature:

وَدَخَلَ أَلِيشَعُ الْبَيْتَ وَإِذَا بِالصَّبِيِّ مَيْتٌ وَمُضْطَجعٌ عَلَى سَرِيرِهِ.

English Translation: And when Elisha was come into the house, behold, the child was dead, and laid upon his bed. (KJV)

This along with the dictionary references shown earlier just further indicates the narration in question has nothing to do with sex.

Clarification: Why Do You Say There Was No Sex?

I think this point needs reiteration and summarizing so nobody is in any doubt. It is a silly, unfair and false claim to say sex was involved, consider the following:

*The word used (Idtaja’) does not infer sex. It simply refers to lying down or sleeping. The meaning of lying down is further highlighted by the context. There is NO way it refers to sex. NO authority would consider it meaning sex. In fact if the narrator wanted to convey the idea of sex/marriage taking place he would have used a totally DIFFERENT Arabic word (i.e. a construct of nikah).

*The same Arabic word is used in the Bible (2Kings 4:32) and it is translated as “laid” and NOT “sex” or “sleep”.

*Islam does not allow sex with dead people (already mentioned above). Islam is based on the deeds and actions of the Prophet as well as the Quran. Thus if Muhammad did involve himself in this type of activity it would be allowed within Islam. This just goes to show Muhammad never committed such an act.

*Fiqh (Jurisprudence) tells us it is not allowed to touch the nakedness of the deceased, as most Fiqh is also based upon Muhammad’s actions we can realize Muhammad did not touch any deceased body in a sexual manner.

*Fatima Bint Asad was deceased, thus meaning a marriage between Muhammad and her or any subsequent conjugal (sexual) relations would be rejected by Islam

*The burying of a deceased person is a community effort thus Muhammad would not have been alone whilst at the grave side. Thus it would be absurd to suggest somebody had sex with a deceased woman whilst everybody sat and watched

* Muhammad’s enemies would have mentioned it and used it against him if he did commit such an act. Muhammad’s enemies never accused him of necrophilia. This further shows this allegation of necrophilia is false and baseless.

*As we have already mentioned, the dictionary references do not indicate sex but lying down/sleeping (the context of which simply refers to lying down). These references are further strengthened by the context.

*Also, the two grave types (Lahd/Shaqq) would physically render the grave as unsuitable for sex.

*The body of the deceased is meant to be handled with care [10] so much so that a bone of the body must not be broken. Of course it goes without saying this would mean sex would be out of the question.

*Fatima bint Asad was the foster mother of Muhammad. “When Muhammad heard Fatima Bint Asad had died, he immediately went to her house sat beside her body and prayed for her soul”

*“When the grave was prepared Muhammad himself examined it and placed her into the grave. Thus, she was one of the few people whose graves were examined by Muhammad”. Examination of a grave does involve lying down in a grave but does NOT involve sex.

* It is dehumanizing and a disconnection from reality to believe a world religion of nearly 2 billion will be founded by a man who involved himself in necrophilia


Muhammad was doing what any loving and caring person should do; that was focussing on the well being of his relative (foster mother and aunt, Fatima bint Asad) ) both in this life and the hereafter. There was no sex or wrong doing involved.

This heart warming story of compassion and love for one’s family member is now being hijacked by the debauched and hateful mind of a few who are motivated by hatred and destruction.

Father Zakaria should be ashamed with himself; this man has a poor reputation in the Arab world, both Christians and Muslims will see him as a man looking for controversy and attention whilst viewing him as a crackpot figure.

I have had some dealings with the English speaking version of Father Zakaria and he, too, is seen as a man motivated by deviance and outright deception. This man’s deception extends to making up his own BIBLICAL verses up! (Appendix 2)

Fair people (both Muslims and Christians) should be wary of such characters and help fight their misinformation. If you happen to be somebody who dislikes Islam or a supporter of such perpetuators of outrage and dishonesty then I urge you to have a rethink and refrain from supporting such individuals financially as they will ultimately be laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of the truth.

There is no copyright restriction on this work so feel free to share it in order to further the truth


May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad and may Allah send more good upon Fatima bint Asad. Ameen


1. Reliance of the Traveller, Ahmad ibn Naqib al Misri, edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Amana Publications, 1994 [W52.1, 343]

2. Reliance of the Traveller, Ahmad ibn Naqib al Misri, edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Amana Publications, 1994 [g2.7]

3. Online Arabic-English dictionary,

4. An Arabic-English Lexicon by Edward William Lane, Williams and Norgate, 1872


12/09/12 @ 17:18
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor)

Your comment is ignored as many highly educated commentators, such as Amhara Princess, Marcus, Yilma, and many others, ignored you. Therefore, I have decided to ignore you entirely because you are not a person matured enough to discuss any issue with.

12/09/12 @ 17:26
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

I urge my audience at to briefly look at the above website and judge for themselves why this important even if it did happen was never reported in so called sahih hadith like that of Buhkari. Since copts lie and copts like Butros are funded by the West Jewish they will try to tarnish the image of Islam with their fake and unreliable hadith.

Hadith is a truly wonderful science. The authenticity of the narration is carefully studied before a given story can get to the level of highest quality like that of Sahih BUhari or Muslim the two top Books of Hadith. Therefore, we simply are inclined to dismiss it as untrue but for the sake of exposing the malicious intent of copts, I spent some time to dissipate you charges.

I rest my case now. I hope this will put to rest any of your false claims about Aisha, and our Prophet. I urge the audience to carefully evaluate whether Bible and Quran can be a match at all by any standard of measure.

12/09/12 @ 17:30
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta Getu,

You can hide and premeditate. I have told you that the best graceful exit is to accept my truce conditions. But you refused. Now, you want to opt out? You are disgracing the audience counting on you. Indeed, you are a Tigre. I will not let you defame Islam, lie about it and so on. As Tigre you are refused to stop your hate for Islam.

I will chase you until you give up on christianity of Paul. You are liar, despicable and irresponsible. You wor for Jews and we know where your fund comes.

Take care my friend.

12/09/12 @ 18:21
Comment from: abchahu [Visitor]

Assta B Gettu a.k.a. Ahmed Gragn

You are already busted.

You are a funny guy and talking to yourself only.

Ethiopians are not your fools.

There is no room for your mischief, Ethiopia is above you. Swallow the truth.


12/09/12 @ 19:30
Comment from: abchahu [Visitor]

Assta B Gettu a.k.a. Ahmed Gragn

I know you become very wild being exposed.

You better open a new thread in your screen names, Ahmed Gragn a.k.a. Assta B Gettu a.k.a. etc…. instead of spoiling articles that are far from your intent.


12/09/12 @ 19:43
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta Getu,

You can hide and premeditate. I have told you that the best graceful exit is to accept my truce conditions. But you refused. Now, you want to opt out? You are disgracing the audience whowere counting on you.They had high opinions of you, hey xll you dea Assta despite your vulgarity toward Islam. What is gonna happen to them when I pound on Paul and his christianity? Indeed, you are a Tigre like Abraha and Meles, who were deme kelbe like Yohannes who died in disgrace.You used to provoke me an poke into my eyes when I was not around. You can’t forget that. Now. it is my turn. I believe in “eye for an eye” revenge. My reveng will be bitter. I will not let you defame Islam, lie about it and so on. As Tigre, you are refusing to stop your hate afainst Islam.

I will chase you until you give up on christianity of Paul. You are liar, despicable and irresponsible. You work for Jews and we know where your fund comes.

Take care my friend.

12/09/12 @ 19:49
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed (visitor)

Your comment is ignored, but I will never ignore my readers and will continue defaming Islam and exposing its deceptions to the entire world. I want you to be sure about that! Ignoring your naïve comment, as others did, saves my precious time and, especially, the times of my readers.

12/09/12 @ 19:52
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Good job Assta Getu. But I will never ignore you as you are a malicous Tigre who needs no peace unril ro death. I will never ever let you rest and that is to be sure my promise to you until you stop lying as Butros the Egyptian copt did. Ifnoring yoy is like ignoring my enemies. You also stated “ precious time". What precious time you have other than taking the European selfare money and sit next to yoyr PC and spew hate that sends shivering news around the world?

We know what you do with your welfare money and cheap time. don;t lie again you have precious time: you have no friends, nor kids, nor any family. You instead wasted my precious time and I repeatedly ignored you until you returned to bring me back. Since you wasted my precious time it is only logical to waste your in equal proprtion. So, as usual I will expose Paul and expose how christians lie about God and their Jesus.

12/09/12 @ 20:31
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu


Islam is a deadly disease left by the imposter Muhammad, the Muslims’ prophet and god: Christian scientists have been recently very busy to find a cure for this contagious disease that has affected over a billion hopeless Muslims. Some of these sick Muslims who refused to take modern medicine are dying by millions because they have thought camel urine, prescribed by their imposter prophet, would cure them from such catastrophic disease. They are absolutely wrong!

What did the imposter Muhammad, the child Molester, know about medicine? Had he been to a medical school? There is no record that tells us he was a medical doctor or a nurse, or even a village imam. However, we have a clear documentation that tells us the imposter Muhammad was a magician, a sorcerer, and a well known witchcraft. In fact, he himself, while talking to the Jinn, was bewitched, and he was very confused to articulate his words.

His attendants (his wives) tried their best to appease the Jinn that bewitched him so that they could let him free and give him back his normal speech, but the price the Jinn demanded from Muhammad’s wives to bring the bewitched Muhammad to normalcy was very high. They demanded not chicken blood, not goat’s blood, not even camel blood but a Jewish blood, a Christian blood, and a Hindu blood.

They searched the entire Yathrib villages of the Jewish people and found a very attractive Jewish girl, 12 years old; they brought her by force and presented her to the Jinn, and the Jinn demanded two more girls – a Coptic Christian girl and a Hindu girl. They caught a Coptic girl while playing by herself outside her home and offered her to the Jinn. The Jinn still wanted a Hindu girl, but the searchers couldn’t find a Hindu girl, instead the brought a Hindu boy, 14 years old. The Jinn refused to accept the Hindu boy; they wanted a hind girl. The searchers took the Hindu boy back to his home. On their way back to the Jinn, they found an Arab girl, 9 years old and presented her to the Jinn as if she were a Hindu girl. While these three immaculate girls standing in front of the Jinn and in front of the bewitched Muhammad, the Jinn ordered Muhammad to wake up and look at the three very attractive young girls. Muhammad was very impressed by the beauties of those three girls. He immediately took them to his bedroom, closed the door, and raped three of them, one by one; then he sacrificed them to the Jinn, and the Jinn drank the girls’ precious blood. The Jinn were very satisfied, and Muhammad was very satisfied, too. Only the wives of Muhammad were unsatisfied after they saw the slaughtered bodies of those three young girls.

12/09/12 @ 21:08
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Prophet Muhammad Is A Perfect Model Of Politeness.

1. Now let us discuss the various aspects of his life one by one and see why it is said that he was a perfect man. Muhammad was very polite and good-mannered. His wife, A’isha, and many of his companions, including Anas and Ali, reported that he was good-tempered, good-mannered and very polite to all.

2. He was always happy and smiling and his face always had a bright and cheerful look. Abu Ishaque reported that Al-Bara was asked whether the face of Muhammad was as bright as a sword. He replied, “No, but as bright as the moon.” And Abdullah bin Amr reported that Muhammad NEVER used bad language, neither habitually nor artificially.

3. He used to say, “The best among you are those who have the best character.” He also said that politeness, which seems very light here, will weigh very heavy in goodness on the Day of Judgment.

4. Jabir ibn Abdullah said that Muhammad always welcomed him into his presence after his conversion to Islam and always greeted him with a smile. Abdullah bin Harith reported that he had never seen a more polite man than Muhammad.

5. It was normal practice for Muhammad to greet and salute first whenever he met anyone. If anyone wanted to talk to him in confidence, he never fumed away from him until he himself moved away. In the same way, whenever he shook hands with anyone, he never let go of the other’s hand until that person took his hand away. When he sat in the company of his companions, he sat with them without occupying any distinctive position. It often happened that foreign deputations and other people coming to Medinah could not recognise Muhammad in the Mosque while he was sitting with his companions.

6. Once he received some envoys from the ruler of Abyssinia and he kept them with him as his own guests. He served them and arranged all the necessary things for them himself as their host during their stay with him. His companions requested that they would like to serve them but he replied that they had served his friends, therefore, he must himself serve them. Uthan bin Malik, who had fought in the battle of Badr, felt that his eyesight was weakening, so he went to Muhammad and requested him to go to his house and offer prayer, so that he could make it a place of worship. Next day Muhammad, with Abu Bakr, went to his house early in the morning and offered two rakat prayers in his house.’

7. Once Muhammad was riding on a camel through a narrow pass in the mountains along with Uqbah bin Amir. After some time, he asked Uqbah to have his turn on the camel, but the latter thought it improper to ride himself and let God’s Messenger walk on foot. But Muhammad got off the camel and forced him to ride.

8. Anas reported, “One day God’s Messenger sent me to do something, and I said, ‘I swear by God that I will not go.’ But in my heart I felt that I should go to do what God’s Messenger had commanded me, so I went out and came upon some boys who were playing in the street. All of a sudden God’s Messenger, who had come up behind me, caught me by the back of my neck. When I looked at him he was laughing and said, ‘Did you go where I ordered you, little Anas?’ I replied, ‘Yes, I am on my way, Messenger of Cod.’ He laughed and did not say anything to me.” He also reported that one of the maidservants belonging to the people of Medinah would hold God’s Messenger by the hand and take him where she wished and he never refused or asked her anything.

9. Ali reported that God’s Messenger owed some diners to a certain Jewish doctor, who demanded payment from the Prophet. When he told him, “I have nothing to give you,” the Jew replied, “I will not leave you, Muhammad, until you pay me.” Cod’s Messenger said, “I shale sit with you, then,” and did so. God’s Messenger prayed at noon, in the afternoon, at sunset, at night and the following morning with the Jew. His companions were threatening and menacing the man while God’s Messenger was aware of what they were doing. Then they said, “O God’s Messenger, is this Jew keeping you in bondage?” The Prophet replied, “My Lord has prevented me from doing wrong to one with whom a covenant has been made.” Then after some time when the sun rose high in the sky, the Jew said, “I testify that there is no diety but God, and I testify that you are God’s Messenger. Half of my property will be devoted to God’s cause. I swear by God that my only purpose in treating you as I have done was that I might discover the description of you given in the Torah: Muhammad bin Abdullah, whose birthplace is Makkah, whose place of emigration is in Taiba and whose kingdom is in Syria. He is not harsh or rough or loud-voiced in the streets, he is not characterised by coarseness of obscene speech.”

10. Once he borrowed forty sai (standard measuring weight for cereals, etc.) from a man who later became destitute and came to Muhammad to ask for the return of the loan. He replied that he had nothing with which to repay the loan. That man wanted to say something, when Muhammad said, “Say nothing but good because I am the best of borrowers in the matter of repayment of loans.” Then he paid him eighty sad, forty in return for his loan and forty extra as a gesture of goodwill.

11. Once he bought a camel. After some time, the vendor came and demanded the price from him in very harsh words. His companions wanted to catch him but Muhammad told them to leave him alone because the lender had the right to demand his money. Once another lender very harshly demanded his money from him and Umar ibn Khattab wanted to catch him, but he said, “O Umar, stop for it was more appropriate that you should have asked me to repay the loan and asked him to be patient.”!

12. No one who sat in his company ever felt that he was rude to him or that he ignored him. By his word or deed he never offended or humiliated anyone. No-one ever heard anything bad from him; nor did he ever speak or like bad language. He never turned his face from anyone nor did he deprive anyone of politeness. Everyone sitting in his company felt that he was being treated with the utmost respect and honour. Whenever anyone went to him for any of his needs and he could not fulfil it, he never asked him to leave but advised him in such a polite manner that he often felt relief from his troubles. He once said that every good deed was a charity and it was a good deed to meet your fellow-beings with politeness. And he said, “The best among you is the one who is best in character and morals.”Once he said that there were high residential places in Paradise, whose interior was visible from outside and its exterior from inside. On hearing this one Bedouin enquired whom these buildings were for? Muhammad replied that they were for those who spoke with politeness and gentleness.

13. Many of his companions, including Ibn Umar, Abu Harairah and Abu Darda, reported from him that nothing would be heavier in the Scales of a believer on the Day of Judgment than politeness because God did not like impolite and impertinent people. It is also reported that a polite man attains the grade of those who establish prayer and keep the fast because of his good conduct. Once the Holy Prophet was asked what deeds would take people to Paradise. He replied, “Fear of God and politeness (good conduct).” Abu Darda reported from him that whoever was given a share of politeness was, in fact, given a share of goodness; and whoever was deprived of a share of politeness was, in fact, deprived of goodness. It is reported by Jabir that God’s Messenger said, “The people from among you who are dear to me and will sit close to me on the Day of Judgment are those who have good manners and are POLITE. And the people among you whom I dislike and will be far removed from me on the Day of Judgment are those who are impertinent and impolite to people.”

14. Once a Jew came to him and out of mischief, greeted him by saying “As-sam Alaikum” (death to you) instead of As-salamu Alaikum (peace be on you). A’isha with anger, gave a harsh reply. But he stopped her and said, “A’isha! Don’t use harsh words; be polite; God likes mildness in everything.”

15. In short, Muhammad was a perfect model of politeness, fine manners and decency, which he taught through his practical example to the rugged, rough and illiterate people of the desert who, as a result, became the teachers and leaders of the world. His behavior towards people, men or women, rich or poor, adult or child, was the same. He spoke to all with civility and politeness and taught others the same through his personal example. The Qur’an mentions this quality of Muhammad in these words,

16. “It is by the Mercy of God that you deal gently with them, for if you were severe or fierce of heart, they would have dispersed from you.” [Qur’aan 3:159]

The extremely gentle nature of Muhammad, which endeared him to all, is mentioned in the above-quoted verse, as a “Mercy of God”. It was this quality of Muhammad that bound the souls of countless men to him and won support and admiration for him even from his most staunch and deadly enemies.

Indeed Muhammed peace be upon him is a perfect model of politeness..

Assta Getu you tried to insult our Prophet and will expose your lies about him one by one. But truth prevails and you are now in weakend state.

12/09/12 @ 21:12
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Ali reported that God’s Messenger owed some diners to a certain Jewish doctor, who demanded payment from the Prophet. When he told him, “I have nothing to give you,” the Jew replied, “I will not leave you, Muhammad, until you pay me.” Allah’s Messenger said, “I shall sit with you, then,” and did so. Allah’s Messenger prayed at noon, in the afternoon, at sunset, at night and the following morning with the Jew. His companions were threatening and menacing the man while Allah’s Messenger was aware of what they were doing. Then they said, “O Allah’s Messenger, is this Jew keeping you in bondage?” The Prophet replied, “My Lord has prevented me from doing wrong to one with whom a covenant has been made.” Then after some time when the sun rose high in the sky, the Jew said, “I testify that there is no deity but Allah, and I testify that you are Allah’s Messenger. Half of my property will be devoted to Allah’s cause. I swear by Allah’s that my only purpose in treating you as I have done was that I might discover the description of you given in the Torah: Muhammad bin Abdullah, whose birthplace is Makkah, whose place of emigration is in Taiba and whose kingdom is in Syria. He is not harsh or rough or loud-voiced in the streets, he is not characterized by coarseness of obscene speech.”

Although I need to confirm exactly where the source of this hadith soon.

12/09/12 @ 21:29
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Mohammed and Women

At the time of Muhammad’s birth, women in 7th century Arabia had few if any rights. Even the right of life could be in question, since it was not uncommon for small girls to be buried alive during times of scarcity. In the Qur’an, it is said that on Judgment Day “buried girls” will rise out of their graves and ask for what crime they were killed. Part of Muhammad’s legacy was to end infanticide and establish explicit rights for women.

Islam teaches that men and women are equal before God. It grants women divinely sanctioned inheritance, property, social and marriage rights, including the right to reject the terms of a proposal and to initiate divorce. The American middle-class trend to include a prenuptial agreement in the marriage contract is completely acceptable in Islamic law. In Islam’s early period, women were professionals and property owners, as many are today. Although in some countries today the right of women to initiate divorce is more difficult than intended, this is a function of patriarchal legislation and not an expression of Islamic values. Muhammad himself frequently counseled Muslim men to treat their wives and daughters well. “You have rights over your women,” he is reported to have said, “and your women have rights over you.”

Muhammad was orphaned at an early age. He once remarked that, “Heaven lies at the feet of mothers.” As the father of four daughters in a society that prized sons, he told other fathers that, if their daughters spoke well of them on the Day of Judgment, they would enter paradise.

Beginning from the time of Muhammad’s marriage to his first wife Khadijah, women played an important role in his religious career. According to Muslim sources, Khadijah was the first person Muhammad spoke to about his initial, terrifying experience of revelation. She consoled him and became the first convert to Islam. She remained a confidant and source of support throughout their entire marriage. Though men commonly took more than one wife in 7th Century Arabia, Muhammad remained in a monogamous marriage with Khadijah until her death, when Muhammad was in his fifties.

By then, Muhammad was working to establish a new community. In that context, over the next 10 years, he married several women. In some cases, these marriages occurred in order to cement political ties, according to the custom of the day. In some cases, the marriage provided physical and economic shelter to the widows of Muslims who had died or who had been killed in battle, and to the wife of a fallen foe. Of all his marriages, only one appears to have been controversial, and it was to the divorced wife of his adopted son.

Only one of his wives had not been previously married. Her name was Aisha, the daughter of one of his closest companions. Aisha was betrothed to Muhammad while still a girl, but she remained in her parents’ home for several years until she reached puberty. Years later, when absent from Medina, Muhammad often recommended that, if religious questions arose, people should take them to his wife Aisha. After Muhammad’s death, Aisha became a main source of information about Muhammad, and on medicine and poetry as well.

Aisha’s assertion that Muhammad lived the Qur’an became the basis for Muslims ever since to emulate his example.

Muhammad’s daughters also played an important and influential role, both in his life and in the establishment of Islam. Most notable was his daughter Fatima, who is still revered by all Muslims, particularly Shiite Muslims.

Following the Battle of Uhud (625), in which scores of male combatants died leaving unprotected widows and children, Muhammad and the Qur’an decreed that, in order to protect the orphans of such families, men might take up to four wives. The permission itself is surrounded with language that discourages the very thing it permits, saying that unless a man can treat several wives equally, he should never enter into multiple marriages. The usual supposition in the modern monogamous West-that Islam institutionally encourages lustful arrangements-is rejected by Muslims themselves as an ill-informed stereotype. At the same time, Muslim feminists point out that in various cultures at different economic strata the laws of polygamy have frequently operated to the clear detriment of women. Polygamy is an uncommon occurrence in the modern Muslim world.

Today, Islamic legal and social systems around the world approach and fall short of women’s rights by varying degrees. Muslims themselves generally view Islam as progressive in these matters. Many Muslim feminists hold the view that the problems presently hindering Muslim women are those that hinder women of all backgrounds worldwide- oppressive cultural practices, poverty, illiteracy, political repression and patriarchy. There is a strong, healthy critique of gender oppression among Muslim feminist authors and activists worldwide.

It would be anachronistic to claim that Muhammad was a feminist in our modern sense. Yet the same present-day barriers to women’s equality prevailed in 7th century Arabia, and he opposed them. Because in his own lifetime Muhammad improved women’s position in society, many modern Muslims continue to value his example, which they cite when pressing for women’s rights.


12/09/12 @ 22:01
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

አስታ ጌቱ::

የውሽት ቀሲስ: የሃሰት ሃውልት: የቀልድ በረከት: የሻዕሃብያ ዱላ : የመለስ ከለላ: የግርግር ሌባ: የካሌብ አሽክር: የሙስሊም እሾህ:የፓውሎስ እንቆቅልሽ::

1. Sound Intellect
2. Doing Things for the Sake of God
3. Sincerity
4.Good Morals, Ethics and
5. Companionship
6. Politeness and Good Manners
7. Love for Reformation and
8. Reconciliation
9. Ordering with the Good and 10.Forbidding Evil
11. Love of Purification
and Minding One’s Language
12. Excelling in Acts of Worship
14. Good Appearance
15. Asceticism in Worldly Affairs
16. Altruism
17. Strong Faith and Dependence on God
1. Kindness and Compassion
19.Simplification and Ease
20. Fearing God, being Mindful to Not Trespass His Limits
21. Spending Generously
22. Cooperation
23. Truthfulness
2. Aggrandizing the limits set by 2. Allah, and Always Seeking the Moderate Path
26.Pleasant Facial Expression
2Honesty, Trustworthiness and 28.Reliability
29. Bravery and Courage
30. Bashfulness and Modesty
31. Mercy and Compassion
32. Patience and Forbearance
33. Patience
34. Justice and Fairness
35. Fearing God, and Being Mindful of Him
36. Richness and Contentment of the Heart
37.Hoping for Goodness, Even for his Enemies

1. Sound Intellect
The Messenger (pbuh) had an excellent, complete and sound intellect. No man has ever had an intellect as complete and perfect as his. Qadhi Iyaadh16, may God have mercy on him, said:
This becomes clear to an individual when the researcher reads the Prophet’s biography and understands his state of affairs, and his meaningful and inclusive utterances and traditions, his good manners, ethics and moral character, his knowledge of the Torah and Gospel and other Divine Scriptures, and his knowledge of statements of the wise, and knowledge of by-gone nations, and ability to strike examples and implement policies and correct emotional manners. He was an example and paradigm to which his people could relate to in all branches of knowledge; acts of worship, medicine, laws of inheritance, lineage, and other matters as well. He knew and learned all of this without reading or examining the Scriptures of those before us, nor did he sit with their scholars. The Prophet had no formal schooling, and was without knowledge of the above before being commissioned as a Prophet, nor could he read or write. The Prophet (pbuh) was wise to the fullest extent of his mental capacity. God, the Exalted, informed him of some of what had taken place (in the past) and of that which would take place in the future. This is a sign that the Dominion belongs to God, and that He is capable over all things.17
Back to the List
2. Doing Things for the Sake of God
The Prophet (pbuh) would always do deeds through which he would seek the pleasure of God. He was harmed and abused when he invited and called people to Islam; yet he was patient and endured all of this, and hoped for the reward of God. Abdullah b. Masood said:
“The Prophet (pbuh) resembled a prophet who was harmed by his people. He wiped the blood from his face and said: ‘O God! Forgive my people, for they know not!” (Bukhari #3290)
Jundub b. Sufyaan said that the Messenger’s finger bled during one of the battles, and he said:
“You are but a finger which has bled; which suffers in the path of God.” (Bukhari #2648)
Back to the List
3. Sincerity
The Prophet (pbuh) was sincere and honest in all his matters, as God had ordered him. Allah, the Exalted, says:
“Say, Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for God, Lord of the worlds. No partner has He. And this I have been commanded and I am the first (among you) of the Muslims.” [6:162-163]
Back to the List
4. Good Morals, Ethics and Companionship
The Prophet (pbuh) was a living example for all humans to follow. His wife A’ishah was asked about his manners, and she said,
“His manners were the Qur’an.”
In this statement, A’ishah meant that the Prophet (pbuh) abided by its laws and commands and abstained from its prohibitions, and observed the virtuous deeds mentioned in it. The Prophet (pbuh) said:
“God has sent me to perfect good manners and to do good deeds.” (Bukhari & Ahmed)
Allah, the Exalted, described the Prophet (pbuh) saying:
“And indeed, you are of a great moral character” [68:4]
Anas b. Malik served the Prophet (pbuh) for ten years; He was with him day in and day out, both when the Prophet (pbuh) traveled and when he was a resident in Madeenah. He was knowledgeable of the Prophet’s manners. He said:
“The Prophet (pbuh) did not swear at anyone, nor was he rude, nor did he curse anyone. If he desired to reprimand someone, he would say: ‘What is wrong with him, may dust be cast in his face!” (Bukhari #5684)
Back to the List
5. Politeness and Good Manners
The Prophet (pbuh) showed good manners and was courteous to all, even to children. Once when the Prophet was in a gathering, a drink was brought to the Prophet (pbuh) and he drank from it. On his right side there was a young boy and on his left side were elderly men. Feeling obliged by the respect of elders, and not wanting to hurt the feelings of the child, he asked the young boy:
“Do you mind if I give the drink to them?’ The young boy said: ‘O Prophet of God! By God! I would not prefer anyone to drink from the place you drank. This is my fair share18.’ The Messenger of God (pbuh) handed the boy the drink.” (Bukhari #2319)
Back to the List
6. Love for Reformation and Reconciliation
Whenever a situation occurred which called for reconciliation, the Prophet (pbuh) would hurry to resolve it. Once when he heard that the people of Qubaa’19 disputed with each other about a matter, the Prophet (pbuh) said:
“Let us go to resolve the situation and make peace between them.” (Bukhari #2547)
Back to the List
7. Ordering with the good and forbidding evil
If the Prophet (pbuh) saw an act which opposed a tenet of the religion, he would reprimand it in a suitable manner. Abdullah b. Abbas said: The Messenger of God pbuh saw a man wearing a gold ring20, so he reached for it, [and] removed it…. He then said:
“Would one of you seek a burning charcoal and place it on his hand?!”
The man was later told, after the Prophet pbuh left: ‘Take your ring! Make good use of it [by selling it].’ The man said: ‘No, by God! I will never take it after the Messenger of God pbuh cast it away.’ (Muslim #2090)
Abu Saeed al-Khudri said:
I heard the Messenger of Allah say: “Whoever of you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart…” (Muslim)
Back to the List
8. Love of Purification
A companion passed by the Prophet (pbuh) while he was not in a state of purification. He greeted him with God’s name, but the Prophet (pbuh) did not return the greeting until he performed ablution and apologized saying:
“I disliked that I should mention God’s name while I am not in a state of purity.” (Ibn Khuzaimah #206)
Back to the List
9. Safeguarding and Minding One’s Language
The Messenger of God (pbuh) would busy himself with the remembrance of God; he would not talk in vain. He would lengthen his prayers and shorten the speech, and he would not hesitate to help and take care of the needs of a needy, poor or widow. (Ibn Hib’ban #6423)
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10. Excelling in Acts of Worship
A’ishah said that the Prophet of God (pbuh) used to pray during the night until his feet would swell. She said, ‘Why do you do this, O Messenger of God, while God has forgiven your past and future sins?’ The Prophet (pbuh) replied:
“Shall I not be a grateful slave (of God)?” (Bukhari #4557)
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11. Forbearance
Once some companions came to the Prophet (pbuh) complaining about a tribe, namely the Daws, who refused to accept Islam, asking him to curse them. The Prophet (pbuh) raised his hands in prayer and instead said:
“O Allah guide the tribe of Daws and bring them to Islam!”
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12. Good Appearance
The companions knew the Prophet (pbuh) to be the most beautiful of people. One companion said:
“The Prophet (pbuh) was a person of average height. His shoulders were wide. His hair reached his earlobes. Once I saw him adorned in a red garment; I never saw anything more beautiful than him.” (Bukhari #2358)
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13. Asceticism in Worldly Affairs
There are many examples in the Prophet’s life which prove that he had no concern for the pleasures of this life. Abdullah b. Masood said:
“The Messenger of God (pbuh) went to sleep on a mat. He stood up and he had marks on his side due to the mat that he had slept on. We said: ‘O Messenger of God, shall we not make [a proper] bedding for you?’ He said: ‘What do I have to do with this world? I am only like a wayfarer upon a mount that stopped to take shade and rest under a tree, and then leaves it behind and continues on the journey.” (Tirmidthi #2377)
Amr’ b. al-Haarith said:
“The Messenger of God (pbuh) did not leave any gold or silver currency, or a slave, male or female, after his death. He only left behind his white mule, his weapons and a piece of land which he declared as Charity.” ((Bukhari #2588)
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14. Altruism
Sahl b. Sa’d said: The Prophet (pbuh) had more care for those around him than for his own self.
“A woman gave the Messenger of God (pbuh) a Burdah (gown). The Prophet (pbuh) asked his Companions: ‘Do you know what a Burdah is?’ They replied, ‘Yes, O Prophet of God! It is a piece of woven cloth [similar to a shawl]. The woman said: ‘O Prophet of God! I have woven this shawl with my own hands, for you to wear.’ The Messenger of God (pbuh) took it while he direly needed it. After a while, the Messenger of God (pbuh) came out of his home wearing it, and a Companion said to the Messenger of God (pbuh): ‘O Prophet of God! Grant me this shawl to wear!’ The Messenger of God (pbuh) said: ‘Yes.’ He then sat for awhile, and headed back home, folded it and gave it to the person who asked for it. The Companions scolded him saying: ‘It was not appropriate for you to ask for his shawl; especially since you know he does not turn anyone down or send them away empty-handed! The man said: ‘By God! I only asked him to give it to me because I want to be shrouded in this shawl when I die.’ Sahl, the narrator of the Hadeeth said: ‘The shawl was used as a shroud for that man when he died.” (Bukhari #1987)
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15. Strong Faith and Dependence on God
Although the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions faced severe trials from the disbelievers, he always reminded them that the end was for the believers, and that the Will of God will come to pass. When Abu Bakr and the Prophet hid in a cave after they had left their homes in order to migrate to Madeenah, the disbelievers of Makkah had sent scouts in search of them. They came so close to the cave that Abu Bakr could see their feet. Abu Bakr said:
“I looked at the feet of the pagans while we were in the cave [of Thawr]. I said, ‘O Prophet of God! If anyone of them looks down at his feet he would see us!’ The Messenger of God (pbuh) said: ‘O Abu Bakr! What do you think of two with whom God, the Exalted, is their Third?” (Muslim #1854)
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16. Kindness and Compassion
The Prophet was the kindest of people, and this was also apparent in his treatment of infants.
“The Messenger of God (pbuh) performed Salah (prayer) while he was carrying an infant girl named Umaamah, daughter of Abul-Aas. When he bowed, he put her on the ground, and when he stood up, he would carry her again.” (Bukhari #5650)
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17. Simplification and Ease
The Prophet (pbuh) always sought to make things easy for people. The Messenger of God (pbuh) said:
“I start the prayer with the intention of lengthening it, but when I hear a child crying, I shorten the prayer, as I know its mother would suffer from his screams!” (Bukhari #677)
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18. Fearing God, being Mindful to not trespass His Limits
The Messenger of God (pbuh) said:
“Sometimes, when I return to my family, I would find a datefruit on the bed. I would pick it up to eat it; but I would fear that it was from the charity21, and thus, throw it back [on the ground].” (Bukhari #2300)
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19. Spending Generously
Anas bin Malik said:
‘The Messenger of God (pbuh) was never asked for something when a person accepted Islam, except that he granted that person what he asked. A man came to the Prophet (pbuh) and he gave him a herd of sheep that was grazing between two mountains. The man returned to his people and said: ‘O my people accept Islam! Muhammad (pbuh) gives out generously like one who does not fear poverty.’ (Muslim #2312)
Ibn Abbas said:
‘The Prophet (pbuh) was the most generous of people. He was most generous during Ramadhan when he met Gabriel (pbuh); he would meet him every night during Ramadhan to practice and review the Qur’an with him. The Messenger of God (pbuh) was so generous, that he was faster than the swiftest wind in this regard. (Bukhari #6)
Abu Dharr said:
‘I was walking with the Prophet (pbuh) in the Har’rah (volcanic region) of Madeenah and we faced the mount of Uhud; the Prophet (pbuh) said: ‘O Abu Dharr!’ I said: ‘Here I am O Messenger of God!’ He said: ‘It would not please me to have an amount of gold equal to the weight of Mount Uhud, until I spend and give it out (in the sake of God) within a night or within three nights. I would keep a single silver piece of it to help those who are in debt. (Bukhari #2312)
Jabir b. Abdullah said:
‘The Prophet pbuh did not refuse to give anything which he had to someone if he asked for it.’ (Bukhari #5687)
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20. Cooperation
The Prophet (pbuh) was not a king who commanded his followers to carry out his orders. Rather he always carried out his own affairs and helped others in collective duties. A’ishah was once asked about how the Prophet (pbuh) behaved with his family. She said:
“He helped and assisted his family members with their chores; but when the call to prayer was heard, he would [stop everything and] leave to attend the prayers.”
Al-Baraa bin ‘Azib said:
“I saw the Messenger of God (pbuh) on the Day of the Trench carrying dirt [that was dug from the trench] until his chest was covered with dirt.” (Bukhari #2780)
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21. Truthfulness
A’ishah said:
“The trait and characteristic which the Prophet (pbuh) hated most was lying. A man would tell a lie in the presence of the Prophet (pbuh) and he would hold it against him, until he knew that he repented.” (Tirmidthi #1973)
Even his enemies attested to his truthfulness. Abu Jahl, who was one of the harshest enemies of Islam, said: ‘O Muhammad! I do not say that you are a liar! I only deny what you brought and what you call people to.’ God, the Exalted, says:
“We know indeed that what they say certainly grieves you, but surely they do not call you a liar; but the unjust deny the verses of God.” [6:33]
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22. Aggrandizing the limits set by Allah,
and Always Seeking the Moderate Path
A’ishah said:
“The Prophet (pbuh) was not given a choice between two matters, except that he chose the easier of the two, as long as it was not a sinful act. If that act was a sinful act, he would be the farthest from it. By God! He never avenged himself. He only became angry when people transgressed the limits and boundaries of God; in that case he avenged [for the sake of God].” (Bukhari #6404)
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23. Pleasant Facial Expression
Abdullah bin al-Harith said:
“I have never seen a man who smiled as much as the Messenger of God (pbuh).” (Tirmidthi #2641)
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24. Honesty, Trustworthiness and Reliability
The Prophet (pbuh) was wellknown for his honesty. The pagans of Makkah -who were openly hostile towards him- would leave their valuables with him. His honesty and reliability was tested when the pagans of Makkah abused him and tortured his companions and drove them out of their homes. He ordered his cousin, Ali b. Abi Talib to postpone his migration for three days to return to people their valuables.22

Another example of his honesty, trustworthiness and reliability is demonstrated in the Truce of Hudaibiyah, wherein he agreed to the article in the treaty which stated that any man who left the Prophet (pbuh) would not be returned to him, and any man who left Makkah would be returned to them. Before the treaty was concluded a man named Abu Jandal b. Amr had managed to escape from the pagans of Makkah and rushed to join Muhammad (pbuh). The pagans asked Muhammad to honor his pledge and return the escapee. The Messenger of God (pbuh) said:
“O Abu Jandal! Be patient and ask God to grant you patience. God will surely help you and those who are persecuted and make it easy for you. We have signed an agreement with them, and we certainly do not betray or act treacherously.” (Baihaquee #18611)
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25. Bravery and courage
Ali said:
“You should have seen him on the Day of Badr! We sought refuge with the Messenger of God (pbuh). He was the closest among us to the enemy. On that Day, the Messenger of God (pbuh) was the strongest one among us.” (Ahmed #654)
As for his courage and bravery under normal circumstances - Anas b. Malik said:
“The Messenger of God (pbuh) was the best of people and the most courageous. One night, the people of Madeenah were frightened and headed towards the sounds they heard during the night. The Messenger of God (pbuh) met them while coming back from the place of the sound, after he made sure that there was no trouble. He was riding a horse that belonged to Abu Talhah without any saddle, and he had his sword with him. He was assuring the people, saying: ‘Do not be frightened! Do not be frightened!” (Bukhari #2751)
He met up with people riding a horse with no saddle, and he carried his sword, for there might be a reason or need to use it. He did not wait for others to investigate the source of trouble as is usually done in these situations.
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26. Bashfulness and Modesty
Abu Ayoub al-Ansari said that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:
“Four (traits) are from the practice of the Messengers; modesty, using perfume and siwak (tooth stick) and marriage.” (Tirmidthi)
A’ishah said:
“A woman asked the Prophet (pbuh) about the bath which is taken at the end of the menstrual period. The Prophet (pbuh) said: ‘Purify yourself with a piece of cloth scented with musk.’ The Prophet (pbuh) felt shy and turned his face. A’ishah said: ‘I pulled her to myself and told her what the Prophet (pbuh) meant.’ ” (Bukhari #313)
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27. Humbleness
The Messenger of God (pbuh) was the most humble person. He was so humble that if a stranger were to enter the mosque and approach the Prophet’s sitting place while he was sitting with his Companions, one would not be able to distinguish him from his Companions. Anas bin Malik said:
“Once, while we were sitting with the Messenger of God (pbuh) in the Masjid, a man on his camel approached. After he tied it with a rope, he asked: ‘Who amongst you is Muhammad?’ The Messenger of God (pbuh) was sitting on the ground while he was leaning, with his Companions. We directed the Bedouin, saying: ‘This white man leaning on the ground.’ The Prophet (pbuh) did not differ nor distinguish himself from his Companions.”
The Prophet (pbuh) would not hesitate to help the poor, needy and widows in their needs. Anas b. Malik said:
“A woman from the people of Madeenah who was partially insane said to the Prophet (pbuh): ‘I have to ask you [your help] about something.’ He helped her and took care of her needs.” (Bukhari #670)
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28. Mercy and Compassion
Abu Masood al-Ansari said:
“A man came to the Prophet (pbuh) and said: ‘O Messenger of God! By God! I do not pray Fajr prayer because so and so lengthens the prayer.’ He said: ‘I have never seen the Messenger of God (pbuh) deliver a speech in such an angry state.’ He said: ‘O People! Verily there are among you those who chase people away! If you lead people in prayer, shorten the prayer. There are old and weak people and those with special needs behind you in prayer.’ ” (Bukhari #670)
Once when the Prophet (pbuh) went to visit his grandchild he shed some tears.
“The Messenger of God (pbuh) sat with the child while he was on his deathbed. The child’s eyes froze in their places like stones. Upon seeing that, the Messenger of God (pbuh) wept. Sa’d said to him, ‘What is this ‘O Prophet of God?’ He said: ‘This is a mercy that God, the Exalted, places in the hearts of His slaves. Truly, God is merciful to those who are merciful towards others.’ ” (Bukhari #6942)
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29. Patience and Forbearance
Anas bin Malik said:
“Once, I was walking with the Messenger of God (pbuh) while he was wearing a Yemeni cloak with a collar with rough edges. A Bedouin grabbed him strongly. I looked at the side of his neck and saw that the edge of the cloak left a mark on his neck. The Bedouin said, ‘O Muhammad! Give me [some] of the wealth of God that you have.’ The Messenger of God (pbuh) turned to the Bedouin, laughed and ordered that he be given [some money].” (Bukhari #2980)
Another example of his patience is the story of the Jewish Rabbi, Zaid bin Sa’nah. Zaid had given something as a loan to the Messenger of God (pbuh). He himself said,
“Two or three days prior to the return of the debt, the Messenger of God (pbuh) was attending the funeral of a man from the Ansar. Abu Bakr and Umar, Uthman and some other Companions were with the Prophet (pbuh). After he prayed the funeral prayer he sat down close to a wall, and I came towards him, grabbed him by the edges of his cloak, and looked at him in a harsh way, and said: ‘O Muhammad! Will you not pay me back my loan? I have not known the family of Abdul-Mutalib to delay in repaying debts!’

I looked at Umar b. al-Khat’taab - his eyes were swollen with anger! He looked at me and said: ‘O Enemy of God, do you talk to the Messenger of God and behave towards him in this manner?! By the One who sent him with the truth, had it not been for the fear of not entering the Heavenly Gardens, I would have beheaded you with my sword! The Prophet (pbuh) was looking at Umar in a calm and peaceful manner, and he said: ‘O Umar, you should have given us sincere counseling, rather than to do what you did! O Umar, go and repay him his loan, and give him twenty Sa’a (measurement of weight) extra because you scared him!’

Zaid said: ‘Umar went with me, and repaid me the debt, and gave me over it twenty Sa’a of dates. I asked him: ‘What is this?’ He said: ‘The Messenger of God (pbuh) ordered me to give it, because I frightened you.’ Zaid then asked Umar: ‘O Umar, do you know who I am?’ Umar said: ‘No, I don’t - who are you?’ Zaid said: ‘I am Zaid b. Sa’nah.’ Umar inquired: ‘The Rabbi?’ Zaid answered: ‘Yes, the Rabbi.’ Umar then asked him: ‘What made you say what you said to the Prophet (pbuh) and do what you did to him?’ Zaid answered: ‘O Umar, I have seen all the signs of prophethood in the face of the Messenger of God (pbuh) except two – (the first) his patience and perseverance precede his anger and the second, the more harsher you are towards him, the kinder and more patient he becomes, and I am now satisfied. O Umar, I hold you as a witness that I testify and am satisfied that there is no true god worthy of being worshipped except God alone, and my religion is Islam and Muhammad (pbuh) is my Prophet. I also hold you as a witness that half of my wealth - and I am among the wealthiest people in Madeenah - I give for the sake of God to the Muslims.’ Umar said: ‘you will not be able to distribute your wealth to all the Muslims, so say, ‘I will distribute it to some of the followers of Muhammad (pbuh).’ Zaid said: ‘I said, then I will distribute (the apportioned) wealth to some of the Muslims.’ Both Zaid and Umar returned to the Messenger of God (pbuh). Zaid said to him: ‘I bear witness that there is no true god worthy of being worshipped except God alone, and that Muhammad (pbuh) is the slave of God and His Messenger.’ He believed in him, and witnessed many battles and then died in the Battle of Tabook while he was encountering the enemy - may God have mercy on Zaid.’ ” (Ibn Hibban #288)
A great example of his forgiveness and perseverance is apparent when he pardoned the people of Makkah after its conquest. When the Messenger of God (pbuh) gathered the people; who had abused, harmed and tortured him and his companions, and had driven them out of the city of Makkah, he said:
“What do you think I will do to you?’ They answered: ‘You will only do something favorable; you are a kind and generous brother, and a kind and generous nephew!’ The Prophet (pbuh) said: ‘Go - you are free to do as you wish.” (Baihaqi #18055)
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30. Patience
The Messenger of God (pbuh) was the epitome of patience. He was patient with his people before calling them to Islam; for they would worship idols and do sinful acts. He was patient and tolerant with the abuse and harm the pagans of Makkah inflicted on him and his Companions and sought the reward of God. He was also patient and tolerant with the abuse of the hypocrites in Madeenah.

His patience was severely tested when he lost his loved ones. His wife, Khadeejah, died during his lifetime, as did all his children, save his daughter, Fatimah. His uncle Hamzah and Abu Talib passed away as well. The Prophet (pbuh) was patient and sought the reward of God. Anas b. Malik said:
“We entered the house of Abu Saif - the blacksmith - with the Prophet (pbuh). Abu Saif’s wife was the wetnurse of his son, Ibraheem. The Messenger of God (pbuh) lifted his son Ibraheem, and smelled and kissed him. After a while he went and saw his son again - he was dying. The Prophet (pbuh) started to cry. Abdurrahmaan b. Auf said: ‘O Prophet of God, you too cry!’ The Messenger (pbuh) said: ‘O Ibn Auf, this is a mercy’ - the Prophet (pbuh) shed more tears and said: ‘The eyes shed tears, the heart is saddened, and we only say what pleases our Lord, and we are saddened by your death, O Ibraheem!” (Bukhari #1241)
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31. Justice and Fairness
The Messenger of God (pbuh) was just and fair in every aspect of his life and in the application of the religion. A’ishah said:
‘The people of Quraish were extremely concerned about a Makhzoomi woman (i.e. the woman from the tribe of Makhzoom) who committed a theft. They conversed among themselves and said, ‘Who can intercede on her behalf with the Messenger of God (pbuh)?’

They finally said: ‘Who dares to speak to the Messenger of God (pbuh) in this matter except Usamah b. Zaid, the most beloved young man to the Messenger of God (pbuh).’ So Usamah spoke to the Messenger of God (pbuh) regarding the woman. The Messenger of God (pbuh) said:
‘O Usamah! Do you intercede (on their behalf to disregard) one of God’s castigations and punishments!’
The Messenger of God (pbuh) got up and delivered a speech, saying:
‘People before you were destroyed because when the noble among them stole, they would let him go; and if the poor and weak stole they would punish him. By God! If Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad stole, I would cut her hand off.’ (Bukhari #3288)
The Messenger of God (pbuh) was just and fair and allowed others to avenge themselves if he harmed them. Usaid b. Hudhair said:
‘A man from the Ansar, was cracking jokes with people and making them laugh, and the Prophet (pbuh) passed by him and poked his side lightly with a branch of a tree that he was carrying. The man exclaimed: ‘O Prophet of God! Allow me to avenge myself!’ The Prophet (pbuh) said: ‘Go Ahead!’ The man said: ‘O Messenger of God, you are wearing a garment, and I was not when you poked me [i.e. you jabbed my exposed skin, so it is only fair I do the same to you]!’ The Messenger of God (pbuh) raised his upper garment [to expose his side], and the Ansari [merely] kissed it, saying: ‘I only meant to do this, O Messenger of God!’ (Abu Dawood #5224)
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32. Fearing God, and Being Mindful of Him
The Messenger of God (pbuh) was the most mindful person of God. Abdullah bin Masoud said:
“[Once] the Messenger of God (pbuh) said to me: ‘Recite to me from the Qur’an!’ Abdullah b. Masood said: ‘Shall I recite it to you, while it was you to whom it was revealed?!’ The Prophet (pbuh) said: ‘Yes.’ He said: ‘I started to recite Surat an-Nisaa23, until I reached the verse:
“How then if We brought from each nation a witness, and We brought you as a witness against these people!” (4:41)
Upon hearing this verse, the Messenger of God (pbuh) said: ‘That is enough!’ Abdullah b. Masood said, ‘I turned around and saw the Messenger of God (pbuh) crying.’ ” (Bukhari #4763)
A’ishah said:
‘If the Messenger of God (pbuh) saw dark clouds in the sky; he would pace forwards and backwards and would exit and enter his house. As soon as it rained, the Prophet (pbuh) would relax. A’ishah asked him about it, and he said: ‘I do not know, it may be as some people said:
“Then, when they saw the (penalty in the shape of) a cloud traversing the sky, coming to meet their valleys, they said: ‘This cloud will give us rain! Nay, it is the (calamity) you were asking to be hastened! A wind wherein is a Grievous Penalty!24″ (46:24)
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33. Richness and Contentment of the Heart
Umar b. al-Khattab said:
‘I entered the Messenger’s house and I found him sitting on a mat. He had a leather pillow stuffed with fibers. He had a pot of water by his feet, and there was some clothes hung on the wall. His side had marks due to the mat that he lay on. Umar wept when he saw this, and the Messenger (pbuh) asked him: ‘Why do you weep?’ Umar said: ‘O Prophet of God! Khosrau and Caesar enjoy the best of this world, and you are suffering in poverty?!’ He said: ‘Aren’t you pleased that they enjoy this world, and we will enjoy the Hereafter?’ (Bukhari #4629)
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34. Hoping for Goodness, Even for his Enemies
A’ishah said:
‘I asked the Messenger of God (pbuh): “Did you face a day harder and more intense than the Battle of Uhud?‛ He replied: ‘I suffered a lot from your people! The worst I suffered was on the Day of al-’Aqabah when I spoke to Ali b. Abd Yaleel b. Abd Kilaal (in order to support me) but he disappointed me and left me. I left the area while I was quite worried, and walked - when I reached an area called Qarn ath-Tha’alib, I raised my head to the sky and noticed a cloud that shaded me. Gabriel (pbuh) called me and said: ‘O Muhammad! God, the Exalted, has heard what your people have said to you - and has sent the Angel in charge of the mountains, so you can command him to do what you please.’ The Prophet (pbuh) said: ‘The Angel in charge of the mountains called me saying: ‘May God praise you and keep safe from all evil! O Muhammad, I will do whatever you command me to do. If you like I can bring the Akh-shabain mountains together and crush them all.’ The Messenger of God (pbuh) said: ‘It may be that God raises from among them a progeny who worship God alone and associate no partners with Him.’ (Bukhari #3059)

Anyeanfind o who theProphew

12/09/12 @ 22:55
Comment from: Marcus [Member]

Alemayehu G. Mariam, an inept and ignorant liberal living in the USA said:

“The ruling regime has produced no evidence to support its claims of subversion, terrorism and other allegations of criminality by those protesting official interference. There is no evidence to show that those demanding non-interference in their religious affairs are in alliance with any radical groups or have any intention whatsoever to seize political power or establish an “Islamic state” in Ethiopia.”

Alemayehu G. Mariam is not only ignorant about Islamic history but he is also totally clueless about the turbulent history of Ethiopia under Islamic attack. It is Islam the blocked the sea outlets of Ethiopia and isolated it from the outside World for a thousand years. Even now, Muslim States such as Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia (to name but few) are busy supporting and encouraging various separatist movements to destabilize Ethiopia. In short, for Muslims Ethiopia is an unfinished business.

Liberals and leftists will never learn from history and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. If Islam gets power, either by violent methods or through step-by-step creeping Shari’a, in Ethiopia the first group on the Islamic menu that will be eliminated will be these same liberals and leftists.
We call such people useful idiots.

Alemayehu G. Mariam also said: “I lamented the fact that religious freedom was becoming a new focal target of official human rights violations.”

There is no concept of religious freedom and human rights in Islam. Which Muslim country gives unrestricted right of religious practice to Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims? None.

The aim of Islam is to bring the entire World under a single Islamic Caliphate, by any means. If Muslims demand democracy in a non-Muslim country, it is with the ultimate goal of using democracy to destroy democracy when they achieve superiority in terms of resources and demography.

12/10/12 @ 07:18
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Magic and Sex

The imposter Muhammad believed in magic, sorcery, witchcraft, and in deception: “you have robbed my son of his life by your deception and brought great sorrow to me,” complained one of the young men’s fathers, confronting the imposter, the child molester, and the dead-woman fucker (Ishaq: 383).

The false prophet Muhammad was so heavily involved in abusing drugs and other substances, he was very confused and wrote the following Quranic contradictions:

He taught his followers that heaven and earth was created in 6 days (Quran 7:54; 10:3; 11:7).

Then he taught them that earth was created in 2 days (Quran 41:9).

Few hours later, he told them that mountains and earth were created in 4 days.

Finally he instructed them that one day in Allah’s sight is equal to 1000 years.

Following his statement of Allah’s day, he said that one day in Allah’s sight is 50,000 years.

His contradictory statements are the results of his bewitchments by the Jinn/devils.

When Muhammed the sorcerer woke up from his bewitchments, he recognized he had made a big mistake and cried to the moon-god Allah:

“I have fabricated things against Allah and have imputed to him words which he has not spoken to me” (Tabari VI: 110).

Immediately, to appease his moon-god Allah, he ordered all Muslims never to touch the Quran; he told them that only the purified shall touch the Quran (Tabari IX:85).

The truth is that the imposter Muhammad was caught breaking the rules he imposed upon his followers.

Aisha, his child wife, narrated how Muhammad broke his own rules:

“The Prophet used to lean on my lap and recite Quran while I was in menses [in my period]” (Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 6, Number 296).

The imposter prophet Muhammad had been one of the filthiest persons ever lived on our planet earth.

Despite Muhammad had many wives, he could not control his sexual desires and could not wait until his wives’ menstrual periods were ended.

1. His child wife, Aisha, narrated: “If any one of us was having her menstrual period, Allah’s Messenger ordered her to come to him for sexual intercourse while she is on the peak of her period”

2. Maymuna, one of Muhammad’s wives, reported: “The Messenger of Allah used to have sexual intercourse with me during my menstrual period, while a piece of garment is between us.”

3. Umm Salma, another wife of Muhammad, said the same thing (Sahih Muslim, Vol. 1, page 590).

4. Muhammad allowed his followers to have captured women as their concubines (Quran 4:3).

5. The Muslim Allah made it legitimate for Muhammad to have sex with any woman who gave herself to him – a privilege offered to Muhammad only (Quran 33:50).

What makes the false prophet Muhammad the dirtiest and the filthiest person in the entire world is that he had slept with a dead woman and had sex with her dead body.

Hadith 34424 Kanezel Omall: Narrated by Ibn Abbas:

“I (Muhammad) put on her my shirt that she may wear the clothes of heavern, and I SLEPT with her in her coffin (grave) that I may lessen the pressure of the grave. She was the best of Allah’s creatures to me after Abu Talib”…The prophet was referring to Fatima, the mother of Ali.

“The Arabic word used here for ‘slept’ is ‘Id´tajat,’ and literally means ‘lay down’ with her. It is often used to mean, ‘Lay down to have sex.’”

Starting from the Jihadist Muhammad the Prophet up to now, Muslims have desecrated this beautiful earth by murdering, raping, sodomizing, cheating, and finally killing her innocent children. The solution for this is never to have any business with Muslims and deport all Muslims to Mecca where they belong. When we take such a drastic measure against them, they would change their names from Ahmed to Michael and from Fatima to Mary and enter the United States without changing their hearts. They are very tricky people we have to face with. We will never win this battle unless we convince the politicians to consider Islam is a fake religion and yet a great threat to our survival.

12/10/12 @ 12:06
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

What Muslims do to us if they are in power

If Muslims take over the Ethiopian Christian government, they will impose upon the Ethiopian minority Christians the following rules:

1. Acknowledge Islamic superiority

2. Accept Islamic power

3. Pay a tax called Jizya to the Muslim rulers and even higher rates of other taxes

4. Avoid blasphemy

5. Do not try to convert Muslims

6. Comply with the rules laid down by the Islamic authorities, which includes the following:

• Restrictions on clothing and the need to wear a special badge
• Restrictions on building synagogues and Churches
• Not allowed to carry weapons
• Could not receive an inheritance from a Muslim
• Could not bequeath anything to a Muslim
• Could not own a Muslim slave
• A dhimmi man could not marry a Muslim woman (but a Muslim man can marry any woman
• A dhimmi could not give evidence in an Islamic court
• Dhimmis would get lower compensation than Muslims for the same injury

We Ethiopian Christians must stand up against the Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims’ demands; we should not be deceived by their politeness, long beards, and womanish dresses. They are very smart in deceiving others and very rich in bribing authorities to meet their satanic demands.

Little by little and inch by inch, they will take our entire Christian land: we should not make any business with them, and we should not allow them to invest on our Christian land.

12/10/12 @ 12:21
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Memorable words from Marcus: “If Muslims demand democracy in a non-Muslim country, it is with the ultimate goal of using democracy to destroy democracy when they achieve superiority in terms of resources and demography.”

12/10/12 @ 12:35
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

አስታ ጌቱ::

የውሽት ቀሲስ: የሃሰት ሃውልት: የቀልድ በረከት: የሻዕሃብያ ዱላ : የመለስ ከለላ: የግርግር ሌባ: የካሌብ አሽክር: የሙስሊም እሾህ:የፓውሎስ እንቆቅልሽ::

Islam and Human Rights:

The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (CDHRI) is a declaration of the member states of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference adopted in Cairo in 1990,[1] which provides an overview on the Islamic perspective on human rights, and affirms Islamic Shari’ah as its sole source. CDHRI declares its purpose to be “general guidance for Member States [of the OIC] in the Field of human rights". This declaration is usually seen as an Islamic response to the post-World War II United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of 1948.

I have not seen anything in the Bible about any human rights. Jesus only came for the lost children of Israel. But Paul was the one who merged jesus teaching with Paul teaching. What a curse indeed he is.
I asked you to tell me where in the Bible was Paul name Prophesized??? Otherwise, I will not stop attacking the infidel Paul.

If fanatic christians and right wing atheists take control of Ethiopia, What will happen @Marcus?

1. Oppress Muslims. No Sharia in courts.

2. Ban Hijaab.

3. Force them to eat Pork meat.
epiphany and christmass celebrations otherwise they will be called terrrists.

4. The Police will rob them, ask them bribe money as it already happened in the Pente Prime Minister of Hail Maggot.

5. Stop teaching of Arabic.

6. Burn Quraan and Hadith teaching in Madrasas.

7. Invade Mecca.

8. Destroy any Islamic institutions be it relief agencies, child fostering places, Sedeka and Zeka.

9. Close all Islamic Banks and Halal places. Ban interest taking and borrowing.

10. Stop any Islamic News Papers, religious dialogues.

11. Stop having more than one wife.

12. Change your Islamic name into Amharic or Tigre.

13. Change all Emabssy offices into cross gated places.

14. There will be “mezmur” everywhere including minibuses.

15. There will no Friday ceremeony unless it is on Sunday.

16. There will be Haji or Holy visit or journey to Kaaba. They call it black stone.

17. There will be no Muslim in Axum.

18. The Harar Mesjid will be destroyed and there will be second Kulibi.

19. There will be statues for Atse Menelik II and Yohannes IV and Haileselasie but no for Ahmed Gragn or Jimma Aba Jafar or Hassen Injamo or Omer Semeter.

20. Islamic schools will be named inferior and destroyed or closed.

21. Ethiopia will be an Island of christianity.

22. You will be forced to say: Ethiopia will extend its hand to the God of Israel.

23. You will be asked to say Mohammed, (May be peace upon him) is a not a prophet but you will be asked to praise the womanizer King Solomon of 1000 wives as a wise King.

24. You will be asked to watch “Mohammed cartoons” in the name of freedom of press at Addis Ababa University sponsored by Amrican Embassy in Addis Abbaba but you will not hear about the imposter “Paul, the false apostle cartoon".

25. The Ethiopian identity will be prostitution, bars, clubs, luxury Langano Walker, Haile Gebresleasie, and Meles the imposter and christian flag.

26. All Muslim owned businesses will be snatched like from Al Amoudin real estate agents such as Huda who just lost its 6000 sq meter land around Mexico areas due to pressure of Christian fanatics. Now he is asked to leave the Arada or Piassa 36000 square kilometer land on invalid excuses.

27. There will be no visas for Muslim countries and the application procedure for educated Muslims will be delayed on false pretenses.

28. All Muslims will be asked to come out celebrate the Kings of copts or leave the country.

29. All Muslims will be asked to praise christianity as civilization and Islam as being violent and barbaric.

30. Bible is peace and love and Quraan is evil and harsh.

My dear audiences, do you want the country of Assta Getu and Marcus his right wing atheist to control over our future or are you ready to work for the land of Al Mariam?

I just leave it like that.

12/10/12 @ 12:58
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

A Must read article:

2012, August 14. By Sujit Das

Presently the debate on Islam is going on at full force on various social networking sites as well as in many ex-Muslim and anti-Islam websites. But truth is not always welcomed wholeheartedly and old beliefs don’t die so easily. Though many sympathizers of Islam (e.g., Karen Armstrong, Edward Said and John Esposito) try to portray a deceptively rosy picture of Islam, the true Muslims show the real face of Islam with their constant readiness to harass, intimidate and assassinate anyone who slights their religion. For this reason Theo Van Gogh was shot and stabbed to death in Netherlands and his associate Ayaan Hirsi Ali had to live with bodyguards and armoured cars (Ali, 2007, p. xii), the Bangladeshi feminist and secularist Taslima Nasrin has been living in exile since 1994, Egyptian human rights activist Faraj Foda was shot dead in front of his office in Cairo and Nasr Hamid Zayd fled out of Egypt to escape the death penalty and secularist Egyptian Sayyid Mahmoud al-Qimni was forced to recant all his writings (Ahmed, 2006, p. ix). Unfortunately before the outside world would get a chance to read their works these writers were silenced through murder, terrorization and death-threats, and their writings were banned in the Muslim world.

Today who can deny the fact that Islam is different from all other religions because of the threat of violence and the very real violence offered to its critics? All other religions can be criticized and even ridiculed without fear of violence. Only with Islam is there a credible threat of violence to its critics. Muslims can criticize Christianity and Hinduism without any fear of violence, but Christians and Hindus cannot criticize Islam without an ever-present fear of Islamic violence. Thus it is an unfair, one-sided debate. It takes far more bravery to be on the side of Islam-critics. A simple, calm, rational debate between religions is simply not possible because the fear of Islamic violence is always there in the background. If Islam is, as Muslims claim, a mature, modern, tolerant religion, why is there a need for the threat of violence? Muslims don’t understand the self-contradiction.

Since Muslims cannot argue their for religion with reason (Islam cannot survive if argued with reason), they resort to sudden abnormal rage. If it does not help they opt for pathological lying and flawed arguments. We often hear two such arguments from them – the “language” argument and the “out of context” argument (Warraq, 2003, pp. 400-4).

In this article we will have a closer look at these two arguments.
When the Qur’anic contradictions, or absurdities, or the violent verses are pointed out, Muslims will ask aggressively, “Do you know Arabic?” When the non-Muslim replies “No.”, they triumphantly say, “You have to read it in original Arabic to understand it fully”, or “These verses/words are not there in the original Arabic Qur’an”, or, “The beauty of the Qur’an is lost in the translation”, or “There are many fake translations of the Qur’an to malign Islam” etc. With this the Western critics generally become silent. Now the question is how many Muslims have read the Qur’an in original Arabic? Since the majority of the Muslims are not Arabs, they also have to rely on translations.

Further, a large part of the Qur’an is just the meaningless blabbering of an semi-illiterate seventh century man whom Muslims revere as their Prophet. In this respect, Puin, the great scholar of Islam (cited Warraq, 2002, pp. 112, 121) commented,
“My idea is that the Qur’an is a kind of cocktail of texts that were not all understood even at the time of Muhammad. Many of them may even be a hundred years older than Islam itself. The Qur’an claims for itself that it is ‘mubeen’, or clear. But [contrary to popular belief] if you look at it, you will notice that every fifth sentence or so simply does not make sense … the fact is that a fifth of the Qur’anic text is just incomprehensible. If the Qur’an is not comprehensible, if it cannot even be understood in Arabic, then it’s not translatable into any language. That is why Muslims are afraid. Since the Qur’an claims repeatedly to be clear but is not — there is an obvious and serious contradiction. Something else must be going on”.

The Qur’an is indeed a confusing text – which confuses everyone whether s/he knows Arabic or not. In fact the Qur’an was not written fully in the purest Arabic. There are many foreign words which got included in this supposedly “God’s unaltered word” (Warraq, 1995, p. 108). The very word “Qur’an” itself is of foreign origin. Contrary to popular Muslim belief, the meaning of Qur’an is not “recitation”. It is actually derived from an Aramaic word, “Qariyun”, meaning a “lectionary” of scripture portions appointed to be recited at divine service. The Qur’an contains most of the Biblical stories in a shorter (and often muddled) form, and as Puin commented (cited Das, 2012, p. 158), is “a summary of the Bible to be read in a service”.

Moreover the freethinkers and critics do not need to know Arabic; all they need is a critical sense, clarity of thought, unbiased attitude and scepticism. The language of Qur’an is a form of classical Arabic which is totally different from the spoken Arabic of today. So, even Arabs have to rely on translations to understand their holy text. Moreover, when the Muslims criticize the Bible and other sacred texts of Christianity how many of them know a word of Hebrew, Latin or Greek? When they criticize the holy scriptures of Hinduism, how many of them know Sanskrit? Muslims fail to realise that their flawed logic in defending Islam actually rebounds against them. Also, Muslims around the world preach Islam to make converts in languages other than Arabic. If Qur’an can only be understood in Arabic, how can they do this?
Neither the “actual meaning” of the Qur’an nor its “beauty” is lost in the translation. There are translations of the Arabic Qur’an by Muslims themselves, so Muslims cannot claim that there has been deliberate tampering of the text by “infidel translators”. Arabic is a Semitic language related to Hebrew and Aramaic and as such is no easier but also no more difficult to translate than any other language. Of course there are all sorts of extra difficulties with the language and grammar of the Qur’an as noted previously, but these difficulties have been recognized by Muslim scholars themselves. For example, as-Suyuti, possibly the greatest Arabist and Qur’an commentator ever, while concerning the verse 11.107 writes words to the effect that, “I cannot make heads or tails out of this blessed verse.” (cited Warraq, 2011, p. 224). The Qur’an is fact a rather opaque text, but it is opaque to everyone. Even Muslim scholars do not understand a fifth of it (Warraq, 2003, p. 400). The Arab literary scholar Nicholson noted (1969, p. 161) that the Qur’an is, “obscure, tiresome, uninteresting, a farrago of long-winded narratives and prosaic exhortations”. And regarding the “beauty” of the Qur’an it is better that we say nothing. A large portion of the Qur’an is full of Jihadi verses and hate speech against the infidels. As an example, I quote the most ‘beautiful and peaceful’ verse of the Qur’an, known as the “verse of sword”:

“Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” (Q: 9.5)
This is just one example of ‘miraculous beauty’ of this holy book. Let us read the Surah 111 (Al-Massad: Palm fiber, The Flame):

“The power of Abu Lahab will perish, and he will perish. His wealth and gains will not exempt him. He will be plunged in flaming Fire, and his wife, the wood-carrier will have upon her neck a halter of palm-fiber.”

The entirety of Surah 111 is a curse. What beauty can we find in a hate speech?

The Qur’an is full of vulgar words and obscene language directed towards the infidels. As examples:
the infidels are Harm-doers (Q: 2.59; 2.95; 2.145; 2.150; 2.165; 2.193; 2.229; 2.246; 2.254; 2.258; 2.270; 3.57; 3.86; 3.94; 3.128; 3.140; 3.151; 4.74; 5.29; 5.45; 5.107; 6.21; 6.45; 6.58; 6.135; 7.41; 7.47; 7.148; 8.54; 9.23; 11.31, etc); Hypocrites (Q: 4.61; 8.49; 9.64; 9.73; 29.11; 33.1; 48.6; 57.13; 59.11; 63.1; 66.9, etc.); Liars (Q: 6.28; 7.66; 9.77; 11.93; 39.3; 40.24, etc); Evildoers (Q: 2.12; 2.26; 2.99; 3.63; 5.47; 5.108; 7.102; 9.24; 10.17; 11.18; 14.22; 17.47; 18.53; 19.86; 24.4; 29.4; 34.42; 37.22; 39.24, etc) (Das, 2012, p. 142). All this hate speech that goes on verse after verse indicates the cultural heritage of illiterate Muhammad who was brought up in a desert. People who are evil attack others instead of facing their own failures. A curse is uttered by a person who desires to harm another person but finds him or herself physically powerless to do so and so appeals to a supernatural power to inflict such harm.

Secondly, there is another serious problem in the Qur’an: It affirms the scriptures of the Jews and the Christians as authentic and true revelations from God. Allah confirms,
“Verily this is a Revelation from the Lord of the Worlds: With it came down the spirit of Faith and Truth Upon thy heart, that thou mayst be (one) of the warners, in the perspicuous Arabic tongue. And lo! it is in the Scriptures of the men of earlier (Prophets).” (Q:26:192-6)
The “earlier writings” spoken of are the Torah and the Injil for example, which were written in Hebrew and Greek. For Jews, Arabic was a language of poets and drunkards. How can the Arabic Qur’an be contained in books written in other languages?
Now we have the choice between two different fallacies in Allah’s purported revelation. Because of verse 26.196, the words written “in clear Arabic speech” should be contained in the earlier revelations. But this is a lie, because these earlier revelations are not in Arabic, therefore the words cannot be in the earlier revelation. But then verse 26.196 becomes a lie in the Qur’an.

In no way we can save the situation. There are more such verses, e.g., the verse 16.103 also claims “this is Arabic pure and clear” which refers to the Qur’an without doubt.
Moreover, this raises another serious question: in what language is the one and only true original of the document? Was it written in Arabic, or Latin, or in some other language unknown to us? Certainly the first printed edition of the Qur’an was written in Arabic and subsequently the Quran has been translated into and printed in many other languages.
However, some scholars believe that initially the Qur’an was written in a popular dialect prevalent in the Hijaz (a coastal region of the western Arabian Peninsula bordering on the Red Sea), but that later the book was re-written in the Arabic literary language in which it now comes to us (Warraq, 2011, p. 83).
If so, this means the original language of the Qur’an is not pure Arabic. But then what is the original language of this supposedly sacred scripture? Nobody on earth, not even the most devout Muslim, knows the answer to this question.

And there is another problem: the sceptics who doubt that any earthly edition of the Qur’an is a transcript of the “supernatural prototype” point out that earthly editions of the Qur’an contain many contradictions, inconsistencies, fallacies, errors, and absurdities.

If the earthly editions are not free from error how can we be sure that the heavenly version (Q: 43.3 – “the mother of the book”; Q: 55.77 – “a concealed book”; Q: 85.22 – “a well guarded tablet”) is entirely error free? Or if we grant that it is so, does this imply that the “earthly” Qu’ran is corrupted?
Therefore we can see that the “language” argument of the Muslims does not stand on firm ground. If the Muslims claim that there are many “fake” translations in circulation (usually as part of a Zionist or Jewish conspiracy) to defame Islam, why is there no fatwa (religious verdict) to remove the fake copies from circulation, or even identify them? Why there is not an outrage similar to the Muhammad-cartoon incident, or Salman Rushdie’s 1988 novel “The Satanic Verses”, or the Pope’s criticism of Muhammad on September 12, 2006?
In fact there is no “fake” translation of the Arabic Qur’an. This “beautiful” book is a violent and hateful text and mother of all the terrorist manuals of today’s Islamic terrorism. So while criticizing Islam, the freethinkers should not think “who am I to criticize Islam? I don’t know any Arabic.” The language argument is a Muslim tactic to defend the many problems with the language of the Qu’ran. For a first-rate independent thinker, who embarks on studying and searching for the discovery of truth and reality with honesty and sincerity, language is not a barrier. If not, how come these freethinkers are able and happy to criticize Christianity or Hinduism? How many Western freethinkers and atheists know Hebrew? How many even know what the language of the Old Testament was? How many of them know the ancient Sanskrit to criticize the Hindu sacred texts? Of course, Muslims are also free in their criticism of the Bible and Christianity, and Hinduism and Bhagvada-Gita without knowing a word of Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek or Sanskrit.

Next, let us discuss the “out of context” argument. When the Jihadi verses are pointed out to the Muslims, they say “You have quoted out of context”. This “out of context” argument, to borrow words from Warraq, is the “old standby of crooked, lying politicians” (Warraq, 2003, p. 400).

“Context” in this instance could mean two things: the historical context to which the various verses refer; or the textual context (the actual place in a particular chapter that the verse quoted comes from).
The Historical Context is irrelevant. The Qur’an is supposed to be the eternal word of God and true and valid “forever”. If Allah is eternal, then Allah can neither have a past nor a history. Therefore, Muslims actually blaspheme their God when they talk about “historical context”.

Secondly, as Spencer observed (2003, p. 127), reading the Qur’an is often like walking in on a conversation between two people with whom one is only slightly acquainted. Frequently they make reference to people and events without bothering to explain what is going on. Even the famous Muslim scholar and one of the most influential thinkers, Sayyid Qutb admits that most of the Surahs were not revealed as a whole but rather in a piecemeal fashion on diverse occasions and times, of which there is no historical record agreed upon by scholars. Hence the only option available to us is that of assumption and majority-opinion in this matter (cited Boullata, 2002, p. 363). In other words, the context is often not supplied. Therefore if the historical context is not given in the Qur’an, how a verse can be quoted “out of context” historically?
The remaining “context” is the textual context. There are some peaceful verses in the Qur’an which were revealed in Mecca and Muslims want to prove that Islam is a peaceful religion by quoting these verses. But all the peaceful verses were all abrogated by the violent verses of the ninth Surah because the ninth Surah was revealed later in Muhammad’s career. In fact, most Muslim authorities agree that the ninth Surah was the very last section of the Qur’an ‘revealed’ to him. Many Muslim theologians assert that the verse of sword (Q: 9.5) abrogates up to 124 more peaceful and tolerant verses of the Qur’an (Spencer, 2007, p. 78; McAuliffe, 2006, p. 218). The ninth Surah is the only one of the Qur’an’s 114 chapters that does not begin with “Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim” –
“In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful.” Is this because Muhammad not only did not recite the Bismillah himself, but commanded that it not be recited at the beginning of this Surah? The Tafsir al-Jalalayn explains Muhammad’s command by saying that the Bismillah is security, and the ninth Surah was sent down when security was removed by the sword. Ali ibn Abi Talib agrees, saying that the Bismillah “conveys security while this Surah was sent down with the sword. That is why it does not begin with security” (Oliver, 2006, p. 537; Spencer, 2009, p. 200). Ibn Kathir declares that the verse of sword (Q: 9.5) has “abrogated every agreement of peace between the Prophet and any idolater, every treaty and every term … no idolater had any more treaty or promise of safety ever since the Surah Bara’ah [ninth Surah] was revealed” (Spencer, 2003, p. 134). Ibn Juzayy, another commentator, agrees that the verse of the sword’s purpose is “abrogating every peaceful treaty of the Qur’an” (Spencer, 2005, p. 25). Therefore the tolerant verses have been invalidated and, in effect, expunged from the Islamic scripture.

(The problem began when Uthman had the verses of the Qur’an collected and arranged them in such a way that the abrogated verses were mixed up with the abrogating verses (Ahmed, 2006, p. 77). This arrangement led to the appearance of discrepancies and contradictions in the Uthmanic Qur’an, which is used until our present day.)

The second proof of the abrogation of the peaceful verses is that the Sharia law does not take them into account – precisely because they are abrogated. Muslims try to fool the non-Muslims with twisted logic and pathological lying. They repeat the same lies again and again thinking that they will become true if repeated often enough. “Islam is a peaceful religion” is a lie which is as old as the birth of Islam. Why don’t we find the Taliban terrorists singing the peaceful verses from the Qur’an while beheading the captives? If the verse “There is no compulsion in religion.” (Q: 2.256) is still valid why did Muslims destroy the world-famous Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan or ancient shrines in Mali? Why do apostates from Islam fear for their lives?

In November 2002, Osama bin Laden quoted eight jihadi verses from the Qur’an in a “Letter to the American People” and in his 1996 declaration of jihad against the USA, he quoted sixteen jihadi verses (Spencer, 2003, p. 125). The long history of lying has caused some Muslims to believe their own lies; they are delusional like their Prophet.

Furthermore, the reinterpretation of Qur’anic verses is officially allowed. Sheikh Youssef Alqardawi, the most famous Muslim scholar in the Arab world, appears on Al Jazeera’s weekly program “Sharia and Life”, to discuss issues related to Islam and answer some of the questions put to him through phone calls. On February 22 2009, he rejected the evolution theory, because the Qur’an says otherwise; but he reassured his audience that Muslims don’t need to worry about the evolution theory as long as it remains a theory. Only if it becomes a recognized scientific fact would the Muslim scholars reinterpret the relevant verses in the Qur’an to bring them in line with proven scientific facts (Salih, 2009).

Muslims claim that the Qur’an is divine, but shamelessly reinterpret the Qur’an by twisting the language and changing the meanings of the words or even introducing completely new meanings. This is how the Muslims lie to save their holy book from downfall. Their logic is simple, “The Qur’an is correct even when it is wrong”.

From the above discussion, it is very clear that when dealing with Muslims, what they say is not the issue. The real issue is what they actually mean in their hearts. They lie when it is in their interest to do so because Allah will not hold them accountable for lying when it is beneficial to the cause of Islam. They lie by swearing to Allah, or by taking an oath by the Prophet, Ka’ba and Qur’an – all with a very sincere and pious look and an innocent face without any guilt or fear of accountability or retribution. And one lie leads to another lie to cover up the first one. A lie in the defence of Islam is approved, even applauded, in the Qur’an.

Allah/Muhammad were two of the greatest liars humanity had ever seen. It is quite fascinating that both of them could just tell a lie and make the Muslims believe it’s true. Muslims have picked up the habit of lying from the Qur’an. If we don’t understand today the Muslims’ Qur’anic strategy of lying to propagate the cult of Islam, we just invite more death and destruction on us in the future.

12/10/12 @ 13:30
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Muslims never pray for the peace of the world!

Can anyone tell me if there is a single word in their Friday prayer that states about the safety, prosperity, and the economic development of the country in which Muslims live?

I am posting for the second time the Muslims’ Friday’s prayers at their Mosques in case someone could tell me the purpose of that type of prayers.

1. Muhammed was allowed to have sex with his wives, captured women, slave girls, first cousins, and any woman who offered herself to hem (Quran 33:50).

2. Muslim men can have sex with their four wives, captured women and slave girls (Quran 4:3, 4.24; 23:6; 33:50; 70:30).

3. Mohammed slept with his daughter in law by Allah’s order (Quran 33:37).

4. Mohammed slept with his wife’s maid by Allah’s order (Quran 66:1-5).

5. Wives are tilth who can be married before age of menstruation, approached at will in any style, beaten divorced and replaced, raped and contracted for short periods (Quran 2:223; 65:4; 4:24; 4:34).

6. Women can be captured, enslaved and raped (Quran 4:3; 4:24; 23:6; 33:50; 70:30).

7. Non Muslims are evil, liars, perverts, filthy. They are lowest careatures and worst beasts (Quran 5:59; 8:22; 8:55; 9:5; 9:28; 16:39; 95:5).

8. The infidels, homosexuals and apostates must be killed (Quran 9:5; 4:15; 4:16; 4:89; 4:90).

9. Allah converted Jews into monkeys for fishing while fasting (Quran 7:163-166).

10. Thamud tribe wiped out by Allah for slaughtering his she came, which came out of a stone instead of a vagina (Quran 7:73,77; 54:23; 54:27,29,30,31; 91:11,13,14).

11. Allah killed man and his donkey and reborned them after 100 years to prove his power (Quran 2:259).

12. Allah made boys and his dogs sleep for 309 years for kicks (Quran 18:10-19).

13. Sulaiman spike the language of all living beings including ants (Quran 27:15-44; 34:12-13).

14. Jesus talked right after birth, gave sight to blind and life to dead (Quran 5:110).

15. Sun has a resting place in Murky waters (Quran 30:38; 71:016).

16. Moon is a lamp (Quran 071:016).

17. Stars are lights attached to the lowest sky and can be used as missiles to shoot down evil/ jinn (Quran 67:5; 37:6).

18. Sky is the roof/canopy without cracks where water is stored (Quran 2:22; 13:2; 50:6,7; 22:65).

19. Mountains are pegs to hold the earth firm (Quran 78:6-7).

20. After creating earth sky and mountains Allah offered Islam to them (Quran 33:72).

21. After mountains refused to accept Islam, Allah forced them to recite hymns [Azan] twice daily (Quran 38:18).

After they have done with their sex-tainted prayers, they go out and demonstrate against the government if they have any grievances with the government they are under.

I wonder how many people think Muslims are religious people and their religion Islam is about peace. Do you see any statement that mentions the word “peace” in the above prayer I posted?

We must destroy Islam! We must prohibit Muslims from entering our Christian country and pray their filthy prayers in our Christian land. We have the power to say “No” to Islam; we have the power to take the Arab-Muslim oil; and we have the power to completely destroy their dirty culture, tradition, and their cultish religion – Islam.

12/10/12 @ 14:19
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

አስታ ጌቱ::

የውሽት ቀሲስ: የሃሰት ሃውልት: የቀልድ በረከት: የሻዕሃብያ ዱላ : የመለስ ከለላ: የግርግር ሌባ: የካሌብ አሽክር: የሙስሊም እሾህ:የፓውሎስ እንቆቅልሽ::

As usual you promised not to touch anything on Islam but now you are all over it. That is how you are taught by Paul the biggest liar.

Islam preaches peace and love and how to behave in their best. Whereas Assta Getu is the best example of how a Paulian follower will behave against Muslims. Right now Muslims are the biggest enemies of Assta Getu because we challenge his Paul. Next, he will not spare Budhists and Hindus for not speaking about Paul. Pente Assta is bent on destroying the Orthodox church. Go to: orthodox church Deje Selam website and look how the ex Paulos patriark is outraged at Pentes attacking orthodox. These barbaric orthodox are scumbugs of Islam and the peaceloving world.

The word ‘LOVE’ appears about 45 times in the whole of the Quran mostly in expressions such as ( in love; love of wealth; love of life; love of Allah; love of woman; love of self; love of other believers or love in the abstract; 2:177; 3:31, 103, 119;5:54; 9:23; 19:96; 38:32 etc).

3: 14 Fair in the eyes of men is the love [hubbu] of things they covet: women and sons; heaped-up hoards of gold and silver; horses branded (for blood and excellence); and (wealth of) cattle and well-tilled land. Such are the possessions of this world’s life; but in nearness to Allah is the best of the goals (to return to).

3: 31 Say: “If ye do love Allah follow me: Allah will love [yuhabibkumu] you and forgive you your sins for Allah is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful.

9: 23 O ye who believe! take not for protectors your fathers and your brothers if they love [astahabbu] infidelity above faith: if any of you do so they do wrong.

19: 96 On those who believe and work deeds of righteousness will (Allah) Most Gracious bestow Love [woudda]

38: 32 And he said “Truly do I love [ahbabtu] the love [hubba] of Good with a view to the glory of my Lord” until (the sun) was hidden in the veil (of Night):

Al-Tirmidhi HadithHadith 1495 Narrated byAbudDarda
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: One of the supplications of David was: Allah, I beg of Thee Thy love and the love of those who love Thee, and such conduct as should lead me to Thy love. Allah, make Thy love dearer to me than my soul and my family and dearer than cold water.
Transmitted by Tirmidhi.

*** As usual, the Quran is misrepresenting the Bible since King David did not know Allah, the name of the rock god of the Ka’ba, neither did he utter the above supplications***

Al-Tirmidhi HadithHadith 6173 Narrated byAbdullah ibn Abbas
Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said, “Love Allah for the favours with which He provides you, love me because of the love of Allah, and love my family from love of me.”
Tirmidhi transmitted it.

Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 4.431 Narrated byAbu Huraira
The Prophet said, “If Allah loves a person, He calls Gabriel saying, ‘Allah loves so and-so; O Gabriel! Love him.’ Gabriel would love him and make an announcement amongst the inhabitants of the Heaven. ‘Allah loves so-and-so, therefore you should love him also,’ and so all the inhabitants of the Heaven would love him, and then he is granted the pleasure of the people on the earth.”

Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 8.446 Narrated bySahl bin Sad
I heard Ibn Az-Zubair who was on the pulpit at Mecca, delivering a sermon, saying, “O men! The Prophet used to say,

“If the son of Adam were given a valley full of gold, he would love to have a second one; and if he were given the second one, he would love to have a third, for nothing fills the belly of Adam’s son except dust. And Allah forgives he who repents to Him.”

Ubai said, “We considered this as a saying from the Qur’an till the Sura (beginning with) ‘The mutual rivalry for piling up of worldly things diverts you…’ - (102.1) was revealed.”

WE pray all the words of Quran during Prayer and we talk about our issues and our future. Most of all our future life is the most important aspect of our spiritual strength and not like the materialist Paul who loves hotels, beaches. Meles development is about attracting homosexuals, building hotels, and resorts for fornication. If that is what Paul wanted then he got it. Look at how Addis Ababa is transforming itself from being spiritually blessed to being cursed city because of Pentes and Copts who love “night clubs".

Here is more:

A Few Hadith That Will Change Your Life Forever

1. Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “This world is the prison of the believer and the paradise of the unbeliever.” [Muslim]

2. Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “The Fire is surrounded by indulgence (pleasures) of appetites and Jannah is surrounded by things people dislike.” [Agreed upon]

3. Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet, (PBUH), said, “A man follows the religion of his close friend, so each of you should be very careful about whom he takes as a close friend.” [Abu Dawud and at-Tirmidhi]

4. Sahl ibn Sa’d reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “Anyone who safeguards for My sake what is between his jaws and what is between his legs, I will safeguard Jannah (Paradise) for him.” [Agreed upon]

5. Anas reported that the Prophet, (PBUH), said, “None of you can truly be said to believe until he wants for his brother what he wants for himself.” [Agreed upon]

6. An-Nu’man ibn Bashir reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “The metaphor of the believers in their mutual love, mercy and affection is that of the body. When one limb of it (the body) complains, the rest of the body collapses with sleeplessness and fever.” [Agreed upon]

7. Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “The strong man is not the one who throws people in wrestling. The strong man is the one who has control of himself when he is angry.” [Agreed upon]

8. Jarir ibn ‘Abdullah reported that the Messenger of Allah said, “If someone does not show mercy to people, Allah will not show mercy to him.” [Agreed upon]

9. Abu Muhammad al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib said, “I memorised from the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH): ‘Abandon anything that gives you doubt for what gives you no doubt. Truthfulness is peace of mind and lying is doubt.” [At-Tirmidhi]

10. Abu Umama Sudayy ibn ‘Ajlan al-Bahili said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), speaking in the Hajj of Farewell. He said, ‘Fear Allah, pray your five prayers, fast your month (of Ramadhan), pay the Zakat on your property and obey your leaders and you will enter Jannah of your Lord.” [at-Tirmidhi]

11. Jabir also reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “No Muslim plants something without what is eaten from it being sadaqa for him. Even what is stolen from it is sadaqa for him. And no one visits it without that being sadaqa for him.” [Muslim]

12. Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “All of my community will enter Jannah except those who refuse.” He was asked, “Who are those who refuse, Messenger of Allah?” He said, “Those who obey me will enter Jannah and those who disobey (disregard my sunnah) me refuse.” [al-Bukhari]

13. Abu Hurayra, reported that the Prophet, (PBUH), said, “Whoever has done an injustice to his brother with regard to his honour or anything else should seek to be absolved by him before the day when there will be neither dinar nor dirham. If he has right actions, they will be taken from him to counterbalance the injustice he did, and if he does not have any good actions, some of the bad actions of his friend will be taken and he will be made to carry them.” [al-Bukhari]

14. Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “Anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day should not harm his neighbour. Anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day should honour his guest. Anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak well or be silent.” [Agreed upon]

15. Anas reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “Anyone who desires the expansion of his provision or to have the best of his life prolonged, should maintain ties of kinship (blood-relationships).’” [Agreed upon]

In a related Hadith, ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr reported: “The Prophet, (PBUH), said, ‘A person who maintains ties of kinship is not someone who only does so with those who maintain ties with him. A person who maintains ties of kinship is someone who restores them when they have been cut off.’” [al-Bukhari]

16. Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “It is better for one of you to take a rope and carry firewood on his back than for him to go to a man to beg from him who then gives to him or refuses to.” [Agreed upon]

17. Ibn Mas’ud reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “Which of you loves the property of his heir more than he loves his own property?” They said, “O Messenger of Allah, there is none of us who does not love his own property more.” He said, “His property is what he sends ahead (i.e. gives in the way of Allah), and the property of his heir is what he keeps back (i.e. the property he will leave if he died tomorrow).” [al-Bukhari]

18. Abu Mas’ud ‘Uqba ibn ‘Amr al-Ansari al-Badri reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “Anyone who shows the way to something good has the same reward as the person who does it.” [Muslim]

In another Hadith, Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said, “Anyone who calls people to guidance has the same reward as that received by those who follow it, without that decreasing their reward in any way. Anyone who calls people to misguidance, is attributed with wrong actions the same as those who follow it, without that decreasing their wrong actions in any way.” [Muslim]

19. On the authority of Sahl bin Saad Al-Saedi, who said : A man came to the prophet and said: “O Messenger of Allah, direct me to an act which, if I do it, [will cause] Allah to love me and people to love me.” He said: “Renounce the world (i.e. give-up or control your worldly desires) and Allah will love you; and renounce what people possess (i.e. keep off people’s property) and people will love you.” [Ibn Majah]

20. Narrated ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him), reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “The deeds are considered by the intentions, and a person will get the reward according to his intention (i.e. whether to please Allah or fellow men). So whoever emigrated for Allah and His Messenger, his emigration will be for Allah and His Messenger; and he whose migration was to achieve some worldly benefit or to take some woman in marriage, his emigration would be for what he emigrated for".

12/10/12 @ 15:09
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

አስታ ጌቱ::

የውሽት ቀሲስ: የሃሰት ሃውልት: የቀልድ በረከት: የሻዕሃብያ ዱላ : የመለስ ከለላ: የግርግር ሌባ: የካሌብ አሽክር: የሙስሊም እሾህ:የፓውሎስ እንቆቅልሽ::

Assta Getu

Once again you try to cheery pick those verses to use your ploy of attack against Quraan.

Here how Islma loves people and its creator and his messenger:


Rasulullah (SAW) said: “A word of wisdom is the lost property of a Muslim. He should seize it wherever he finds it.” (Tirmizi) “The Inspiration Of A Muslim.”

Who Am I…
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Love: in Qur’an and Hadith

Jul25 by muslimah

Love: in Qur’an and Hadith

From the Quran

وَمِنَ ٱلنَّاسِ مَن يَتَّخِذُ مِن دُونِ ٱللَّهِ أَندَادً۬ا يُحِبُّونَہُمۡ كَحُبِّ ٱللَّهِ‌ۖ وَٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوٓاْ أَشَدُّ حُبًّ۬ا لِّلَّهِ‌ۗ وَلَوۡ يَرَى ٱلَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوٓاْ إِذۡ يَرَوۡنَ ٱلۡعَذَابَ أَنَّ ٱلۡقُوَّةَ لِلَّهِ جَمِيعً۬ا وَأَنَّ ٱللَّهَ شَدِيدُ ٱلۡعَذَابِ

“And yet there are some people, who replace Allah with rivals, loving them as Allah is loved. But the believers love Allah more intensely” (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:165)

زُيِّنَ لِلنَّاسِ حُبُّ الشَّهَوَاتِ مِنَ النِّسَاءِ وَالْبَنِينَ وَالْقَنَاطِيرِ الْمُقَنْطَرَةِ مِنَ الذَّهَبِ وَالْفِضَّةِ وَالْخَيْلِ الْمُسَوَّمَةِ وَالْأَنْعَامِ وَالْحَرْثِ ۗ ذَ‌ٰلِكَ مَتَاعُ الْحَيَاةِ الدُّنْيَا ۖ وَاللَّهُ عِنْدَهُ حُسْنُ الْمَآبِ

“It was made attractive to people, the love of things they crave; women, sons, heaped-up heaps of gold and silver, branded horses, cattle and will-tilled land. But that is for the enjoyment of this worldly life, But Allah, with Him is the beautiful homecoming” (Surah Imrân 3:14)

Allah loves:

Those who do good deeds (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:195)

Those who ask Him for forgiveness ((Surah Al-Baqarah 2:222)

Those who purify themselves (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:222)

Those who are Allah-fearing (Surah Imrân 3:76)

Those who are steadfast (Surah Imrân 3:146)

Those who trust Him (Surah Imrân 3:159)

Those who act justly (Surah Maida 5:42)

Those who strive for His cause (Surah Saff 61:4)

Those who follow His Prophet (Surah Imrân 3:31)

Allah does not love:

The aggressors (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:190)

The disbelievers (Surah Imrân 3:32)

Those who inflict injustice (Surah Imrân 3:57)

Evil (Surah Maida 5:64) and evil doers (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:205)

Those who are arrogant (Surah Nisa 4:36)

Those who spend lavishly (Surah Anaam 6:141)


لَنْ تَنَالُوا الْبِرَّ حَتَّىٰ تُنْفِقُوا مِمَّا تُحِبُّونَ ۚ وَمَا تُنْفِقُوا مِنْ شَيْءٍ فَإِنَّ اللَّهَ بِهِ عَلِيمٌ

“You will not attain righteousness, unless you give of that which you love” (Surah Imrân 3:92)

ذَ‌ٰلِكَ بِأَنَّهُمُ اسْتَحَبُّوا الْحَيَاةَ الدُّنْيَا عَلَى الْآخِرَةِ وَأَنَّ اللَّهَ لَا يَهْدِي الْقَوْمَ الْكَافِرِينَ

“They (the disbelievers) love this worldly life more than the Hereafter” (Surah Nahl 16:107)

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِنْ جَاءَكُمْ فَاسِقٌ بِنَبَإٍ فَتَبَيَّنُوا أَنْ تُصِيبُوا قَوْمًا بِجَهَالَةٍ فَتُصْبِحُوا عَلَىٰ مَا فَعَلْتُمْ نَادِمِينَ

وَاعْلَمُوا أَنَّ فِيكُمْ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ ۚ لَوْ يُطِيعُكُمْ فِي كَثِيرٍ مِنَ الْأَمْرِ لَعَنِتُّمْ وَلَـٰكِنَّ اللَّهَ حَبَّبَ إِلَيْكُمُ الْإِيمَانَ وَزَيَّنَهُ فِي قُلُوبِكُمْ وَكَرَّهَ إِلَيْكُمُ الْكُفْرَ

إِلَيْكُمُ الْكُفْرَ وَالْفُسُوقَ وَالْعِصْيَانَ ۚ أُولَـٰئِكَ هُمُ الرَّاشِدُونَ

فَضْلًا مِنَ اللَّهِ وَنِعْمَةً ۚ وَاللَّهُ عَلِيمٌ حَكِيمٌ

“O you believe … Allah has made you love the Faith, and made it so beautiful in your hearts, and has made you hate disbelief, immorality and rebelliousness. These are the righteous. This is grace and bounty, from Allah, as Allah is All-knowledgeable and All-Wise” (Surah Hujurat 49:6-8)

قُلْ إِنْ كُنْتُمْ تُحِبُّونَ اللَّهَ فَاتَّبِعُونِي يُحْبِبْكُمُ اللَّهُ وَيَغْفِرْ لَكُمْ ذُنُوبَكُمْ ۗ وَاللَّهُ غَفُورٌ رَحِيمٌ

“Say (O Mohammed) “If you do love Allah, follow me, Allah will love you, and forgive your sins, as Allah is All-Forgiving, All-Merciful”. Surah Imrân (3:31)

يا ترون. لا تحب أن الله لن يغفر لكم

“O you believe … Do not you love that Allah would forgive you?” (Surah Noor 24:22)

The Hadith:

”Allah almighty said: If My servant loves to meet Me, I love to meet him, and if he hates to meet Me, I hate to meet him.” (Al- Bukhari)

”Allah loves kindness when you deal with any matter” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

“You will not enter Paradise until you have faith and you will not have faith until you love one another. Do you want me to tell you something you can do to make you love one another? Make it a habit to greet one another with “Assalaamu Alaykum” – peace upon you”. (Muslim)

”Give gifts to each other, as this will make you love one another.” (Muslim)

”The most loved person by Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgment and nearest to Him is a just ruler. And the most hated person by Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgment and farthest from Him is an unjust ruler.” (Tirmizi)

“If a Muslim loves his Muslim brother, he should inform him.” (Tirmizi)

Allah would say on the Day of Judgment: “Where are those who love each other for the sake of My glory? Today I will shelter them with My shade, as there is no shade today except My shade”.” (Muslim)

“Allah Almighty said: “My servant draws near to Me with nothing more loved by Me than the acts of worship that I have enjoined upon him. My servant continues to try to draw near to Me with more devotion, until I love him. When I love him, I will be his hearing with which he hears, his sight by which he sees, his hand with which he strikes, his feet on which he walks. When he asks Me for something, I will respond and when he takes refuge in Me, I will grant it to him. I do not hesitate in doing anything I intend to do as much as I hesitate in seizing the soul of My faithful servant; he hates death and I hate hurting him. But death is a must for him”.” (Al- Bukhari)

“If Allah would love his servant He would call Archangel Gabriel and tell him “I love this person, therefore love him.” And Jibraeel would love him and call out in the heavens “Allah loves this person, therefore love him.” And the inhabitants of the heavens would love him. Then he would be embraced by the people of this world. But if Allah would abhor his servant, He would call Jibraeel and tell him “I abhor this person, therefore abhor him”. And Jibraeel (AS) would abhor him and call out in the heavens “Allah abhors this person, therefore abhor him.” And the inhabitants of the heavens would abhor him. Then he would be abhorred by the people of this world.” (Muslim)

”Allah Almighty said “I am as My servant expects Me to be. I am with him if he remembers Me. If he remembers Me to himself, I would remember him to Myself. And if he remembers Me in a gathering, I would remember him in a gathering, which is even better. And if My servant draws near to Me by a hand’s span, I would draw near to him by an arm’s length and if he draws near to Me by an arm’s length, I would draw near to him by a fathom’s length. And if My servant comes to me walking, I would go to him speeding.” (Al-Bukhari)

“A strong believer is better and more loved by Allah Almighty than a weak believer, although both bear goodness. Thus, seek eagerly what benefits you the most and seek Allah’s help. Do not show weakness in your struggle and if something bad happens to you, do not say “if I had done so and so, then such and such would not have happened”, but say “it was my destiny and Allah has allowed what He wished” , because the word ‘if’ in this context would open the door for Shaytaan to work on you.”

“A man came to the Prophet (SAW) and asked him “O Allah’s Messenger, tell me of something I do to win Allah’s love and people’s love”. The Prophet answered “Do not love this world, Allah would love you and do not have a longing for whatever people have, people would love you”. (Ibn-Majah)

”None of you will truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself”. (Al-Bukhari)

”Whoever loves for Allah’s sake, hates for Allah’s sake, gives for Allah’s sake and withholds for Allah’s sake has a perfect faith.” (Abu Dawud)

”There are three characteristics whoever has them will taste the sweetness of faith: that Allah and His Messenger(saw) are more loved by him than everything else, that he loves or does not love a person only for Allah’s sake and that he would hate to revert into disbelief just as he would hate to be thrown into fire.” (Al-Bukhari)

“There are seven whom Allah will shade with His shade on the Day when there is no shade except His; a just ruler, a youth who grew up in the worship of His Lord, a man whose heart is attached to mosques, two men who love each other only for Allah’s sake, meeting and parting for that love, a man who resists the call of a woman of noble birth and beauty to commit fornication, but he refuses and says “I fear Allah”, a man who gives charity secretly so that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given and a man whose eyes flood with tears whenever he remembers Allah in private.” (Al-Bukhari)

“When a man asked the prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, “O Messenger of Allah, when will the Day of Judgment be?”, the Prophet (SAW) replied, “What have you prepared for it?” he said, “I have not prepared for it a great deal of prayer, fasting nor charity, but I love Allah and His Messenger intensely,” the Prophet(SAW) said, “You will be with those whom you love.” (Al-Bukhari).

12/10/12 @ 15:45
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Verse on Women: Allah has forbidden treating women like the inheritance of property

Daily Hadith Online | December 6, 2012

Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, reported: Concerning the verse, “O you who believe, it is not lawful for you to inherit women against their will…” (4:19) that it was the practice of a man when he died that his relatives would have the right to inherit his wife, and one of them could marry her, or give her away in marriage, or refuse to have her married at all if he so desired. They used to be more entitled to dispose of her than her own relatives; therefore, this verse was revealed regarding that.

[Sahih Bukhari, Book 60, Number 103]

عَنْ ابْنِ عَبَّاسٍ رَضِيَ اللَّهُ عَنْهُمَا يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا لَا يَحِلُّ لَكُمْ أَنْ تَرِثُوا النِّسَاءَ كَرْهًا الْآيَةَ قَالَ كَانُوا إِذَا مَاتَ الرَّجُلُ كَانَ أَوْلِيَاؤُهُ أَحَقَّ بِامْرَأَتِهِ إِنْ شَاءَ بَعْضُهُمْ تَزَوَّجَهَا وَإِنْ شَاءُوا زَوَّجَهَا وَإِنْ شَاءُوا لَمْ يُزَوِّجْهَا فَهُمْ أَحَقُّ بِهَا مِنْ أَهْلِهَا فَنَزَلَتْ هَذِهِ الْآيَةُ فِي ذَلِكَ

6549 صحيح البخاري كِتَاب الْإِكْرَاهِ بَاب مِنْ الْإِكْرَاهِ كُرْهًا وَ كَرْهًا وَاحِدٌ

If any body is interested, go to this website:

Daily Hadith in English and Arabic

Ash-Sha’bi reported: Umar ibn Al-Khattab took a horse from a man and he was test riding it but it slipped and damaged its leg. The man wanted a judgment concerning it, so Umar said, “Let a man judge between us.” The man said, “Indeed, I would be satisfied with Shuraih from Iraq.” So they went to Shuraih and he said to Umar, “Take the horse healthy and in good condition because you are its guarantor, or return it in the condition you took it.” Umar was impressed so he appointed him as a judge.

[Yusuf Al-Mazi, Tahdheeb Al-Kamal]

عَنِ الشعبي أخذ عُمَر بْن الخطاب فرسا من رجل فحمل عليه رجلا فعطب عنده فحاكمه الرجل فقال اجعل بيني وبينك رجلا قال الرجل فإني أرضى بشريح العراقي فأتوا شريحا فقال شريحا لعمر أخذته صحيحا سليما فأنت له ضامن حتى ترده صحيحا فأعجب عُمَر بْن الخطاب فبعثه قاضيا

12/10/12 @ 16:05
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Umar was caliph at the time for above verse.

12/10/12 @ 16:08
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

A heavily-armed murderer is on the loose!

Police do not know how he escaped from the electronically guarded, wired, and secured prison; before he was captured and sent to jail for life, he had murdered hundreds of men and women, mostly from the Jewish and Christian communities.

Even though the police have not yet revealed his identity to the public, our sources tell us his name is the imposter Muhammad the false prophet, and the place he had been jailed for life was the Hell Fire.

It is a conundrum how he managed to escape from that dark and burning fire and came to our planet to kill us again. Didn’t Abraham say to Lazarus, “And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been set in place, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us”? (Luke 16:25)

How did then Muhammad the false prophet cross the great chasm between Hell, his prison house, and our planet earth? This means, there is no great chasm between Hell and earth; the great chasm is only between Abraham’s home – heaven – and Lazarus’ home – Seol.

Didn’t also that Italian man, Dante Alighieri, in his Divine Comedy, tell us he had seen Muhammad the false prophet and his son-in-law Ali in Hell?

This is what Dante said:

Between his legs were hanging down his entrails;
His heart was visible, and the dismal sack
That maketh excrement of what is eaten.

While I was all absorbed in seeing him,
He looked at me, and opened with his hand
His bosom, saying: “see now how I rend me;

How mutilated, see, is Mahomet;
In front of me doth Ali weeping go,
Cleft in the face from forelock unto chin;

Dante was talking about Muhammad’s agonies in hell, and that hell must have been too much to bear for Muhammad the false prophet, and that might be the main reason why he escaped from his prison cell and came back to earth.

The hunt to capture him alive is going on all over the world, and the non-Muslim communities have offered over a trillion-dollar-reward for a person who captures this dangerous criminal. The Israelis suspect the Arab-Muslim communities have hidden him under the basement of the Sacred Mosque of Al-Masjid al-Haram in the holy city of Mecca. Once they get a green light from Washington, the Israelis are ready to get him by using their smart bomb.

In the mean time every person is advised to be cautious and alert and not to panic by the news he/she gets from the media.

12/10/12 @ 17:41
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

ኢስላም ነው ሂወቴ
በኮከበ ጽባህ ሁለተኛ ደረጃ ት/ት ቤት ውሰጥ የሚገኙ ሙሰሊም ተማሪዎች የግዴታ ሰላታቸውን ግቢ ውሰጥ እንዳይሰግዱ ተከለከሉ፡፡ለረዥም ጊዜ በት/ት ቤቱ ቅጥር ግቢ ውስጥ ሲሰግዱ የቆዩት እነዚሁ ተማሪዎች ድንገት የተከለከሉበትን ምክነያት ጠይቀው የተሰጣቸው ምላሽ እናንተ ስትሰግዱ ያዩ ተማሪዎች
እየተመሰጡባቹ ስለሆነ ሰላታቹ እነደሰበካ ይቆጠራል፤ት/ት ቤት የአንድ ሃይማኖት ማራመጃ አይደለም ፤ለናንተ ስንፈቅድ ሌሎችም ጥያቄ ያነሳሉ የመሳሰሉትን ኢ-ምሁራዊ ትነታኔያቸውን ሰጥትዋቸዋል፡፡ምንም እንካ ድርጊቱ ህገወጥ ቢሆነም፣ በቂ ምክነያት የማቅረብ ሞራል ባይኖራቸውም፣ ተማሪዎቹ ሁኔታውን ለማርገብ በወሰኑት ውሳኔ መሰረት፣ቢያነስ በረፍታቸው ውጭ ወጥተው እነዲሰግዱ ጠይቀው ተሳክቶላቸዋል ፤መውጫመታወቂያ ተለይቶ እንዲዘጋጅላቸውም ተወስናል፡፡ተማሪዎቹ ምንም እንካ ድርጊቱ ህገወጥሆኖ ቢያበሳጫቸውም ከግቢ ወጪ በመውጣት ለት/ት ቤቱ ቅርብ በሆነ ክፍት ስፈራ መስገድ ከጀመሩ ብዙም ሳየቆዩ ባላሰቡት ሁኔታ በፖሊሶች ተከበው እነዳይሰግዱ ተከልክለዋል፡፡ጉዳዩ ይመለከተኛል ያለው የአካባቢው ወረዳ አስተዳደርም በቦታው በመገኘት ግቢ ውስጥም ይሁን አሁን የጀመሩበት ስፈራ ላይ መስገድ እነደማይችሉ አስረግጣል፡፡የት/ት ቤቱ አስተዳደርም የፈቀድንላቹ መስጂድ ሄዳቹ እንድትሰግዱ ነው ሲል ከት/ት ቤቱ ወደራቀው መስጅድ እነዲሄዱ ነግራቸዋል
ተማሪዎቹም ርቀቱ ና ጸሃዩ ሳይበግራቸው እየሄዱ ለመስገድ ወስነው የት/ት ቤቱ አስተዳደር
ሃሊፊነት ወስዶ ሲያረፍዱ ለሚያባረራቸው መምህራንእንዲያሰውቁላቸው የጠየቁ ሲሆን
አስተዳደሩ ግን ይህን ሃላፊነት እንደማዮስድ በመንገር የተማሪዎቹን ጥያቄ ውድቅ አድረጋል፡፡ይህ አልበቃ ያለው የት/ት ቤቱ አስተዳደር የተማሪዎችን ወላጆች በመጥራት ተማሪዎቹ ላይ ለሚደርሰው ማነኛውም ነገር ሃላፊነት እንደማይወስድ፣እንዲሁም የሚሰግዱበት መሰጂድ ሩቅ በመሆኑ አስተማሪዎች እንዳይገቡ ቢከለክላቸው ሊያስቆሙላቸው እነደማይችሉ በማሳወቅ፣አስፈራርቶ ተማሪዎች ሰላታቸውን እንዲያቆሙ ለማድረግ ሞክራል፡፡ነገርግን ተማሪዎቹ ሚከፈለውን ዋጋ ሁሉ ከፍለው ሰላታቸውን እነደሚቀጥሉ አስታውቀዋል::

Translation: short

Students of Kokebe tsibah in Arat kilo Addis Ababa banned from praying inside the compound because it is a form of public display of faith for students. It is like preaching to them. Waw.

Reason. It violets constitution.


Pray outside. Students agreed and continued to pray out side but then city police blocked them as well. Why? It is oublic place.

Alternative 2?
Yes. Go to the nearest (there is none) mesjid. Students agreed. But school does not cooperate over late comers from prayer. If teacher refuses to not permit a student that is it.

Where is the country going? Thanks to far right Marcus and fanatic right wing Assta Getu , religous repression is in full swing. Al Marium was right when he told us religious oppression in Ethiopia is a human right issue. A christian person hangs his cross iver his neck to display it for the public, is that not preaching? What about wearing black thread on opne’s neck for orthodox?

12/10/12 @ 17:41
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

The imposter Muhammad the false prophet was a racist and Islam belongs to the racist Arabs, not to the African Blacks. Muhammad had ridiculed black people in several occasions:

“Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, the companion of Sahnun said, “Anyone who says that the Prophet was black should be killed.”

(Ibn Musa al-Yahsubi, Qadi ‘Iyad, p.375)

Narrated ‘Abdullah: The Prophet said, “I saw (in a dream) a black woman with unkempt hair going out of Medina and settling at Mahai’a, i.e., Al-Juhfa. I interpreted that as a symbol of epidemic of Medina being transferred to that place (Al-Juhfa).” (Sahih Bukhari 9:87:161)

Muhammad said: “Blacks will steal when hungry; when cloy (full) they are promiscuous” (Sahih Muslim)

“Therefore, the Negro nation are, as a rule, submissive to slavery, because [Negroes] have little [that is essentially] human and have attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals, as we have stated.” (Ibn Khaldun, Muqaddimah, 14th century)

“beyond [known peoples of black West Africa] to the south there is no civilization in the proper sense. There are only humans who are closer to dumb animals than to rational beings. They live in thickets and caves, and eat herbs and unprepared grain. They frequently eat each other. They cannot be considered human beings.” (Ibn Khaldun, Muqaddimah)

“[Blacks] are ugly and misshapen, because they live in a hot country.” (Ibn Qutaybah (828-889)

“If (all types of men) are taken, from the first, and one placed after another, like the Negro from Zanzibar, in the Southern-most countries, the Negro does not differ from an animal in anything except the fact that his hands have been lifted from the earth -in no other peculiarity or property - except for what God wished. Many have seen that the ape is more capable of being trained than the Negro, and more intelligent.” (Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, Tasawwurat (Rawdat al-taslim)

My dear Black Africans, get out of Islam, the religion of racist Arabs who enslaved you, captured your brothers and sisters, and sold them to the slave traders, the Berber Arab-Muslim people, and they to the white people across the Atlantic Ocean.

12/10/12 @ 18:23
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

False Prophet called Rashidun is coming according to some false disciples of Paul as in above site. They use Quran mircale the number 19 to prove their point.

Assta you better read this and I hope you will join them. They say original sin is not Adam’s eating of the apple but the sin of jinns during the time of Great Feud.

But I will post some of their major issues dealt with in thisSura: like marraige issues, orphans, Prophet, God and others.

I will just for now tell you the meaning of the above verse(aya).
(33:50) O Prophet, We have made lawful for you your wives whose bridal dues you have paid,87 and the slave-girls you possess from among the prisoners of war, and the daughters of your paternal uncles and paternal aunts, and the daughters of your maternal uncles and maternal aunts who have migrated with you, and a believing woman who gives herself to the Prophet and whom he wants to take in marriage.88 (O Prophet), this privilege is yours alone to the exclusion of other believers.89 We know well what restrictions We have imposed upon them as regards their wives and those whom their right hands possess, (and have exempted you from those restrictions) that there may be no constraint upon you.90 Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.

The following is the interpretation of the verse:

87. This, in fact, is an answer to the objection of the people who said that Muhammad (peace be upon him) forbade others to keep more than four wives at a time but had himself taken a fifth wife. This objection was raised because at the time the Prophet (peace be upon him) married Zainab, he already had four wives with him:

(1) Saudah, whom he had married in the 3rd year before the Hijrah,

(2) Aishah, whom he married in the 3rd year before the Hijrah but who came to live with him in Shawwal, A.H. 1,

(3) Hafsah, whom he married in Shaban, A.H. 3, and,

(4) Umm Salamah, whom he married in Shawwal. A.H. 4. Thus, Zainab was his fifth wife. May Allah be pleased with them all. Here Allah has answered the objection of the disbelievers and the hypocrites, as if to say, O Prophet, We have made lawful for you all these five wives whom you have married by giving them their dowers. In other words, the answer means this: “It is We who have imposed the restriction of four wives on others, and it is also We ourselves who have made Our Prophet an exception to the restriction. When We could impose the restriction, We could also make the exception.”

Also, about this answer one should note that it was not meant to satisfy the disbelievers and the hypocrites but those Muslims to whom the opponents of Islam were trying to impart evil suggestions. Since they believed that the Quran is Allah’s speech and has been sent down in Allah’s own words, Allah declared through a clear and decisive verse that the Prophet (peace be upon him) had not made himself an exception from the general law about four wives of his own accord, but the exception in regard to him had been decreed by Allah.

▲88. Besides making the fifth wife lawful for the Prophet, Allah in this verse also granted him the permission to marry a few other kinds of the women:

(1) The woman who came into his possession from among the slave-girls granted by Allah. According to this the Prophet (peace be upon him) selected for himself Raihanah from among the prisoners of war taken at the raid against the Bani Quraizah, Juwairiyah from among the prisoners of war taken at the raid against the Bani al- Mustaliq, Safiyyah out of the prisoners of war captured at Khaiber, and Mariah the Copt, who was presented by Maqauqis of Egypt. Out of these he set three of them free and married them, but had conjugal relations with Mariah on the ground of her being his slave-girl. In her case there is no proof that the Prophet (peace be upon him) set her free and married her.

(2) The ladies from among his first cousins, who emigrated along with him. The words “who emigrated with you” do not mean that they accompanied the Prophet (peace be upon him) in his migration journey but this that they also had migrated in the way of Allah for the sake of Islam. The Holy Prophet was given the choice to marry any one of them he liked. Accordingly, in A.H. 7 he married Umm Habibah. (Incidentally, in this verse it has been elucidated that the daughters of one’s paternal and maternal uncles and aunts are lawful for a Muslim. In this regard the Islamic Law is different both from the Christian Law and from the Jewish Law. Among the Christians one cannot marry a woman whose line of descent joins one’s own anywhere in the last seven generations, and among the Jews it is permissible even to marry one’s real niece, i.e. daughter of one’s brother or sister.

(3) The believing woman who gives herself to the Prophet (peace be upon him), i.e. who is prepared to give herself in marriage to the Prophet (peace be upon him) without a dower, and he may like to marry her. On account of this permission the Prophet (peace be upon him) took Hadrat Maimunah as his wife in Shawwal, A.H. 7, but he did not think he should have conjugal relations with her without paying her the dower. Therefore, he paid her the dower even though she did not demand or desire it. Some commentators say that the Prophet (peace be upon him) did not have any wife who had offered herself to him; but this in fact means that he did not keep any wife without paying her the dower although she offered herself to him.

▲89. If this sentence is taken to be related with the preceding sentence, it will mean that it is not permissible for any Muslim to take in marriage a woman who gives herself to him, without paying her the dower; and if it is taken to be related with the whole preceding passage, it will imply that the concession to marry more than four wives is only reserved for the Prophet (peace be upon him), not for the other Muslims. This verse also shows that certain commandments are specifically meant for the Prophet (peace be upon him) to follow and are not applicable to the other Muslims. A study of the Quran and Sunnah reveals several such commandments. For example, the Tahajjud prayer was obligatory for the Prophet (peace be upon him) but is voluntary for the Ummah. It is unlawful for him and his family to receive charities though it is not so for others. The inheritance left by him cannot be divided; as for the inheritance left by others relevant commandments have been given in Surah An-Nisa. Keeping of more than four wives was made lawful for him though he was not enjoined to do equal treatment with them. He was permitted to marry a woman who gave herself to him without any dower, and after his death his wives were forbidden for the Ummah. None of these privileges could be enjoyed by any other Muslim. Another special thing that the commentators have mentioned in this regard is that it was forbidden for the Prophet (peace be upon him) to marry a woman from among the people of the Book though it is lawful for the Muslims to do so.

▲90. This is the reason why Allah made the Prophet (peace be upon him) an exception to the general rule. “That there should be no difficulty (restraint) upon you.” does not mean that he was, God forbid, a very lustful person, and therefore, he was permitted to marry several wives so that he might not feel any hindrance due to the restriction to four wives. This meaning will be understood only by the person who, blinded by prejudice, forgets that the Prophet (peace be upon him) at the age of 25 married a lady who was 40 years old, and lived a happy, contented married life with her for full 25 years. Then, when she died, he marred another old lady Saudah, who remained his only wife for the next four years. Now, no sensible and honest person can imagine that when he became over fifty-three he was suddenly filled with lust and needed to have more and more wives. In fact, in order to understand the meaning of “no restraint”, one should, on the one hand, keep in view the great task whose responsibility Allah had placed on the Prophet (peace be upon him), and on the other hand, understand the conditions and circumstances under which he had been appointed to accomplish the great task. Anyone who understands these two things with an unbiased mind, will certainly realize why it was necessary to grant him freedom in respect of the wives and what hindrance was there for him in the restriction to four wives.

The task entrusted to the Prophet (peace be upon him) was that he should mold and chisel by all-round education and training an uncouth, uncultured nation which was not uncivilized only from the Islamic point of view but from a general viewpoint as well, into a highly civilized, refined and virtuous nation. For this purpose an unbiased mind will certainly realize why it was necessary to grant him freedom in respect of the wives and what hindrance was there for him in the restriction to four wives. For this purpose it was not enough only to train men but the training of the women was also equally necessary. However, the principles of social life and civilization which he had been appointed to teach forbade free mixing of the sexes together, and it was not possible for him to impart direct training to the womenfolk without violating this rule. Therefore, for imparting education to the women the only alternative left for him was that he should marry several women of different ages and mental capabilities and should prepare them by education and training to become his helpers, and then employ them to give religious instructions to the young, middle-aged and old women of the city and desert and teach them the new principles of morality and civilization. Moreover, the Prophet (peace be upon him) had also been appointed to abolish the system of life of the pre-Islamic days of ignorance and replace it with the Islamic system of life practically. For the accomplishment of this task a conflict was inevitable with those who upheld the system of ignorance, and this conflict was being encountered in a country where the tribal system of life was prevalent with all its peculiar customs and traditions. Under these conditions, besides other devices, it was also necessary that the Prophet (peace be upon him) should marry in different families and clans in order to cement many ties of friendship and put an end to enmities. Thus, the selection of the ladies whom he married was to some extent determined by this object besides their personal qualities. By taking Aishah and Hafsah as wives he further strengthened and deepened the relations with Abu Bakr and Umar. Umm Salamah was the daughter of the family to which Abu Jahl and Khalid bin Walid belonged, and Umm Habibah was the daughter of Abu Sufyan. These marriages neutralized the enmity of these families to a large extent; so much so that after Umm Habibah’s marriage Abu Sufyan never confronted the Prophet (peace be upon him) on the battlefield. Safiyyah, Juwairiah and Raihanah belonged to Jewish families. When the Prophet (peace be upon him) married them after setting them free, the hostile Jewish activities against him subsided. For according to the Arab traditions when the daughter of a clan or tribe was married to a person, he was regarded as the son-in-law of not only the girl’s family but of the entire tribe, and it was disgraceful to fight the son-in-law.

Practical reformation of the society and abolition of its customs of ignorance was also included among the duties of his office. Therefore, he had to undertake one marriage for this purpose also, as has been related in detail in this Surah Ahzab itself.

For these reasons it was essential that there should be no restriction for the Prophet in respect of marriage so that in view of the requirements of the great mission entrusted to him he could marry as many women as he wanted.

This also brings out the error of the view of those people who think that polygamy is permissible only under special personal requirements and apart from these there can be no other object for which it may be permissible. Evidently, the reason for the Prophet (peace be upon him) to marry more wives than one was not that the wife was sick, or barren, or that he had no male child, or that there was the question of the bringing up of some orphans. Without these restrictions, he married all his wives either in view of the educational requirements, or for the reformation of society, or for political and social objectives. The question is, when Allah Himself has not kept polygamy restricted to a few particular needs, which are being mentioned these days and the Messenger of Allah took several wives for many purposes other than these, how is another person entitled to propose some restrictions in the law and then claim that he is imposing these in accordance with the Shariah? As a matter of fact, the root cause for the imposition of these restrictions is the Western concept that polygamy is an evil in itself. That very concept has given rise to the idea that this unlawful thing can become lawful only in case of extreme circumstances. Now, however hard one may try to label this imported concept with Islam artificially, it is entirely alien to the Quran and Sunnah and the whole Muslim literature.

12/10/12 @ 19:29
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

My dear readers please read the following verses very carefully and pass them to your friends.

Injustice in Quran:
1. Allah made hell to be a dungeon for disbelievers. 17:8
2. Allah has prepared a painful doom for those who disbelieve in the Hereafter. 17:10
3. Allah destroyed entire towns. 17:16
4. How many generations Allah has destroyed since Noah! 17:17
5. Allah intends to burn people in hell. 17:18
6. “Set not up with Allah any other god, lest thou be cast into hell.” 17:39
7. Allah makes it so that unbelievers cannot understand. 17:45-46
8. “Lo! the doom of thy Lord is to be shunned.” 17:57
9. Allah will destroy every town before the Day of Resurrection. 17:58
10. Whoever follows Iblis will be cast into hell. 17:63
11. “Whoso is blind here will be blind in the Hereafter, and yet further from the road.” 17:72
12. Allah will send disbelievers astray. Then he’ll burn them in hell, increasing the flames from time to time. 17:97-98

Violence in Quran:
1. Allah made hell to be a dungeon for disbelievers. 17:8
2. Allah has prepared a painful doom for those who disbelieve in the Hereafter. 17:10
3. Allah destroyed entire towns. 17:16
4. How many generations Allah has destroyed since Noah! 17:17
5. Allah intends to burn people in hell. 17:18
6. “Set not up with Allah any other god, lest thou be cast into hell.” 17:39
7. Allah makes it so that unbelievers cannot understand. 17:45-46
8. “Lo! the doom of thy Lord is to be shunned.” 17:57
9. Allah will destroy every town before the Day of Resurrection. 17:58
10. Whoever follows Iblis will be cast into hell. 17:63
11. “Whoso is blind here will be blind in the Hereafter, and yet further from the road.” 17:72
12. Allah will send disbelievers astray. Then he’ll burn them in hell, increasing the flames from time to time. 17:97-98

Intolerance in Quran:
1. Allah made hell to be a dungeon for disbelievers. 17:8
2. Allah has prepared a painful doom for those who disbelieve in the Hereafter. 17:10
3. Allah destroyed entire towns. 17:16
4. How many generations Allah has destroyed since Noah! 17:17
5. Allah intends to burn people in hell. 17:18
6. “Set not up with Allah any other god, lest thou be cast into hell.” 17:39
7. Allah makes it so that unbelievers cannot understand. 17:45-46
8. Allah will send disbelievers astray. Then he’ll burn them in hell, increasing the flames from time to time. 17:97-98

Good Stuff plagiarized from the Holy Bible:
1. Be kind to your parents. Treat them with respect in their old age. 17:23
2. Help your family, the needy, and wayfarer. Don’t selfishly squander your wealth. 17:26
3. Don’t kill your children to avoid falling into poverty. 17:31
4. Don’t steal from orphans. 17:34
5. Don’t follow what you don’t know. 17:36
6. “Speak that which is kindlier.” 17:53
Absurdities in Quran:
1. “Glorified be He Who carried His servant by night from the Inviolable Place of Worship to the Far distant place of worship the neighbourhood whereof We have blessed.”
This verse refers to Muhammad’s famous midnight ride on the back of a flying horse (Al-Buraq) from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to heaven. 17:1
2. Allah has prepared a painful doom for those who disbelieve in the Hereafter. 17:10
3. How many generations Allah has destroyed since Noah! 17:17
4. Allah will destroy every town before the Day of Resurrection. 17:58
5. “Whoso is blind here will be blind in the Hereafter, and yet further from the road.” 17:72
6. Humans and jinn working together could not produce the Quran. 17:88
Contradictions in Quran:
1. Who sends disbelievers astray? 17:97-98
2. Does Allah lead people astray? 17:97-98
3. Was Pharaoh drowned or saved? 17:102-32

That is what Quran is about!

12/10/12 @ 19:59
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta Getu the delusional Paul follower wrote:

“Muslims never pray for the peace of the world!

Can anyone tell me if there is a single word in their Friday prayer that states about the safety, prosperity, and the economic development of the country in which Muslims live?

I am posting for the second time the Muslims’ Friday’s prayers at their Mosques in case someone could tell me the purpose of that type of prayers. “

Then you listed the ones below:

1. Muhammed was allowed to have sex with his wives, captured women, slave girls, first cousins, and any woman who offered herself to hem (Quran 33:50).

2. Muslim men can have sex with their four wives, captured women and slave girls (Quran 4:3, 4.24; 23:6; 33:50; 70:30).

3. Mohammed slept with his daughter in law by Allah’s order (Quran 33:37).

4. Mohammed slept with his wife’s maid by Allah’s order (Quran 66:1-5).

5. Wives are tilth who can be married before age of menstruation, approached at will in any style, beaten divorced and replaced, raped and contracted for short periods (Quran 2:223; 65:4; 4:24; 4:34).

6. Women can be captured, enslaved and raped (Quran 4:3; 4:24; 23:6; 33:50; 70:30).

7. Non Muslims are evil, liars, perverts, filthy. They are lowest careatures and worst beasts (Quran 5:59; 8:22; 8:55; 9:5; 9:28; 16:39; 95:5).

8. The infidels, homosexuals and apostates must be killed (Quran 9:5; 4:15; 4:16; 4:89; 4:90).

9. Allah converted Jews into monkeys for fishing while fasting (Quran 7:163-166).

10. Thamud tribe wiped out by Allah for slaughtering his she came, which came out of a stone instead of a vagina (Quran 7:73,77; 54:23; 54:27,29,30,31; 91:11,13,14).

11. Allah killed man and his donkey and reborned them after 100 years to prove his power (Quran 2:259).

12. Allah made boys and his dogs sleep for 309 years for kicks (Quran 18:10-19).

13. Sulaiman spike the language of all living beings including ants (Quran 27:15-44; 34:12-13).

14. Jesus talked right after birth, gave sight to blind and life to dead (Quran 5:110).

15. Sun has a resting place in Murky waters (Quran 30:38; 71:016).

16. Moon is a lamp (Quran 071:016).

17. Stars are lights attached to the lowest sky and can be used as missiles to shoot down evil/ jinn (Quran 67:5; 37:6).

18. Sky is the roof/canopy without cracks where water is stored (Quran 2:22; 13:2; 50:6,7; 22:65).

19. Mountains are pegs to hold the earth firm (Quran 78:6-7).

20. After creating earth sky and mountains Allah offered Islam to them (Quran 33:72).

21. After mountains refused to accept Islam, Allah forced them to recite hymns [Azan] twice daily (Quran 38:18).

1.” Muhammed was allowed to have sex with his wives, captured women, slave girls, first cousins, and any woman who offered herself to hem (Quran 33:50).”

I will start from the first list:
Here the ful Quran verse 33:50.
O Prophet, indeed We have made lawful to you your wives to whom you have given their due compensation and those your right hand possesses from what Allah has returned to you [of captives] and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who emigrated with you and a believing woman if she gives herself to the Prophet [and] if the Prophet wishes to marry her, [this is] only for you, excluding the [other] believers. We certainly know what We have made obligatory upon them concerning their wives and those their right hands possess, [but this is for you] in order that there will be upon you no discomfort. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.

In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful (Bismilahi Rahman Ruahim)
There is no other god beside GOD (Lailaha illalah)

Assta Getu,

You falsely used your method of deception as usual following Paulian lie that the Muslims pray during Fridays about sex. And you pulled out one verse out of the toal 73 verse that appear in Chapter (Surah 33 also called the Parties). This Sura deals with many issues and includes varying
Sura 33, The Parties (Al-Ahzãb)

[33:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[33:1] O you prophet, you shall reverence GOD and do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites. GOD is Omniscient, Most Wise.

[33:2] Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord. GOD is fully Cognizant of everything you all do.

[33:3] And put your trust in GOD. GOD suffices as an advocate.

Devotion to God Is Indivisible
[33:4] GOD did not give any man two hearts in his chest. Nor did He turn your wives whom you estrange (according to your custom) into your mothers.* Nor did He turn your adopted children into genetic offspring. All these are mere utterances that you have invented. GOD speaks the truth, and He guides in the (right) path
*It was a custom in Arabia to estrange the wife by declaring that she was like the husband’s mother. Such an unfair practice is abrogated herein.

Do Not Change Your Names
[33:5] You shall give your adopted children names that preserve their relationship to their genetic parents. This is more equitable in the sight of GOD. If you do not know their parents, then, as your brethren in religion, you shall treat them as members of your family. You do not commit a sin if you make a mistake in this respect; you are responsible for your purposeful intentions. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

[33:6] The prophet is closer to the believers than they are to each other, and his wives are like mothers to them. The relatives ought to take care of one another in accordance with GOD’s scripture. Thus, the believers shall take care of their relatives who immigrate to them, provided they have taken care of their own families first. These are commandments of this scripture.

Pledges to Support
[33:7] Recall that we took from the prophets their covenant, including you (O Muhammad), Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus the son of Mary. We took from them a solemn pledge.

[33:8] Subsequently, He will surely question the truthful about their truthfulness, and has prepared for the disbelievers (in this Quranic fact) a painful retribution.

The Battle of the Parties
[33:9] O you who believe, remember GOD’s blessing upon you; when soldiers attacked you, we sent upon them violent wind and invisible soldiers. GOD is Seer of everything you do.

[33:10] When they came from above you, and from beneath you, your eyes were terrified, your hearts ran out of patience, and you harbored unbefitting thoughts about GOD.

[33:11] That is when the believers were truly tested; they were severely shaken up.

[33:12] The hypocrites and those with doubts in their hearts said, “What GOD and His messenger promised us was no more than an illusion!”

[33:13] A group of them said, “O people of Yathrib, you cannot attain victory; go back.” Others made up excuses to the prophet: “Our homes are vulnerable,” when they were not vulnerable. They just wanted to flee.

[33:14] Had the enemy invaded and asked them to join, they would have joined the enemy without hesitation.

[33:15] They had pledged to GOD in the past that they would not turn around and flee; making a pledge with GOD involves a great responsibility.

[33:16] Say, “If you flee, you can never flee from death or from being killed. No matter what happens, you only live a short while longer.”

[33:17] Say, “Who would protect you from GOD if He willed any adversity, or willed any blessing for you?” They can never find, beside GOD, any other Lord and Master.

[33:18] GOD is fully aware of the hinderers among you, and those who say to their comrades, “Let us all stay behind.” Rarely do they mobilize for defense.

[33:19] Also, they are too stingy when dealing with you. If anything threatens the community, you see their eyes rolling with fear, as if death had already come to them. Once the crisis is over, they whip you with sharp tongues. They are too stingy with their wealth. These are not believers, and, consequently, GOD has nullified their works. This is easy for GOD to do.

[33:20] They thought that the parties might come back. In that case, they would wish that they were lost in the desert, asking about your news from afar. Had the parties attacked you while they were with you, they would rarely support you.

The Prophet’s Courage*
[33:21] The messenger of GOD has set up a good example for those among you who seek GOD and the Last Day, and constantly think about GOD

[33:22] When the true believers saw the parties (ready to attack), they said, “This is what GOD and His messenger have promised us, and GOD and His messenger are truthful.” This (dangerous situation) only strengthened their faith and augmented their submission.

[33:23] Among the believers there are people who fulfill their pledges with GOD. Some of them died, while others stand ready, never wavering.

[33:24] GOD will surely recompense the truthful for their truthfulness, and will punish the hypocrites, if He so wills, or redeem them. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

During Muhammad’s Time
[33:25] GOD repulsed those who disbelieved with their rage, and they left empty handed. GOD thus spared the believers any fighting. GOD is Powerful, Almighty.

[33:26] He also brought down their allies among the people of the scripture from their secure positions, and threw terror into their hearts. Some of them you killed, and some you took captive.

[33:27] He made you inherit their land, their homes, their money, and lands you had never stepped on. GOD is in full control of all things.

Special Responsibility For Being Close
[33:28] O prophet, say to your wives, “If you are seeking this life and its vanities, then let me compensate you and allow you to go amicably.

[33:29] “But if you are seeking GOD and His messenger, and the abode of the Hereafter, then GOD has prepared for the righteous among you a great recompense.”

Special Responsibility
[33:30] O wives of the prophet, if any of you commits a gross sin, the retribution will be doubled for her. This is easy for GOD to do.

[33:31] Any one of you who obeys GOD and His messenger, and leads a righteous life, we will grant her double the recompense, and we have prepared for her a generous provision.

Setting the Example
[33:32] O wives of the prophet, you are not the same as any other women, if you observe righteousness. (You have a greater responsibility.) Therefore, you shall not speak too softly, lest those with disease in their hearts may get the wrong ideas; you shall speak only righteousness.

[33:33] You shall settle down in your homes, and do not mingle with the people excessively, like you used to do in the old days of ignorance. You shall observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), and give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and obey GOD and His messenger. GOD wishes to remove all unholiness from you, O you who live around the Sacred Shrine, and to purify you completely.

[33:34] Remember what is being recited in your homes of GOD’s revelations and the wisdom inherent therein. GOD is Sublime, Cognizant.

Equality of Men and Women
[33:35] The submitting men, the submitting women, the believing men, the believing women, the obedient men, the obedient women, the truthful men, the truthful women, the steadfast men, the steadfast women, the reverent men, the reverent women, the charitable men, the charitable women, the fasting men, the fasting women, the chaste men, the chaste women, and the men who commemorate GOD frequently, and the commemorating women; GOD has prepared for them forgiveness and a great recompense.

Major Error Committed by Muhammad Muhammad the Man Disobeys Muhammad the Messenger
[33:36] No believing man or believing woman, if GOD and His messenger issue any command, has any choice regarding that command. Anyone who disobeys GOD and His messenger has gone far astray.

[33:37] Recall that you said to the one who was blessed by GOD, and blessed by you, “Keep your wife and reverence GOD,” and you hid inside yourself what GOD wished to proclaim. Thus, you feared the people, when you were supposed to fear only GOD. When Zeid was completely through with his wife, we had you marry her, in order to establish the precedent that a man can marry the divorced wife of his adopted son. GOD’s commands shall be done.

[33:38] The prophet is not committing an error by doing anything that is made lawful by GOD. Such is GOD’s system since the early generations. GOD’s command is a sacred duty.

[33:39] Those who deliver GOD’s messages, and who reverence Him alone, shall never fear anyone but GOD. GOD is the most efficient reckoner.

Not The Final Messenger*
[33:40] Muhammad was not the father of any man among you. He was a messenger of GOD and the final prophet. GOD is fully aware of all things


[33:41] O you who believe, you shall remember GOD frequently.


[33:42] You shall glorify Him day and night.

[33:43] He is the One who helps you, together with His angels, to lead you out of darkness into the light. He is Most Merciful towards the believers.

[33:44] Their greeting the day they meet Him is, “Peace,” and He has prepared for them a generous recompense.

[33:45] O prophet, we have sent you as a witness, a bearer of good news, as well as a warner.

[33:46] Inviting to GOD, in accordance with His will, and a guiding beacon.

[33:47] Deliver good news to the believers, that they have deserved from GOD a great blessing.

[33:48] Do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites, disregard their insults, and put your trust in GOD; GOD suffices as an advocate.

Marriage Laws
[33:49] O you who believe, if you married believing women, then divorced them before having intercourse with them, they do not owe you any waiting interim (before marrying another man). You shall compensate them equitably, and let them go amicably.

[33:50] O prophet, we made lawful for you your wives to whom you have paid their due dowry, or what you already have, as granted to you by GOD. Also lawful for you in marriage are the daughters of your father’s brothers, the daughters of your father’s sisters, the daughters of your mother’s brothers, the daughters of your mother’s sisters, who have emigrated with you. Also, if a believing woman gave herself to the prophet—by forfeiting the dowry—the prophet may marry her without a dowry, if he so wishes. However, her forfeiting of the dowry applies only to the prophet, and not to the other believers. We have already decreed their rights in regard to their spouses or what they already have. This is to spare you any embarrassment. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

[33:51] You may gently shun any one of them, and you may bring closer to you any one of them. If you reconcile with any one you had estranged, you commit no error. In this way, they will be pleased, will have no grief, and will be content with what you equitably offer to all of them. GOD knows what is in your hearts. GOD is Omniscient, Clement.

[33:52] Beyond the categories described to you, you are enjoined from marrying any other women, nor can you substitute a new wife (from the prohibited categories), no matter how much you admire their beauty. You must be content with those already made lawful to you. GOD is watchful over all things.

[33:53] O you who believe, do not enter the prophet’s homes unless you are given permission to eat, nor shall you force such an invitation in any manner. If you are invited, you may enter. When you finish eating, you shall leave; do not engage him in lengthy conversations. This used to hurt the prophet, and he was too shy to tell you. But GOD does not shy away from the truth. If you have to ask his wives for something, ask them from behind a barrier. This is purer for your hearts and their hearts. You are not to hurt the messenger of GOD. You shall not marry his wives after him, for this would be a gross offense in the sight of GOD.

[33:54] Whether you declare anything, or hide it, GOD is fully aware of all things.

[33:55] The women may relax (their dress code) around their fathers, their sons, their brothers, the sons of their brothers, the sons of their sisters, the other women, and their (female) servants. They shall reverence GOD. GOD witnesses all things.

During the Prophet’s Life*
[33:56] GOD and His angels help and support the prophet. O you who believe, you shall help and support him, and regard him as he should be regarded.


[33:57] Surely, those who oppose GOD and His messenger, GOD afflicts them with a curse in this life, and in the Hereafter; He has prepared for them a shameful retribution.

[33:58] Those who persecute the believing men and the believing women, who did not do anything wrong, have committed not only a falsehood, but also a gross sin.

Dress Code for Women
[33:59] O prophet, tell your wives, your daughters, and the wives of the believers that they shall lengthen their garments. Thus, they will be recognized (as righteous women) and avoid being insulted. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

[33:60] Unless the hypocrites, and those with disease in their hearts, and the vicious liars of the city refrain (from persecuting you), we will surely grant you the upper hand, then they will be forced to leave within a short while.

[33:61] They have incurred condemnation wherever they go; (unless they stop attacking you,) they may be taken and killed.

[33:62] This is GOD’s eternal system, and you will find that GOD’s system is unchangeable.

End of the World Revealed*
[33:63] The people ask you about the Hour (end of the world). Say, “The knowledge thereof is only with GOD. For all that you know, the Hour may be close.

The Followers Turn On Their Leaders
[33:64] GOD has condemned the disbelievers, and has prepared for them Hell.

[33:65] Eternally they abide therein. They will find no lord, nor a supporter.

[33:66] The day they are thrown into Hell, they will say, “Oh, we wish we obeyed GOD, and obeyed the messenger.”

[33:67] They will also say, “Our Lord, we have obeyed our masters and leaders, but they led us astray.

[33:68] “Our Lord, give them double the retribution, and curse them a tremendous curse.”

[33:69] O you who believe, do not be like those who hurt Moses, then GOD absolved him of what they said. He was, in the sight of GOD, honorable.

[33:70] O you who believe, reverence GOD and utter only the correct utterances.

[33:71] He will then fix your works, and forgive your sins. Those who obey GOD and His messenger have triumphed a great triumph.

Freedom of Choice
[33:72] We have offered the responsibility (freedom of choice) to the heavens and the earth, and the mountains, but they refused to bear it, and were afraid of it. But the human being accepted it; he was transgressing, ignorant.

[33:73] For GOD will inevitably punish the hypocrite men and the hypocrite women, and the idol worshiping men and the idol worshiping women. GOD redeems the believing men and the believing women. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

Cumulative frequency of the word GOD for this Sura = Cumulative sum of verses where the word GOD occurs for this Sura =
2051 107110

12/10/12 @ 20:01
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

It will be too lengthy to list all the offensive verses Assta Getu has put, so I invite my readers to consult the above site for any doubts that Assta has put.

I will be happy to summarize some verses for the sake of clarity,however.

12/10/12 @ 20:26
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

The same thing happening to Christian America is going to happen to Christian Ethiopia unless we deport all the Islamist Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia and prevent any Muslims from outside to enter our country. Let us be serious!

Read the following article and pass it to your friends

Mosques and The Islamization of America

“Disguised as religion, Islam has penetrated democracies with the aim of replacing civility and liberty with the barbarism of 7th century Islamic theocracy and Sharia law. Islam’s multi-pronged attack aims to destroy all that liberty offers.
America, with a long tradition of protecting religious freedom, still clings to the “hands off” practice of leaving alone any doctrine or practice billed as religion. A thorny problem is in deciding what constitutes a religion and who is to make that call. We must keep in mind that to be a loyal and faithful Muslim, a Muslim must adhere to and perform many obligatory acts, as specified in the Quran by Allah and the Hadith/Sunna, during his entire life.The mosque serves as a house where Muslim devotees gather together for salat (prayer) and worshiping Allah and his messenger, the prophet Muhammad. Aside from worshiping Allah, a mosque is used for a variety of reasons. These meeting places are perfect warehouses of not only indoctrination, but future terrorists, who are made to read and understand the principles of Jihad, martyrdom and Dar ul Harb (“land of war”—any place not Islamacized.) Mosques cost money, and the money for these warehouses of intolerance is coming straight from Saudi Arabia, the number one terrorist state in the world.

These mosques are being infused with an activist strain of Islam, Wahhabism. If you have to ask where the Saudi’s are getting their money, you are not paying attention…it’s coming from you. Not to mention, the current U.S. administration in its continuous war against the American people, is doing everything it can to accommodate the “Cordoba Initiative” project at taxpayers’ expense “that is spearheading plans to build a $100 million Islamic center at Ground Zero, the site where nearly 3,000 Americans were killed by jihadists on 9/11.” The recent CNN Poll shows 68% of American voters oppose the Ground Zero Mosque.

Those useful idiot non-Muslims who support the building of the mosque near the 9/11 site or anywhere else by invoking the ideal of religious freedom, are empowering a creed that is devoted to stamping out freedom of religion or any other form of freedom.

In this relentless campaign, the Islamists have a vast cadre of “experts,” “talking heads,” and for-purchase politicians who keep endlessly broadcasting the false mantra that Islam is a religion of peace. This latter bunch is criminally complicit in making the populace complacent and furthering the work of the Islamists.

When mosques are built, imams, mullahs or mosque elders tend to be sent to the U.S. with one clear mission: Make Islamic religion, laws, and life supreme within the Unite States or any other host country, using any and all tactics necessary. Next, from within the safety of their local mosques, they begin to use their revolting practices and wild sermonizing to force the genteel Americans to relocate to safer, less threatening neighborhoods and cities as is the case in England and other European countries.

They will elect Muslims to all positions of local influence, who will create and enforce policy according to the Sharia law. Once they have control over a town, they will begin to establish informal Sharia, and there’s nothing the government can (or will want to) do about it.

Sharia is the brutal means by which Islam controls its populations by force, intimidation, and punishments for offenses to Allah. Already in many European countries, national governments have, out of fear, given Islamic fascists the right to establish their own shadow governments within the borders of countries like Sweden and England, where they can control their own populations without accountability.

Proposals for Sharia are being taken seriously by many western countries.

“According to early Muslim historians, towns that surrendered without resistance and made treaties with the Muslims gave the Muslims permission to take their churches and synagogues. One of the earliest examples of these kinds of conversions was in Damascus, Syria, where in 705 AD Umayyad caliph Al-Walid I bought the church of St.

John from the Christians and had it rebuilt as a mosque in exchange for building a number of new churches for the Christians in Damascus.

Overall, Abd al-Malik (Al-Waleed’s father) is said to have transformed 10 churches in Damascus into mosques.”

“The process of turning churches into mosques was especially intensive in the villages where most of the inhabitants converted to Islam. The Abbasid caliph al-Ma’mun turned many churches into mosques.

Ottoman Turks converted nearly all churches, monasteries, and chapels in Constantinople, including the famous Hagia Sophia, immediately after capturing the city in 1453, into mosques. In some instances mosques have been established on the places of Jewish or Christian sanctuaries associated with Biblical personalities who were also recognized by Islam.”

Again, Muslims first make their mark by establishing mosques in as many towns and cities as they can. These mosques range from the ostentatious, such as the one in Washington D.C., to the academically-cloaked university Islamic centers, to the innocuous storefront types and even prison chapels. One and all have the same aims: Hold the faithful in line, recruit as many new adherents by any and all means, and indoctrinate one and all in the imperative of Islamic conquest.

It is in these Islamic places that the impressionable young and the fanatical adults are drilled with the duty to carry out Jihad against the Dar ul Harb (“land of war”—any place not completely under the rule of Islam.)

Operating this vast network of Islamism requires significant financing. Saudi Arabia has spent over $80 billion for these operations since 1970. The other Persian Gulf States, with their treasuries flush with oil money, have done and continue to do their share of financing.

Not to be out-done by the virulent Wahhabism of the Saudis and their co-sectist Sunnis, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been bank-rolling its own array of clientele in the Middle East, much of Africa, and as far away as Southeast Asia and Latin America in a push for Shiism. The-non-Muslim world is literally caught in a pincer of the two rabid Islamic forces.

There are those who still delude themselves by preferring to believe that Islam has not made as many inroads into the United States as it has in other parts of the world, such as Europe. Facts prove otherwise.

According to a National Portrait, a survey released in April 2001, there were at least 1,209 mosques in the US. According to the latest report, this number has sky-rocketed to as many as 6,000 mosques in 2008.

“The official Saudi website reported a donation of $6 million, also in 1995, for a mosque in Cincinnati, Ohio. The website further stated, in 2000, “In the United States, the Kingdom has contributed to the establishment of the Islamic Center in Washington DC; the Omer Bin Al-Khattab Mosque in western Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Islamic Center, and the Fresno Mosque in California; the Islamic Center in Denver, Colorado; the Islamic center in Harrison, New York City; and the Islamic Center in Northern Virginia.”

This entire guesstimate aside, a recent report from the FBI estimates that of the 2000 mosques in the United States, 10% preach Jihad.

Welcome to the religion of peace as it is invading the land of the free to make it the land of submission. This is not some Islam-hating crackpot group reporting. It is the FBI, an agency known for its bending backward to be politically correct in tune with the rest of the administration.

In addition to the mosques already built in the land of the free, Islam is advanced by a large cadre of auxiliaries. Dr. Paul Williams (former FBI consultant, best-selling author and investigative journalist) reports that many Muslim businesses around the country conduct their regular businesses during the day and in the evening they turn their stores into Islamic gathering places. There are several thousands of these make-shift “Takeyehs”.
If only the masses of Muslims arise and carry out the orders of Allah, then we would have the promised paradise of Islam on earth as exemplified by such rules as that of the Taliban, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, Somalia, and of course the Shiite nirvana of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In these model Islamic societies, freedom of expression, worship, and assembly are taken away. Women are treated as chattel. Young girls are subjected to barbaric genital mutilation to make them sex slaves and birth channels without the ability to enjoy intercourse. Minors are executed, adulterers are stoned to death, thieves have their limbs amputated, and much much more. Isn’t that everyone’s idea of paradise?
What a travesty and how ironic indeed to have as many mosques as we already have in the U.S., yet, we intend to help the Islamists, building more training camps for future suicide bombers and endangering the safety of the American people and generations to come. With the average citizen, and not the devious and for-purchase-politicians, rests the solemn obligation to act, and act now, to compel our government to stem the tide of Islamism before it is too late.

It is tragic indeed that while our courageous service members are losing life and limbs in far and away places fighting Islamism, useful idiots and servile politicians of the highest rank at home bend backward to accommodate, even promote, Islamism.

There is a glimmer of hope that the American people are finally waking up to the deceit and the menace of the creed called Islam. Their opposition to the building of the mosque shows that the creeping Islamization of America is indeed something to stand against and prevent before it is too late.”

12/10/12 @ 20:52
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Over 532 cruelty-verses in Quran

Please open the following web site and read these cruelty verses and pass them to your friends. We must work hard and expose this barbaric religion – Islam – to the non-Muslim world. It doesn’t belong here in our land: it is here through deception by some greedy authorities who are always venal.

12/10/12 @ 21:12
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

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يأَيُّهَا النَّبِىُّ إِنَّآ أَحْلَلْنَا لَكَ أَزْوَجَكَ اللاَّتِى ءَاتَيْتَ أُجُورَهُنَّ وَمَا مَلَكَتْ يَمِينُكَ مِمَّآ أَفَآءَ اللَّهُ عَلَيْكَ وَبَنَاتِ عَمِّكَ وَبَنَاتِ عَمَّـتِكَ وَبَنَاتِ خَالِكَ وَبَنَاتِ خَـلَـتِكَ اللاَّتِى هَـجَرْنَ مَعَكَ وَامْرَأَةً مُّؤْمِنَةً إِن وَهَبَتْ نَفْسَهَا لِلنَّبِىِّ إِنْ أَرَادَ النَّبِىُّ أَن يَسْتَنكِحَهَا خَالِصَةً لَّكَ مِن دُونِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ
33:50 O Prophet!
Verily, We have made lawful to you your wives, to whom you have paid their due (dowry), and those (slaves) whom your right hand possesses – whom Allah has given to you, and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts who migrated with you, and a believing woman if she offers herself to the Prophet, and the Prophet wishes to marry her – a privilege for you only, not for the (rest of) the believers.
قَدْ عَلِمْنَا مَا فَرَضْنَا عَلَيْهِمْ فِى أَزْوَجِهِـمْ وَمَا مَلَكَتْ أَيْمَـنُهُمْ لِكَيْلاَ يَكُونَ عَلَيْكَ حَرَجٌ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ غَفُوراً رَّحِيماً
Indeed We know what We have enjoined upon them about their wives and those (slaves) whom their right hands possess, in order that there should be no difficulty on you. And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Quran 3:50 Explains whyour Prophet was given special permission whom he wills or whom ever wishes to offer to him. However, he never arried any one offered to him.

I could summarize this but for the sake of being authentic and detailed I would pound on this verse using the most relaible Tafsir of Ibn Qathir. One can only appreciate how Isam is based on evidence of Hadith.

Ibn Qathir backs his analysis based on pure Hadith. I ask apology if someof you don’t undertand Arabic words here and there.

The Women who are Lawful for the Prophet
Allah says,
يَا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ إِنَّا أَحْلَلْنَا لَكَ أَزْوَاجَكَ اللَّاتِي آتَيْتَ أُجُورَهُنَّ …
O Prophet!
Verily, We have made lawful to you your wives, to whom you have paid their due (dowry),
Allah says, addressing His Prophet that He has made lawful for him of women his wives to whom he has given the dowry, which is what is meant by “their due'’, which is used here, as was stated by Mujahid and others.

The dowry which he gave to his wives was twelve and half Uqiyah (measures of gold) so they all received five hundred Dirhams except for Umm Habibah bint Abi Sufyan, to whom An-Najashi (the Ethiopian King who welcomed the immigrating believers she was in Ethiopia at the time of marraige), may Allah have mercy on him, gave four hundred Dinars (on behalf of the Prophet)

Safiyyah bint Huyay, whom he chose from among the prisoners of Khyber, then he set her free, making her release her dowry.
A similar case was that of Juwayriyah bint Al-Harith Al-Mustalaqiyyah – he paid off the contract to buy her freedom from Thabit bin Qays bin Shammas and married her.
May Allah be pleased with them all.
… وَمَا مَلَكَتْ يَمِينُكَ مِمَّا أَفَاء اللَّهُ عَلَيْكَ …
those (slaves) whom your right hand possesses whom Allah has given to you,
means, `the slave-girls whom you took from the war booty are also permitted to you.’
He owned Safiyyah and Juwayriyah, then he manumitted them and married them, and he owned Rayhanah bint Sham`un An-Nadariyyah and Mariyah Al-Qibtiyyah, the mother of his son Ibrahim, upon him be peace; they were both among the prisoners, may Allah be pleased with them.
… وَبَنَاتِ عَمِّكَ وَبَنَاتِ عَمَّاتِكَ وَبَنَاتِ خَالِكَ وَبَنَاتِ خَالَاتِكَ …
and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts and the daughters of your maternal uncles and the daughters of your maternal aunts,
This is justice which avoids going to either extreme, for the Christians do not marry a woman unless there are seven grandfathers between the man and the woman (i.e., they are very distantly related or not at all), and the Jews allow a man to marry his brother’s daughter or his sister’s daughter. So the pure and perfect Shariah came to cancel out the extremes of the Christians, and permitted marriage to the daughter of a paternal uncle or aunt, or the daughter of a maternal uncle or aunt, and forbade the excesses of the Jews who allowed marriage to the daughter of a brother or sister which is an abhorrent thing.
… اللَّاتِي هَاجَرْنَ مَعَكَ …
who migrated with you,
… وَامْرَأَةً مُّؤْمِنَةً إِن وَهَبَتْ نَفْسَهَا لِلنَّبِيِّ إِنْ أَرَادَ النَّبِيُّ أَن يَسْتَنكِحَهَا خَالِصَةً لَّكَ …
and a believing woman if she offers herself to the Prophet, and the Prophet wishes to marry her – a privilege for you only,
means, `also lawful for you, O Prophet, is a believing woman if she offers herself to you, to marry her without a dowry, if you wish to do so.’
This Ayah includes two conditions.
Imam Ahmad recorded from Sahl bin Sa`d As-Sa`idi that a woman came to the Messenger of Allah and said,
“O Messenger of Allah, verily, I offer myself to you (for marriage).'’
She stood there for a long time, then a man stood up and said, “O Messenger of Allah, marry her to me if you do not want to marry her.'’
The Messenger of Allah said:
هَلْ عِنْدَكَ مِنْ شَيْءٍ تُصْدِقُهَا إِيَّاهُ ؟
Do you have anything that you could give to her as a dowry?
He said, “I have only this garment of mine.'’
The Messenger of Allah said:
إِنْ أَعْطَيْتَهَا إِزَارَكَ جَلَسْتَ لَا إِزَارَ لَكَ، فَالْتَمِسْ شَيْئًا
If you give her your garment, you will be left with no garment. Look for something.
He said, “I do not have anything.'’
He said:
الْتَمِسْ وَلَوْ خَاتَمًا مِنْ حَدِيد
Look for something, even if it is only an iron ring.
So he looked, but he could not find anything.
Then the Messenger of Allah said to him:
هَلْ مَعَكَ مِنَ الْقُرْآنِ شَيْءٌ ؟
Do you have (know) anything of the Qur’an?
He said, “Yes, Surah such and such and Surah and such,'’
he named the Surahs. So, the Messenger of Allah said:
زَوَّجْتُكَهَا بِمَا مَعَكَ مِنَ الْقُرْآن
I marry her to you with what you know of the Qur’an.
It was also recorded by Al-Bukhari and Muslim from the Hadith of Malik.
Ibn Abi Hatim recorded a narration from his father that A’ishah said:
“The woman who offered herself to the Prophet was Khawlah bint Hakim.'’
Al-Bukhari recorded that A’ishah said,
“I used to feel jealous of those women who offered themselves to the Prophet and I said,
`Would a woman offer herself When Allah revealed the Ayah:
تُرْجِي مَن تَشَاء مِنْهُنَّ وَتُؤْوِي إِلَيْكَ مَن تَشَاء وَمَنِ ابْتَغَيْتَ مِمَّنْ عَزَلْتَ فَلَا جُنَاحَ عَلَيْكَ
(You can postpone whom you will of them, and you may receive whom you will. And whomsoever you desire of those whom you have set aside, it is no sin on you),
I said, `I see that your Lord hastens to confirm your desires.”’
Ibn Abi Hatim recorded that Ibn Abbas said:
“The Messenger of Allah did not have any wife who offered herself to him.'’
This was recorded by Ibn Jarir. In other words, he did not accept any of those who offered themselves to him, even though they were lawful for him – a ruling which applied to him alone.
The matter was left to his own choice, as Allah says: إِنْ أَرَادَ النَّبِيُّ أَن يَسْتَنكِحَهَا (and (if) the Prophet wishes to marry her),
meaning, if he chooses to do so.
… خَالِصَةً لَّكَ مِن دُونِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ …
a privilege for you only, not for the (rest of) the believers.
Ikrimah said:
“This means, it is not permissible for anyone else to marry a woman who offers herself to him; if a woman offers herself to a man, it is not permissible for him (to marry her) unless he gives her something.'’
This was also the view of Mujahid, Ash-Sha`bi and others.
In other words, if a woman offers herself to a man, when he consummates the marriage, he has to give her a dowry like that given to any other woman of her status, as the Messenger of Allah ruled in the case of Barwa` bint Washiq when she offered herself in marriage; the Messenger of Allah ruled that she should be given a dowry that was appropriate for a woman like her after her husband died.
Death and consummation are the same with regard to the confirmation of the dowry, and the giving of a dowry appropriate to the woman’s status in the case of those who offer themselves to men other than the Prophet is an established ruling. With regard to the Prophet himself, he is not obliged to give a dowry to a woman who offers herself to him, even if he consummated the marriage, because he has the right to marry without a dowry, Wali (representative) or witnesses, as we have seen in the story of Zaynab bint Jahsh, may Allah be pleased with her.
Qatadah said, concerning the Ayah: خَالِصَةً لَّكَ مِن دُونِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ (a privilege for you only, not for the (rest of) the believers),
no woman has the right to offer herself to any man without a Wali or a dowry, except to the Prophet.
… قَدْ عَلِمْنَا مَا فَرَضْنَا عَلَيْهِمْ فِي أَزْوَاجِهِمْ وَمَا مَلَكَتْ أَيْمَانُهُمْ …
Indeed We know what We have enjoined upon them about their wives and those (servants) whom their right hands possess,
Ubayy bin Ka`b, Mujahid, Al-Hasan, Qatadah and Ibn Jarir said, concerning the Ayah: قَدْ عَلِمْنَا مَا فَرَضْنَا عَلَيْهِمْ فِي أَزْوَاجِهِمْ (Indeed We know what We have enjoined upon them about their wives),
means, `concerning the limiting of their number to four free women, and whatever they wish of slave-girls, and the conditions of a representative, dowry and witnesses to the marriage. This is with regard to the Ummah (the people), but We have granted an exemption in your case and have not imposed any of these obligations upon you.’
… لِكَيْلَا يَكُونَ عَلَيْكَ حَرَجٌ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ غَفُورًا رَّحِيمًا ﴿٥٠﴾
in order that there should be no difficulty on you. And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

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Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

አስታ ጌቱ::

የውሽት ቀሲስ: የሃሰት ሃውልት: የቀልድ በረከት: የሻዕሃብያ ዱላ : የመለስ ከለላ: የግርግር ሌባ: የካሌብ አሽክር: የሙስሊም እሾህ:የፓውሎስ እንቆቅልሽ::

Foolish Assta Getu:

Islamic Criminal Justice: Is it Barbaric?

Why haters of Islam say Islam is barbaric? Is Bible not barbaric?

Let us see the Muslim perspective:

Details of Fatwa
Title of Fatwa Islamic Criminal Justice: Is it Barbaric?
Date of Reply 31/Mar/2005

Topic Of Fatwa Misconceptions, Misconceptions
Country Applied Algeria
Question of Fatwa Dear scholars, As-Salamu `alaykum waramatullahi wabarakatuh. I would be very glad if you kindly respond to this sensitive issue: It relates to the ongoing accusations levied by the west against Islam and the Shari`ah. In western modern culture Islam is presented as a particularly violent and cruel religion, its law is termed as barbaric. That’s why we hear many uproars being stirred nowadays by the western media against Islam. I would like you scholars to enlighten us on the significance of Islamic criminal justice, especially the aspect of punishment.
Name of Mufti IOL Shari`ah Researchers
Content of Reply
Wa `Alaykum As-Salaam Waramatullah Wabarakatuh!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Dear questioner, we’d like to voice our appreciation for your forwarding this interesting question to us. We pray to Almighty Allah to make our humble efforts, exerted solely for His sake, come up to your expectation.

As regard your question, we want to make it clear that human history is plunged into persistent theme of tragedy and ruin due to man’s pursuit of justice without recourse to divine help, refusing to grasp the light of guidance lit for him by the Merciful Lord, Who clearly understands the nature of man, and, thus, has revealed to him the just laws and teachings that will regulate his life and perfect his affairs.

However, man will be deprived of this guidance as long as he refuses to obey the Source of guidance, Almighty Allah; man will never find justice no matter how fervently he pursues it, as long as he keeps deviating away from the straight path set for him by the Creator of the Universe. So justice simply lies in man’s obeying Allah by doing what He has laid down as ‘right’ and avoiding what He has laid down as ‘wrong’. It is only Allah who can establish, in perfect manner, mutual rights and obligations and consequent rewards and punishments on the basis of absolute standards of justice.

What you said about the way Shari`ah or Islam is perceived by the West is not something eerie or strange, for it reflects the belief held by most Westerners that they are the bulwark of civilization and democracy, and anything beside their ideologies and dogmas are matters of old ages that can no longer be applied in our recent world, even if that matters happen to be laid down by Allah.

But it’s our duty as Muslims not to give in to such beliefs, for we are a nation of a unique culture; we are supposed to be leaders, not subordinates; our voices should be raised high, clarifying to the world the true nature of our religion. In this regard, we would like to cite for you the following:

The Qur’an most certainly does prescribe corporal punishment for certain serious social crimes and it does lay down the principle of retribution, or qisas it is very emphatic, too, about the crucial role of the family in human society and therefore insists on assigning different well-defined roles to men and women; and it does lay down many other regulations and laws and expects Muslims to obey the eternally valid injunctions of Allah and His Prophet.

But will these and similar provisions of the Shari’ah really plunge society back into darkness? Are they inhuman and barbaric? Are they an indicator of Islam’s inability to keep pace with the demands of human progress? The issues need to be examined seriously to determine the place and values of the Shari’ah and its provisions in the ultimate order of human civilization and happiness. The need for this examination is especially acute in the view of the dogmatic position adopted by the West on these questions. A host of Western writers have said it, and the media continue to harp on the same theme: unless Islam is prepared to relent on these and other legal provisions of the Shari’ah ‘there can and will be no accommodation; only a continuation of Western rejection of Islam’

No apologies or excuses are needed to explain or make acceptable to the West what has been so clearly laid down by the Qur’an and the Prophet in this regard and what has been so consistently accepted and adhered to by Muslims. There should be no place in dialogue with the West for such tortuous, self-deprecating arguments as: ‘Corporal punishment is prescribed but hedged in with such unworkable requirements of evidence that it is virtually impossible to carry it out. Or, at least, it cannot be carried out unless an “ideal” just society is established, when it will in any case become unnecessary’.

Why those who advance this specious logic should think that Allah would lay down things which were impossible to practice is not made clear. As if He does not know how to say what He means, and say it clearly! Such excuses are unfair to the Qur’an and the Prophet, and an affront to their wisdom, and at the same time illogical and implausible to the unconvinced.


Punishments have always been considered an integral part of the concept of justice. Indeed, a common man would find it hard to think of justice as something very different or separate from rewarding or punishing people according to how well or badly they observe the body of the mutual rights and obligations obtaining in their society. But if the concept of punishment is universal, the controversies surrounding it are nonetheless intense. We shall now look at some basic Islamic principles concerning punishments.

Repentance and Punishment:

Punishment in Islam has nothing to do with the notions of atonement, expiation or wiping away of sin. A crime is essentially an act of injustice to one’s own self, a sin against Allah. It can be wiped away only by Allah, and that He does when a person turns to Him, truly repentant and seeking forgiveness. Between man and Allah, therefore, the total emphasis is on repentance, and punishment can be no substitute for it. But a crime is also an act against the social order and in this sphere mere repentance cannot be a substitute for punishment which is a means of protecting and strengthening the society.

Part of a Whole:

Most importantly, punishments are only a part of a vastly larger integrated whole. They can neither be properly understood, nor successfully or justifiably implemented in isolation. First, law is not the main, or even major, vehicle in the total framework for the reinforcement of morality; it is the individual’s belief, his Allah-consciousness and taqwa - that inherent and innate quality which makes him want to refrain from what displeases Allah and do what pleases Him. Second, justice is a positive ideal which permeates and dominates the entire community life; it is not merely an institutionalized means of inflicting punishment. Third, and consequently, a whole environment is established where to do right is encouraged, facilitated and found easy and to do wrong is discouraged, inhibited and found difficult. All men and women are enjoined, as their foremost duty, to aid, exhort and commend each other to do good and to avoid evil.

Functional Nature:

Penalties in Islam are more of a functional nature, to regulate and deter. Allah has laid down a body of mutual rights and obligations which are the true embodiment of justice. He has also laid down certain bounds and limits to be observed and maintained for this very purpose. If men and nations desire to move in peace and safety on the highways of life, they must stick to the ‘traffic lanes’ demarcated for them and observe all the ‘signposts’ erected along their routes. If they do not, they not only put themselves in danger, but endanger others. They therefore naturally make themselves liable to penalties –not in vengeful retribution – but to regulate the orderly exchanges in man’s life in accordance with justice.

It is a significant contribution of Islam that these penalties are called hudud (literally referred to as ‘boundaries’) and not punishments: they are liabilities incurred as a result of crossing the boundary set by Allah. An important consequence of these hudud having been laid down by Allah, and not by man, is that it is beyond human authority to reduce or supercede them out of a sense of mercy greater than that of Allah; nor can a tyrant or autocrat add to them out of a greater sense of strict justice, for no one can be more merciful or wiser or more just than Allah himself.

Another important function which these punishments serve is educative, and thus preventive and deterrent. The Qu’ran alludes to this aspect when it describes them, (as exemplary punishment from Allah…) (Al-Ma’idah 5:38). Punishments are thus designed to keep the sense of justice alive in the community by a public repudiation of the acts violating the limits set by Allah. They are expected to build up in the society a deep feeling of abhorrence for transgression against fellow human beings, and therefore against Allah - a transgression which, according to the Qur’an, is the root cause of all disorders and corruption in human life.


Apart from punishments for transgressions like extra-marital sex, theft, libel and drinking, the Qur’an also provides for the principle of qisas – retribution. When a person causes physical injury or harm to a fellow human being, Islam gives the injured party the right of equal requital – the well-known principle of ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’. This procedure is persistently labeled by critics as primitive and uncivilized. In the Islamic view of history, it is worth pointing out, what is primitive has never been necessarily uncivilized. The first man was given all necessary knowledge and guidance, and though he may have been technologically backward compared to the twentieth century, he definitely was not humanly backward. Uncivilized is what man thinks and does in deviating from the divine order.

In the eyes of the Qur’an ‘in retribution (qisas) lies the source of life for you’. The reasons are obvious. First, the right of retribution belongs to individuals, not society or the state; this simple shift in responsibility results in a profound and far reaching change in the whole system of implementing justice. The state does not have to intervene every time two human beings are involved in a dispute. Thus, instead of starting an irreversible process of trial and punishment, it leaves the ground open for settlement between individuals, without interference by impersonal bureaucratic machinery, though under no circumstances can the individual take the law into his own hands.

The injured person in his turn may forgo his right to retribution by forgiving, or may agree to accept a monetary or token recompense instead. The Qu’ran, in fact, highly recommends the act of forgiving. Thus, under qisas punishment is avoidable without burdening the executive or judiciary with the dilemma of whether to exercise mercy. As against a court which must act according to law once a case is brought before it, an individual is free to act as he wishes. Justice has to be blind, but an individual may take circumstances into account, and suspend judgment in the hope of being forgiven by Allah in the hereafter. Very few realize hat the principle of qisas even allows capital punishment to be avoided.


Having prescribed punishments and imposed strict and meticulous, though not impossible, conditions of evidence, Islam has built in a whole range of principles and precepts which reflect not a frenzied desire to flog and stone but a compassionate urge to avoid and eschew. Islam does not allow either the state or individuals to spy upon people unless well-founded suspicion exists that a crime is being committed or a fellow human being’s rights or interests are in jeopardy. Nor is it obligatory to report every crime. Where possible, settlements outside court are preferred. The punishment is swiftly over; the guilty man and his family do not have to live with the kind of lengthy public stigma that they would have had to endure in the case of a prison sentence at the end of a trial. The imposition of divinely prescribed hudud enhance, and not diminish, the individual’s dignity and stature in society and before Allah.


As to the alleged cruelty of physical penalties, one wonders if to deprive a man of his freedom – his most precious and valuable possession – and his right to act and continue to make moral choices , to live with his family, to work and support them is not more cruel. Indeed, a prison term can inflict untold misery on innocent people whose lives are intertwined with the life of the prisoner. Prison becomes a school for hardening criminal behavior and a breeding ground for recidivism. Why should it be considered more cruel for a man found drug trafficking to be given ten lashes than to be sent to languish in prison for, say, ten years.


Why does Islam want to punish and not reform? The question is fallacious, for in Islam every institution of society is value oriented and owes a responsibility towards the moral development of every person from the cradle to the grave. Reform is therefore a pre-crime responsibility and not a post-crime syndrome and nightmare. Islam makes every effort to ensure that inducement to commit crime is minimal. Once the crime is committed, the best place for reform is in the family and in society, where a criminal is to live after punishment, and not in a prison where every inmate is a criminal; unless of course a society considers itself to be more corrupt and less competent to effect reform than a jail! Against this, the ‘modern, enlightened’ approach is to provide every inducement to crime by building a society based on conspicuous consumption; to make society, education and every other institution ‘value – free’ and then to try to reform a criminal by segregating him and keeping him in a prison.


The Shari’ah is an integrated homogenous whole. Once one understands its basic concepts, objectives and framework, one cannot but conclude that it is capable of creating the most human and just society, a peace and blessing for mankind. Difficulties only arise when critics try to measure the ocean of divine knowledge, wisdom and justice with their own thimble of pedestrian criteria and standards.

Today’s Muslim societies are not model societies — they are infested with ills and evils – yet the comparatively stable family life, absence of delinquency, low crime rates, much greater freedom from drugs and alcoholism, warmth of brotherhood, generosity and mutual aid and help.
Excerpted, with slight modifications, from

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to write back!

May Allah guide you to the straight path, and guide you to that which pleases Him, Amen.

Allah Almighty knows best.

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Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Authorities Jail, Threaten to Kill Christians

This is another news by whining christians that they are being killed by Budhists. All of us heard about Islam being the victim. Now, we see the same story against Hinduism and Budhists. Why should the world be fooled by these fervent Paulians who think the world belongs to them and only to them? They like to use western media and blow it out of proportion. When should the world stop this none sense dead religion of Paul? They have no respect for anything that is not like them.

Please read the story below:

Local official tells pastor to renounce faith; church member expelled, children denied schooling.

LOS ANGELES, September 11 (CDN) — Authorities in Laos last week jailed a church leader in Savannakhet Province for embracing Christianity and threatened to expel him unless he renounces his faith – and kill him if his arrest is made public, according to a human rights organization.

Officials from Liansai village, from Saybouthong sub-district and from Ad-Sapangthong district on Sept. 3 arrested Thao Oun, an elder at Boukham Church, at his home and forced him at gunpoint to the Saybounthong sub‐district office, according to Human Rights Watch for Lao Religious Freedom (HRWLRF). The organization said the officials turned him over to the chief of police of Saybouthong sub‐district, Thao Somphet, who detained, interrogated, and terrorized the Christian for nearly six hours.

Oun was charged with bringing destruction to the Lao nation and government by embracing Christianity, which the officials consider a “foreign religion to be abhorred,” according to HRWLRF.

The chief of police demanded that Oun immediately renounce Christianity or face expulsion from the village. He “further threatened Thao Oun that if word of his arrest and interrogation get out to the international community, he will be put to death,” according to HRWLRF. The organization decided to publicize the mistreatment, a spokesman told Compass, citing international exposure as the most effective way of preventing Lao officials from carrying out threats.

The sub-district chief of police also told Oun that his harsh treatment would end “only after the death of all believers in Boukham Church,” according to HRWLRF.

To further pressure Boukham Church, Liansai village officials and security forces along with Saybouthong sub‐district police on Saturday (Sept. 5) arrested Thao Aom, who became a Christian 10 months ago. He also was interrogated and intimidated at Saybouthong sub‐district police headquarters, with authorities telling him, “You have believed in a foreign religion, so you must sign an affidavit to renounce Christianity – if you do not recant, you must vacate the village.”

HRWLRF reported that after three hours of police interrogation, Aom still refused to sign the affidavit renouncing his faith. He was expelled from the village.

He has sought refuge in a village about six kilometers (nearly four miles) away, where he had previously lived, according to HRWLRF.

On Sunday (Sept. 6) at 6 a.m., Palan district police authorities joined the officers from Saybouthong sub‐district, in Ad‐Sapangthong district, to surround the Boukham Church worship site in Saisomboon village – blocking church members from entering for Sunday morning worship.

Members of Boukham Church rotate worship sites among three locations, according to HRWLRF: in Liansai village in Saybounthong sub‐district of Ad‐Sapangthong district; in Boukham village in Ad‐Sapangthong district; and in Saisomboon village in Ad‐Sapangthong district. Elder Oun lives in Liansai village, where he leads the worship service when Boukham Church meets there.

To punish Boukham Church members for following Christ, Lao officials have denied schooling to 10 of their children and cut off access to water at village wells, according to HRWLRF. They have also deprived all area Christians of protection and rights and threatened to deny public medical care for Christians who get sick or injured.

Laos is a Communist country that is 1.5 percent Christian and 67 percent Buddhist, with the remainder unspecified.

The actions against Boukham church violate the Lao Constitution as well as the 2004 Law on Criminal Procedure, the 2006 Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Children and the 2005 Penal Law, according to the organization. The officials who arrested Oun and Aom have violated Article 5 of the Law on Criminal Procedure, which prohibits the arrest, detention or building search without an order from a public prosecutor or from a people’s court, according to HRWLRF.

“Any individual who arrests, detains or conducts any search of buildings or persons in contravention of the laws shall be subject to criminal proceedings and shall be criminally liable,” the law states, according to HRWLRF.

“In addition to violating the Lao Constitution that guarantees religious rights of an individual Lao person, the arrest of Thao Oun by gunpoint was clearly an abuse of authority, and the officials should be punished for this criminal act,” HRWLRF said in a statement. “Article 154 of Penal Law stipulates, ‘Any civil servant engaging in the intentional excessive use of the authority provided by law, thereby [adversely] affecting the interests of the state or society or the rights and interests of citizens, shall be punished by three months to three years of imprisonment and shall be fined from 500,000 kip to 5 million kip [US$60 to US$600].”

The law further states that if such abuses of authority are committed with the use of force, weapons, torture, indecent words or acts affecting the honor and reputation of the victim, the offender is to be punished by three to five years of imprisonment and fined from 2 million kip to 7 million kip (US$240 to US$840).

The denial of education for school‐age children on the basis of religious affiliation violates Article 3 (5) of the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Children, the organization asserted. Article 6 further states, “All children are equal in all aspects without discrimination of any kind in respect of gender, race, ethnicity, language, beliefs, religion, physical state and socio‐economic status of their family.”

Last year officials in Boukham village detained three Christians from the church – Pastor Sombong Supatto, Boot Chanthaleuxay and Khamvan Chanthaleuxay – for several weeks before releasing them on Oct. 16. Authorities initially arrested Pastor Supatto and four others on July 20, storming their house church and ordering the 63 Christians present to cease worshiping or face prison for “believing in and worshiping God.”

Police targeted the church because it was not officially registered. Such registration comes with strict limitations on church activities, so many Christians avoid doing so.

12/11/12 @ 02:10
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Christianity evolved; but can Islam do so?

Why America needs to get rid of fanatic professors. People like Assta Getu need to be deported to Isreal. They bring chaos to America than harmony.

አስታ ጌቱ::

የውሽት ቀሲስ: የሃሰት ሃውልት: የቀልድ በረከት: የሻዕሃብያ ዱላ : የመለስ ከለላ: የግርግር ሌባ: የካሌብ አሽክር: የሙስሊም እሾህ:የፓውሎስ እንቆቅልሽ::

Foolish Assta Getu:–but-can-Islam-do-so–?instance=secondary_story_left_column


Two weeks ago when I implied that Islam might not be a religion of peace, I agitated a hornet’s nest. More than one reader came to the conclusion that I was a narrow-minded bigot. After all, only a mean-spirited racist could suggest any such thing.

Nevertheless, this is a serious question. With Israel again under violent assault, with Egypt being torn asunder by ferocious street demonstrations and with Syrians killing tens of thousands of their own, is there something about Islam that encourages this belligerence?

Over a decade ago the late political scientist Samuel Huntington observed that there was a ring of fire surrounding Islamic lands. He noted that almost everywhere Muslim territories abutted non-Muslim ones, there were violent clashes.

Today this remains true. Not just Israel, but places as far removed as West Africa and the Philippines have witnessed Muslims killing non-Muslims in the name of their religion. Indeed, the list is long one.

We can begin with Nigeria, where Muslims have been burning the churches and massacring inhabitants of Christian towns. Then we move north to Egypt, where Coptic Christians are under attack by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

If we travel even further north, we encounter the Chechens engaged in guerrilla warfare against the Russians. Heading east we find the Chinese suppressing the ambitions of Sinkiang Muslims. Turning south, the Pakistanis continue to harbor terrorists who intermittently cross to the border to slaughter hated Indians.

Resuming our journey east, we discover Thai Muslims at violent odds with their central government and Mindanao Muslims defying the Christian rulers of the Philippines. Even the Indonesians have had their quarrels with the Portuguese and Australians. Nor have I yet mentioned the Iranians, who seem eager to destroy the United States, or Osama bin Laden of al-Qaeda, who wanted to re-conquer Spain and the Balkans to restore the Muslim Caliphate to its former glory.

The enemies of Islam include not just Christians and Jews, but also Hindus, Buddhists and atheists. Simply refusing to acknowledge the supremacy of Mohamed seems ample pretext for jihad.

It may, of course, be argued that Christianity too has sponsored violence. And it certainly has. The Catholic Church organized crusades and inquisitions, while Catholics and Protestants butchered each other in holy wars. The difference is that was hundreds of years ago. Modern Christianity has no such impulses.

Many Islamic lands, in contrast, are mired in a medieval mentality. They do not promote religious tolerance, but instead call Jews “monkeys” who must be killed on sight and condemn Muslim apostates to death for the sin of changing religion.

Then there are all of those suicide bombers who cheerfully tear their own bodies to shreds on the promise that they will be rewarded with eternal glory in heaven. Yes, some Buddhists have been known to immolate themselves for religious causes, but they are few and far between.

It must be acknowledged that many Muslims are peace loving. Many of them are not about to become bomb-throwing jihadists. The religion to which they subscribe can be, and for many is, a force for kindness and understanding.

But what is possible is not necessarily customary. Christianity evolved from belligerence to tolerance. So can Islam. But to argue that it has already done so is to ignore the evidence. There have been too many conflicts, in too many places, to conclude that the religion has nothing to do with them.

Islam might yet become a modern tolerant faith, but non-Muslims must stop fooling themselves. Most Muslims are fundamentally decent human beings, but that does not mean their religion advances the same tenets as held by most Westerners. It is especially imperative that modern-minded Muslims participate in encouraging the necessary changes in attitude.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Christianity evolved but can Islam do so

12/11/12 @ 02:15
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Muslims must rise up and say time to say stop “The war on terror". We Muslims do not know it and 9/11 is not the work of Muslims. The untold suffering of Muslims of the world will finally be relieved and Ethiopian Muslims are no exception. We should help Obama realize this goal and America’s economy will be back on its feet. There is no Muslim terrorist. If there are terrorist then it has nothing to with Islam or Muslims. If any nations accuses the religion of over one billion it must be brought to justice. I will say it again, we have endured enough and time for sane minds of the world not to scapegoat Islam. the Jewish lobby of the Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington who advocated clash of civilization was a crazy mind as he is the one who also advocated ethnic federalism for Africa and who mentored the dead Meles Zenawi. Unite Muslims and let us end the terror against us.

Zakaria: Why it’s time to end the ‘war on terror’

By Fareed Zakaria

As we debate whether the two parties can ever come together and get things done, here’s something President Obama could probably do by himself that would be a signal accomplishment of his presidency: End the war on terror.

For the first time since 9/11, an administration official has raised this prospect. Jeh Johnson, the outgoing general counsel for the Pentagon, said in a speech to the Oxford Union, that as the battle against al Qaeda continues, “there will come a tipping point…at which so many of the leaders and operatives of al Qaeda and its affiliates have been killed or captured such that al Qaeda as we know it…has been effectively destroyed…At that point…our efforts should no longer be considered an armed conflict.”

If you want to know why we’re in such a deep budgetary hole, keep in mind that we have spent around $2 trillion on foreign wars in the past decade. In addition, we have had the largest expansion of the federal government since World War II. Dana Priest and William Arkin have

12/11/12 @ 02:33
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Islam the worst religion out of all religions has the most backward followers, the most hated followers, the most arrogant followers, and above all the filthiest prophet, whose name is the false prophet Muhammad (May curse be upon him forever and ever).

This dirty prophet Muhammad, the messenger of the devil had, after he met his sexual desire by subjugating and enslaving women, left the following satanic rules he had fabricated. These rules are exclusively made for Muslim women to humiliate and dehumanize them as if they are not the beautiful creatures of the Almighty God, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Every body must read the following important document and share it with another person. Let us join hand in hand to destroy Islam, the enemy of humanity and the curse of the world.

What does the
Religion of Peace
Teach About…
A Woman’s Worth Relative to a Man’s

Does Islam teach that a woman is worth less than a man?

Summary Answer:
Absolutely. The only debatable point is by what degree.

The Qur’an:
Qur’an (4:11) - (Inheritance) “The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females” (see also verse 4:176). In Islam, sexism is mathematically established.
Qur’an (2:282) - (Court testimony) “And call to witness, from among your men, two witnesses. And if two men be not found then a man and two women.” Muslim apologists offer creative explanations to explain why Allah felt that a man’s testimony in court should be valued twice as highly as a woman’s, but studies consistently show that women are actually less likely to tell lies than men, meaning that they would make more reliable witnesses.
Qur’an (2:228) - “and the men are a degree above them [women]”
Qur’an (5:6) - “And if ye are unclean, purify yourselves. And if ye are sick or on a journey, or one of you cometh from the closet, or ye have had contact with women, and ye find not water, then go to clean, high ground and rub your faces and your hands with some of it” Men are to rub dirt on their hands if there is no water to purify them following casual contact with a woman (such as shaking hands).
Qur’an (24:31) - Women are to lower their gaze around men, so they do not look them in the eye. (To be fair, men are told to do the same thing in the prior verse).
Qur’an (2:223) - “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will…” A man has dominion over his wives’ bodies as he does his land. This verse is overtly sexual. There is some dispute as to whether it is referring to the practice of anal intercourse, which it has been used historically to justify. If this is what Muhammad meant, however, then it would appear to contradict what he said in Muslim (8:3365).
Qur’an (4:3) - (Wife-to-husband ratio) “Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four” Inequality by numbers.
Qur’an (53:27) - “Those who believe not in the Hereafter, name the angels with female names.” Angels are sublime beings, and would therefore be male.
Qur’an (4:24) and Qur’an (33:50) - A man is permitted to take women as sex slaves outside of marriage. Note that the verse distinguishes wives from captives (those whom they right hand possesses).

From the Hadith:

Bukhari (6:301) - “[Muhammad] said, ‘Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?’ They replied in the affirmative. He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her intelligence.’”

Bukhari (6:301) - continued - “[Muhammad said] ‘Isn’t it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?’ The women replied in the affirmative. He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her religion.’” Allah has made women deficient in the practice of their religion as well, by giving them menstrual cycles.

Bukhari (2:28) - Women comprise the majority of Hell’s occupants. This is important because the only women in heaven ever mentioned by Muhammad are the virgins who serve the sexual desires of men. (A weak Hadith, Kanz al-`ummal, 22:10, even suggests that 99% of women go to Hell).

Bukhari (62:81) - “The Prophet said: “‘The stipulations most entitled to be abided by are those with which you are given the right to enjoy the (women’s) private parts (i.e. the stipulations of the marriage contract).’” In other words, the most important thing that a woman brings to a marriage is between her legs.

Bukhari (62:58) - A woman presents herself in marriage to Muhammad, but he does not find her attractive, so he “donates” her on the spot to another man.

Muslim (4:1039) - “A’isha said [to Muhammad]: ‘You have made us equal to the dogs and the asses’” These are the words of Muhammad’s favorite wife, complaining of the role assigned to women under Islam.

Abu Dawud (2:704) - “…the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) said: When one of you prays without a sutrah, a dog, an ass, a pig, a Jew, a Magian, and a woman cut off his prayer, but it will suffice if they pass in front of him at a distance of over a stone’s throw.”

Abu Dawud (2155) - Women are compared to slaves and camels with regard to the “evil” in them.

Ishaq 593 - “As for Ali, he said, ‘Women are plentiful, and you can easily change one for another.’” Ali was raised as a son by Muhammad. He was also the 4th caliph. This comment was made in Muhammad’s presence without a word of rebuke from him.

Ishaq 593 - “From the captives of Hunayn, Allah’s Messenger gave [his son-in-law] Ali a slave girl called Baytab and he gave [future Caliph] Uthman a slave girl called Zaynab and [future Caliph] Umar another.” - Even in this world, Muhammad treated women like party favors, handing out slave girls to his cronies for sex.

Tabari VIII:117 - The fate of more captured farm wives, whom the Muslims distributed amongst themselves as sex slaves: “Dihyah had asked the Messenger for Safiyah when the Prophet chose her for himself… the Apostle traded for Safiyah by giving Dihyah her two cousins. The women of Khaybar were distributed among the Muslims.”

Tabari IX:137 - “Allah granted Rayhana of the Qurayza to Muhammad as booty.”

Ishaq 969 - “Men were to lay injunctions on women lightly, for they were prisoners of men and had no control over their persons.” - This same text also justifies beating women for flirting.

Tabari Vol 9, Number 1754 - “Treat women well, for they are [like] domestic animals with you and do not possess anything for themselves.” From Muhammad’s ‘Farewell Sermon’.

Additional Notes:

The fourth Caliph, who was Muhammad’s son-in-law and cousin, said just a few years after the prophet’s death that “The entire woman is an evil. And what is worse is that it is a necessary evil.”

A traditional Islamic saying is that, “A woman’s heaven is beneath her husband’s feet.”

The revered Islamic scholar, al-Ghazali, who has been called ‘the greatest Muslim after Muhammad,’ writes that the role of a Muslim woman is to “stay at home and get on with her sewing. She should not go out often, she must not be well-informed, nor must she be communicative with her neighbors and only visit them when absolutely necessary; she should take care of her husband… and seek to satisfy him in everything… Her sole worry should be her virtue… She should be clean and ready to satisfy her husband’s sexual needs at any moment.” [as quoted from Ibn Warraq]

A Yemeni cleric recently explained in a television broadcast what it is that makes women inferior and unable, say, to serve as good witnesses: “Women are subject to menstruation, when their endurance and mental capacity for concentration are diminished. When a woman witnesses a killing or an accident, she becomes frightened, moves away, and sometimes even faints, and she cannot even watch the incident.”

During a 2012 talk show on an Egyptian television channel, a cleric slammed Christianity - in part for teaching gender equality: “the Christian religion does not differentiate between women and men, but it confirms their perfect equality: it gives them an equal share in inheritance, it bans divorce, and it bans polygamy.”

The many opportunities denied women under Islamic law, from giving equal testimony in court to having the right to exclude other wives from their marital bed, is very clear proof that women are of lesser value then men in Islam. Muslim women are not even free to marry outside the faith without being killed by their own families.

Islamic law also specifies that when a woman is murdered by a man, her family is owed only half as much “blood money” (diya) as they would be if she had been a man. (The life of a non-Muslim is generally assessed at one-third).

Although a man retains custody of his children in the event of his wife’s death, a non-Muslim woman will automatically lose custody of her children in the event of her husband’s death unless she converts to Islam or marries a male relative of within his family. Even the rights of Muslim mothers are subordinate to her husband’s family.

Contemporary Muslims like to counter that Arabs treated women as camels prior to Muhammad. This is somewhat questionable, given that Muhammad’s first wife was a wealthy woman who owned property and ran a successful business prior to ever meeting him. She was even his boss… (although we’re sure that changed after the marriage). Still, it is somewhat telling that Islam’s treatment of women can only be defended by contrasting it to an extremely primitive environment in which women were supposedly non-entities.

Homa Darabi was a talented physician who took her own life by setting herself on fire in public protest of the oppression of women in Islamic Iran. She did this after a 16-year-old girl was shot to death for wearing lipstick. In the book, Why We Left Islam, her sister includes a direct quote from one of the country’s leading clerics:

“The specific task of women in this society is to marry and bear children. They will be discouraged from entering legislative, judicial, or whatever careers which may require decision-making, as women lack the intellectual ability and discerning judgment required for these careers.”

Modern day cleric Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini has called for a return of the slave markets, where Muslim men can go to order concubines. In this man of God’s ideal world, “when I want a sex-slave, I got to the market and pick whichever female I desire and buy her.”

At best, Islam elevates the status of a woman to somewhere between that of a camel and a man.
Muhammad captured women in war and treated them as a tradable commodity. The immutable, ever-relevant Qur’an explicitly permits women to be kept as sex slaves. These are hardly things in which Muslims can take pride.

12/11/12 @ 10:05
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Give a chance to Muslim girls to go to school and learn their rights and freedom!

“The revered Islamic scholar, al-Ghazali, who has been called ‘the greatest Muslim after Muhammad,’ writes that the role of a Muslim woman is to “stay at home and get on with her sewing. She should not go out often, she must not be well-informed, nor must she be communicative with her neighbors and only visit them when absolutely necessary; she should take care of her husband… and seek to satisfy him in everything… Her sole worry should be her virtue… She should be clean and ready to satisfy her husband’s sexual needs at any moment.” [as quoted from Ibn Warraq]

Based on the above teachings of Islamic scholars many Muslim girls do not have a chance to go to school. If they try to go to school they will be killed by Islamist terrorists.

Case in point:

Taliban says it shot Pakistani teen for advocating girls’ rights
By Richard Leiby and Michele Langevine Leiby,October 09, 2012

Taliban shoots 14-year-old ‘infidel’ who spoke for girls: A 14-year-old…
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A 14-year-old Pakistani student who won international acclaim for speaking out for girls barred from school by the Taliban was critically wounded Tuesday by a gunman who boarded her school bus, asked for her by name, aimed his pistol at her head and fired, officials said.
The Pakistani Taliban asserted responsibility for the attack on ninth-grader Malala Yousafzai, who gained notice in early 2009 when she wrote a diary about Taliban atrocities under a pen name for the BBC’s Urdu service. Yousafzai lives in Mingora, a city in the scenic northwestern Swat Valley, where Taliban insurgents imposed harsh Islamic law for two years before being routed by a major military operation in May 2009.
Today, the army promotes Swat as a tourist destination — it sponsored a festival there in July, trying to restore its reputation as the Switzerland of Pakistan. Residents say militants rarely strike, but Tuesday’s daylight attack demonstrated the Taliban’s continued ability to infiltrate the area, which adjoins Pakistan’s insurgency-plagued tribal belt.”

I have told my readers many times to avoid anything that is Islam, including food, business, education, conversation, friendship, and many other things. There is nothing a person can learn anything from Muslims whose minds are tainted with the satanic Quran and with the fair-tale Hadith. Their imams are number one liars, exploiters, cheaters, and killers.
For example, they teach their students that the 9/11 Islamist terrorist incident was not committed by Muslims. They say it was carried out by the KGB or by the MUSAD.
However, the following document tells us it was carried out by the Islamist terrorists:

“9/11” is shorthand for four coordinated terrorist attacks carried out by al-Qaeda, an
Islamist extremist group, that occurred on the morning of September 11, 2001.
The attacks killed 2,977 people.
On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 terrorists from the Islamist extremist
group, al-Qaeda, hijacked four commercial airplanes, deliberately crashing two of the
planes into the upper floors of the North and South towers of the World Trade Center
complex and a third plane into the Pentagon in Arlington, Va. The Twin Towers ultimately
collapsed because of the damage sustained from the impacts and the resulting fires.
After learning about the other attacks, passengers on the fourth hijacked plane, Flight 93,
fought back, and the plane was crashed into an empty field in western Pennsylvania about
20 minutes by air from Washington, DC.
The attacks killed nearly 3,000 people from 93 nations. 2,753 people were killed in New
York, 184 people were killed at the Pentagon and 40 people were killed on Flight 93.”
Muslims always put their crimes on someone else: they will never take responsibilities; they try to bribe the media to change the story of the 9/11 incident into something else. They have been lying to the world for 1400 years by telling us Muhammad the prophet was a sinless man, who had never committee any crime.
And the worst lie they are passing to their children is that they believe there are 72 virgin girls in paradise and any Muslim who kill some Christians and some Jews will be allowed to have sex with those 72 virgin girls. This is the main reason millions of Muslims are hunting Christians and Jews to kill so that they can go directly to paradise.
It is impossible for us Christians and Jews to live with such hostile and inferior Muslims: let us completely avoid them, ignore them, and deport them to their arid Mecca, and let them be perished there. Amen and Amen!! Maranatha!

12/11/12 @ 11:17
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, የውሸት ነጎድጓድ፤የአጋንንት መንገድ፤የሰይጣናት መስጊድ፤የሴቶች ወጥመድ፤የአላሕ እንክርዳድ፤የወንበዴ ዘመድ፤የጨለማ ጉድጓድ፤የአረቦች ገረድ (visitor),

You have refused to halt mentioning my name, and that shows me you are trembling and collapsing as your fake religion is breaking apart. I am ready more than ever to destroy Islam, the Quran, the Hadith, the name of the false prophet Muhammad (May the wrath of God be upon him and upon you, his slave).

The following commentators have expressed, on this web site, their disgust about Islam and, particularly about the unlettered Gragn Ahmed.

Here are their opinions:

Comment from: abc [Visitor]
i just do not know why the muslim ppl belive in killing of non muslim can lead them in to heaven .i thought all religines say do not kill or is it exsepitional for muslims too kill others ?if so it is realy the faith i haet it deeply .
03/13/11 @ 22:47

Comment from: kill.terrorist [Visitor]
gragn ahmed? what an idiot you are? You are supporting those idiots? Or is that the dream of the caliphate ? Yes they are to be blamed.Ethiopians lived in peace for long until people with maggot in their brain showed up. The sword of Gideon will hunt you down.
03/14/11 @ 00:10

Comment from: Abba Alula from Ethiopia [Visitor]
Whay the newgenration muslim so bad or hitfull…
Aye Emama Ethiopia ayenesh gude aye jerosh gude sema, Ere beka yebelen cheru EGEZE-ABEHARE selam yestsen amen.
03/14/11 @ 01:26

Comment from: Metreyes [Visitor]

This outregious behaviour from so called Islamic fanatics can not be tolerated. Our Government without any tolerance should bring every each extrmist to justice. The muslim followers also must be aware such thing if started will have no end, but thousand dead people. Why is this religion every where beliving in distruction and murder call themselves a religion of peace? If retaliation begins from the Christian belivers the out come will be drastic and total illumination. beware what you are asking for!
03/14/11 @ 07:27

Comment from: Christian [Visitor]
Muslims burnt Churches and instead of showing your disgust of such hateful act you are hiding behind Weyane this and Weyane that slogans. Nobody hate the friendship between Muslims and Christians but to be an apologist and act as nothing has happened is like putting your head in the sand. Muslims should be told that they should respect Christian Churches otherwise their mosques will be targeted and torched if they ever do it again. That is the language muslims understand. But you cowards are siding with the most despicable people like Ahmed Giragn and ONLF with lies and deceits and hide behind weyane slogans. The woyanes hasn’t torched these Churches, you know it, I know it and everybody knows it so don’t tell me a junk story. Burning Churches by muslims hasn’t started in Ethiopia. Recently they have bombed and burned Coptic Church in Egypt, Catholic Churches in Iraq and Protestant and Catholic Churches in Pakistan, Indonesia and some other Asian countries. The muslims want to drive Christians away from their worship places and like the Middle East they want to expel them out of their countries too. Yet some of you are saying muslims don’t do such things, Islam is the religion of peace, hahahah rubbish. When you see this and show no outrage, when your Churches are torched and hide behind cheap slogans, then you are no better than the terrorists themselves. You are even scared to oppose this in the net where nobody can see you, what kind of cowards are you? I am no supporter of the government but at least they talked of their disgust openly than you cowards and thieves in the diaspora.

Thank you for showing your true colors: COWARDS.
03/14/11 @ 13:38

Comment from: gud [Visitor]
i wish tsunami start in Muslim world and see how they react. probably they beg help from Christians.i think there is a big shytan among muslim who tales them to go and kill innocent people and burn church.if you preach peace, people will follow you but if you rise sward,you will die with sward.hatred breed hatred so learn to coexist with others.this is 21st century.
03/14/11 @ 13:41

Comment from: Christian [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu,

You are one [of the] true Ethiopia’s sons. Ethiopia is a Christian country as Egypt is a muslim country. Burning Churches and say we muslims and Christians are brothers and sisters is tragicomedy. As a minority muslims have to be told to behave or else… If they provoke continuously as they are doing now by building never ending mosques (even in places where there are no muslims) they will lose in the end. Numbers and arms are in the hands of the Christian majority. Muslims always say it is the work of few individuals, islam is the religion of peace etc. but their Koran tells them how they should kill all infidels like us or lie to the infidels (Takiya) to advance their religion.
03/14/11 @ 17:58

Comment from: Dallas [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed,

I have known many wonderful Muslim fathers and mothers. The ones that burnt the churches are the likes of you. So, keep your mouth shut about our Premier, you bastard.
03/15/11 @ 07:11

Comment from: Selam [Visitor]
Despite your denomination,(Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant) all Christians in Ethiopia wake up!It’s time to unite aganist religious violence. Muslims you better educate and advise your people. One can’t be justified by killing others! That’s not Godly!
03/15/11 @ 13:36

Gragn Ahmed, you should know now how much you and your religion Islam are hated by so many people because your religion, as the entire world knows, is a satanic religion that forces people to accept it and to be the slaves of the barbaric Sharia Law under the child molester Muhammad, the imposter prophet of Islam.

12/11/12 @ 12:24
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

አስታ ጌቱ::

የውሽት ቀሲስ: የሃሰት ሃውልት: የቀልድ በረከት: የሻዕሃብያ ዱላ : የመለስ ከለላ: የግርግር ሌባ: የካሌብ አሽክር: የሙስሊም እሾህ:የፓውሎስ እንቆቅልሽ::

I will challenge you now to produce anything that matches the history of our Prophet. Let us do a one to one match between our Prophet and our Prophet and god Paul.

By the way welcome back from your death for three days like your fake god.

You are welcome back any way Mslms forgive for what you do. From now on, you can not retreat nor opt out.

Here is my challenge. Based on the following 30 measures of test on characteristics of a Prophet, how much dowe know about the fake Prophet Paul?

If you can not produce anything about ach one of hem, you will be ignored.

You charged me that I am hated by fanatic christians. What the heck. We don’t care and we don’t expect love from such hate mongering people.

Nostradamus, extraterrestrial, Dallas, christians, oromo, selam, gud,etreyes, gragn gheday, abc, kill.terroris, abaalula, cemo’n senit, Amhara prncess, W.Yilma , goodfella, Menelik II,Marcus are shabya and Wayane dogs againt Islam. They are either othodox fanatics and prostant fanatics. They are 20 hard core Islam hatrer out of 200 (10% -20% anatic christians) are Islam hater. That is expected from copts.

Here are the 37 questions.

How much detail do we know of fake Prophet Paul on:

1. Sound Intellect
2. Doing Things for the Sake of God
3. Sincerity
4. Good Morals, Ethics and
5. Companionship
6. Politeness and Good Manners
7. Love for Reformation and
8. Reconciliation
9. Ordering with the Good and 10.Forbidding Evil
11. Love of Purification
and Minding One’s Language
12. Excelling in Acts of Worship
14. Good Appearance
15. Asceticism in Worldly Affairs
16. Altruism
17. Strong Faith and Dependence on God
1. Kindness and Compassion
19.Simplification and Ease
20. Fearing God, being Mindful to Not Trespass His Limits
21. Spending Generously
22. Cooperation
23. Truthfulness
24 Aggrandizing the limits set by
25. Allah, and Always Seeking the Moderate Path
26.Pleasant Facial Expression
27.Trustworthiness and
29. Bravery and Courage
30. Bashfulness and Modesty
31. Mercy and Compassion
32. Patience and Forbearance
33. Patience
34. Justice and Fairness
35. Fearing God, and Being Mindful of Him
36. Richness and Contentment of the Heart
37.Hoping for Goodness, Even for his Enemies

12/11/12 @ 13:41
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, የውሸት ነጎድጓድ፤የአጋንንት መንገድ፤የሰይጣናት መስጊድ፤የሴቶች ወጥመድ፤የአላሕ እንክርዳድ፤የወንበዴ ዘመድ፤የጨለማ ጉድጓድ፤የአረቦች ገረድ (visitor),

I have posted the following article just for you since you hate St. Paul who strongly denounced homosexuality. You have now a person who supports your view, and you can go and join him in Paris.

Gay Mosque to Open in Paris


Ludovic Mohammed Zahed is braced for controversy, maybe even worse. A gay Muslim and an expert on the Koran, Zahed plans to open Europe’s first gay-friendly mosque in Paris at the end of this month. He calls it a place of shelter as well as a place of worship.

“We need to have a safe space for people who do not feel comfortable and at ease in normal mosques,” Zahed told ABC News. “There are transgender people who fear aggression, women who do not want to wear head scarf or sit in the back of the mosque. This project gives hope back to many believers in my community.”

“Common prayer, practiced in an egalitarian setting and without any form of gender-based discrimination, is one of the pillars supporting the proposed reforms of our progressive representation of Islam,” he said.
“The Unity” mosque will initially operate in a Buddhist temple in a neighborhood in eastern Paris, and will emphasize “accepting everyone as equally God’s creation….I hope straight men will pray together with gay men and women, everyone,” said Zahed who declines to make public the address of the venue, due to security concerns.

Zahed’s mosque will honor some Islamic traditions, like Friday prayers (Jumu’ah), and the Muslim marriage contract (Nikah) to bless same-sex marriage. It will also perform funeral rites (Janazah) for those who have been denied a traditional Islamic funeral based on Sharia law because of their sexual orientation.

“It is a safe place to worship,” said Zahed, where no religious questions will go unaddressed. “Our imams will talk on any taboo topic.” Zahed will be one of three prayer leaders, along with a female French convert to Islam and another man who is being trained.

“Current Islamic ethics may condemn this sexual orientation,” Zahed said, “but in fact nothing in Islam or the Koran forbids homosexuality.

Indeed, for centuries, Muslims did not consider homosexuality to be the supreme abomination that they do today.”

According to Zahed, renowned Muslim poets wrote odes glorifying handsome boys. Some were interpreted as metaphors for loving God, but some also seem to reference gay intimate relations. Zahed argues that homosexuality became criminalized only under European colonialism.

“From the 10th to the 14th century, Muslim society used to be a far richer mix of the legal, the rational and the mystic,” said Zahed. “They looked at sexuality as one aspect of life’s many possibilities, and they saw in it the hope for spiritual insight.”

“Even if this mosque is newfound freedom,” said Nasser, an openly-gay Parisian, “gays will remain in a closet, worried about being ostracized at their local schwarma stand.”

While it would be the first gay mosque in Paris, there are believed to be 21 other gay mosques sprinkled through the U.S., Canada and South Africa.

In countries where traditional Islam is dominant, like Egypt and Iran, punishment against homosexual activity, not to mention advocacy for gay rights, is very severe.

Zahed’s Parisian mosque will be inspired by the work of Muslims for Progressive Values in North America, who practice common prayer, in an egalitarian setting and without any form of gender-based discrimination.
“We are already working very closely with them. The idea for our Paris mosque comes as a result of our conversations,” says Zahed, whose future plans include “a progressive mosque in the UK and then another one in Denmark will follow.”

Zahed believes, if the Prophet Mohamad was alive today, he would marry gay couples. He himself is the first gay man to marry partner in a Muslim ceremony in France. He is an Algerian PhD student writing his thesis on Islam and homosexuality, a subject he also addressed in a book “The Koran and the Flesh.”

He has experienced anti-gay discrimination from Islamic groups, and Islamophobia from members of the French gay community.

Meanwhile there is a lot of controversy in France regarding both same-sex marriages and Islamic influence and practices. Ten days ago, tens of thousands protesters took to the streets against government’s plan to legalize same-sex marriage, while several weeks ago, right wing protesters stormed an unfinished mosque to show disapproval of France’s large community of Muslim immigrants.

12/11/12 @ 14:33
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

The fictitious Quran describes Muhammad’s false paradise to attract Jihadist Muslims to kill more Jews, more Christians, more Hindus, and many more other non-Muslim people:

1. “They will recline (with ease) on thrones arranged in ranks. And We shall marry them to Huris (fair females) with wide lovely eyes. There they shall pass from hand to hand a (wine) cup, free from any Laugh…” (Quran 52:17-20).

2. “…they will sit with bashful, dark-eyed virgins, as chaste as the sheltered eggs of ostriches” (Quran 37:40-48)

3. “Yes and we shall wed them to dark-eyed houris (beautiful virgins)” (Quran 44:51-55).

4. “In them will bashful virgins neither man nor Jinn will have touched before. Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?” (Quran 55:56-57).

5. “Hur (beautiful, fair females) guarded in pavilions….” (Quran 55:72).

6. “As for the righteous, they surely triumph. Their gardens and vineyards and high-bosomed (pointed-breast) virgins for companions, truly overflowing cup” (Quran 78:31-32).

7. “And young full-breasted (mature) maidens of equal age, and a full cup of wine” (Quran 78:33-34).

8. “Then which of the blessings of your Lord will you both (jinn and men) deny? (In beauty)they are like rubies and corals” (Quran 55:57-58).

9. “…we created the houris and made them virgins, loving companions for those on the right hand…” (Quran 56:34-37).

10. “In each there shall be virgins chaste and fair…dark-eyed virgins sheltered in their tents whom neither man nor Jinn have touched before…” ( Quran 55:70-77).

11. “And (there will be) Huris with wide, lovely eyes (as wives for the pious)” (Quran 56:22).

12. “Verily, we have created them (maidens) of special creation, And made them Virgins” (Quran 56:35-36).

13. “Wherein both will be Qasurat-ut-Tarf (chaste females restraining their glances, desiring none except their husband) with whom no man or Jinni has had tamth before them” (Quran 55:56).

14. “And give glad tidings to those who believe and do righteous good deeds, that for them will be Gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise)…. And they will be given these things in resemblance (i.e., in the same form but different in taste) and they shall have therein Azwajun Muhtahharatun (purified mates and wives) and that they will have abide therein forever” (Quran 2:25).

15. “The description of Paradise which the Muttaqun have been promised (is that) in it are rivers of water the taste and smell of which are not changed, rivers of milk of which the taste never changes, rivers of wine delicious to those who drink, and rivers of clarified honey….” (Quran 47:15).

Good luck Islamist Jihadist Gragn Ahmed for your hard work to inherit Muhammad’s false paradise!

Fool and pitiful creature!

12/11/12 @ 14:55
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, የውሸት ነጎድጓድ፤የአጋንንት መንገድ፤የሰይጣናት መስጊድ፤የሴቶች ወጥመድ፤የአላሕ እንክርዳድ፤የወንበዴ ዘመድ፤የጨለማ ጉድጓድ፤የአረቦች ገረድ (visitor),

First of all, what are the marks of a good prophet?

1. Passing the word of God to his people without deletion or abrogation to the word of God.

2. Prophesying what will happen to the people of God with 100% accuracy.

3. Consulting God, not the jinn or the medium, if a prophet is asked to do so.

4. Turning the people from worshiping false gods to worshipping the true God.

5. Supporting, in his prophesy, the Scriptures, not contradicting them.

6. Standing firm for the word of God without fear of persecution or death.

7. Avoiding bribery to prophesy only good things, ignoring the calamities that are looming.

8. Encouraging the people to accept the word of God as it is without changing an iota to it.

9. Avoiding one’s own interpretation to the word of God.

10. Prophesying to the glory of God, not to the glory of the messenger or the prophet.

All the prophets of the Old and the New Testaments had met the above 10 points I have outlined, but Muhammad was not qualified to be a prophet because he had failed to meet most of the above marks that distinguish a person as a good prophet.

1. A good prophet never deceives anyone, but Muhammad did (Ishaq: 323).

2. A good prophet never allows his follower to tell a lie, but Muhammad did (Tabari VII:94).

3. A good prophet never says God leads anyone “astray,” but Muhammad did (Quran 13:27).

4. A good prophet never swears by the sun and the moon, but Muhammad did (Quran 91:1).

5. A good prophet never says: “Every Messenger or prophet before you recited the message Satan cast into his recitation,” but Muhammad did (Quran 22:52).

6. A good prophet never says “kill the apostates,” but Muhammad did (Quran 4:90).

7. A good prophet never beats anyone, but Muhammad struck his-child wife, Aisha on her chest that caused her pain for a long time (Muslim 4:2127).

8. A good prophet never declares war on the non-believers, but Muhammad did (Quran 9:29).

9. A good prophet never says there is sex in paradise, but Muhammad did (Quran 52:17-20).

10. A good prophet never changes the word of God, but Muhammad did (Quran 2:106).

In fact, this is what Muhammad had said in Quran 2:106, “And for whatever verse we abrogate and cast into oblivion, we bring a better or the like of it….” If, in reality, Muhammad were a true prophet, he would have never changed the word he claimed he had received from God. Most Muslim scholars agree that Quran 9:5 abrogates 124 verses.

For these and many other reasons, Muhammad is not qualified to be a prophet: he was, in fact, a murderer, a child molester, and a false prophet. If there is any person who can represent Muhammad as a true prophet, let me hear what he or she is gong to say about the false prophet Muhammad.

Is there anyone over there in the Arab Muslim world that can compare Muhammad with Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel? Forget comparing Muhammad with Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God! Jesus was a man of peace; Muhammad, throughout his life, had been a man of destruction, terror, slaughter, and greedy for power, wealth, profit, and lust. I don’t know why on earth this man is still called a prophet?

I am going to press charge against Muhammad the false prophet, not as a murderer, as a child molester, and as a looters, but as a liar who had usurped the divine office of prophecy.

12/11/12 @ 15:13
Comment from: abchahu [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed a.k.a. Assta B Gettu

Denbara, mognehin lela bota felig.

There is no room for mawenabed Ethiopians.


Yehonk ye’Ethiopia maferia.


12/11/12 @ 16:27
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

A good Prophet must full fill the following:

1. He must be illiterate so he can not copy previous scriptures, neither read nor write.

2. He must be from a noble line of descent so that he traces his ancestory to the line of Prophets.

3. He must be married, must have some kids so he can teach us and taste the impacts of love, sorrow, and death.

4. He must be defending his religion and is willing to sacrifice for what he stands and be able to show courage and willingness for the cause of Allah.

5. He must be acknowledged to be a truthful even by his enemies.

6. He must not abruptly change the way of previous Prophets and only reaffirms it.

7. He must be loved by his followers in matters that are beyond spiritual.

8. He must have been poor and just.

9. He must produce a new set of Book that is unique in style and its composition.

10. He must be prophesized by previous criptures like Deteronomy 18:18.

11. He must not lie about doing miracles by making withcraft and majic. Instead, he should be showing them real miracles like the living Quraan.

12. He should be clear in his message even to the old, and to the youn a like, men and women.

13. He must not please all of us but rather tell us the right way.

14. He must not get it from Satan but from Archanael Ghebrail.

15. He set limits to anything he does and they are known to all of his followers. Such as when one does Jihad they should fear Allah and treat their enemies with dignity.

16. He devotes most of his time praying for Allah even during the night. Paul never prayed more than a few hours neither did he cry.

17. He Predicts the futre and is confident about the truthfulness of his scriptures.

18. He treats both slaves, men and women according to their god given rights.

19. He must treat his disbelievers with all of strong reprimand so they don’t fell laxed in their disbelieve of Allah.

20. He must not allow what is forbideen by scriptures, and should tell us about healthy diet as diet affects spiritual life.

21. His scripture must have a mathematical miracle like the number 19. I never seen Paul even play with algebra.

22. He must reform bad cultures. I never saw Paul do that instead he puts more bad culture to us like eating pork and drinking tella and homosexuality.

The mainstream interpretation of Qur’anic verses and hadith condemn homosexuality and cross-dressing. In this, Islam resembles socially conservative interpretations of other Abrahamic religions such as Judaism and Christianity.
The Qur’an cites the story of the “people of Lot” (also known as the people of Sodom and Gomorrah), destroyed by the wrath of God because they engaged in “lustful” carnal acts between men.

“Scholars of Islam, such as Sheikh al-Islam Imam Malik, and Imam Shafi amongst others, ruled that Islam disallowed homosexual activity and ordained capital punishment for a person guilty of it.[1] Homosexual activity is a crime in several Muslim-majority countries. In the Islamic regimes of Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, North Sudan and Yemen, homosexual activity is punished with the death penalty. In Nigeria and Somalia the death penalty is issued in some regions.[2] The legal punishment for sodomy has varied among juristic schools: some prescribe capital punishment; while other prescribe a milder discretionary punishment such as imprisonment. In some secular Muslim-majority countries such as Indonesia,[3] Jordan and Turkey this is not the case; and there are no civil laws against homosexual practice.

The Quran
The Quran contains seven references to “the people of Lut", the biblical Lot, but meaning the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah (references 7:80–84, 11:77–83, 21:74, 22:43, 26:165–175, 27:56–59, and 29:27–33), and their destruction by Allah is associated explicitly with their sexual practices:[5][6]
“And (We sent) Lot when he said to his people: What! do you commit an indecency which any one in the world has not done before you? Most surely you come to males in lust besides females; nay you are an extravagant people. And the answer of his people was no other than that they said: Turn them out of your town, surely they are a people who seek to purify (themselves). So We delivered him and his followers, except his wife; she was of those who remained behind. And We rained upon them a rain; consider then what was the end of the guilty.”[7:80–84 (Translated by Shakir)]
The sins of the people of Lot became proverbial, and the Arabic words for homosexual behaviour (liwat) and for a person who performs such acts (luti) both derive from his name.[7] There is, however, only one passage in the Qur’an which can be interpreted as prescribing a legal position towards homosexual behaviour:[8]
“And as for those who are guilty of an indecency from among your women, call to witnesses against them four (witnesses) from among you; then if they bear witness confine them to the houses until death takes them away or Allah opens some way for them. And as for the two who are guilty of indecency from among you, give them both a punishment; then if they repent and amend, turn aside from them; surely Allah is oft-returning (to mercy), the Merciful.”[4:15–16 (Translated by Shakir)]
Several modern day scholars, including Scott Kugle, argue for a different interpretation of the Lot narrative focusing not on the sexual act but on the infidelity of the tribe and their rejection of Lot’s Prophethood.[9]

12/11/12 @ 16:58
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

አስታ ጌቱ::

የውሽት ቀሲስ: የሃሰት ሃውልት: የቀልድ በረከት: የሻዕሃብያ ዱላ : የመለስ ከለላ: የግርግር ሌባ: የካሌብ አሽክር: የሙስሊም እሾህ:የፓውሎስ እንቆቅልሽ::

As usual Paul disciple the fake apostle of Asst Getu is now on the offense on tarnishing the names of Islam.

HOmosexuality is loved by Paul but not by our Prophet Mohammed.

At any rate why you accuse homsexuals unless you are a hosexual as saying goes?

Let us see Islam position:

Islamic law

[edit]The Quran
The Quran contains seven references to “the people of Lut", the biblical Lot, but meaning the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah (references 7:80–84, 11:77–83, 21:74, 22:43, 26:165–175, 27:56–59, and 29:27–33), and their destruction by Allah is associated explicitly with their sexual practices:[5][6]
“And (We sent) Lot when he said to his people: What! do you commit an indecency which any one in the world has not done before you? Most surely you come to males in lust besides females; nay you are an extravagant people. And the answer of his people was no other than that they said: Turn them out of your town, surely they are a people who seek to purify (themselves). So We delivered him and his followers, except his wife; she was of those who remained behind. And We rained upon them a rain; consider then what was the end of the guilty.”[7:80–84 (Translated by Shakir)]
The sins of the people of Lot became proverbial, and the Arabic words for homosexual behaviour (liwat) and for a person who performs such acts (luti) both derive from his name.[7] There is, however, only one passage in the Qur’an which can be interpreted as prescribing a legal position towards homosexual behaviour:[8]
“And as for those who are guilty of an indecency from among your women, call to witnesses against them four (witnesses) from among you; then if they bear witness confine them to the houses until death takes them away or Allah opens some way for them. And as for the two who are guilty of indecency from among you, give them both a punishment; then if they repent and amend, turn aside from them; surely Allah is oft-returning (to mercy), the Merciful.”[4:15–16 (Translated by Shakir)]
Several modern day scholars, including Scott Kugle, argue for a different interpretation of the Lot narrative focusing not on the sexual act but on the infidelity of the tribe and their rejection of Lot’s Prophethood.[9]
[edit]The Hadith and Seerah
The hadith (sayings and actions of Muhammad) show that homosexuality was not unknown in Arabia.[10] Given that the Qur’an is vague regarding the punishment of homosexual sodomy, Islamic jurists turned to the collections of the hadith and seerah (accounts of Muhammad’s life) to support their argument for Hudud punishment; these are perfectly clear but particularly harsh.[10]
Ibn al-Jawzi[disambiguation needed] records Muhammad as cursing sodomites in several hadith, and recommending the death penalty for both the active and passive partners in same-sex acts.[11]
Sunan al-Tirmidhi, again reports Muhammad as having prescribed the death penalty for both the active and the passive partner: “Whoever you find committing the sin of the people of Lut (Lot), kill them, both the one who does it and the one to whom it is done."[1] The overall moral or theological principle is that a person who performs such actions (luti) challenges the harmony of God’s creation, and is therefore a revolt against God.[7]
Al-Nuwayri in his Nihaya reports that the Prophet is alleged to have said what he feared most for his community were the practices of the people of Lot (although he seems to have expressed the same idea in regard to wine and female seduction).[10]
[edit]Medieval jurisprudence
The four schools of medieval shari’a (Islamic law) disagreed on what punishment is appropriate for liwat. Abu Bakr Al-Jassas (d. 981 AD/370 AH) argued that the two hadiths on killing homosexuals “are not reliable by any means and no legal punishment can be prescribed based on them",[12] and the Hanafi school held that it does not merit any physical punishment, on the basis of a hadith that “Muslim blood can only be spilled for adultery, apostasy and homicide"; against this the Hanbali school held that sodomy is a form of adultery and must incur the same penalty, i.e. death.[7]
There were varying opinions on how the death penalty is to be carried out. Abu Bakr recommended toppling a wall on the evil-doer, or else burning alive,[13] while Ali bin Abi Talib ordered death by stoning for one “luti” and had another thrown head-first from the top of a minaret—according to Ibn Abbas, this last punishment must be followed by stoning.[10]
[edit]Rulings by modern scholars of Islam
Many scholars of Sharia, or Islamic law, interpret homosexual activity as a punishable offence as well as a sin. There is no specific punishment prescribed, however, and this is usually left to the discretion of the local authorities on Islam.[14] Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti, a contemporary Mauritanian scholar, has argued that “[even though] homosexuality is a grievous sin…[a] no legal punishment is stated in the Qur’an for homosexuality…[b] it is not reported that Prophet Muhammad has punished somebody for committing homosexuality…[c] there is no authentic hadith reported from the Prophet prescribing a punishment for the homosexuals…” Hadith scholars such as Al-Bukhari, Yahya ibn Ma`in, An-Nasa’i, Ibn Hazm, Al-Tirmidhi, and others have impugned these statements.[15]
[edit]History of homosexuality in Islamic society

[edit]Medieval era
Increasing prosperity resulting from Muslim conquests in the centuries following Muhammad’s death, was accompanied by what some Muslims bemoaned as a general “corruption” of morals in the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The accumulation of wealth and power in the hands of a privileged few, combined with the continuance of and regularization of polygamy and concubinage, severely restricted the sexual opportunities available to young men. Such opportunities were only opened via jihad[citation needed] or through some form of illicit sex.
Therefore, in spite of its condemnation by religious authorities, homosexuality persisted in a subterranean manner. And it seems to have become less of a rarity as the process of acculturation sped up. Information relating to the development of music and song reveals the presence of mukhannathun, who were apparently for the most part of foreign origin. The arrival of the Abbasid army to Arabia in the 8th century seems to have meant that tolerance for homosexual practice subsequently spread more widely under the new dynasty. The ruler Al-Amin, for example, was said to have required slave women to be dressed in masculine clothing in the hope of inducing him to adopt more conventional morals.[10]
There are other examples from the following centuries. The Aghlabid Emir, Ibrahim II of Ifriqiya (ruled 875–902), was said to have been surrounded by some sixty catamites, yet whom he was said to have treated in a most horrific manner. Caliph al-Mutasim in the 9th century and some of his successors were accused of homosexuality. The popular stories says that Cordoba, Abd al-Rahman III had executed a young man from León who was held as a hostage, because he had refused his advances during the Reconquista.[10]
Mehmed the Conqueror, the Ottoman sultan living in the 15th century, European sources say “who was known to have ambivalent sexual tastes, sent a eunuch to the house of Notaras, demanding that he supply his good looking fourteen year old son for the Sultan’s pleasure. When he refused, the Sultan instantly ordered the decapitation of Notaras, together with that of his son and his son-in-law; and their three heads … were placed on the banqueting table before him”.[16] Another youth Mehmed found attractive, and who was presumably more accommodating, was Radu III the Fair, the brother of the famous Vlad the Impaler, “Radu, a hostage in Istanbul whose good looks had caught the Sultan’s fancy, and who was thus singled out to serve as one of his most favored pages.” After the defeat of Vlad, Mehmed placed Radu on the throne of Wallachia as a vassal ruler. However, Turkish sources deny these stories.[17]

Arabic Manuscript of The Thousand and One Nights dating back to the 1300s
According to the Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
Whatever the legal strictures on sexual activity, the positive expression of male homeoerotic sentiment in literature was accepted, and assiduously cultivated, from the late eighth century until modern times. First in Arabic, but later also in Persian, Turkish and Urdu, love poetry by men about boys more than competed with that about women, it overwhelmed it. Anecdotal literature reinforces this impression of general societal acceptance of the public celebration of male-male love (which hostile Western caricatures of Islamic societies in medieval and early modern times simply exaggerate).[18]
In a tradition from the Arabian Nights, a collection of myths and folk tales, Muhammad was said to have warned his followers against staring at youth because of their beauty: “Be careful, do not gaze at beardless youth, for they have eyes more tempting than the houris."[19]
[edit]Modern day
During the Ottoman Empire, homosexuality was decriminalized in 1858, as part of a wider reforms during the Tanzimat.[20][21]
Despite the formal disapproval of religious authority, the segregation of women in Muslim societies and the strong emphasis on male virility leads adolescent males and unmarried young men to seek sexual outlets with boys younger than themselves—in one study in Morocco, with boys in the age-range 7 to 13.[22] Men have sex with other males so long as they are the penetrators and their partners are boys, or in some cases effeminate men.[23] Liwat is regarded as a temptation,[24] and anal intercourse is not seen as repulsively unnatural so much as dangerously attractive: “one has to avoid getting buggered precisely in order not to acquire a taste for it and thus become addicted."[25] Not all sodomy is homosexual: one Moroccan sociologist, in a study of sex education in his native country, notes that for many young men heterosexual sodomy is considered better than vaginal penetration, and female prostitutes likewise report the demand for anal penetration from their (male) clients.[26]
It is not so much the penetration as the enjoyment that is considered bad.[27] Deep shame attaches to the passive partner: “for this reason men stop getting layed at the age of 15 or 16 and ‘forget’ that they ever allowed/suffered/enjoyed it earlier.” Similar sexual sociologies are reported for other Muslim societies from North Africa to Pakistan and the Far East.[28] In Afghanistan in 2009, the British Army was forced to commission a report into the sexuality of the local men after British soldiers reported the discomfort at witnessing adult males involved in sexual relations with boys. The report stated that though illegal, there was a tradition of such relationships in the country, known as “bache bazi” or boy play, and that it was especially strong around Kandahar.[29]
Raphael Patai in The Arab Mind, has argued that among some Arabs and Turks homosexuality can be justified as an expression of power. The “active homosexual act is considered as an assertion of one’s aggressive masculine superiority, while the acceptance of the role of the passive homosexual is considered extremely degrading and shameful because it casts the man or youth into a submissive, feminine role”.[30]
In France, the first islamic same-sex marriage was celebrated on February 18, 2012[31] and some french islamic organizations[32] are supporting religious same-sex marriage.

12/11/12 @ 17:09
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Legal status in modern Islamic nations

Homosexual relations are a crime and face punishment in some Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, or Islamic Republics such as Iran. The death penalty is currently in place in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, northern Nigeria, Sudan, and Yemen.[33][34] It formerly carried the death penalty in Afghanistan under the Taliban, but subsequently has changed from a capital crime to one that is punished with fines and a prison sentence.
The legal situation in the United Arab Emirates is unclear. In many Muslim nations, such as Bahrain, Qatar, Algeria, Uzbekistan and the Maldives, homosexuality is punished with jail time, fines, or corporal punishment. This has led to controversy regarding Qatar, which is due to stage the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Human rights groups have questioned the awarding in 2010 of the right to host the competition, due to the possibility that gay football fans may be jailed. In response, Sepp Blatter, head of FIFA, joked that they would have to “refrain from sexual activity” while in Qatar. He later withdrew the remarks after condemnation from rights groups.[35]
In Saudi Arabia, while the maximum punishment for homosexual acts is public execution, the government will generally use lesser punishments—e.g., fines, jail time, and whipping—as alternatives, unless it feels that individuals are challenging state authority by engaging in LGBT social movements.[36] Iran is perhaps the nation to execute the largest number of its citizens for homosexual acts. Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, the Iranian government has executed more than 4,000 such people.[37]
In Egypt, openly gay men have been prosecuted under general public morality laws. (See Cairo 52.) On the other hand, homosexuality, while not legal, is tolerated to some extent in Lebanon.
In some Muslim-majority nations, such as Albania, Turkey, Jordan, Indonesia or Mali, same-sex intercourse is not forbidden by law, and in Albania there has been discussions of legalizing same-sex marriage.
Most international human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, condemn laws that make homosexual relations between consenting adults a crime. Since 1994, the United Nations Human Rights Committee has also ruled that such laws violate the right to privacy guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. However, most Muslim nations (except for Turkey), insist that such laws are necessary to preserve Islamic morality and virtue. Of the nations with a majority of Muslim inhabitants, Lebanon has an internal effort to legalize homosexuality.[38]
[edit]Cultural acceptance or hostility

Drawing of a le….sbian in front of a mosque
Some Muslim majority countries have held public gay events, as in Turkey or Azerbaijan.[39][40]
Many Muslim-majority countries are not liberal in terms of tolerance for homosexual rights. Some like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Malaysia have high levels of hostility due to the influence of religion and politics. Among these countries, Iran is seen by some as being considerably more intolerant. In one case that caused international controversy, Iran executed Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni on July 19, 2005, after they were convicted for the rape of a 13-year-old boy. Soon after, a British group[who?] alleged that the teenagers were executed for consensual homosexual acts and not rape.[citation needed]
While Iran has outlawed homosexuality, Iranian Shi’a thinkers such as Ayatollah Khomeini have allowed for transsexuals to change their sex so that they can enter heterosexual relationships. This position has been confirmed by the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and is also supported by many other Iranian clerics. The state will pay a portion of the cost for a sex-change operation. Despite support for transsexuals from Iranian religious leaders, Iranian society itself is less accepting of them.
In India, where Muslims form a large minority, the largest Islamic seminary (Darul Uloom Deoband) has vehemently opposed recent government moves[41] to abrogate and liberalize laws from the British Raj era that banned homosexuality.[42] However, consensual gay sex is not a criminal offense as per the constitution of India.[43] In the UK, a Gallup poll showed that none of the 500 British Muslims polled believed homosexuality to be “morally acceptable", compared with 35% of the 1001 French Muslims polled.[44] A 2007 survey of British Muslims showed that 61% believe homosexuality should be illegal, with up to 71% young British Muslims holding this belief.[45] According to a 2012 poll, 51% of the Turks in Germany, who account for nearly two thirds of the total Muslim population in Germany,[46] believe that homosexuality is a sickness.[47]
[edit]Gender variant and transgender people

In Islam, the term mukhannathun is used to describe gender-variant people, usually male-to-female transsexuals. Neither this term nor the equivalent for “eunuch” occurs in the Qur’an, but the term does appear in the Hadith, the sayings of Muhammad, which have a secondary status to the central text. Moreover, within Islam, there is a tradition on the elaboration and refinement of extended religious doctrines through scholarship. This doctrine contains a passage by the scholar and hadith collector An-Nawawi:
A mukhannath is the one ("male") who carries in his movements, in his appearance and in his language the characteristics of a woman. There are two types; the first is the one in whom these characteristics are innate, he did not put them on by himself, and therein is no guilt, no blame and no shame, as long as he does not perform any (illicit) act or exploit it for money (prostitution etc.). The second type acts like a woman out of immoral purposes and he is the sinner and blameworthy.[48][unreliable source]
Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other nation in the world except for Thailand. It is sanctioned as a supposed “cure” for homosexuality, which is punishable by death under Iranian law. The government even provides up to half the cost for those needing financial assistance and a sex change is recognised on the birth certificate.[49]
[edit]Homosexuality laws in majority Muslim countries

Main article: LGBT rights by country or territory
According to the International Les…bian and Gay Association (ILGA) seven countries still retain capital punishment for homosexual behavior: Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen. The situation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is unclear.[50]

But finally one wants to ask why Jewish people are more homosexual, why pastors are more homosexual in christian countries? Paul is the answer.

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Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Hudud (Arabic, also transliterated hadud, hudood; singular hadd, حد, literal meaning “limit", or “restriction") is the word often used in Islamic literature for the bounds of acceptable behaviour and the punishments for serious crimes.

In Islamic law or Sharia, hudud usually refers to the class of punishments that are fixed for certain crimes that are considered to be “claims of God.” They include theft, fornication and adultery (zina), consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants (khamr), and apostasy (see apostasy in Islam).

Hudood is one of four categories of punishment in Islamic Penal Law[1]:

Qisas - meaning retaliation, and following the principle of “an eye for an eye.”
Diyya - compensation paid to the heirs of a victim. In Arabic the word means both blood money and ransom.
Hudud - fixed punishments
Tazir - punishment, usually corporal, administered at the discretion of the judge

Hudud offenses are defined as “claims of God,” and therefore the sovereign was held to have a responsibility to punish them. All other offenses were defined as “claims of [His] servants,” and responsibility for prosecution rested on the victim. This includes murder, which was treated as a private dispute between the murderer and the victim’s heirs. The heirs are given the right to forgive the murderer, or demand compensation (see Diyya) or demand execution of the murderer (see Qisas).

Hudud offenses include:[2]
Theft (Sariqa, السرق&#1577&#59;)
Brigandage (Ĥirabah, الحراب&#1577&#59;)
Illegal sexual intercourse (Zina’, الزن&#1575&#59;)
False accusation of Zina’ (Qadhf, القذ&#1601&#59;) [3]
Drinking alcohol (Shurb al-Khamr, شرب الخم&#1585&#59;)
Apostasy (Irtidād or Ridda, ارتداد أو ردّ&#1607&#59;) includes blasphemy. (Unlike the five offenses listed above, not all jurists consider apostasy to be a hudud offense.[citation needed])
In traditional Islamic legal systems, there were very exacting standards of proof that had to be met if hudud punishments were to be implemented.[citation needed]
There are minor differences in views between the four major Sunni madhhabs about sentencing and specifications for these laws. It is often argued that, since Sharia is God’s law and states certain punishments for each crime, they are immutable. However, with liberal movements in Islam expressing concerns about hadith validity, a major component of how Islamic law is created, questions have arisen about administering certain punishments.

Incompatibilities with human rights in the way Islamic law is practised in many countries has led Tariq Ramadan to call for an international moratorium on the punishments of hudud laws until greater scholarly consensus can be reached.[4]

It has also been argued that the Hudud portion of Sharia is incompatible with humanist or Western understanding of human rights. For example a Washington Times editorial called Pakistan’s Hudood ordinance:
a set of laws passed in 1979 in response to pressure from hardline Islamic political groups that odiously punished rape victims while making it difficult to convict the perpetrators. [1]

In brief, the punishments include:
Capital punishments - by sword/crucifixion (for highway robbery with homicide), by stoning

Amputation of hands or feet (for theft and highway robbery without homicide)

Flogging with a varying number of strokes (for drinking, zina’ when the offenders are unmarried or not Muslims, and false accusations of zina’)

The hudud punishment for theft was carried out on several hundred individuals, including Christians, during the first two years when Shari`a was made state law in Sudan between 1983 and 1985 and then was withdrawn from application but not from the law. Flogging for morals charges have been carried out since the codification of Islamic law in Sudan in 1991 without withdrawal from application. Although there were sentences of stoning for adultery during this period, none has been carried out.

Requirements for conviction

Only eye-witness testimony and confession were admitted. For eye-witness testimony, the number of witnesses required was doubled from Islamic law’s usual standard of two to four. Only free, adult Muslim men are eligible to testify in hudud cases. (In non-hudud cases the testimony of women, non-Muslims and slaves could be admitted in certain circumstances). A confession had to be repeated four times, the confessing person had to be in a healthy state of mind, and he or she could retract the confession at any point before punishment.

However, while these standards of proof made hudud punishments very difficult to apply in practice, an offender could still be sentenced to corporal punishment at the discretion of the judge (see tazir), if he or she was found guilty but the standards of proof required for hudud punishments could not be met.

The punishment of adulterers under Islamic law is stoning (Rajm). It is not mentioned in the Qur’an but “derives its authority from hadith literature references which are imputed by many,” according to Kemal A. Faruki.[5] However, this view is not held by all scholars. Many scholars do not see stoning as a prescribed punishment for adultery.[6]

There are certain standards for proof that must be met in Islamic law for this punishment to apply. In the Shafii, Hanbali, Hanafi and the Shia law schools the stoning is imposed for the married adulterer and his partner only if the crime is proven, either by four male adults eyewitnessing the actual sexual intercourse at the same time or by self-confession. In the Maliki school of law, however, evidence of pregnancy also constitutes sufficient proof.[7] Scholars such as Fazel Lankarani and Ayatollah Sanei hold that stoning penalty is imposed only if the adulterer has had sexual access to his or her mate.[8][9] Ayatollah Shirazi states that the proof for adultery is very hard to establish, because no one commits adultery in public unless they are irreverent.[10] For the establishment of adultery, four witnesses “must have seen the act in its most intimate details, i.e. the penetration (like “a stick disappearing in a kohl container,” as the fiqh books specify). However they may be charged with indecency and immoral behavior. If their testimonies do not satisfy the requirements, they can be sentenced to eighty lashes for unfounded accusation of fornication.” [11]

Malik, the originator of the Maliki judicial school of thought, recorded in The Muwatta of many detailed circumstances under which the punishment of hand cutting should, and should not, be carried out. Commenting on the verse regarding theft in the Quran, Yusuf Ali says that most Islamic jurists believe that “petty thefts are exempt from this punishment” and that “only one hand should be cut off for the first theft."[12] Maududi also agrees that petty theft is exempt, although he admits that jurists disagree as to the exact dividing line.[13] In Shi’a law, the penalty for the first theft is interpreted as the severing of the four fingers of the right hand based on hadith authentic to them,[14] and this penalty will be applied only if the thief is adult, sane, has stolen from a secure place, was not under compulsion or misery, and does not repent before the crime is proved, among other conditions.[8][15]

Explanations for punishments

John Esposito explains that some Muslims justify these punishments in general terms because they punish crimes that are “against God and a threat to the moral fabric of the Muslim community.” He observes that Islamic law provides strict regulations regarding evidence in cases involving these crimes, and that false accusations are seriously punished.[16] Esposito also observes that Muslim reformers have argued that “these punishment were appropriate within the historical and social contexts in which they originated but are inappropriate today and that the underlying religious principles and values need to find new expression in modernizing societies."[17]
William Montgomery Watt believes that “such penalties may have been suitable for the age in which Muhammad lived. However, as societies have since progressed and become more peaceful and ordered, they are not suitable any longer.” Gerhard Endress, professor of Islamic Studies at Ruhr University, states that at the time of advent of Islam, several social reforms happened in which a new system of marriage and family, including legal restrictions such as restriction of the practice of polygamy, was built up. Endress says that “it was only by this provision (backed up by severe punishment for adultery), that the family, the core of any sedentary society could be placed on a firm footing.” [18]

See above section on adultery for an examination of the requirement of proof of same.

Commenting on the verses related to amputation of the limbs of thieves, Maududi writes that “here and at other places the Qur’an merely declares that sodomy is such a heinous sin… that it is the duty of the Islamic State to eradicate this crime and… punish those who are guilty of it.” [19]

There is a movement among some modern liberal Muslims to “re-interpret Islamic verses about ancient punishments,” in the words of Professor Ali A. Mazrui. He states that the punishments laid down fourteen centuries ago “had to be truly severe enough to be a deterrent” in their day, but “since then God has taught us more about crime, its causes, the methods of its investigation, the limits of guilt, and the much wider range of possible punishments."[20]

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Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, የውሸት ነጎድጓድ፤የአጋንንት መንገድ፤የሰይጣናት መስጊድ፤የሴቶች ወጥመድ፤የአላሕ እንክርዳድ፤የወንበዴ ዘመድ፤የጨለማ ጉድጓድ፤የአረቦች ገረድ (visitor),

As I have explained to you before, there are two reasons why you hate St. Paul because (1) St. Paul was a Jew; and (2), he was against homosexuals.

Muslims generally hate the Jews extremely without any adequate reason: you are a good example for that extreme kind of hatreds when you publicly stated that “Jewish people are more homosexual” than Muslims or other group of people.

The following article explains in detail Muslims’ hatred toward the Jews with Muhammad’s historical background why Muhammad hated the Jews.

Why Muslims Must Hate Jews
By Nonie Darwish
Recently, a Pakistani religious leader, Pirzada Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai, said: “When the Jews are wiped out … the sun of peace [will] begin to rise on the entire world.” The same preaching is routinely done not only by clerics, but by politicians – in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and elsewhere. This is not just Ahmedinijad; it is at the heart of Islamic theology that world peace will be established only when all the Jews are wiped from the earth. But few people in Western media are alarmed by this kind of rhetoric or care to expose this dreadful dark side of Islam’s obsession with Jew-hatred.
I do not believe that one has to be an authority on human behavior or group thinking to find out the obvious pathology in Islamic Jew-hatred. It is time for all of us to uncover and expose this atrocity against the Jewish people. We owe that to humanity and the truth.
No true Muslim can see that such hatred is unbecoming and unholy for a world religion to focus on and that the credibility of Islam is tarnished by such hatred. No Muslim is allowed to go far enough to self-analyze or ask why such hatred. Muslims defend Jew-hatred by claiming that Jews betrayed Muhammad and thus deserve of this kind of treatment. Even when I was a Muslim, I believed that the one-sided story against Jews by Islam was enough to justify all the killing, terror, lies, and propaganda by Islamic leaders against Jews. To the average Muslim, routinely cursing Jews in mosques feels normal and even holy!
After a lot of thinking, analysis, research, and writing, I discovered that Jew -atred in Islam is an essential foundation to the Islamic belief system that Muslims cannot seem to be able to rid themselves of. Jew-hatred masks an existential problem in Islam. Islam is terrified of the Jews, and the number-one enemy of Islam is the truth, which must be constantly covered at any cost. It does not matter how many Muslim men, women, and children die in the process of saving Islam’s reputation. The number-one duty of Muslims is to protect the reputation of Islam and Mohammad. But why would a religion burden its followers like that? This is why:
When Mohammed embarked on his mission to spread Islam, his objective was to create a uniquely Arabian religion, one created by an Arab prophet, which reflected the Arabian values and culture. Yet to obtain legitimacy, he had to link it to the two previous Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Christianity. He expected the Jewish tribes who lived in Arabia to declare him their Messiah and thereby bring him more legitimacy with Arabs, especially with his own tribe in Mecca, the Quraish. Because his own tribe had rejected and ridiculed him, Mohammed needed the approval of the Jews, whom he called the people of the book. But the conversion of Jews to Islam was part of the scenario that Mohammed had to accomplish in order to prove to Meccans that they had made a mistake by rejecting him.
That was one of the reasons Mohammed chose to migrate to Medina, a town that had predominantly been settled by Jewish tribes and a few impoverished Arabs who lived around the Jews. The Jews allowed Mohammed to move in. At the beginning, the Koran of Mecca was full of appeals to the Jews, who were then described as “guidance and light” (5:44) and a “righteous” people (6:153-154), who “excelled the nations” (45:16). But when the Jews rejected the appeasement and refused to convert to Islam, Mohammed simply and completely flipped. The Quran changed from love to threats and then pure hatred, cursing, and commandments to kill Jews. Rejection by the Jews became an intolerable obsession with Mohammed.
Not only did the Jews reject him, but their prosperity made Mohammed extremely envious. The Jewish Arabian tribes earned their living from legitimate and successful business, but Mohammed earned his living and wealth through warfare – by attacking Arab tribes, some of whom were from his own tribe – and trade caravans, seizing their wealth and property. That did not look good for a man who claimed to be a prophet of God. The mere existence of the Jews made Mohammed look bad, which led Mohammed to unspeakable slaughter, beheading of 600 to 900 Jewish men of one tribe, and taking their women and children as slaves. Mohammed had the first pick of the prettiest woman as his sex slave. All of this senseless slaughter of the Jews was elaborately documented in Islamic books on the life of Mohammed – not as something to be ashamed of, but as justified behavior against evil people.
One does not have to be psychiatrist to see the obvious: that Mohammad was a tormented man after the massacre he orchestrated and forced his fighters to undertake to empower and to enrich himself and his religion. To reduce his torment, he needed everyone around him, as well as future generations, to participate in the genocide against the Jews, the only people whom he could not control. An enormous number of verses in the Koran encouraged Mohammed’s fighters to fight, kill, and curse Muslim fighters who wanted to escape fighting and killing Jews. The Quran is full of promises of all kinds of pleasure in heaven to those who followed Mohammed’s killing spree and curses and condemnation to those who chose to escape from fighting. Muslims were encouraged to feel no hesitation or guilt for the genocide because it was not they who did it, but rather “Allah’s hand.”
Mohammed never got over his anger, humiliation, and rejection by “the people of the book” and went to his grave tormented and obsessed that some Jews were still alive. On his deathbed, Mohammed entrusted Muslims to kill Jews wherever they found them, which made this a “holy commandment” that no Muslim can reject. Muslims who wrote sharia understood how Mohammed was extremely sensitive to criticism, and that is why criticizing Mohammed became the highest crime in Islam that will never be forgiven even if the offender repents. Mohammed’s message on his deathbed was not for his followers to strive for holiness, peace, goodness, and to treat their neighbors as themselves, but rather a commandment for Muslims to continue the killing and the genocide against the Jews. Killing thus became a holy act of obedience to Mohammed and Allah himself.
Mohammed portrayed himself as a victim of Jews, and Muslims must avenge him until judgment day. With all Arab power, money, and influence around the world today, they still thrive at portraying themselves as victims. Sharia also codified into law the duty of every Muslim to defend Mohammed’s honor and Islam with his own blood, and allowed the violation of many commandments if it is for the benefit of defending Islam and Mohammed. Thus, Muslims are carrying a huge burden, a holy burden, to defend Mohammed with their blood, and in doing so they are allowed to kill, lie, cheat, slander, and mislead.
Mohammed must have felt deep and extreme shame after what he had done to the Jews, and thus a very good reason had to be found to explain away his genocide. By commanding Muslims to continue the genocide for him, even after his death, Mohammad expanded the shame to cover all Muslims and Islam itself. All Muslims were commanded to follow Mohammed’s example and chase the Jews wherever they went. One hundred years after Mohammed’s death, Arabs occupied Jerusalem and built Al Aqsa mosque right on top of the Jewish Temple ruins, the holiest spot of the Jews. Muslims thought they had erased all memory of Jewish existence.
Mohammed’s genocide of the Jews of Arabia became an unholy dark mark of shame in Islamic history, and that shame, envy, and anger continues to get the best of Muslims today. In the eyes of Mohammed and Muslims, the mere existence of the Jewish people, let alone an entire Jewish state, delegitimizes Islam and makes Mohammed look more like a mass murderer than like a prophet. For Muslims to make peace with Jews and acknowledge that Jews are humans who deserve the same rights as everyone else would have a devastating effect on how Muslims view their religion, their history, and the actions of their prophet.
Islam has a major existential problem. By no will of their own, the Jews found themselves in the middle of this Islamic dilemma. Islam must justify the genocide that Mohammad waged against the Jews. Mohammad and Muslims had two choices: either the Jews are evil sub-humans, apes, pigs, and enemies of Allah, a common description of Jews still heard regularly in Middle Eastern mosques today, or Mohammad was a genocidal warlord not fit to be a prophet of God – a choice that would mean the end of Islam.
Then and now, Mohammad and Muslims clearly chose the first worldview and decreed that any hint of the second must be severely punished. Jews must remain eternally evil enemies of Islam if Islam is to remain legitimate. There is no third solution to save the core of Islam from collapsing; either Mohammed was evil, or the Jews were evil. Any attempt to forgive, humanize, or live peacefully with Jews is considered treason against Islam. How can Muslims forgive the Jews and then go back to their mosques, only to read their prophet’s words, telling them they must kill Jews wherever they find them? It does not add up, if someone wants to remain Muslim.
That is why the number-one enemy of Islam is, and must remain, the truth. If the truth exposes Islam’s unjustified Jew-hatred, Muslims will be left with an empty shell of a religion, a religion whose prophet was a murderer, a thief, and a warlord. Without Jew-hatred, Islam would self-destruct.

I hope the end of Islam and the destructions of all Mosques are impendent!

12/11/12 @ 19:29
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, የውሸት ነጎድጓድ፤የአጋንንት መንገድ፤የሰይጣናት መስጊድ፤የሴቶች ወጥመድ፤የአላሕ እንክርዳድ፤የወንበዴ ዘመድ፤የጨለማ ጉድጓድ፤የአረቦች ገረድ (visitor),

What would you say to the following commentators?

It’s not just Jews that Muslims hate, but all the rest of mankind including a lot of other Muslims who don’t have their Mohammad straight.
“I studied the Koran a great deal. I came away from that study with the conviction there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad. So far as I can see, it is the principal cause of the decadence so visible today in the Muslim world and, though less absurd than the polytheism of old, its social and political tendencies are in my opinion to be feared, and I therefore regard it as a form of decadence rather than a form of progress in relation to paganism itself.” (Alexis de Tocqueville)
“He [that would be Muhammad, the founder of Islam and Islam’s “Perfect Man"] declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion [that would be Islam, not “Islamism", nor “Radical Islam", nor “Islamofascism", nor “Hijacked Islam", but ISLAM!], against all the rest of mankind.” (John Quincy Adams)
“Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies is in a dog.” (Winston Churchill)

and yet the Muslims have Obama’s full support from NASA, to public policy, to open-door into the White House, to Huma Abedin as Hillary’s confidant….what does that tell us? Not to mention Obama and Hillary have now opened the entire Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood power. You tell me what’s coming?

A splendid book on the matter is titled “Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited.” Islam is not peaceful, excepting the peace following the annihilation of all dissent and submission of all mankind. There is no tradition of culture or prosperity or human rights within Islam. Instead its central idea is perpetual war and living at the expense of infidel producers. It is no longer mysterious to me why Islam is in eternal opposition to Judaism and Christianity, nor why it harmonizes so well with socialism.

But because of the nature of Islam and the Muslim mind there will never be peace… Not if they killed all Jews and all westerners and all Christians and Hindus etc etc… They would then just go back to killing each other… Their default mode when there is no one else handy to be outraged at. Truly there has never been such a collection of people following the most destructive and hateful ideology… Certainly it’s not anything close to a religion… islam is Without a single redeeming quality or one positive contribution to the world

The only differnce between Islam & communism is this; one substitutes government with religion, and the other substitues religion with government. In neither is the individual free to express themselves, own private property, or otherwise to pursue their own freedom or personal interest. Is it not a coincidence that socialists & islamists get along so well ?

Islam does not teach the same sort of compassion for the other that virtually every other religion including today’s “secular humanism” teaches. Muslims murder and torture each other without compunction and their own ummah, “brotherhood” has no condemnation to offer. That’s because they don’t value individual human life the way Christian westerners do. It’s not a concept in Islam, which means it’s not a concept in Muslims “hearts and minds". Their hearts and minds instead understand what Allah teaches them in the Koran, namely, the Collective Will to Power.
When will our leaders understand this? And moreover understand that it is necessary in the end to treat Muslims in the way they themselves understand moral principles? Which ultimately means that they must be beaten back and vanquished and humiliated by a greater strength. That is clearly what they understand. Every move to win their hearts and minds only strengthens them, emboldens them to advance their own peculiar ethics of the world, which couldn’t give a damn about “hearts and minds", as we understand the term. They will accept the shehada from anyone they can swindle and connive to recite it while at the same time are willing to kill anyone who leaves Islam. Whatever it takes to build the army of Islamic soldiers is what their ethics is about.
There is no way of avoiding the reality that the adults in this world are going to have to act like adults and step up and slap, and in a big way, Muslims who have made of their own societies the equivalent of “Lord of the Flies” and who now threaten to overrun every more advanced society with their mayhem. We’re going to have to come to terms this reality. Either that or it’s simply going to be cruel for all of us, with no kindness in sight, and possibly no one left to come and rescue us off an Island from Hell that in our passivity and cowardice we allowed to be taken over by moral pygmies.

12/11/12 @ 19:57
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Some commentators’ view about Islam and its founder, Muhammad the imposter prophet:

“Mohammed must have felt deep and extreme shame after what he had done to the Jews"‘
You can’t be serious. He was very proud and ecstatically happy at what he had done. Mohammad was a sadistic psychopath and hence was not even capable of any such feelings, let alone deep and extreme.
“If the truth exposes Islam’s unjustified Jew-hatred, Muslims will be left with an empty shell of a religion, a religion whose prophet was a murderer, a thief, and a warlord. Without Jew-hatred, Islam would self-destruct.”
And if I possessed Mjölnir, I’d be Thor. Muslims have been told the truth and it hasn’t changed a thing. I think it’s well past time to stop trying to win their dark hearts and evil minds.

The “religion of peace". I laugh each time I read or hear someone - particularly a spineless politician - say this. Mr. Jayhawk here has precisely articulated, in the last sentence of his first paragrah, what this cult is all about. A cult began by evil incarnate. And propogated by like minded cultists. How in good G’s name can any sane person think otherwise. It completly boggles the mind. But it is unsurprising that people are unable to see evil before their eyes. The infuriating part of people’s ignorance is that Mr. Jayhawk’s precise definition of the false prophet is not an opinion, but fact. In every way. Only a delusional mind is unable to grasp this fact. Additionally, where are all the women’s voices?. Where is NOW, or Code Pink, or any “feminist’, or all the other shrill shills for the Democratic party. Why aren’t they marching or protesting in front of mosques or at the Saudi Arabia consulate, or other Islam based countries’? Outside of being phonies, cowards and hypocrites of course.
Terrific comments on this thread - as usual - and kudos to Mr. Jayhawk for the complete accurate biography of the false prophet Muhammed.
08/03/2012 09:11 AM
Islam is and always has been a religion of hate.
It has no business being in America.
08/03/2012 06:20 AM
Islam is a totalitarian way of life. Just as the Soviets and Nazis had to “atomize” the masses, isolating and terrorizing them; the radical Islamist must control their followers and victims in the same manner.
“The Origins of Totalitarianism” (Hannah Arendt - 1948) explains the psychology of both the Islamist and the Communist in the White House. The “Leadership Principle” creates multiple power hierarchies and police forces to isolate and terrorize the masses. Groups must be demonized to make the terror arbitrary. This created a condition where people feared talking to their neighbors and could not unite, and fear for one’s children that those who disappeared are never mentioned. It is as if they never existed.
This is why communist and Islamist are like two peas in a pod. And if Obama is re-elected, we shall be like pea soup boiled to a collective mass.
08/03/2012 08:31 AM

Well, that’s as polite a way of describing pure evil that I’ve seen in a long time. Islam was invented by Mohammed as a means to justify his violent thievery, the murder of his rivals, and his sexual perversions. As wives tales and myths are always passed down through the generations, so is Islam as it justifies the shabby, deadly, and perveted way the males of Islam are allowed to treat women, while also being allowed to hate and kill those who refuse to follow their evil. Meanwhile, Muslim clerics continue to lead billions to Hell in the name of the moon god called Allah – the diety chosen by Mohammed to be their enforcer in the sky.
I’ve been studying this Middle Eastern evil for a long time, and I can’t find anything to suggest that Mohammed had one pang of conscience for the evil he justified by duping fellow disaffected Arabs.
08/03/2012 07:34 AM

Mohammedan morals consist in prostrate like bowing 5 times a day in the general direction of some black stone in Mecca that is suppose to have fallen down from their moon-god, Allah, and attending mosque regularly at the appointed weekly time, and in breaking the ten commandments all the balance of the week. It comes natural to them to lie and cheat and kill and enslave in the first place, and then they go on and improve on that nature until they arrive at perfection. I never did dislike anyone as much as those Muslims and especially the Arabs, and most especially the so called “Palestinians”, and when Israel is pushed to war with them again, I hope America and England and France and Russia will not find it good breeding nor good judgment to interfere.
08/03/2012 04:14 AM
A mere century after Mohammed walked the earth a Syrian monk/scholar St. John of Damascus worked as chief administrator for the Caliph in 749 AD. As an inside observer he wrote his famous critique of Islam called ‘The Heresy of the Ishmaelites’. The first paragraph reads: “There is also the superstition of the Ishmaelites which to this day prevails and keeps people in error, being a forerunner of the Antichrist. They are also called Saracens…From this time to the present a false prophet named Mohammed has appeared in their midst. This man after having chanced upon the Old and New Testaments…devised his own heresy. Then having insinuated himself into the good graces of the people by a show of seeming piety…gave out that a certain book had been sent down to him from heaven. He had set down some ridiculous compositions in this book of his and he gave it to them as an object of veneration.” The sole purpose of this fake ‘religion’ is the elimination of Jews and Christians from the face of the earth no matter how long it takes. Their ancient bloodthirsty deity…Allah the moon god…has decreed it.
08/03/2012 02:38 PM
I always thought Islam “choosing” to link itself theologically/historically with Ishmael and his descendants was odd. After all, Ishmael is the product of Abraham’s adulterous relationship with his wife’s servant. It is this illicit union that produced Ishmael. So, in reality, Ishmael is the product of Abrahams LACK of faith and trust in God. Isaac is the “fruit” of Abraham’s faith in God, Yahweh. Isaac is the “miracle” because Sarah was past her child bearing years when she conceived & bore Isaac. Nothing miraculous about the conception/birth of Ishmael. Just the opposite.
Islam is confusing on many levels.
08/03/2012 09:50 PM

12/12/12 @ 00:02
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

አስታ ጌቱ::

የውሽት ቀሲስ: የሃሰት ሃውልት: የቀልድ በረከት: የሻዕሃብያ ዱላ : የመለስ ከለላ: የግርግር ሌባ: የካሌብ አሽክር: የሙስሊም እሾህ:የፓውሎስ እንቆቅልሽ::

On the eve of the Davos Economic Conference in Switzerland, organizers ordered a poll on the status of relations between Muslims and the West. The outcasts of the poll carried out by Gallop Institute were extremely worrying on the relations between Muslims & the West whereas each side believes that the other doesn’t respect its culture. According to the statistics of the poll Europeans believe there is a threat to their culture because of the many Muslim emigrants to their continent. On the other hand, Muslims believe that the wave of cartoons of the prophet Mohammad in European newspapers is meant to humiliate their prophet & that Western media is creating disposition between Muslims and terror. Europeans view the Muslims anger over the cartoons publications of the prophet Mohammad as impingement to their freedom of speech. Reading such statistics one could slump into black melancholy, watching interviews of Omar Bin Ladin the 26 year old son of the number one terrorist in the world on CNN & Associated Press (AP) actually made me decide to cheer up, contrary to his father Omar Bin Ladin conveyed in these interviews messages of World PEACE. He announced of his intention to set up a movement with his British wife which will campaign for PEACE and even called upon his father to change his ways. Young Bin Ladin called upon his father in the name of himself and other Muslims “to find alternative ways to help Muslims and achieve his targets” emphasizing “it is not good to refer to anyone with bombs and weapons”, indeed encouraging statements. Contrary to many others, I believe authentic Islam religion is a moderate one, however, throughout the years it’s been overtaken by extreme fanatical elements which distorted its original contexts and messages. Young Bin Ladin accuses Western media of being guilty in their portrayal of Arabs & Bin Ladin family especially as terrorists, on that specific issue I disagree with him. Only a few weeks ago the world witnessed the horrifying murder of Binazir Bhutto leader of the opposition in Pakistan who was killed at the hands of a Muslim fanatic. Islam forbids hurting women but this didn’t prevent Bhuttos assassination. In an interview to the Washington Post Michael Hayden Head of the CIA revealed that Al-Qaeda activists in collaboration with a certain Taliban leader by the name of Beitallah Mahsoud were behind Bhutto’s assassination. Beyond targeting women extreme fanatical Islamists headed by Al-Qaeda carry out unjustified acts that lack any protection of Muslims or Islam which arouse anger of the West. Only last month and due to threats from Al-Qaeda elements the famous motorbikes & cars rally race known as “Dakkar Rally” was put off. What does such a sports event have anything to do with defending or protecting Islam? That’s strange.
Why is Islam hated in the West? In answer to that question volumes of books and studies can be written, I will try to explain in a few words why the past few years an escalation occurred in hatred of Islam, I believe the greatest damage being done to Islam and Muslims is being done at the hands of Al-Qaeda; the gruelling terrorist attacks of Al-Qaeda around the world brought about that every Muslim is a suspect of terror upon his arrival to the West, just look at the security inspections at central airports in Europe & USA will make you understand the capacity and severity of the trauma the West encountered following the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York.
The 9/11 suicide attacks were the turning point of the West towards Islam. After the attacks President Bush declared war on terror but in the eyes of many in the world and certainly in the eyes of Muslims it was interpreted as a declaration of war on Islam. That was the mistake of the West & mistake of the Muslims; this war should be launched against terrorists, not only Muslim terrorists but terrorism as a whole. Responsibility for the misunderstanding falls on both sides.
Al-Qaeda was established 20 years ago after Usama Bin Ladin and his Egyptian comrades quarrelled with their Palestinian mentor Sheikh Abdullah Azzam & according to Western intelligence sources they were also behind his killing. The organization changed very quickly its targets, from fighting Soviet occupation of Afghanistan to defining new targets of “protecting Muslims” and/or “protecting the oppressed”. Slowly new targets emerged for the new organization which scared the West such as establishing “Caliphate rule” & “fight Christian and Jewish infidels everywhere”. Al-Qaeda established branches in several Islamic countries like Iraq Tunis Algiers where they did not hesitate to declare their intent to overtake those countries.
How can the Western world not fear Islam when at the same time moderate Muslims fear it, with Al-Qaeda utilising women handicapped and elderly people to carry out suicide attacks? Al-Qaeda also recruited Europeans & Americans who had converted to Islam to carry out their targets at the same time and according to Western Intelligence reports the group had also begun recruiting criminals, ex-cons & illiterates to carry out suicide attacks especially in North African countries. We are talking of an octopus of fanatical Muslim terrorists which is gradually reaching out with its tentacles to various parts of the world.
That is why I felt encouraged listening to a Muslim like Omar Bin Ladin, the son of the symbol of world terrorism, talking about world peace, renouncing his fathers acts & calling on him to change his ways.
Both sides should now work at reconciling; the Western world should denounce the prejudice against Islam and preserve their democratic rights everywhere. The West must act against racism, display more affection towards Islam as a religion giving it equal sentiment given to all other religions and allow its believers freedom of worship. From their end Muslims must eradicate Al-Qaeda from within them and fight them vigorously and cooperate with the West to eliminate this sinister villainous phenomenon from the face of the earth.Indeed, there is still hope, it’s still possible to improve relations between the West & Islam; indeed also that hard work is necessary from both sides but the alternative is worse. A cultures war might overflow into a religious war between Muslims & Christian & Jews; a war that would extend all over the globe where thorns are. There is no justification for that, we all believe in one God and the same religious & spiritual references; WE MUST END THIS NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

The above comment is from someone in the West, I disagree on many occasions on his points. I hope Assta Getu now understands that we can not be fighting over religion. Forget the christian Kingdom for the future and I will forget the Sharia Ethiopia for now. That is the best deal my friend.

We are not enemies, we are just too different.

Selamu aliekum.

12/12/12 @ 00:14
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Latino Muslims carving a new American identity

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Of Mexican heritage, Marta Khadija, president of LALMA, La Asociación Latino Musulmana de América (The Latino Muslim Association of America - LALMA), converted to Islam in 1983. She had been unhappy with her spiritual life and when she moved to the United States, her Muslim friends began sending her Islamic texts and she visited a mosque. Emotional and powerful, this experience gave her peace.

Another Latino American, writer, innovator and self-identified indigenous Muslim, Mark Gonzalez, bases much of his work on the issue of identity. Gonzalez, who is of Mexican and French Canadian descent and was raised Catholic, began to explore Islam after practicing Christianity in a very deep way. He says, “In that process, I realized I didn’t like the idea of a gate keeper.” At that time he was also working on restorative justice with families who were deported after 9/11. He began building relationships with people practicing Islam and converted.

America has always been recognised for its diversity, and is seen as a country composed of minorities who intersect with one another on a regular basis.

As a result, the steadily growing number of Latino Muslims in the United States is inevitable. According to Reuters, 2.6 million people practice Islam, one of the fastest growing religions in our country, and Hispanics, another rapidly growing group, currently comprise 17 per cent of the total US population. Of course these two populations would eventually begin to intersect, and what may at first feel like an uncommon link, seems almost natural.

When asked about her Mexican family’s reaction to her conversion, Khadija says, “My mother thought I had joined some sort of cult.” But she soon came around after speaking to her priest who reassured her that her daughter was on the right path. Khadija says she generally doesn’t feel judged by other Latinos and that she is able to live with both identities without any challenges. She thinks that part of it may be because she is still very connected to her Mexican roots and doesn’t cover her hair. “I kept my culture,” she says. “I didn’t adopt any dress from the Middle East.” Her organisation, LALMA, also maintains a good relationship with the Catholic Church in Los Angeles.

Gonzalez’s experience is similar. “Specifically, my work is about reshaping people’s idea of identity,” he says. And as a poet and scholar, he travels around the world to spread his message. When asked about navigating the Latino Muslim identity he says that identity only becomes a problem when his heritage and spirituality don’t fit other people’s expectations.

There are no definitive statistics on the number of Latino Muslims in the United States, but estimates range from 100,000 to 200,000, depending on the organisation. Attorney and chaplain, Wilfredo Amr Ruiz says that his organisation, the American Muslim Association of North America, has seen an exponential increase in requests for Spanish language Qur’ans in the last 10 years. They also receive hundreds of requests for Islamic texts from prisons every week, indicating that some converts come from the prison system.

Not a homogenous group, Latinos find Islam in myriad ways. Some convert as a result of romantic relationships. Others want to reconnect with religion or are academically interested. For Wilfredo Amr Ruiz, it was curiosity that led him to Islam. He was looking to reconnect to religion when he saw an Islamic centre being built in San Juan, Puerto Rico and decided to explore.

Ruiz says that some Latinos initially reject Islam because of the unfavourable images formed by the media, but some come to find that they share many of the same moral values as Muslims. He also points out that some Latinos with a connection to Spain are attracted to the religion because of the long history of Muslims in Spain.

Latino Muslims like Gonzalez, Ruiz and Khadija are creating a unique American identity. “Islam is a religion that, at its core, has to be culturally relevant to those who practice it,” Gonzalez says. “Latinos are forming a culturally relevant form of Islam.” As Americans, we need to make space in our minds for these new communities.

(Erika L. Sánchez is a poet and freelance writer living in Chicago. She is currently the sex and love advice columnist for Cosmopolitan for Latinas and a contributor to the Huffington Post, NBC Latino, and others. This article was written for the Common Ground News Service.)

Assta Getu.

Forget all the questions I put to you but you must answer me this one. Otherwise, I will totally ignore you.

As you stated Paul did receive a revealation or inspiration in the form of Jesus spirit speaking to him or did he consult another man in Damascus as he also indicated in his own words? Which one do you believe the jesus spirit or the man spirit as source of revealation for Paul. Second, either way did he get all of his revealtion at once, or did he get it in pieces and was he visited by the spirit when he wrote his scriptures? The reason is in Muslims our Prophet never put a word of Quraan until he was visited by angel Ghebrail or Jibril. All those moments Jibril came to deliber the message may thoousands of times. I am inclined to believe that Paul was never visited by a spirit. Or at least, he was not visited as many times as one would like him to so that we can belive him that he was inspired Person. Your answer is awaited by

12/12/12 @ 01:01
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed
12/12/12 @ 01:02
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, የውሸት ነጎድጓድ፤የአጋንንት መንገድ፤የሰይጣናት መስጊድ፤የሴቶች ወጥመድ፤የአላሕ እንክርዳድ፤የወንበዴ ዘመድ፤የጨለማ ጉድጓድ፤የአረቦች ገረድ (visitor),

You brag because of a few criminal Puerto Ricans have been converted from jail to Islam after they have been offered substantial money from American Muslim Charities. That is what the Saudi petrol dollar is doing throughout the world, targeting the criminals and the destitute to accept Islam, one of the dirtiest religions on this planet earth.

You can see how many highly educated people have joined Christianity:

This is a list of notable people who have converted to Christianity from Islam.

1. Abo of Tiflis, a Christian activist and the Patron AMR Saint of the city of Tbilisi, Georgia.

2. Bahaa el-Din Ahmed Hussein el-Akkad - Egyptian former Muslim sheikh.

3. Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian American writer and public speaker.

4. Akbar Gbaja-Biamila is an American football player.

5. Italian journalist Magdi Allam converted to Roman Catholicism during the Vatican’s 2008 Easter vigil service presided over by Pope Benedict XVI.

6. Born into a Muslim Batak family, Indonesian Prime Minister Amir Sjarifuddin converted to Christianity in 1931, upon which his fervently Islamic mother committed suicide.

7. Ibrahim Abdullah - American former PLO terrorist.

8. Abo of Tiflis - Christian activist and the Patron Saint of the city of Tbilisi, Georgia.

9. Taysir Abu Saada - a former member of the PLO and the founder of the christian ministry Hope For Ishmael after he converted to christianity. He was Yasir Arafat’s personal driver.

10. Abraham of Bulgaria - Martyr and saint of the Russian Orthodox Church.

11. St. Adolphus - Christian martyr who was put to death along with his brother, John, by Abd ar-Rahman II, Caliph of Córdoba for apostasy.

12. Al-Mu’eiyyad - Abbasid prince and third son of Abbasid caliph, Al-Mutawakkil. He was converted to Christianity along with his three confidants by St. Theodore of Edessa, accepting the name “John” upon baptism.

13. Jabalah ibn al-Aiham - last ruler of the Ghassanid state in Syria and Jordan in the seventh century AD. After the Islamic conquest of Levant he converted to Islam in AD 638. He reverted to Christianity later on and lived in Anatolia until he died in AD 645.

14. Magdi Allam (baptized as Magdi Cristiano Allam) - Italy’s most famous Islamic affairs journalist.

15. Zachariah Anani - former Sunni Muslim Lebanese militia fighter

16. Hussain Andaryas - Afghan Christian activist and tele-evangelist.

17. Matthew Ashimolowo - Nigerian-born British pastor and evangelist.

18. Aurelius and Natalia - Christian martyrs who were put to death during the reign of Abd ar-Rahman II, Caliph of Córdoba for apostasy

19. Johannes Avetaranian - (born Muhammad Shukri Efendi), Christian missionary and Turkish descendant of Prophet Muhammad.

20. Josephine Bakhita - Roman Catholic saint from Darfur, Sudan.

21. Sheikh Ahmed Barzani - Head of Barzani Tribe in Iraqi Kurdistan and older brother of Mustafa Barzani, Kurdish nationalist leader. He announced his conversion to Christianity in 1931 during the anti-government uprising.

22. Simeon Bekbulatovich - Khan of Qasim Khanate.

23. Alexander Bekovich-Cherkassky - Russian officer of Circassian origin who led the first Russian military expedition into Central Asia.

24. Francis Bok - Sudanese-American activist, convert to Islam from Christianity; but later returned to his Christian faith.

25. Jean-Bédel Bokassa - Central African Republic Emperor (from Christianity to Islam back to Christianity).

26. Dr.Thomas Yayi Boni - President of Benin.

27. Sayed Borhan khan - Khan of Qasim Khanate from 1627 to 1679.

28. Hansen Clarke - the U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 13th congressional district.

29. Eldridge Cleaver - Author, prominent American civil rights leader, and key member of the Black Panther Party. He converted to Mormonism.

30. Constantine the African - Baghdad-educated Muslim who died in 1087 as a Christian monk at Monte Cassino.

31. Nonie Darwish - Egyptian American writer and public speaker.

32. Sedar Dedeoglu - a Turk who claims to be a descendant of Islam’s prophet Muhammad has converted to Christianity while living in Germany.

33. Hassan Dehqani-Tafti - Anglican Bishop of Iran from 1961 to 1990.

34. Mehdi Dibaj - Iranian pastor and Christian activist.

35. Estevanico - Berber originally from Morocco and one of the early explorers of the Southwestern United States.

36. Gulshan Esther - Pakistani convert from Islam to Christianity.

37. Donald Fareed - Iranian Christian tele-evangelist and minister.

38. Jacob Frank - 18th century Jewish religious leader who claimed to be the reincarnation of the self-proclaimed messiah Sabbatai Zevi, and also of King David. Frank publicly converted to Islam in 1757 and later to Christianity at Poland in 1759, but actually presented himself as the Messiah of a syncretic derivation of Shabbatai Zevi’s Messianism now referred to as Frankism.

39. Mark A. Gabriel- Egyptian Islamic scholar and writer

40. Daveed Gartenstein-Ross- Counter-terrorism expert and attorney (from Judaism to Islam to Christianity).

41. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila - an American football defensive end who was drafted by the Green Bay Packers and is currently a free agent.

42. Ruffa Gutierrez - Filipina actress, model and former beauty queen (from Christianity to Islam back to Christianity)

43. Umar ibn Hafsun - Leader of anti-Ummayad dynasty forces in southern Iberia. Hafsun converted to Christianity with his sons and ruled over several mountain valleys for nearly forty years, having the castle Bobastro as his residence.

44. Naveed Afzal Haq - Pakistani American charged for the July 2006 Seattle Jewish Federation shooting. He converted to Christianity in December, 2005 but reverted to Islam by the time of the shooting.

45. Mohammed Hegazy - First Egyptian Muslim convert to Christianity to seek official recognition of his conversion from the Egyptian Government. Threats force Egyptian convert to hide, MAGGIE MICHAEL, Associated Press Writer Sat August 11,

46. Aben Humeya - (born Fernando de Valor) Morisco Chief who was crowned the Emir of Andalusia by his followers and led the Morisco Revolt against Philip II of Spain.

47. Tunch Ilkin - former American football player.

48. Qadry Ismail - former American football player. Raghib Ismail - former American football player.
49. Esther John - a Pakistani Christian nurse. She is counted in ten most famous Christian martyrs of the present day.

50. Lina Joy - Malaysian convert to Christianity. The desire to have her conversion recognized was the subject of a court case in Malaysia.

51. Rajah Humabon - The ancient ruler or rajah (Tagalog/Malay word for king) of the Philippine island of Cebu, allegedly a descendant of royal migrants from Sumatra - accepted friendship with Magellan’s Portuguese armies and converted to Roman Catholicism, the first known to accept Roman Catholicism in the Philippines

52. Alexander Kazembek - Russian Orientalist, historian and philologist of Azeri origin .

53. Mathieu Kérékou- President of Benin (from Christianity to Islam back to Christianity).

54. Kitty Kirkpatrick - born in India and brought up as Shia Muslim.

55. Lakan Dula - A historical ruler of the Kingdom of Tondo, a pre-Hispanic Philippine kingdom located in the island of Luzon in the Pasig River area, one of the three kings of Manila, converted to Roman Catholicism upon Spanish contact and was renamed “Carlos Lakandula” but later rebelled against the Spanish colonists
56. Imad ud-din Lahiz - Prolific Islamic writer, preacher and Qur’anic translator.

57. Dr. Nur Luke - Uyghur Bible translator.

58. Fadhma Aït Mansour - Mother of French writers Jean Amrouche and Taos Amrouche.

59. Josef Mässrur - (born Ghäsim Khan) missionary to Chinese Turkestan with the Mission Union of Sweden.

60. Carlos Menem - former President of Argentina. Raised a Muslim but converted to Roman Catholicism, a constitutional requirement for accessing the presidency until 1994.

61. St. George El Mozahem - A coptic saint

62. Yadegar Moxammat of Kazan - Last khan of Kazan Khanate.

63. Muhsin Muhammad - current American football player for the Carolina Panthers, raised in a Muslim household, later converted to Christianity.

64. Paul Mulla - Turkish scholar and professor of Islamic Studies at the Pontifical Oriental Institute.

65. Rajah Matanda - Also known by “Rajah Ache", the king of Maynila, a pre-Hispanic Philippine kingdom in the northern Philippines in the Pasig River area of the island of Luzon and one of the three kings of Manila, requested to be converted to Roman Catholicism amid illness, the uncle of Rajah Suleyman - who did not convert

66. Marina Nemat - Canadian author of Iranian descent and former political prisoner of the Iranian government. Born into a Christian family, she converted to Islam in order to avoid execution but later reverted to Christianity.

67. Youcef Nadarkhani

68. Shams Pahlavi - Iranian princess and the elder sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran.

69. Hamid Pourmand - former Iranian army colonel and lay leader of the Jama’at-e Rabbani, the Iranian branch of the Assemblies of God church in Iran.

70. Abdul Rahman - Afghan convert to Christianity who escaped the death penalty because of foreign pressure.

71. Stefan Razvan - Gypsy prince who ruled Moldavia for six months in 1595.

72. Emily Ruete - (born Sayyida Salme) Princess of Zanzibar and Oman.

73. Ibrahim Rugova - an Albanian politician who was the first President of Kosovo and of its leading political party, the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) is rumored to have converted to Christianity just before his death in January 2006.

74. Nazli Sabri - Queen consort of Egypt.

75. Begum Samru - Powerful lady of north India, ruling a large area from Sardhana, Uttar Pradesh.

76. Mohamed Alí Seineldín - a former Argentine army colonel who participated in two failed coup attempts against the democratically elected governments of both President Raúl Alfonsín and President Carlos Menem in 1988 and 1990.

77. Hakeem Seriki (AKA Chamillionaire) - American rapper

78. The Sibirsky family - The foremost of many Genghisid (Shaybanid) noble families formerly living in Russia.

79. The Shihab family - prominent Lebanese noble family who originally belonged to Sunni Islam and converted to Christianity at the end of the 18th century

80. Walid Shoebat - American author and former member of the PLO.

81. Nasir Siddiki - Canadian evangelist, author, and business consultant.

82. Amir Sjarifuddin - Indonesian socialist leader who later became the prime minister of Indonesia during its National Revolution.

83. Skanderbeg - Albanian military leader. Skanderbeg was forcibly converted to Islam from Christianity, but reverted back to Christianity later in life.

84. Rudolf Carl von Slatin - Anglo-Austrian soldier and administrator in the Sudan.

85. Hossein Soodmand - executed for apostasy. Although born a Muslim, by 1989 Hossein had been a Christian for 25 years.

86. Patrick Sookhdeo - British Anglican canon

87. Hakan Tastan and Turan Topal - Two Turkish Christian converts who went on trial in 2006, on charges of “allegedly insulting ‘Turkishness’ and inciting religious hatred against Islam".

88. Maria Temryukovna - a Circassian princess, and second wife to Ivan IV of Russia who was born in a Muslim upbringing, and baptised into the Russian Orthodox Church on August 21, 1561.

89. Ghorban Tourani - former Iranian Sunni Muslim who became a Christian minister. Following multiple murder threats, he was abducted and murdered on November 22, 2005.

90. Utameshgaray of Kazan - Khan of Kazan Khanate.

91. George Weah - Liberian soccer player (from Christianity to Islam back to Christianity).

92. Mosab Hassan Yousef - son of a Hamas leader.

93. Ramzi Yousef - Al Qaeda member and the main participant in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and The Bojinka plot.

94. Saye Zerbo - President of the republic of Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso)

The list will go on and on!

12/12/12 @ 11:35
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, የውሸት ነጎድጓድ፤የአጋንንት መንገድ፤የሰይጣናት መስጊድ፤የሴቶች ወጥመድ፤የአላሕ እንክርዳድ፤የወንበዴ ዘመድ፤የጨለማ ጉድጓድ፤የአረቦች ገረድ (visitor),

Read the following information and be sad:
“Muslims converting to Christianity by the thousands in France
In the face of ostracism and death threats – in accord with Muhammad’s command to kill those who leave Islam. “Muslims converts face ostracism in France,” from ZeeNews, with thanks to Morgaan Sinclair:

“Muslims are converting to Christianity in their thousands in France but face exclusion from their families and even death threats.
Most Muslims hide their conversion and Protestant ministers do their utmost to protect new converts. It is estimated that every year in the world some six million Muslims convert to Christianity.
The Muezzin call to prayer. But here in France it is no longer reaching all Muslim ears.
Around 15,000 Muslims each year are converting to Christianity - around 10,000 to Catholicism and 5,000 to Protestantism….
Many Muslims in France hide their conversion but the trend is continuing. World wide around six million Muslims a year convert to Christianity.”

What do you do now? You may commit suicide!

12/12/12 @ 11:52
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, የውሸት ነጎድጓድ፤የአጋንንት መንገድ፤የሰይጣናት መስጊድ፤የሴቶች ወጥመድ፤የአላሕ እንክርዳድ፤የወንበዴ ዘመድ፤የጨለማ ጉድጓድ፤የአረቦች ገረድ (visitor),

Read the following article and moan for the failing health of Islam:
Islam in Fast Demise
In Africa Alone Everyday, 16,000 Muslims Leave Islam

By Ali S.
Hitler said if a lie is repeated often enough and long enough, it would come to be perceived as truth. One such lie often repeated is “Islam is the fastest growing religion”.
Despite the fact that Muslims by virtue of being poor and uneducated are much more reproductive than others, Islam as a religion is not growing but dying fast.
More and more Muslims are discovering that the violence evinced by some of their coreligionists is not an aberration but is inspired by the teachings of the Quran and the examples set by its author. Muslims are becoming disillusioned with Islam. They find out that the mechanistic ritual of praying five times per day, reciting verses that they do not understand and indeed mean nothing, getting up at taxing hours of the morning and abstaining from food and water until the sunset are not means to becoming more spiritual but are instruments to control their mind. These enlightened Muslims no more heed to the fear mongering verses of the Quran that threaten to burn them and roast them in the fires of hell if they dare to think and question the validity of that book.
Every day thousands of Muslim intellectuals are leaving Islam. They find Islam inconsistent with science, logics, human rights and ethics. Millions of Iranians already have left Islam. The enlightened Muslims of other nationalities are not far behind. This is the beginning of a mass exodus from Islam. It is a movement that is already in motion and nothing can stop it.
However the exodus from Islam is not reserved to the intellectuals but also the average Muslims are finding that Islam is not the way to God but to ignorance, poverty and wars. They are leaving Islam to embrace other religions especially the Christianity.
Perhaps it is best to listen to the truth coming from the mouth of the horse. The Internet site published an interview with Ahmad Al Qataani أحمد القطعاني An important Islamic cleric who said: “In every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity. Everyday, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. Ever year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity.”
What Muslims say among each other, is not the same thing that they say for the consumption of the Westerners.
These are huge numbers. If this trend continues we can expect to see Islam become insignificant in Africa in just a few decades. This is good news for those who are concerned about the on going slavery in Africa and the prospects of war and genocide.
In fact with the weakening of Islam, we can hope to see peace in many war-ridden parts of the world including Palestine. By now it should be clear that any road map to peace between Israel and Palestine will be blocked by the Islamists and the terrorists. Peace in Middle East is not possible as long as Islam is the ideology of the masses.
It is important that we realize that this terrorism that is threatening the peace of the world and these wars that bleed the Muslim nations are not economically motivated but are they are hate motivated. They are religious wars. The weakening of Islam means peace for mankind.
Al Qataani and al Jazeera Network were alarmed by these huge numbers of Muslims leaving Islam, but humanity must rejoice over these numbers. The weakening of Islam means the triumph of mankind.

12/12/12 @ 11:58
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, የውሸት ነጎድጓድ፤የአጋንንት መንገድ፤የሰይጣናት መስጊድ፤የሴቶች ወጥመድ፤የአላሕ እንክርዳድ፤የወንበዴ ዘመድ፤የጨለማ ጉድጓድ፤የአረቦች ገረድ (visitor),

First you must understand what I have said about St. Paul: I didn’t say St. Paul received a revelation in the form of Jesus spirit speaking to him. What do you mean in the form of Jesus spirit speaking to him? Your sentence doesn’t make any sense at all! You must know how to formulate a question properly and logically when you want to get a response from the person you are asking.

St. Paul (Saul) was a practicing Jew, very zealous for the Mosaic Laws; one day, he was going to Damascus, Syria, to catch the Christians and bring them to Jerusalem to be jailed or persecuted there:

“And Saul, yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord, went unto the high priest, And desired of him letters to Damascus to the synagogues, that if he found any of this way, whether they were men or women, he might bring them bound unto Jerusalem.
And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven. And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutes thou me? And he said, Who art thou, Lord?” (Acts 9:1-5).

When Paul wanted to know the one who was talking to him, he got the answer:

“I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you are persecuting.” (Acts 22:8)

When Paul saw the bright light he fell to the ground, and Jesus said to him:

“But rise, and stand upon thy feet: for I have appeared unto thee for this purpose, to make thee a minister and a witness both of these things which thou hast seen, and of those things in the which I will appear unto thee; Delivering thee from the people, and from the nations, unto whom now I send thee, To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.” (Acts 26:16-18)

Paul was blinded by the light from heaven and his fellow persecutors took him by the hand and led him to a street called Straight in Damascus.

After 3 days in Damascus, a disciple of Christ named Ananias was sent to restore sight to Saul. At first, Ananias was very reluctant to meet this zealous persecutor of Christians:

“But the Lord said to Ananias, ‘Go! This man is my chosen instrument to carry my name before the Gentiles and their kings and before the people of Israel. I will show him how much he must suffer for my name.” (Acts 9:16)

Guided by the Holy Spirit, Ananias went to the house where St. Paul was residing and said placing his hands on him: “Brother Saul, the Lord—Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here—has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptized.” (Acts 9:15-18)

Emboldened by the Holy Spirit, St. Paul started witnessing about Jesus Christ anywhere he went until he died in Rome.

Gragn Ahmed, I am very sorry for you because you do not know how to ask questions?

You asked: “Did he receive his revelation at once or piece by piece? What kind of questions is this?

Jesus can reveal himself repeatedly to his followers at any time and at any place: Jesus has never abandoned his followers; he always reveals himself to them in dreams, in visions, and in many forms.

However, your prophet Muhammad had never received any revelation directly from God: What the Quran tells us is that he had received his revelation from Gabriel, but Gabriel is not a God: he is a creature.

If the words Muhammad had received were words directly from God, he should have never abrogated any one of them (Sura 2:106).

By the way, let me remind you what St. Paul told to the Thessalonians:

“Do not let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.” (2nd Thessalonians 2:3-4)

I am certain this man of sin, man of doom, a man who exalts himself over everything, and sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God is Muhammad the false prophet. The appearance of Muhammad is an indication that the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is very near.

As a Muslim who has been taught only circular logic, you can never understand what I have stated to you. I am sure; you will ask me again and again the same questions: “Is Jesus God? Is St. Paul an apostle? Does Jesus have a wife? Do Christians believe in three Gods? I went through all these questions one by one and answered each one of them with clear evidence.

But you have failed to confirm the following statements I asked you six months ago, and you never responded, and instead of approving those statements I posted for you, you copy cat and bring another question.

Here are the statements:

1. Islam is not a religion.

2. Muhammad was a false prophet.

3. Quran is a fiction.

4. Hadith is a fairy-tale-Arabian Nights.

5. The Sharia Law is the law of the devils.

6. Muhammad was an adulterer and a child molester.

7. Muhammad was a terrorist.

8. Muhammad was a dead woman fucker.

9. Aisha was a violent woman and a murderer.

10. The Quran Was Not Preserved.

12/12/12 @ 14:47
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Assta Getu,

As always when you failed to understand a question you point fingers at me. If you ask for a sensible persona and a sensible question, then you need to be a sensible person and ask a sensible question.

Now, what I stated you already were able to understand my questions.
But let us make some clarifications.

Can you tell us about Ananias? ?who is he?

12/12/12 @ 15:07
Comment from: abchahu [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed a.k.a. Assta B Gettu

“A good Prophet must full fill the following:
1. He must be illiterate so he can not copy previous scriptures, neither read nor write.
3. He must be married, must have some kids so he can teach us and taste the impacts of love, sorrow, and death.”

Even one has the slightest doubt about Assta’s many screen names, the above quote clearly confirms that one of his screen name is Gragn Ahmed who is giving ammunition to each others screen names.

እርር በል for exposing you my dear friend, Assta B Getu aka Gragn Ahmed.

እርር በል

12/12/12 @ 15:23
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

The Nazarene Way of Essenic Studies
~ The Gospel of Paul ~
Identifying the principal tenets of Paul’s gospel and the story of his destruction of the Nazarene Tree of Life


The Problem with Paul

It must be remembered that Paul never met Jesus. His description of his “conversion” is quite sparse, mentioned or alluded to in just three of his letters:

I Corinthians 9:1: “Am I not an apostle? Have I not seen Jesus our Lord?”

I Corinthians 15:3-8: “For I handed on to you as of first importance what I in turn had received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve. Then he appeared to more than five hundred brothers and sisters at one time, most of whom are still alive, though some have died. Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles. Last of all, as to one untimely born, he appeared also to me.”

Galatians 1:11-17: “For I would have you know…that the gospel which was preached by me is not man’s gospel, nor was I taught it, but it came through a revelation of Jesus Christ. For you have heard of my former life in Judaism, how I persecuted the church of God violently and tried to destroy it…so extremely zealous was I for the traditions of my fathers. But when he who had set me apart before I was born and had called me through his grace, was pleased to reveal his Son to me, in order that I might preach him among the Gentiles, I did not confer with flesh and blood, nor did I go up to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me, but I went away into Arabia; and again I returned to Damascus.”

Luke, however, filled in many of the blanks Paul failed to mention in any of his letters to the churches. The problem is, Luke told three versions of Paul’s claimed conversion, and none of the three agree on the details:

Version One:

Acts 9:3-17: “…[Saul] was approaching Damascus, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him, `Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?’…The men who were traveling with him stood speechless because they heard the voice but saw no one. Saul got up from the ground, and though his eyes were open, he could see nothing; so they led him by the hand and brought him into Damascus. For three days he was without sight, and neither ate nor drank.…there was a…disciple at Damascus named Ananias…laid his hands on Saul and said, `Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on your way here, has sent me so that you may regain your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Version Two:

Acts 22:6-21: “While I was…approaching Damascus…a great light from heaven suddenly shone about me. I fell to the ground and heard a voice saying…Saul,Saul, why are you persecuting me?…those who were with me saw the light but did not hear the voice…I could not see because of the brightness of the light…those with me…led me to Damascus…Ananias, who was a devout man according to the law and well spoken of by all the Jews living there…said…get up, be baptized, and have your sins washed away, calling on his name.”

Version Three:

Acts 26:12-18: “…I was traveling to Damascus…I saw a light from heaven, brighter than the sun, shining around me and my companions. When we had all fallen to the ground, I heard a voice saying to me in the Hebrew language, `Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? It hurts you to kick against the goads…the Lord answered, `I am Jesus whom you are persecuting…get up and stand on your feet…”

Which Version is the reader to believe? Saul alone fell to the ground; those with him stood speechless because they heard the voice but saw no one; Saul was without sight for three days; Ananias was a disciple who laid hands on Saul to restore his sight and fill him with the Holy Spirit.


Saul alone fell to the ground; Those with him saw the light but did not hear the voice; No mention of three days without sight or food; Ananias was “a devout man according to the Law and liked by the Jews.”


Everyone fell to the ground; the voice spoke in the Hebrew Language; no blindness, no Ananias, no baptism, no restoration of sight, no “filled by Holy Spirit”!

Remember: Luke wrote all three of these accounts! It matters not that he put two of the versions into the mouth of Saul, who was by then known as Paul. LUKE WROTE ALL THREE VERSIONS!

Luke also wrote the following just four chapters before the first “Conversion” story:

Acts 5:3: “`Ananias,’ Peter asked, `why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit?’”

And Luke also mentioned the very important name, Pyrrhus:

Acts 20:4-6: “[Paul] was accompanied by Sopater, son of Pyrrhus of Beroea…these went ahead and were waiting for us at Troas…where we stayed for seven days.”

One of the early translators did a strange thing with the name, Pyrrhus: He omitted it! And the King James Version did the same.

Who was Pyrrhus to the Greeks? Pyrrhus, The Fool of Hope, was a story Plutarch wrote and titled at about the same time Luke’s gospel was being penned. It includes the following:

“Pyrrhus also sent some agents, who pretended to be Macedonians. These spies spread the suggestion that now the time had come to be liberated from the harsh rule of Demetrius by joining Pyrrhus, who was a gracious friend of soldiers.”

“And so without fighting, Pyrrhus became King of Macedonia…” (Emphases added.)

Another piece of information about Pyrrhus is of great importance, and it’s probably the reason his name was expunged from early biblical texts: According to the Legend of Troy as told by Homer, Pyrrhus was one of the soldiers who participated in the Trojan horse saga. And that is the best-known legacy from the legend of Troy. It’s what everyone thinks of when Troy and the Trojan War are mentioned. The name Pyrrhus was inserted here in Luke’s gospel in the same sentence as Troas to direct the reader to the legend of the Trojan Horse. According to both Homer and Plutarch, Pyrrhus was the most famous spy in history at the time Luke’s gospel was being written!

Plutarch wrote Pyrrhus, The Fool of Hope after the early churches had begun using Paul’s epistles as their “gospel.” Luke wrote about this Fool of Hope to alert “Theophilus” to the truth about Paul, knowing that some would eventually see the parallel he had drawn between Pyrrhus and Paul.

Some excerpts from one of Paul’s letters that offer support for this astonishing claim:

2 Corinthians 13:11: “I have been a fool! You forced me to it, for I ought to have been commended by you. For I was not at all inferior to these superlative apostles, even though I am nothing.”

Also notable here is the underlying purpose behind Paul’s writing of this letter: he was trying to “set the record straight” about his status among Jesus’ apostles. It seems that the Corinthians considered Paul to be inferior to the Apostles and their doctrine, and he was offended.

Paul also refers to himself as “a fool” at 2 Corinthians 11:16-29: “I repeat, let no one think that I am a fool; but if you do, then accept me as a fool, so that I too may boast a little. What I am saying in regard to this boastful confidence, I am saying not with the Lord’s authority, but as a fool; since many boast according to human standards, I will also boast. For you gladly put up with fools, being wise yourselves! For you put up with it when someone makes slaves of you, or preys upon you, or takes advantage of you, or puts on airs, or gives you a slap in the face. To my shame, I must say, we were too weak for that! But whatever any dares to boast of–I am speaking as a fool–I also dare to boast of that. Are they Hebrews? So am I. Are they Israelites? So am I. Are they descendants of Abraham? So am I. Are they ministers of Christ? I am talking like a madman–I am a better one: with far greater labors, far more imprisonments, with countless floggings, and often near death.”

Luke has Paul say, Acts 23:6: “. . . I am on trial concerning the hope of the resurrection of the dead.”

Paul speaks again when Luke writes at Acts 24:15: “I have a hope in God–a hope that they themselves also accept . . .”

Paul again, Acts 26:6-7: “. . . I stand here on trial on account of my hope in the promise made by God to our ancestors, a promise that our twelve tribes hope to attain, as they earnestly worship day and night. It is for this hope, your Excellency, that I am accused by Jews!”

And again, Acts 28:20: “. . . it is for the sake of the hope of Israel . . .” (Emphases added.)

Luke put quite a lot of effort into connecting Paul to Pyrrhus, the “fool of hope” who was in fact an infiltrator. Paul called himself a fool in a ranting essay to the Corinthians that sounds as if it came from the mind and mouth of a madman, and he says so himself. Luke also has Paul speak of “hope” repeatedly in a relatively small space in Acts. More than any other of the coded messages, it seems that Luke wanted to convey the message that learning about Pyrrhus will reveal the truth about Paul.

Luke couldn’t write a story called Paul: The Spy Who Pretended to be Jesus’ Apostle Who Infiltrated the Movement and Destroyed It from Within. That story would have been censored by the Orthodox Church leaders supporting Paul. So he did the next best thing. He associated Paul with Pyrrhus in such a way that the connection could not be missed. No wonder the name Pyrrhus was removed from some of the translations of the Bible. Any fool could pick up on the message because virtually everyone knew that Pyrrhus hid inside the Trojan Horse! It was fortunate that some earlier texts were salvaged, saved, and passed on through time. Otherwise, this story could not be told even today.

Which version is the reader to believe? NONE OF THEM! They cannot all be correct; therefore, none of them can be trusted. Allegorically, Luke was saying, “Paul Lied! Like Ananias, Paul lied about his conversion! Paul was in infiltrator, a spy, an agent. He hijacked the Nazarene doctrine and created a religion that kept power in the hands of the Herodians and the temple priests an put money into their pockets.”

The name Pyrrhus appears in just one place in the Bible: Acts 20:4. However, as already stated, those who trust in the King James Version would not know the name was ever used in scripture:

King James Version: “And there accompanied him into Asia Sopater of Berea…” (The name Pyrrhus was removed.)

Darby Translation: “And there accompanied him as far as Asia, Sopater [son] of Pyrrhus, a Berean…”

New Revised Standard Version: “He was accompanied by Sopater son of Pyrrhus from Beroea…”

Latin Vulgate: “comitatus est autem eum Sopater Pyrii Beroensis…” (Filius is the Latin word for son. It is missing from the Latin Vulgate’s version of Acts 20:4; therefore, Jerome’s translation from the original Greek did not identify Sopater as “son of” Pyrii; that designation is an assumption.)

The original Latin Vulgate was commissioned in 382 by Pope Damasus I. The modern version is not the original version created by Jerome; it is the result of combining a variety of sources that include Jerome. It is, however, one of the earliest sources for the original texts. Therefore, it seems safe to conclude that Luke’s original story included the name, Sopater Pyrrhus Beroea.

From: (Pyrhhus: The Fool of Hope bu Plutarch)

Plutarch wrote: “Many men came from Beroea to Demetrius’ army, praising Pyrrhus as an invincible warrior, who was kind to his prisoners. Pyrrhus also sent some agents, who pretended to be Macedonians. These spies spread the suggestion that now the time had come to be liberated from the harsh rule of Demetrius by joining Pyrrhus, who was a gracious friend of soldiers…The Macedonians cheered and left their ranks to unite their fortune to that of Pyrrhus. As his army crumbled in mutiny, Demetrius put on a disguise and sneaked off to safety. And so, without fighting, Pyrrhus became King of Macedonia.”

Luke wrote: Acts 19:38: “If therefore Demetrius and the craftsmen with him have a complaint…” and Acts 20:1-6: “After the uproar ceased, Paul sent for the disciples and having exhorted them took leave of them and departed for Macedonia. When he had gone through these parts and given them much encouragement, he came to Greece. There he spent three months, and when a plot was made against him by the Jews as he was about to set sail for Syria, he determined to return through Macedonia. Sopater son of Pyrrhus of Beroea accompanied him; and of the Thessalonians, Aristarchus and Secundus; and Gaius of Derbe, and Timothy; and the Asians, Tychicus and Trophimus. These went on and were waiting for us at Troas, but we sailed away from Philippi after the days of Unleavened Bread, and in five days we came to them at Troas, where we stayed for seven days.”

Luke’s use of the key words from Plutarch’s story of Pyrrhus suggests a purpose. Luke’s primary purpose in his work was to use allegory to tell a story that was being suppressed. To place Pyrrhus with Beroea, Macedonia, Troas (aka Troy) and Demetrius leads directly to Plutarch’s Pyrrhus, men from Beroea, Macedonia, and Troy. The key words in Plutarch’s works, however, are omitted from Acts: “Agents,” “pretenders,” “spies,” and “disguise.” Philo’s Rule for Allegory #19 applies: The important allegorical information is to be found in the “noteworthy omissions.”

What Luke transmitted via allegory was: “And so, without fighting, Paul became the leader of the new religion.”

(Philo’s Rules can be found at’s%20Rules%20for%20Allegory.htm.)

By infiltrating, claiming conversion, and assigning himself the title, Apostle, Paul (who never revealed his birth name was Saul) changed the doctrine and set out to destroy all evidence of the Nazarene sect that produced Jesus the Nazarene.

Paul admitted he had persecuted those who followed Jesus, although he never revealed that he had done so under another name, Saul. If not for Luke, we would not be aware that he had ever been called Saul. If not for Luke’s important information about his birth name, Paul could never have been associated with the Saulus whom the Jewish historian Josephus accused of participating in the stoning death of James, Jesus’ brother, c. 62, long after

Paul’s claimed conversion on the road to Damascus. Josephus’ Saulus was the grandson of Salome (Saulome?), sister of King Herod the Great. (Josephus, Antiquities, Book 20.9.1-4;

Did James, Peter, and the authentic Apostles accept Paul as “one of them,” or did they accuse him of lying? Did their followers accept him as “an authority on the gospel of the Nazarenes,” or did they reject his teachings? The answers to these questions can be found in the letters attributed to Paul:

Romans 9:1: “I am speaking truth in Christ, I am not lying…”

2 Corinthians 11:31: “The God and Father of the Lord Jesus…knows that I do not lie.”

Galations 1:19-20: “But I saw none of the other apostles except James the Lord’s brother. (In what I am writing to you, befor God, I do not lie!)”

1 Timothy 2:7: “For this I was appointed a preacher and apostle (I am telling the truth, I am not lying), a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and truth.”

Why the emphatic protests if he had not been accused of lying?

Paul argued that his gospel was the authentic “gospel of Christ” and that “another gospel” (that of James, Peter, and John) was false. His letter to the Galatians contains his argument supporting “Justification/salvation by faith, not by works.” However, the Gospel of James (2:14-17) proclaimed: “What does it profit…if a man says he has faith, but has not works? Can his faith save him? If a brother or sister is ill-clad and in lack of daily food, and one of you says to them, `Go in peace, be warmed and filled,’ without giving them the things needed for the body, what does it profit? So faith by itself, if it has not works, is dead.” The teachings of Jesus, as described by the gospel writers, agreed with James.

But Paul begged to disagree:

Galatians 1:6-7: “I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel – not that there is another gospel, but there are some who are confusing you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ.”

Galatians 1:8-9: “But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed…if he is preaching to you a gospel contrary to that which you received, let him be accursed.”

Galatians 2:1-2 “…I went up to Jerusalem…I went up by revelation; and I laid before them (but privately before those who were of repute) the gospel which I preach among the Gentiles, lest somehow I should be running or had run in vain.”

Galatians 2:4-9: “…because of the false brethren secretly brought in, who slipped in to spy out our freedom which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage – to them we did not yield submission…and from those who were reputed to be something (what they were makes no difference to me; God shows no paritaility) – those I say, who were of repute added nothing to me; but on the contrary, when they saw that I had been entrusted with the gospel…and when they perceived the grace that was given to me, James and Cephas and John, who were reputed to be pillars, gave to me and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship, that we should go to the Gentiles and they to the circumcised…” (What Paul seems to say is that he rejected James, Cephas, and John as being “pillars” – and their gospel – but they still welcomed him to preach his gospel to the Gentiles! Remember, Paul did not lie!)

Galatians 2:11-12: “But when Cephas came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face…” Galatians 2:14: “…when I saw that they were not straightforward about the truth of the gospel, I said to Cephas before them all, `If you, though a Jew, live like a Gentile and not like a Jew, how can you compel the Gentiles to live like Jews?’ We…who are Jews by birth…yet who know that a man is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Christ Jesus, in order to be justified by faith in Christ and not by works of the law because by works of the law shall no one be justified.”

Galatians 3:1: “O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you…”

It seems the underlying theme that separated Paul from the authentic apostles who walked with Jesus was whether “Justification” came by Faith or by Works or by a combination of both.

The Dead Sea Scrolls contain references to “The Spouter of Lies,” and many scholars suggest this referred to Paul. Paul’s letters and his insistence that he was NOT a “spouter of lies” seems to support that position. “The Orthodox Church,” however, supported Paul’s gospel; his teachings evolved into today’s fundamentalists’ version of “Christianity.” Rarely do their spokespersons quote from anything other than Paul’s letters and scripture that seems to support them. They reject The Nazarene Way of Jesus and the authentic Apostles and have labeled it “an early heresy” for nearly two thousand years!

In addition to the issue of “Faith” versus “Works” discussed in Part #3, the gospel preached by Paul differed significantly from the gospel preached by James, Peter, John, and the other authentic Apostles. These differences can be identified by examining the letters attributed to Paul and the answers he gave to those who questioned him:

Assumed Question: “James, Peter, and John taught us that women may preach the Nazarean doctrine. Women traveled with Jesus, and women are teaching in their homes. Should women be allowed to preach?”

I Corinthians 14:33-36: “…women should be silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be subordinate, as the law also says. If there is anything they desire to know, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church.”

I Timothy 2:11-15: “Let a woman learn in silence with full submission. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she is to keep silent.”

Assumed Question: “James, Peter, and John taught us that men should not cut their hair. Should we wear our hair long?”

I Corinthians 11:14: “Does not nature itself teach you that for a man to wear long hair is degrading to him…”

Assumed Question: “James, Peter, and John taught us that we should not eat meat. Are we to be vegetarians?”

Romans 14:1: “…Some believe in eating anything, while the weak eat only vegetables.”

Colossians 2:16: “…do not let anyone condemn you in matters of food and drink or of observing festivals, new moons, or Sabbaths.”

Assumed Question: “James, Peter, and John taught us that all people deserve to be free from slavery and oppression. But my owner, a believer, tells me I will not be set free. Why am I, and other men and women, still being held as slaves?”

Colossians 3:22-25: “Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything, not only while being watched and in order to please them, but wholeheartedly, fearing the Lord. Whatever your task, put yourselves into it, as done for the Lord and not for your masters, since you know that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward; you serve the Lord Christ. For the wrongdoer will be paid back for whatever wrong has been done, and there is no partiality.”

I Timothy 6:1-5: “Let all who are under the yoke of slavery regard their masters as worthy of all honor, so that the name of God and the teaching may not be blasphemed. Those who have believing masters must not be disrespectful to them on the ground that they are members of the church; rather they must serve them all the more, since those who benefit by their service are believers and beloved.”

Luke 4:16-20: “And [Jesus] stood up to read; and there was given to him the book of the prophet Isaiah. He opened the book and found the place where it was written, ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.’ And he closed the book, and gave it back to the attendant, and sat down…”

Jesus said he came to free the captives and those who were oppressed. That would surely encompass both slaves and women. Apparently, Jesus wasn’t fond of the gospel Paul preached either.

Numbers 6:1-5: “…The Lord said to Moses, ‘Say to the people of Israel, When either a man or a woman makes a special vow, the vow of a Nazirite, to separate him/[her]self to the Lord, he/[she] shall separate him/[her]self from wine and strong drink…All the days of this vow no razor shall come upon his/[her] head…he/[she] shall let the locks of hair of his/[her] head grow long…

Isaiah 7:14-15: “Behold, a young woman shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. He shall eat curds and honey when he knows how to refuse the evil and choose the good.”

Judges 13:5: “‘. . . for you shall conceive and bear a son. No razor is to come on his head, for the boy shall be a nazirite to God from birth.

1Samuel 1:11: “She made this vow…I will set him before you as a nazirite until the day of his death. He shall drink neither wine nor intoxicants, and no razor shall touch his head.’”

Jesus the Nazarene was “consecrated to God” from birth. He was born under the vow of a Nazirite. He demonstrated that he knew how to “refuse the evil and choose the good.” He taught a blend of the Mosaic Torah and Greek philosophy, primarily that of Pythagoras. Pythagoras and his followers lived communally, drank no wine, were vegetarians, wore white garments, and let the locks of their hair grow long. They abhorred animal sacrifice, slavery, and conflict. Women were teachers in their academies. As Philo of Alexandria asserted, they had adopted the Mosaic vow of the Nazirites five hundred years before Jesus was born. They were, in essence, an earlier sect Nazarenes.

The Nazarene Way wasn’t simply a religion or a philosophy; it was a way of living. When either a man or a woman took the vow to become a Nazarene, they separated themselves from certain food, drink, and traditions. They were recognizable by their appearance – their long hair, their white garments, and their peaceful demeanor. There is nothing in the letters of Paul that suggests he had any appreciation for The Nazarene Way of Jesus. How puzzling that Paul’s gospel became orthodox and the gospel preached by James, Peter, John, and Jesus was rejected as an “early heresy” and virtually cleansed from the history of Christianity.

Luke must have considered his allegorical messages about Saul to be of the utmost importantance. He identified him as the enemy of the Nazarenes in Chapter One:

Luke 1:68-73: “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, for he has visited and redeemed his people…that we should be saved from our enemies, and from the hand of all who hate us…that we, being delivered from the hand of our enemies, might serve him without fear…”

To find the person Luke accused of being “the enemy” requires only that the reader find the name omitted from these verses copied almost verbatim from Psalm 18 and 2 Samuel 22:1: “A Psalm of David…who addressed the words of this song to the Lord on the day when the Lord delivered him from the hand of all his enemies, and from the hand of Saul…”

Luke ended his second volume, Acts of the Apostles, with a speech to the Jews that he put into the mouth of Saul; it came from Isaiah 6:9-10: “Go to this people, and say, ‘You shall indeed hear but never understand, and you shall indeed see, but never perceive. For this people’s heart has grown dull, and their ears are heavy of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest they should perceive with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and turn for me to heal them.’” (Acts 28:26-27).

What is missing from Saul’s speech to the Jews that would contain Luke’s allegorical message? What’s missing are the verses that followed Isaiah 6:9-10, Isaiah 6:11-13: “Then I said, `How long, O lord?’ And he said: `Until cities lie waste without inhabitant, and houses without men, and the land is utterly desolate, and the Lord removes men far away, and the forsaken places are many in the midst of the land. And though a tenth remain in it, it will be burned again, like a terebinth or an oak, whose stump remains standing when it is felled.’ The Holy Seed is its stump.”

Revelation 22:14-16: “Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the Tree of Life and that they may enter the city by the gates. Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and fornicators and murderers and idolaters and every one who loves and practices falsehood. I Jesus have sent my angel to you with this testimony for the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright morning star.”

The Tree of Life was one of the most important tools used by the Nazarenes and Essenes to teach their doctrine. (See article at:

Luke’s allegorical message is quite clear: The enemy, Saul, aka Paul, wielded an axe and destroyed The Tree of Life, leaving only the stump – “the Holy Seed.” Luke, on behalf of Jesus and the Nazarene sect, set about to preserve the story, using Philo’s rules for the allegorical interpretation of scripture to say, “The Axe of the Apostle” must not be allowed to destroy our message! The Holy Seed remains; The Tree of Life will once again bear good fruit when the truth about Paul is finally known.

(Excerpted from Plutarch’s Parable:


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I need evidence as I told you on whether Paul did not lie about his receiving spirit? Whether he can reacieve spirit befor Baptism. Whether Baptism is an essential act of being a false christian of Pual?

The reason I doubt the Prophethood of Paul is:

1. His own scriptures and the scriptures of the Bible writers conflict as show below.

2. Why would a Prophet Paul receive a spirit from another man who does not have one, namely, Ananias himself. Was Ananias also prophesied to come in the Bible otherwise why would we believe he got spirit to give to other people higher than him spiritually?
3. Paul was a believer of Jesus christianity and switched sides after persecuting christians of Jesus. Now, this creates a crediblity gap on Paul. Why would Paul do that? This is totally unexpected of a man who will be of high office spiritually to be tarnished with another faith that contradicts Jesus at first. This is the only person who is known to have involved himself in anti god mission.

4. Paul repeatedly assured his disciples about lying and also promised them he is not lying. Again this is very ungodly word from a person of his status. As a result he put himself under scrutiny.

I ask readers to look for themselves whether Paul is a heathen or a good person. Based on my readings I file charges against Paul that is was the most ungodly creature who had involved himself in spiritual mission to deceive people of naive christians and turned them away from the true mission of jesus who believed in one Allah.

Plutarch’s Parable:

Lux Gospel and the Axe of the Apostle

Go to:

12/12/12 @ 16:29
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, የውሸት ነጎድጓድ፤የአጋንንት መንገድ፤የሰይጣናት መስጊድ፤የሴቶች ወጥመድ፤የአላሕ እንክርዳድ፤የወንበዴ ዘመድ፤የጨለማ ጉድጓድ፤የአረቦች ገረድ (visitor),

Dr. Arlandson is absolutely correct Islam is not a religion. I say so, and they say so!

Islam is not a religion!

By James M. Arlandson, Ph.D.
The first reason is the foundation of all the others.
1. The mosque and state are not separate.
To this day, Islamic nations that are deeply rooted in sharia, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, do not adequately separate the two realms, giving a lot of power to courts and councils to ensure that legislation does not contradict the Quran (never mind whose interpretation).

2. Jihad may be waged against injustice or an unjust nation, as Islam defines the terms.
Classical texts say Islam is justice, and no Islam is injustice. Therefore, a “just war” can be waged against a nation or people who does not submit to Islam.
Yet we are told in the 1990 Cairo Declaration of Human Rights, which is based on sharia, that humane rules must be followed (Article Three). Does that article offer hope that modern Islam can move past old Islam? Maybe.
However, the Quran, sacred traditions, classical law, and historical Islam contradict or balance out some elements in Article Three. Would there be a conflict between the old Islam and modern Islam if war broke out? Many Islamic clerics issue fatwas (religious rulings) to wage jihad.

3. Jihad may be waged to spread Islam and force conversions – a holy war.
Waging jihad to spread Islam and force conversions is a perfect description of “holy war.” See Quran 8:39, 9:5, 9:11-12, 9:14, and 9:29; and then see 9:33, 61:9, and 48:28.
Yet we have been told for many years now that holy wars and forced conversions were never done in Islam. That’s a myth imagined by Westerners.
However, read those verses and click on the back-up articles.

4. Muhammad nicknames his weapons.
Tabari (AD 839-923) is an early Muslim historian who is considered largely reliable by scholars today. In fact, the State University of New York Press selected his history to be translated into 38 volumes. (We use The Last Years of the Prophet, trans. Ismail K. Poonawala, vol. 9, 153-55.)
In the context of the list of Muhammad’s assets at the end of his life (horses, camels, milch sheep, and so on), Tabari records the nicknames of Muhammad’s weapons.
Muhammad nicknames three swords that he took from the Jewish tribe Qaynuqa after he banished them from Medina in April 624: “Pluck Out,” “Very Sharp,” and “Death.” Two other swords from elsewhere are named: “Sharp” and “That is wont to sink” (presumably into human flesh). Finally, there is “Having the vertebrae of the back.” This last sword Muhammad collected as booty after his victory at the Battle of Badr in March 624.
Next, Muhammad took three bows from the Jewish Qaynuqa tribe and named them as follows: “Most conducive to ease, or wide,” “white,” and “of nab wood” (species of tree from which bows are made).
Muhammad’s name for a certain coat of mail implies “ampleness” or “redundant portions,” probably because Muhammad was portly (cf. Ibn Ishaq, Life of Muhammad, trans. Guillaume, p. 383).
Finally, even Muhammad himself has a nickname. After Tabari lists the positive ones, he matter-of-factly provides one that is not so positive: “The obliterator.”

5. A captive in jihad may be executed, enslaved, ransomed for money, exchanged for other prisoners, or released freely.
Quran 47:4, 33:25-27, and 4:24 say these things (and the last option – free release – is positive). Yet we are told that in a jihad today, everything must be done humanely and justly.
However, as stated before, the back-up article, this fourth item, and the next four items in this list balance out that claim. One must ask whether there be a conflict between old Islam and modern Islam in the event of a war.
6. A woman captive of jihad may be forced to have to sex with her captors (now owners).
Quran 4:24 and especially the sacred traditions and classical law allow this. The sacred traditions say that while out on military campaigns under Muhammad’s leadership, jihadists used to practice coitus interruptus with their female captives.
Female soldiers fighting terrorists today must be forewarned of the danger.

7. Property can be destroyed or confiscated during jihad.
Quran 59:2 and 59:5 discuss those rules. Sacred traditions and classical law expand on the Quranic verses. Modern Islamic law officially improves on the Quran: see Article Three of the 1990 Cairo Declaration of Human Rights, which is nonetheless based on sharia but outlaws wanton destruction of property. Once again, would there be any conflict between old Islam and modern Islam in a war today?
8. Jihad may be waged to collect spoils.
Quran 8:1, 8:7, 8:41, and 48:20 show this clearly. Early Islam followed the old Arab custom of raiding caravans, but as its military grew, the raids were elevated to jihad. The spoils of war were coveted. Which Islam would prevail in a war today – the old one or the modern one?

9. The Quran promises gardens for martyrs dying in jihad.
Throughout the Quran, Muhammad promises the men in his fledgling Muslim community that if they die fighting for Allah and for him, Allah will reward them with a “virgin-rich” garden (Quran 44:51-56; 52:17-29; 55:46-78).
In Quran 4:74, 9:111, and 3:140-143, the Arabic word “jihad” (root is j-h-d) is the means or currency to trade in this life for the life to come in an economic bargain.
10. A second-class submission tax, called the jizya, must be imposed on Jews and Christians (and other religious minorities) living in Islamic countries.
Quran 9:29 offers three options to Jews and Christians: (1) fight and die, (2) convert to Islam, or (3) keep their religion, but pay a tribute or submission tax, the jizya, while living under Islam.
In Islamic history, vanquished Jews and Christians became known as dhimmis. This word appears in Quran 9:8 and 9:10, meaning a “treaty” or “oath,” but it can also mean those who are “condemned,” “reviled,” or “reproved” (Quran 17:18, 17:22, 68:49). The word “submission” in Quran 9:29 can also be translated as “humiliation,” “utterly humbled,” “contemptible,” or “vile.” It can mean “small” as opposed to “great.”
Islamic nations today still seek to impose this second-class religion tax.
11. Muhammad executes around 600 male Jews and enslaves the women and children.
Quran 33:25-27 justifies this atrocity. After the Battle of the Trench in March 627 (named after a trench that the Muslims dug around parts of Medina) against a large coalition of Meccans and their allies, Muhammad imposed the ultimate penalty on the men in the Jewish clan called Qurayzah.
The sentence: death by decapitation for around 600 men (one Islamic source says 900) and enslavement for the women and children (he took a beautiful Jewess as his own prize).

12. Slavery is allowed.
It is true that freeing slaves was done in original Islam (Quran 5:89 and 24:33), and the Quran says to be kind to slaves (Quran 4:36), but that is not the entire story.
In addition to those verses, Quran 4:24, 23:1-7, and 33:52 allow the institution. Muhammad owned slaves, even one who was black (so says a sacred tradition). He was militarily and politically powerful during his later life in Medina, but he never abolished slavery as an institution.
Officially, Islamic nations have outlawed slavery (Article 11, which is still based on sharia). That proves that Islam can reform on at least one matter. Can it reform on the other sharia laws? And we are told that “no other nation or religious group in the world treated slaves better than the Muslims did.” The back-up article and next two items in this list contradict that claim.

13. A male owner may have sex with his slave-women, even prepubescent slave-girls.
See Quran 4:24 and 23:1-7 – but it is classical law that permits sex with prepubescent slave girls and describes them as such. Some Muslim religious leaders and others still advocate this practice, taking the slaves as concubines (though sex with prepubescent slave-girls is another matter).
14. Slaves may be beaten.
That’s what sacred Traditions and classical laws say.
15. Apostasy laws, including imprisonment or execution, may be imposed on anyone who leaves Islam (an apostate).
Normally this is a prescribed punishment, but it is also political, since it is about freedom of religion. Surprisingly the Quran does not cover punishing apostates down here on earth, though in the afterlife they will be punished. Does this mean modern Islam can reform old Islam? Quran 4:88-89, 9:73-74, and 9:123, read in that sequence, might deal with earthly punishments. Mainly, however, the sacred traditions and classical law permit harsh treatment for anyone who leaves Islam.

16. Blasphemy laws, including imprisonment or execution, may be imposed on critics of Islam or Muhammad.

What is Islam then? Islam is a deception, and Gragn Ahmed is the master of deception!

12/12/12 @ 20:13
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Gragn Ahmed, የውሸት ነጎድጓድ፤የአጋንንት መንገድ፤የሰይጣናት መስጊድ፤የሴቶች ወጥመድ፤የአላሕ እንክርዳድ፤የወንበዴ ዘመድ፤የጨለማ ጉድጓድ፤የአረቦች ገረድ (visitor),

It is true Islam is not a religion: it is a cult invented to deceive the Arabs and the whole world, including Ethiopia, the “Island of Christianity” and the symbol of freedom.

“The pagan moon cult called Islam. Islam is not a religion
(Nov 28, 2010)
Islam demands much of the same and given its origins as a pagan moon cult, this is not surprising. Most real experts – meaning those who are not populist politicians, nor the talking heads on TV – know that the word ‘Allah’ comes from the compound Arabic word, al-ilah. Al-ilah has always referenced the moon cult in Arabia, and in fact within al-ilah there are different moon deities depending on the cycle of the moon and its appearance in the heavens. It is not a mistake that the crescent moon is the symbol of Islam. Allah is the ‘male’ moon deity and the cycle of the crescent moon was his pagan cycle of ritual.
According to the Encyclopeida of Islam “Allah was known to the pre-Islamic Arabs; he was one of the Meccan deities” (I:406, ed. Gibb), and “Ilah . . . appears in pre-Islamic poetry . . . By frequency of usage, al-ilah was contracted to Allah, frequently attested to in pre-Islamic poetry” (III:1093, 1971). In the Encyclopedia of Religion: ‘"Allah” is a pre-Islamic name . . . corresponding to the Babylonian Bel’ (I:117 Washington DC, Corpus Pub., 1979). According to Middle East scholar E.M. Wherry, whose translation of the Quran is still used today, in pre-Islamic times Allah-worship, as well as the worship of Ba-al, were both astral religions in that they involved the worship of the sun, the moon, and the stars (A Comprehensive Commentary on the Quran, Osnabruck: Otto Zeller Verlag, 1973, p. 36).
The Quraysh tribe into which Muhammad was born was particularly devoted to Allah, the moon god, and especially to Allah’s three daughters who were viewed as intercessors between the people and Allah.
In mad Mohammed’s home town of Mecca, his family, part of Mecca’s ruling tribe, worshipped three moon-astral based goddesses: Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat. All of these moon deities were worshipped in the shrine called the Kabah, a shrine which Mohammed’s family helped to support and protect. Of particular importance was the veneration and kissing of the black asteroid rock called the Hubal signifying a gift from the heavens [later turned into a gift from God to Abraham by Mohammed]. Al-ilah was the common Arabic word for ‘the god’ or this supreme deity of the moon cult, though this God was never fully described by Mohammed or any Arab for that matter [it was largely an illiterate society].
Al-ilah was in essence an abstract concept which probably referred to ’something’ which controlled the other moon and astral deities worshipped by the Arabs. It was no accident that when Mohammed started his cult he named it Allah or al-ilah meaning the highest God or deity. It would be a word and a concept well-known to all the disparate Arab tribes with their various beliefs as being something they could identify with.”

Gragn Ahmed, how many times has the moon-god, Allah, talked to you?
No wonder why the imposter Muhammad swore by the moon, by the sun, by the star, and, perhaps, by his favorite camel KASWA, too!

12/12/12 @ 20:26
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

My dear Ethiopian Christians, never call a Muslim for a witness!

Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination!

Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination!

By Don Boys, Ph.D.

Published Nov 17, 2004

It is impossible to understand Islam and Muslims by listening to their protestations against terror and their proclamations of patriotism for America. Usually, it is wise and fair to give people the benefit of the doubt but when it comes to national safety and the future of America, we had better look twice, even thrice at Muslim patriotism. Why? Because Islam permits lying! It is called “Al-taqiyya.” One Muslim said that Al-taqiyya means dissimulation then he expanded it to diplomacy but he should have gone further to deception. Now some Muslims who do not follow the Koran are as faithful Americans as any of us, but the problem is, we cannot know.
It seems our President and his advisors are clueless as to the desires, doctrines, and distinctives of Islam. While I feel a little audacious in giving advice to national leaders, it is necessary since no one else is doing it. Muslims lie not because they are liars by nature but by choice. Systematic lying as a religious policy is deadly, and if our politicians do not understand this, thousands could die.
Muslims lie not because they are liars by nature but by choice. Systematic lying as a religious policy is deadly, and if our politicians do not understand this, thousands could die.
Muslims lie when it is in their interest to do so and “Allah” will not hold them accountable for lying when it is beneficial to the cause of Islam. They can lie without any guilt or fear of accountability or retribution. A lie in the defense of Islam is approved even applauded in their “holy” books.
Muslims are permitted to lie: (1) to save their lives, (2) to reconcile a husband and wife, (3) to persuade a woman into a bedroom and (4) to facilitate one on his journey. Muslims are even permitted to disavow Islam and Mohammed if it is not a genuine heart-felt rejection. Muslims will tell you that concealment of a truth is not an abandonment of that truth if it benefits Islam.
Mohammed gave permission for a follower to lie in order to kill a Jewish poet who had offended Mohammed. I could provide many examples of permissible lying from the Koran and Hadith and will do so when my critics accuse me of hatred and bigotry because of this column. My motives are not important but the truth is. However, many unprincipled people do not consider truth important. It is political correctness that sits on the throne to be worshiped.
Muslims may appear very sincere; in fact, they are sincere, when they lie for their own protection or in the cause of Islam. They have permission to lie. Yes, Christians have also lied but never are they given permission to lie. However, a Muslim has no guilt since the Koran and Hadith permit his deception.
They will lie to make Islam more attractive to potential converts as they speak of “no compulsion in religion” while all of them know that verse was abrogated by later verses. They will quote verses that speak of tolerance and kindness knowing that those verses were written when Mohammed was desirous of “tolerance and kindness,” but when he climbed into the catbird seat, everything changed and he became a terrorist.
Muslims have no hope for eternal salvation without their good works, so they must keep working to advance Islam. If a few lies will accomplish that goal, then lying is not bad but good. If they can get good publicity for Islam by lying, then lying is acceptable, even desirable.
Muslims have no hope for eternal salvation without their good works, so they must keep working to advance Islam. If a few lies will accomplish that goal, then lying is not bad but good. If they can get good publicity for Islam by lying, then lying is acceptable, even desirable. The Muslim is earning his way to heaven by lying to a non-Muslim.
Unlike Christians who are saved once for all by the grace of God through faith in Christ’s propitiatory death, no Muslim knows for sure if his works are good enough for Heaven. The only Muslim who knows for sure that his eternal destiny is secure and he will drop into a delightful garden filled with 72 virgins on soft green cushions is the one who dies while “taking out” unbelievers in Islam.
Most Muslims will not have the “opportunity” to become a martyr in this war between Islam and the rest of the world and make no mistake every true Muslim must be involved in making America (or the nation where he lives) a Muslim nation. Since Muslims are limited in their ability to die for the cause, they can help the cause by supporting terrorists with money, succor, and cover. Sure, they are aiding terror against the U.S. but since they believe they are doing Allah’s will, then any deception is acceptable.
How should this affect America’s war on terror? Officials must look closely at every Muslim chaplain in the military and in our prisons; also look at those involved in the CIA, FBI, and other sensitive areas; look at all Arabic translators, military or civilian; look at all Muslim employees at the Pentagon, White House, atomic power plants, and in Congress; look at all civilian Muslim pilots; look at Muslim clerics in all U.S. mosques. In other words, get serious about this war before our cities are rubble.
Our President must stop playing the game of “Let’s Stop the Terrorists” and get serious by going to the heart of the matter. This war on terror is a religious matter and could become a Hundred Years’ War. To resurrect an old slogan: You can trust the Muslims to be Muslims. They are lying their way to world domination!

The Qur’an:
Qur’an (16:106) - Establishes that there are circumstances that can “compel” a Muslim to tell a lie.
Qur’an (3:28) - This verse tells Muslims not to take those outside the faith as friends, unless it is to “guard themselves.”
Qur’an (9:3) - “…Allah and His Messenger are free from liability to the idolaters…” The dissolution of oaths with the pagans who remained at Mecca following its capture. They did nothing wrong, but were evicted anyway.

Qur’an (2:225) - “Allah will not call you to account for thoughtlessness in your oaths, but for the intention in your hearts”
Qur’an (66:2) - “Allah has already ordained for you, (O men), the dissolution of your oaths”
Qur’an (3:54) - “And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.” The Arabic word used here for scheme (or plot) is makara, which literally means deceit. If Allah is deceitful toward unbelievers, then there is little basis for denying that Muslims are allowed to do the same. (See also
8:30 and 10:21)
Taken collectively these verses are interpreted to mean that there are circumstances when a Muslim may be “compelled” to deceive others for a greater purpose.

12/12/12 @ 20:43
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

What is Islam in Amharic?

Islam is የውሻ ፈስ

Islam is የደሮ ኩስ

Islam is የግመል እምስ

Islam is የሰይጣን ምላስ

Islam is የመሐመድ አጋሰስ

Islam is የልጆች ዃስ

Islam is የአውሎ ነፋሰ

Islam is የኃዘን በርኖስ

Islam is የሜካ አበነፍስ

Islam is መናፍስት መንፈስ

Islam is የዓረቦች ዳንስ

Every thing evil in this world is Islam: Islam is evil! Islam is deception! Islam is sin! Islam is hell! Islam is slavery! Islam is robbery! Islam is adultery! Islam is death! Islam is barbarism! Islam is mockery!

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Gragn Ahmed

I need evidence as I told you on whether Paul did not lie about his receiving spirit? Whether he can reacieve spirit befor Baptism. Whether Baptism is an essential act of being a false christian of Pual?

The reason I doubt the Prophethood of Paul is:

1. His own scriptures and the scriptures of the Bible writers conflict as show below.

2. Why would a Prophet Paul receive a spirit from another man who does not have one, namely, Ananias himself. Was Ananias also prophesied to come in the Bible otherwise why would we believe he got spirit to give to other people higher than him spiritually?
3. Paul was a believer of Jesus christianity and switched sides after persecuting christians of Jesus. Now, this creates a crediblity gap on Paul. Why would Paul do that? This is totally unexpected of a man who will be of high office spiritually to be tarnished with another faith that contradicts Jesus at first. This is the only person who is known to have involved himself in anti god mission.

4. Paul repeatedly assured his disciples about lying and also promised them he is not lying. Again this is very ungodly word from a person of his status. As a result he put himself under scrutiny.

I ask readers to look for themselves whether Paul is a heathen or a good person. Based on my readings I file charges against Paul that is was the most ungodly creature who had involved himself in spiritual mission to deceive people of naive christians and turned them away from the true mission of jesus who believed in one Allah.

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Gragn Ahmed

Why people hate Islam? It is pure economics.

Why They Hate Islam
Publication date: 2011-07-17

We have received a message from a person who is asking: “If you [Muslims] reach majority in our [European] countries will you chop off my head too and of all the others?".

Since this is an increasingly wide-spread fear, we reproduce the full text of his message followed by our point-by-point comments.

If it only was as you stated. I believe no religion should be evil but I see from Islam is disgusting nothing. I never studied Islam and do not know Arabic and here is the problem. But I believe Islam is an evil religion from what I see on Internet and will always believe so. You have also vile people among Christians that is no doubt but they are not such to chop off head for a purpose of frightening people in a worst manner possible. Islam always spread with wars and Christianity not. They had martyrs and monks who went to lands and spread the word of god. Sooner or later the west will realize that and I hope soon enough. We build mosques here and so and no churches in Arabic world. Muslims only know your rights and don’t want to hear about obligations. Many cultures have died out and maybe it is time for us to die out but anyway anyhow Islam is evil and that I am sure of. We westerners became to soft with you and that is the problem of all civilizations when they collapse. On the other hand you Islam countries are Bedouins and do not have nothing and they migrate into Europe and US etc.

Behind these rational words you spread there are lies and deceit as always. I think I have seen enough of Islam already to create my opinion.

If you reach majority in our countries will you chop off my head too and of all the others? I sincerely believe so.

Barb wire around all Islamic countries and walls with military surveillance and you should have your own countries then and regimes as you please. No atomic bomb until you reach some stage of development and liberalism.

But then again you have bought off many politicians long time ago and we are the dying breed now. But I see many people standing against it nowadays and hopefully we can still save western civilization. It is not perfect but still much much better then what Islam has accomplished.

Visitor Reply Comment
If it only was as you stated.
You have not told us to which of our statements you refer. If you want to comment on anything published on our website please quote the passage you refer to, and provide the URL of the article to which it belongs.
The Site Visitor assumes that we know what he is talking about without telling us what it is - a common “Human Communications” error.

In most “political” disputes the parties make no effort to clarify what they are arguing about, but keep exchanging meaningless accusations and counter-accusations, the sole purpose of which is to present themselves in a favourable light, while vilifying their opponents. - Nothing but posturing and name-calling.

I believe no religion should be evil.
Religion, in general, is the result of people seeking to understand their place in the world in which they find themselves and to regulate their behaviour on the basis of this understanding, thus raising themselves above the base primitive drives and emotions.

But their understanding is always limited, and raising themselves above the primitive instincts and emotions is a constant struggle which each person has to struggle individually and each human group collectively.

The “religions” are instances of this struggle as it developed among different groups of people. And, because of the limitations of human knowledge and understanding, all religions contain some false ideas and beliefs. And because of the failures of people to rise above their primitive urges and emotions, many evil acts have been committed by humans in spite of religions, and in the name of religions.
The word “evil” mean “bad". But in English it has “religious” connotations. But in practice it’s use is mostly subjective and political. Bad acts committed against “us” are “evil", while atrocities committed by “us” against others would be either “glorified", or “justified", or “ignored", or in rare cases admitted as “mistakes” and “swept under the carpet".

Politicians use the word “evil” to vilify the victims of their intended aggression so as to justify their own evil acts against other people.

By presenting Islam as evil, politicians seek to justify their own wars of aggression against countries of Africa and Asia.

But I see from Islam is disgusting nothing.
Given your understanding of Islam this is not surprising.
This person’s view of Islam is based on what he “sees on the Internet". And there is indeed plenty of material which presents Islam as “evil".

I never studied Islam and do not know Arabic and here is the problem.
It is possible to have a general idea about Islam without knowing Arabic, or becoming a “student of Islam". We have a comparative overview of the 3 Abrahamic religions at

which gives you a general view of the Abrahamic Religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
The problem this person has with his view of Islam, is due not to lack of knowledge of Arabic, or failure to “study Islam” - ignorance is a normal condition, nobody knows everything. His problem is that he forms strong beliefs, without having made the necessary effort to inform himself on the subject of his “hatred".

Forming strong beliefs without adequate knowledge is the real meaning of the word “bigotry", although politicians often use the word “bigotry” to describe views of those who disagree with them.

But I believe Islam is an evil religion from what I see on Internet and will always believe so.
There is indeed much anti-Islamic propaganda published on the Internet, and if you believe it, you would hate Islam, which is what the purpose of this propaganda is.
There has been anti-Arab and anti-Islamic propaganda in the USA by some pro-Israel groups for over 50 years. And there was a surge of it after the 1967 war. But after the “9/11″ it has assumed massive proportions, and has been further increased this year. This propaganda campaign has spread to Europe.

The purpose of this vilification of Islam is to justify wars of aggression and other criminal acts committed by politicians by presenting them as a “Fight against Islamic Extremism".

You have also vile people among Christians that is no doubt but they are not such to chop off head for a purpose of frightening people in a worst manner possible.
Not only you have no knowledge of Islam, but you have no knowledge of Christianity either. All the European Christian kingdoms and empires used to “chop off head for a purpose of frightening people in a worst manner possible” and they used even more “frightening” punishments up to the 20th Century. And in the 20th Century they engaged in the most destructive and murderous wars (World War I and World War II), as well as committing multiple mass atrocities against the people of Asia and Africa in their colonial wars.

This aggressive behaviour of the ethnically Christian “powers” has been revived in our times and can be seen in the American-European wars of aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan.
Exemplary punishments, like public hangings, beheadings, etc., are not specifically “Islamic", but are common to governments of all religions. The reason that they were performed in public was indeed to “frighten” the public and thus to prevent crimes from being committed. Public beheading or hanging of a criminal was an effective means of preventing others from committing crimes. Punishing a criminal by killing him with a “lethal injection” (as practiced today in the USA) is not more “humane” or “kind", as far as the victim is concerned, than hanging or beheading - in either case the loss of consciousness by the victim is instant, but it lacks the deterring (frightening) effect of a “public execution", and is a less efficient way of crime prevention.

Islam always spread with wars and Christianity not.
Although there are examples of some European Kingdoms accepting Christianity of their own free will (like Russia), much of the spread of Christianity around the world is due to imperial conquests and forcible conversions.
An early Russian monarch, having heard that religion is good for “good governance", sent messengers East and West to learn about different religions. Having heard the messengers accounts about the religions they saw, he liked Islam, but, because Islam prohibits drinking of alcohol, chose Christianity, as he had no hope of weaning the Russians of their drinking habits. Alcohol is still a major problem in Russia even today.

They had martyrs and monks who went to lands and spread the word of god.
From the earliest times of the spread of Christianity in Europe it was adopted as a state religion of the two rival empires: Byzantium (Greece) and the Roman Empire. And after the demise of these two empires Christianity was “nationalised” by the emerging European “powers", which became “Empires” in the own turn. So you have “The Church of England", “The German Lutheran Church", “The Russian Orthodox Church", etc. And all these European Powers waged colonial wars and spread their versions of Christianity by whatever weapons they had in their possession.
Up to the 20th century Christianity was the basis of political and social life of most European countries. Being an integral part of the European monarchies it was also highly nationalistic, and wars between the the various rival European national monarchies were often justified by the particular “national” versions of Christianity.

Traces of such rival Christian nationalisms can be still observed in Northern Ireland and the Balkans.

One of the ideas advanced by the promoters of the hatred towards Islam is to present it as “inherently violent” as opposite to all “other religions” and “us the West", which are “peaceful". This is contradicted by all the Human History and the current events: the incessant wars between the European states up to the 20th century culminating in the two World Wars, the colonial wars waged by “the West” against the people of Africa and Asia, and the current wars by “us the West” waged under the slogan of “War on Terror".

Sooner or later the west will realize that and I hope soon enough. We build mosques here and so and no churches in Arabic world.
The reasons that in some European countries mosques are built is because there live some Muslim communities, who build these mosques for their own use. The reason there are less churches being built in Europe, and of some of the existing churches falling into disuse is that many people in Europe find it difficult to continue to maintain their Christian beliefs.

Many Arab countries (like Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc) have substantial Christian communities and many Christian churches. Some of these Christian communities date back to times before Christianity reached Europe, while others are the result of the European Crusades and European Colonialism.
Following the demise of the European Colonial Empires in the middle of the 20th Century, there was an influx into Europe of immigrants from the former colonies. And, as the cost of “native” European labour has risen sharply in Europe, due to the emergence of the Welfare State, the immigrants from the former colonies provided a cheap alternative and were welcomed by the European governments of the time. There were, however, some violent anti-immigrant groups, who attacked immigrants, not because of a “religion", but because of their “colour” [of skin]. Such groups in post-WWII Europe were condemned by the main political parties and the main-stream media, as “racist", or “fascist".

This time also saw mass secularisation among the Europeans and to many churches becoming redundant. The immigrants, however, retained their religions and many temples, gurduvaras, and mosques have been built. Up to the end of the 20th centuries this was not seen as a problem.

In the recent years there has been a surge of “European Secular Christian Nationalism” - the proponents of this movement are not “religious” and have no knowledge of Christianity, but they proclaim themselves “Christian” and talk about “Christian Values” and call for a war against the “Evil of Islam".

Muslims only know your rights and don’t want to hear about obligations.
If you were familiar with Islam, which you are not, you would know that Islam imposes many obligations on its followers, giving precedence to obligations over “rights". There are no rights without obligations, and there are obligations without rights. It is a modern European secular tendency to promote “rights without obligations” which is one of the reasons for the current European moral decay.
The “rights and obligations” of Islam are based on Natural Justice and Natural Morality, which in their turn are based on the understanding of Human Nature. The “rights and obligations” as understood by the site visitor is whatever the politicians in power want it to be.

Many cultures have died out and maybe it is time for us to die out but anyway anyhow Islam is evil and that I am sure of.
The decay of the European civilisation to which you refer is not due to the “Threat of Islam", it is the result of the abandonment of the Christian Morality by the Europeans themselves, and replacement of it by a decadent, sodomitic “Pop Culture", which promotes use of the reproductive instincts and emotions for entertainment, use of alcohol and drugs, break down of the family, sodomy, dishonesty in government as a norm, aggressive senseless wars justified by false arguments.
According to (5) above, all his knowledge of Islam is based on what he has seen on anti-Islamic web sites on the Internet.

We westerners became too soft with you and that is the problem of all civilizations when they collapse.
You see the world divided into “us the West” and “them the Muslims” who act as some kind of monolithic “forces” fighting each other. But this is only in your imagination - the real world is not like that.
Islam is a religion not a “race". Nor is it limited to a particular geographical area. As more and more people East or West, learn about Islam, they see it not as a “Cause of the Civilizational Collapse", but as a foundation on which the Human Civilization will be re-built, having been destroyed by those who call themselves “Us the West".

On the other hand you Islam countries are Bedouins and do not have nothing and they migrate into Europe and US etc.
Bedouins are nomadic tribes that live in some parts of Africa and Asia - they can be of any religion, or no religion at all.

In most African and Asian countries most people are not nomads (that is people who do not have a permanent settlement but travel from place to place, like European Gypsies), but live in cities, towns and villages. And although some Asian and African countries have predominantly Muslim populations, many of them do not have Muslim governments, but are secular nationalist democracies - similar to the former Yugoslavia (or the present day Slovenia).
Here is another example of the false ideas about Islam prevalent among those who call themselves “Us the West".

The reference to Slovenia is due to the site visitor having a Slovenian name and a Slovenian address.

Behind these rational words you spread there are lies and deceit as always.
But you do not say what these “lies and deceits” are, nor which “rational” words you refer to, so we do not know what you are talking about.
We do get from time to time informed that we are “all wrong” without any reference to anything written by us. Such “global” refutations are typical examples of “political argument".

I think I have seen enough of Islam already to create my opinion.
Where have you “seen” it? What do you mean by “Islam” at all?
According to (5) above, all his knowledge of Islam is based on what he has seen on anti-Islamic web sites on the Internet. But many of the “opinions” about Islam among “western” experts, academics and “public figures” are based on even less “knowledge” than exhibited by this site visitor.

If you reach majority in our countries will you chop off my head too and of all the others? I sincerely believe so.
There are some “democratic politicians” in Europe who promote such ideas to frighten people like yourself into supporting them. Such fear mongering and promotion of hate of some groups is permanent feature of the European democracies: in the past it was the fear and hatred of the Jews and the Gypsies, now of the Muslims.

There is no threat to any of the European countries of being attacked or “overwhelmed” by Muslims from Asian and African countries.

But as the Europeans learn more about Islam, the people of understanding of European origin accept Islam of their own free will. And this happens due to the anti-Islamic propaganda. While you accept the anti-Islamic propaganda, because it makes you feel “superior", people of understanding - that is knowledgeable, rational people see in Islam the salvation from the European immorality and social decay.
Such baseless frivolous speculations are typical of the “political discourse". One of the current justifications for the Iraq war is: “If we had not removed Saddam Hussein, he would have developed nuclear weapons and attacked us". And the current Afghan War was justified by saying: “If we do not defeat the Taliban, we shall have to fight them in the streets of London". These totally baseless statements were made by persons at the top government level of a “leading western power".

Barbed wire around all Islamic countries and walls with military surveillance and you should have your own countries then and regimes as you please.
The US and NATO have already attacked and invaded some countries seeking to install “regimes” of their own liking, but this has only strengthened Islam, and spread it more around the world, while the US and Europe have been weakened in every sense.
This recipe is already in use by the Israeli government in Palestine: the Gaza blockade, and the West Bank “bantustans".

No atomic bomb until you reach some stage of development and liberalism.
The only country, which you would call “Islamic” that has “atomic bomb” is Pakistan, whom the USA see as their friend and ally.

No other “Muslim” countries have such weapons. The “threat to the West” does not come from an “Islamic Atomic Bomb", but from the criminality and immorality of the “West” itself. Honest, informed thinking people in the USA and Europe increasingly become aware of the criminality of the politics of their own countries, and at some point they will realise that aggressive ideological militarism which is now prevalent in the USA and Europe is against their own interests, and they will reject it and replace it with government based on “Rule of Law based on Natural Justice and Morality"- and this is what Islam is.
This is one of the main points of the “War on Terror” ideology. The Iraq War was originally justified by the need to “disarm Saddam Hussein", who was “accused” of possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Not only was he accused of something which other countries have, but even that accusation was baseless.

Now similar accusations are made against Iran, with calls for a war against that country.

But then again you have bought off many politicians long time ago and we are the dying breed now.
Muslims have practically no influence over the western politicians. But whenever an elections approaches, western politicians proclaim their “support for Israel” and condemn “Islamic Extremism". So, who has “bought off” the politicians?

The “dying out” is the results of use of alcohol, spread of sexually transmitted diseases, break down of the natural family, failure to use their reproductive organs for their natural purpose, abuses of government powers and acceptance of dishonesty as standard practice in government.
So those who call themselves “Us the West” are “a dying breed", because Muslims “have bought off many politicians a long time ago"?

But I see many people standing against it nowadays and hopefully we can still save western civilization.
The way to save whatever is worth saving from the remnants of the European Civilisation is to reject the false ideas prevalent today in the “Western World” and to accept the Morality of Islam. But since most politicians will “never” accept that they are wrong, it will take some time before it happens.
It is true that there is a massive campaign against Islam, ranging from propaganda, to anti-Islamic laws, to wars of aggression. But is this campaign “saving the Western Civilization"? Or is this anti-Islamic delirium but a symptom of the final stage of the terminal decay of the Western Dominance? And has not every “Western” military “victory” resulted but in strengthening and further spread of Islam?

It is not perfect but still much much better then what Islam has accomplished.
It is like that proverbial stinking bad egg - which is still “good in parts". There is no hope of a bad egg becoming good, it can only become worse as time goes by.

Thank you for visiting our websites.
Here “It” stands for “Us the West” or “The Western Civilization", as the site visitor imagines it to be. And his thinking is on the lines of the “Cold War Era” of “Competition between East and West". Of which “system” has “Greater Achievements", who will be “the First to reach the Moon” or to build more “Atomic Bombs"?

But the difference between “Us-the-West-ism” and Islam is not in who has more bombs, but in which religion can provide basis for Human Government in the Global World? The one based on worship of “Political Power” which is sought and preserved by violence, deception and manipulation of the lowest of base instincts, or the one based on Natural Justice and Natural Morality?

Although the above message from a site visitor could be dismissed as “rantings of an ignorant person", all the points made by him are not “his", but are part of the ideology developed by Benyamin Netanyahu, originally in his books, then adopted by the Bush government as the “War on Terror” doctrine, and now that the “War on Terror” has become discredited by the Bush Wars, has mutated into the current campaign to “Save the World from Islamic Extremism".

This latest phase of Netanyahu’s War on Terror is fought on a number of fronts: (1) vilification of Islam (see the table above), (2) “Advocacy of Israel” by special “advocates” in the Media and on the various Internet forums and discussion boards, (3) direct military action (using the USA and NATO military power), (4) direct and indirect control of the USA and European governments, (5) control of the Main-Stream Media in the USA and Europe, (6) common subversion and espionage, (7) encouraging and fomenting internal unrest in countries of Africa and Asia, (8) encouraging and provoking “conflicts” between countries of Africa and Asia, (9) use of the “Weapons of Mass Corruption", that is promotion of vices and discouragement of virtues (often under the cover of “modernizing Islam") so as to achieve “cultural” domination.

But the first ten years of the “War on Terror” has not made Israel safe, nor has it resulted in a “Western Triumph", but have seen strengthening and spreading of Islam. The next ten years of that war will see still further decline in the Western Paulian Dominance, diminution of the Security of Israel, and strengthening and spread of Islam.

11/9 has been used to vilify Islam in recent times.
More generally, in a context of economic decline, Western politicians have little to offer their citizens but more austerity. So they pander to petty nationalisms and prejudices. In the United Kingdom, British conservative politicians have stoked racism against immigrants. Much like militant Islam, they offer little but hate to their constituents because they have no positive, attractive policy.

The result is perverse. In a globalised world, the UK desperately needs migrants who contribute everything from investment to hard work to its economy. It also needs foreign students to keep its university sector - one of its most successful export industries - financially viable for British students. But anti-immigrant populism - much of it directed at Africans and Muslims - has led to a clampdown on foreign students. Universities are being incorporated into the UK’s border control regime. Foreign students have options; they and their money are likely to start going elsewhere in greater numbers.

Everywhere, it seems, we are trapped in self-reinforcing global cycles of hate and extremism, unable to organise effective national responses. That more people in Benghazi demonstrated against the extremists at memorial demonstrations for the much-loved and locally respected Ambassador Chris Stevens was lost in the din.

We are desperately in need of new thinking and political innovation that will foster global dynamics of mutual respect and understanding. This is the only path to finding a basis for common and effective responses to global problems.

And there is a huge amount of oil and gas under Islamic lands.

There are over 100 internationally recognised Christian terrorist groups.
There are two Baptist armies in India that are guilty of mass-murder, rape and forced conversions. There are the Christian Militias in Indonesia and of course The Lord`s Resistance Army in and around Uganda that uses it`s child soldiers to kill, rape and pillage all in the name of Christianity.
I could go on….

Christianity is world war
Christianity is prostitution
Christianity is sexual harrassement
Christianity is sexual abuse
Christianity is child molestation
Christianity is fake god
Christianity is deception of Paul
Christianity is stinky ass
Christianity is falsehood
Christianity is bestiality
Christianity is ghonorrhea
Christianity is slavery
Christianity is bomb them bomb them
Christianity is devil and satan
Christianity is womanizer and lusty
Christianity is immoral and unethical
Christianity is sex slavery
Christianity is dominate muslim and take territory
Christianity is condom
Christianity is wushema
Christianity is wine and tella
Christianity is night club and free sex
Christianity is pig pussy
Christianity is prok eating
Christainity is cannibalism
Christianity is deception and lie
Christianity is falsehood and denial
Christianity is rotten meat
Christianity is uncivilized and cruel
Christianity is tabot worhsip
Christianity is sex tourism of Queen Sheba
Christianity is Menelik I and illegal child birth
Christianity is Menelik Ii and womanizer
Christianity is theif and robbing
Christianity is insecure and money laundering
Christianity is abuse of the poor.

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Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Why they hate us?

The Center for Constitutional Rights along with Council on American-Islamic Relations-NYC and Desis Rising Up and Moving co-sponsor a Haymarket Book launch event featuring Deepa Kumar and special guest Moustafa Bayoumi.

In the week after suburban Chicago Congressman Joe Walsh claimed “there is a radical strain of Islam in this country - trying to kill Americans every week,” there were two separate attacks in the suburban Chicago area – one on a mosque in Morton Grove and the other a few miles away at an Islamic school in Lombard.

These attacks come just weeks after a mosque in Joplin, Missouri was burned to the ground in an apparent arson attack, and one week after the temple shooting in Wisconsin of Sikh worshippers targeted for looking Muslim.

Attacks on Arabs and Muslims are nothing new, and neither are incitations to violence based on claims about an existential “Muslim threat.” In the wake of 9/11, Islamophobia – in both neoconservative and liberal forms – has been an important ideological pillar of the “War on Terror.”

In her new book, Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire, Deepa Kumar analyzes the historical roots of Islamophobia, offering a sweeping historical analysis of the changing views of Islam and Muslims in the West, and examining the ways that ruling elites throughout history have used the specter of “a Muslim enemy” to justify their imperial projects.

By deconstructing the most persistent myths about Islam and Muslims, and explaining the role Islamophobia continues to play in justifying war abroad and political repression at home, Kumar makes a powerful case for a movement that challenges both anti-Muslim racism and the project of empire.

Deepa Kumar is an Associate Professor of Media Studies and Middle East Studies at Rutgers University. Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire is her second book. She has contributed to numerous outlets, including the BBC, USA Today, NPR, the Nation, the Hurriyat Times (Turkey), the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the Miami Herald, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Moustafa Bayoumi is author of How Does It Feel To Be a Problem?: Being Young and Arab in America, which won an American Book Award and the Arab American Book Award for Non-Fiction. He has contributed to The New York Times Magazine, The Guardian, The London Review of Books, the Nation, and others.

[Editor’s Note: As part