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The Scramble for Ethiopia



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The Scramble for Ethiopia

The Scramble for Ethiopia

By Messay Kebede

What else could better express the existence in today’s Ethiopia of more than eighty political parties, out of which ethnic parties represent the overwhelming majority, than the term “scramble?” That for now the TPLF holds together the disjoined parts of the country by force for its own sectarian interests only reconfirms the accuracy of the term.

How did this come about?

When we try to understand what happened to Ethiopia and, by extension, to Eritrea, since the overthrow of the imperial regime, we are invariably overtaken by a mounting perplexity. Unlike the imperial regime, which never declared its intention to empower the people, the political movements that opposed the regime emphatically and without exception asserted their primary and unique goal to be the liberation and empowerment of the people. The EPRP, MEISON, the Derg, the OLF, the TPLF, and the EPLF, to name the most important ones, all claimed to fight for the cause of the people. Yet, none of the movements that succeeded to seize power and implement their programs came anywhere near to fulfilling the promise of liberation and empowerment. On the contrary, all ended in similar types of abject dictatorial and sectarian rules.

The dominant explanation attributes the failures to accidental derailments. It argues that the initial intention and corresponding organizations were fully committed to the goal of liberation until they were derailed by the rise to the leadership position of unfit or fraudulent individuals, who used their position to institute a dictatorial rule and surround themselves by cynical and self-serving groups. Mengistu Haile Mariam, Meles Zenawi, and Isiyas Afeworki negatively altered, so it is said, the original good intention of the movements that brought them to power.
The trouble with the explanation is that the notion of derailment presupposes what needs to be explained. How could individuals, however smart, determined, and cunning they may be, succeed in overturning movements that were often able to overcome very challenging situations. Even if it was short-lived, the triumph of the Derg over so many opponents remains an exploit. Equally remarkable is the defeat that the EPLF and the TPLF inflicted on the military machine of the Derg. It just begs the question to assert that one or several individuals were able to misdirect movements with such proven strength.

Hence the need for a change of paradigm: instead of taking for granted an initial good intention, what if the devil was already in the intention? Rather than derailment, such an explanation sees continuity between departure and arrival, despite contrary appearances. What happened and is happening are already contained in the initial intention, which therefore was itself vicious. In other words, though the movements promised liberation and empowerment, the real and hidden goal was self-promotion and exclusive control of power. Ideologies advocating the liberation of the masses by revolutionary elites, such as Leninism, Maoism, and ethnonationalism, came in handy and quickly spread like a bushfire.

It must not be made to seem that the adoption of these ideologies by the revolutionary elites was a deliberate deception. The tragedy is that they honestly believed in these ideologies and honestly thought that they were working for the empowerment of the people. The fault was and still is in their mind, in the mistaken understanding of what liberation and empowerment mean. The misunderstanding can be traced to their colonial attitude toward their own people, itself being a resultant of the colonial education they received and thank to which they earned their elite status. The education convinced them that they are the native heirs to the civilizing mission of the colonizer, that the measure of their own modernity is the extent to which they see themselves as tutors and agents of change.
At first look, being agent of change is rather positive and expected from educated people. The problem, however, was that it was conceived in the colonial fashion: it was perceived as an imposition from above and deliberately excluded the active participation of the people. Modernity was not what people bring about through their active engagement and creativity; it was a dictate flowing from the enlightened ones and as such demanding passive compliance. The relationship that exists between elites and the masses is not one of answerability, but of elites fashioning their people according to an idea of modernity that defines them as domesticators, thereby entitling them to absolute power. Whether you call the goal socialism, revolutionary democracy, national liberation movement, it always amounts to a dictatorial rule lining up a whole people in the name of a self-serving idea of modernity.

Ethiopians who are familiar with my books on Ethiopia know that I have developed this flawed idea of modernity and its toxic implications from various angels. The happy surprise for me was that the idea has now crossed into Eritrea’s intellectual space, as witnessed by Yosief Ghebrehiwet’s article titled “Eritrea’s Drive for Modernity: In Search of Asmara” posted on Asmarino. Not only is the article witty and very perceptive, but it also proposes a paradigm change in our understanding of what happened both in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Thus, in analyzing the Eritrean case, Yosief barely refers to the usual motive for the uprising, namely, the national oppression by the Amhara. Instead he focusses on the impact of Italian colonization, which created “a generation that imitated the Italians in every gesture without having any understanding of the beauty of the Italian culture . . . a generation that contemptuously gave its back to the Habesha culture.” The imitation induced an abstract idea of modernity, that is, a conception of modernity “devoid of human factor” and hence intrinsically totalitarian. The modernity of the uprooted is paradoxical: though it speaks of national liberation and empowerment, it is nothing but a replica of colonization by foreign natives. Yosief courageously writes: “the structure of Shaebia’s army that marched to Asmara looked like a colonial army, with the urban elite replacing the Italian positions at the top and the peasants accorded their old place of askaris at the bottom – this was how they came to colonize Asmara.”
The reason for Eritrean uprising is thus obvious: it was a renewed scramble for Ethiopia, a reconstitution of the Italian invasion by natives. This applies to the secessionist movements in Ogadan and Oromia as well, since they aspire to dismantle the conquest by which Menilik defeated the colonial design on Ethiopia. In construing the return to a pre-Menilik political situation as decolonization of Oromia, Ogaden, etc., these movements draw, as elsewhere in Africa, the entitlement to rule from being enlightened natives pushing out alien colonizers. In other words, the ideology of Amhara colonization is how elites invent an ascriptive legitimacy to rule based on ethnic belonging. Without the ideology, the elites would have to justify their entitlement to rule by the implementation of socioeconomic progress, that is, by actual achievement and merit rather than by natural relatedness.

Needless to say, the creation of an ascriptive right to rule through the denunciation of Amhara colonization is little prone to democratic competition and accountability. Accordingly, the so-called national liberation movements are not so much liberation as elite conflicts for the control of territories resulting from the dismantling of Ethiopia. Speaking of the Eritrean war of liberation, Yoseif rightly says, “it was a war fought between Addis Ababa and Asmara elite. In between, the peasants of both Ethiopia and Eritrea perished fighting the respective urban elite’s causes.”

Elite conflicts accurately sum up the Ethiopian revolution and the ethnonationalist assaults on Ethiopia subsequent to that revolution. The reason for the radicalization of the Ethiopian educated elite through the adoption of Leninism in the 60s and 70s was the need to dislodge the old aristocracy with its bureaucracy and military apparatus from power and the control of resources. Class struggle furnished the ideology necessary to mobilize the working people against the old state apparatus and the church, not so much to liberate them as to empower elites defining themselves as “revolutionaries.” In the meantime, ethnonationalist elites were preparing the ground for another round of elite conflicts, this time by creating a form of exclusion based on ethnic belonging, which resulted in the defeat of the Ethiopian Revolution by ethnonationalist forces.

What should be underlined is that the class struggle and the ethnonationalist forms of exclusion find their common source in the colonial understanding of modernity, that is, of modernity as an imposition from above and whose main purpose is to benefit the few. Not only this form of modernization does not tolerate grass-root movements (autonomous civil societies, professional organizations, and unions), independent political parties, and a liberal economic system, but the narrowness of its goal stemming from the colonial model of modernization reserves economic benefits for the few. Such a restricted development further divides elite and unleashes a violent struggle for the control of scarce resources.

As a result, the country moves in a vicious circle: the empowerment of the few at the expense of the majority curtails economic development, which curtailment exasperates elite conflicts for the control of scarce resources. No more than overseas colonizers, internal or native colonizers can allow the enlargement of social wealth and distribution under pain of losing the absolute control of power that their faulty idea of modernity justifies. The opposite, that is, grass-roots modernization is anathema to them because it pushes for the democratization of all forms of social life and for the accountability to the people. By definition, colonizers, those who “civilize,” be they external or internal, cannot but target absolute power.



MR. MESSAY you are not very smart person to realize how far the Tigray people have come.Today the Tigray people are not only able to fight internal insurgencies,but they have the might to fight any powerful countries.Funny people like you and others still are animals not to learn from your fellow Tigray people about military culture,development.How sad you are still comparing the Tigray people that defeated and force Eplf to begg on the battlfield with your old theory of ethiopia politics.Admited mr. mesay you are the slave of Tplf/Tigray people .

04/01/13 @ 22:40
Comment from: [Member]

what are these diaspora writers, losers alike trying to achieve here in the diaspora by bombarding us with all kinds of a self serving nonesense negative artcles after articles, while Ethiopians back home strive and work hard night and day to eradicate poverty?
Do they really think anybody in Ethiopia care about their stupid gossip?

04/01/13 @ 22:43
Comment from: Alemayehu [Visitor]

Ethiopia is an exemplary country for Africa. I think there is more corruption in NIGERIA AND EGYPT AND TUNISIA AND SUDAN. and of course Eritrea… but ALL AFRICAN COUNTRIES NEED HELP.

04/01/13 @ 22:55
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Some Addis Ababa university professors write poor and awkward English. They need help although I like this Prof. on substance however much stupid they sound sometimes.

Some commentators write better English on this forum than the Prof.

04/01/13 @ 23:36
Comment from: flulu [Visitor]

what is the pupose of the article ? He was trying to psychoanalyze the leaders of the previous generation political movement .
So what ?

04/02/13 @ 00:10
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Prof. Messay Kebed
It’s a time for change think about how to move on and adapt the current event rater than fixed deception and illusion you here 24/7 through mass misinformation media. Ethiopian move forward while you and your master walk backward for disaster.

04/02/13 @ 00:21
Comment from: TplfTigray [Visitor]

Tplf/Tigray people are realising only its tribe from jails and nowadays are fighting against a most powerful countries, by extension ethnicity: Amhara and Oromo.

Ginbot 7 is already a terrorist group but the Author loves to hide it that and name the others.
Google: “Report says Ethiopia employs spyware against activists".

Needless to say,… so don’t say it in your writing.

04/02/13 @ 01:53
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Whoever is using my name is a loser and disparate woyane and TPLF!

What a MORON!

04/02/13 @ 03:17
Comment from: Hewan [Visitor]

Ante tekateko fit alleh ende? Messay tekateko fitna his 19th century obsolete books.

04/02/13 @ 04:02
Comment from: Kebede [Visitor]

Informative article to think for a different perspectives than sticking to die or survive without understanding the core driving powers.

04/02/13 @ 04:11
Comment from: Scrumble [Visitor]

Very well expected is
the Scrumbling of Woyane Empire to Zero level.
Soon is the reality to hit the ground and all woyane dogs run off the country to nomansland.
Ethiopia is blessed, as usual all enemies either run off the country or end-up died.

04/02/13 @ 05:00
Comment from: nenewe [Visitor]

It’s very informative or those who are open to see events shaping the country from different point of view of the power play in Ethiopia which invariably commence in the name of the people only to turn their back to the very people who help propel them to pinnacle of power.

Obviously,the analysis is way too much for Woyane cadres to comprehend. There is no different view than the prescribed to them by their masters. Ethiopians back home struggle to see another day without an empty stomach evenif it is just a couple “ጉርሻ” a day.


Have you been ordered to give up your coveted position to the moron with suggestive name who commented first. Being a slave of TPLf you have no choice but accept the bitter reality of being a dog on leash.

04/02/13 @ 06:04
Comment from: Hussein [Visitor]

Gentleman denying the painful history of the people of the Horn, particularly the Ogaden people will not bring any solution. Accept the colonial past of Abyssinia and the passion of the Habesha to conquer and colonies, then look how we can live together co-operating but not confronting. Read this small part of that bitter history.

04/02/13 @ 06:12
Comment from: jigjigawi [Visitor]

Thank you Husein,

Dear brother,this man, He is just another stupid Neftenga and nething else.These guys are always have the dream of the old Ethiopia(Neftenya domination of the entire country).Nevertheless,I thought that such people like this poor writer were vanished from the new Ethiopia and gone for good.Well,if like this man still lives in the country,then woyane
were lied to Ethiopian citizens.
A people like Mr Kabade must not to be living in the country.Its shame to EPRDF regime. All Neftenga must be eradicated from Ethiopia.
The neftenga pple not regretting their past human crimes committed and land occupations.Rather they are crying to continue in such ugly miserable crimes against Ethiopian citizens.All Ahmara neftenga in fact are missing the reality of this modern time where the pple of this new Ethiopia are headin. Instead this Ahmara denying the freedom of rights of many Ethiopian ethnics who runs today their federal states and free to practices their cultures and religions while they are proud of the new Ethiopia and her federalism systems. Messay Kabade you and others Natenga ared still denying the past scramble of the Ogaden region the land Somali pple,the Gambela land stolen from south from sudan,the Oromos vast land,as well all the southern part of the country during that your hero Meneleike which many ethnic of Ethiopians today where still remembering that he was their worst enemy.How come dude then we would be as one pple whom shares in one country unless you either guys be regretful of ugly crimes they committed your past leaders or that otherwise we should kick you out from the country.

04/02/13 @ 08:32
Comment from: [Member]

Mr. messay it is a good analytical article.
If I can only add to say that “EPLF” was and is a program based on non-fcatual, illicit and moreover Arab-driven. It was initiated for the pure satisfaction of the Arab allliance in the region. Their agenda was to encirlce the Jewish state by all means. They bribed the regions arab-wannabes, by petrol-dollar.

04/02/13 @ 08:59
Comment from: Bestman [Visitor]

thank you

04/02/13 @ 09:38
Comment from: Terefe [Visitor]

I am baffled and deeply disappointed by the way some commentators have responded to Messay’s article. It is disappointing that baseless, vulgar, venomous expressions continue to characterize virtual political dialogue. It is in particular alarming that a new generation of Ethiopians is exposed to a style of debate that is uncharacteristic of Ethiopian tradition and culture. Some use urban (street) expressions, which are considered offensive in English speaking countries around the world.
Messay says that the various political movements that emerged in the 60s, 70s and thereafter had ulterior motives and haven’t lived up to the promises they made to their followers and supporters; let alone the Ethiopian people. He stresses that they had self-serving agenda and their real goal was the ‘exclusive control of power’ in the name of the oppressed. He further states that liberation and empowerment is misunderstood. This is because the liberation and empowerment movements haven’t brought meaningful change in terms of improving the lives of people on whose name the struggle was waged, and that the movements have failed to account to their presumed constituents.
Messay admits his scholastic mistake by stating that “Ethiopians who are familiar with my books on Ethiopia know that I have developed this flawed idea of modernity and its toxic implications from various angels.” This needs to be welcomed not criticized in a vehement manner.
What comes out from Messay’s essay is that there is a need for realising that changing a system isn’t enough. Planning and managing change for the benefit of the masses is as important as bringing about change. He alludes that change is a process not an end in itself. In other words, the ascent to power of any movement alone doesn’t benefit the poor and the oppressed. He, therefore, calls for expanding opportunities for all – realizing equality, fairness and justice for all. In this regard, his underlying message is the future of our country must not be subjected to self-proclaimed movements that promote and implement misguided elite self-interest; whatever their cause for starting up a movement might have been.
Messay’s piece deserves praise, not defamation. Those who write opposing or supporting a particular line of thinking do not serve their cause by throwing dirt on what otherwise ought to be a decent political discussion. It is particularly despicable to mention the physical marks of the writer in a comment as a sign of weakness instead of focusing on the substance of the message. Alas, when one has a fight with a pig, the pig has fun and the person fighting the pig will get dirty. This is the reality of getting involved in Ethiopian politics. However, the robotic expressions of those who claim to support the incumbent system shouldn’t deter people like Messay to openly share their views.
It is unfortunate that those who insult, threaten and exclude others because of their views forget that a generation of Ethiopians sacrificed themselves for the realization of free expression, which is misunderstood by those who don’t have a grain of reservation when they express their slur on electronic media; hiding behind concocted and abbreviated names. Please do not defame the sacrifice of those brave men and women. Vulgar expressions will not contribute to the development of a culture of democracy.

04/02/13 @ 10:59
Comment from: Lazy Observer [Visitor]
Lazy Observer

Another aging wannabe’s literary diarrhea…

How about you use your English Language skills to teach your toxic diaspora 7-11/Gas Station working aspiring taxi driver followers some grammar… From the comments they are giving above they need language classes more than your pseudo intellectual history drivel …

04/02/13 @ 12:02
Comment from: [Member]

***to Lazy Observer***
The new lazy a** weyane cadre on Nazret.!!!
I have noticed your blogging on a couple of articles.
It seems like you missed your “Uncle” -the late Shifta Meles the Looter!!!
You seem to have a depth of the English language but nothing more.
You don’t have substance in your blogging except praising your “Creator” the TPLF gangs circle.
They pull your and you kind strings like a puppet!!! We all know the puppet masters at Arat Kilo are the ones who leave bread crumbs to you guys. All of you Weyane -worshippers keep on “burning” incense at the altar for your “master/creators".
The 90 plus million Ethiopians know the facts.
-our poor nation getting poorer
-inflation at skyhigh level
-employment at non-existent level
-Aid & loan money in billions hijacked by Weyane Thugs to their couffers.
The list of misery in our homeland goes on and on.
Yet the likes of you brag 11% development, health improvement,
blah blah.
We are tired of the rhetoric by the propganda blowng EPRDF.

04/02/13 @ 12:59
Comment from: Kedus [Visitor]

Terefe, I completely agree with you. it is sad to see people not appreciate this article for its candor and enlighten approach. Hence, it justifies and proves the theme of the Professor’s article. None of the remarks I read had a refutable analysis breaking down the article with counter ideas. Instead, all they blabber about is Ethiopia is moving…Ethiopia is moving. Well, all the Prof is saying is there is a cliff up ahead and changing the driver with the same goal will only result the same way.

Wake up…retards. And educate yourselves.

04/02/13 @ 13:48
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

The main source of political problem in Ethiopia is not the formation of Ethnic based political organizations. The source of our problem is the presence of injustice that inspired for the formation of those organizations. If Abysinians (Tigres and Amharas) love Ethiopia as they talk they should stop their domination of the rest. There was injustice and there is injustice. As long as there is injustice there will be ethnic based politics!!!!!!!11111

04/02/13 @ 15:05
Comment from: Terefe [Visitor]

Shame to those who use robotic offensive expressions without understanding the gist of a message. The mission of some seems to be throwing anything at any idea they consider different from theirs. What is sad about these people is that they live in open societies outside Ethiopia. They never learn about what is happening around them except pattering what their masters tell them to say and write in unpolished and abrasive style.

To those who care about their reputation, note that there are many people around the world closely following Ethiopian politics. The manner with which we engage in various discusions, on various forums, determines the level of respect we attract for the cause anyone of us care about. As a people, we need to be careful not to be viewed in contempt because of our less than desirable behaviour manifesting itself on the media.

04/02/13 @ 15:10
Comment from: Korat [Visitor]

Only the inteligent learn from others. It is stupidity of few my Ethiopia is left behind in depair and poverty. Good luck for those with stupid pride that keep dragging the country without a shame!!!!

04/02/13 @ 18:12
Comment from: To Terefe [Visitor]
To Terefe

Do not forget that we are on woyane era. When the thugs of the jungle get something they never had before there is always a consequence. The fake EPRDF is there to bow and take orders of tgray mafiosis who do not have any clue of how democracy functions. They qualified themselves on theft and lies like the mercinery AZ over here. Give them dollars they are ready to sell their moms. They do not care of the suffering of the people, but the cash flow that fatten their bottomless pockets. They navigate the country to the wrong direction because they do not belong to Ethiopia and Ethiopia never belonged to them. We floating with the wave paralised and too selfish to act. The country is deep rooted on crises beyond repair.

04/02/13 @ 18:28
Comment from: Great_Tigray [Visitor]

You guys have ruined Ethiopia for millennia.

Now Tigray and other ethnics have to clean up your mess, so keep cryin’ adgi!

04/02/13 @ 18:39
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Great Adgi ,your own looter masters are simply transforming Ethiopia into Ashes in the name of your Stupid Great Tigrai !!! But Ethiopia, with the sacrifices of all her True Sons and daughters ,shall soon overcome from your evil plan and hidden agenda .It will SHINE again while you with your bastard bros and bandas shall soon roten in hell .As what did recently happen to your Ugly Leba Master .

04/02/13 @ 19:06
Comment from: Lazy Observer [Visitor]
Lazy Observer

(Terefe, To Terefe and Korat) aka “Dr.” Messay Kebede… Are you talking to yourself now..? Do you also play with yourself…?

Do u think you are smart…? Do u think you could have done a better job than EPRDF…? Do u ask your wife to call u Meles in bed…? Is that when she started sleeping in the Guest Room…? That’t when you started playing with yourself right…

I have more respect for TEDDY and ment4you… Atleast they didn’t waste their time in college…

04/03/13 @ 01:22
Comment from: abu anja [Visitor]
abu anja

reading the respondents there is no
doubt the end of tplf is within a few month.desperate insults.same with other desperate regeims near the very end.

04/03/13 @ 06:09
Comment from: Red Sea Man [Visitor]
Red Sea Man

Mr. Messay

Though am still trying to figure out the central theme of your essay as you have brushed up quite few issues here, the famously known phrase “The scramble for Africa” was about Europeans rushing to take over Africa and to divide the continent between themselves to have it as colony.

My guess is your correlation between those European colonial force and the Woyane (native colonizer) or the elites of today is about fooling their people to an idea of modernity in a make believe system, in order to manage or govern the nation and be accepted as simply as what Europeans did to the native Africans, until pressure builds up and chase
them out in uprising.

And you actually also mentioned how liberation fronts,
party’s or such political groups started out to serve on the very
true mission of the people interest and later changing their course of direction into manipulation and corruption as some of
the political group you mentioned. Well, partly it is true because of what is called a strategy, initially both EPLF and TPLF had a communist like doctrine, insinuating equality and morality to organize the party with discipline, after the struggle then comes
close to the final goal, and finally the goal which are all achieved by a simple mechanical tool called the politics.
With-in this process at a final stage the goal is to bring back the
initial point as to why in the first place you joined the struggle, as this is true at an organization level of the purpose of such political groups, individuals like politicians and leaders are actually humans and their faith is really unknown.

One funny but mind boggling issue you mentioned is that the
native colonizers working towards undoing Miniliks colonial
achievement.. how? Ogaden and Oromo ? But who oppressed who ? Why do they want to break away like Eritrea ?
“since they aspire to dismantle the conquest by which Menilik defeated the colonial design on Ethiopia” LOL

And one last note is that not everyone who claims to be Eritrean is Eritrean, if Yoseif Gebrhiwot sees the EPLF as
an colonial force back in 1991, then wonder what he is, you said he also wrote about a generation of Eritreans who
imitated the Italian culture while looking back at the Habesha
culture, a real Eritrean knows the original culture of Eritrea
is still intact it never got vanished, diluted or mixed. Eritreans have a better vocabulary usage than Tigrayans (who uses
some Amharic words in some cases) any how don’t be that
“happy surprise” thinking that the flawed idea of modernity
crossing into Asmara, I think it’s still captured in Mekele.


04/03/13 @ 09:01
Comment from: Dubad [Visitor]  

Menelik II only managed to brutality crush these people and brought them under his illusionary and greedy ethno-religious empire. His conquests were more bloody and ruthless than the European colonizers. What else did he bring to these people? What criteria on the earth you have that will not make his empire colonial one? What do the people of Ogaden share with the highland Christian Habesha? Was it their desire to be incorporated in to his empire? Another, tragedy is that his successors proved to be incompetent to transform the empire in to modern one yet managed to keep these people under chains. If you are sincere about united and prosperous Ethiopia, leave that mentality of talking Ethiopia rhetorically and abstractly while denying past and present realities. The greatest danger to the unity of the country comes from the stubborn and unrealistic mentalities who talk Ethiopia but doesn’t understand how to hold its various ethnicities and nationalities.

04/03/13 @ 10:23
Comment from: Wendemu [Visitor]

Although there is a lot of truth in the article, the writer proposes no solution. So it’s kind of a wast of time isn’t it?

It is evident from these posts that people are very frustrated and even angry. Apparently it’s not just the “elites” who suffer from envy and greed. It is a disease which attacks all levels of society.

Even when you find what you thought you wanted, you are plagued with distrust and paranoia. What a hopless pursuit! It’s vanity and chasing the wind.

I’m not putting my trust in any human form of Government. I have renounced my citizenship in this world and have become a citizen of Christ’s Kingdom. I don’t care what ethnic group I came from - that is dead to me. And I can embrace as brothers all members of this new government regardless of their ethnic background. Because we have one thing in common - we have all rejected the world and its governments.

If you find Jesus you will find love, joy, and peace. If you continue in hatred it will destroy you. Although I say these things for your own good, some will even be angry with me posting this.

04/03/13 @ 12:20
Comment from: [Member]

የ ናዝሬት ድረ ገጽ የ አመቱ ታላቅ ሰው ተብሎ ሽልማት ቢኖር እኔ የምመርጠው ሰው Teddy ነው::
ይሀው በ ሁሉም አይነት ዘገባ ላይ የ ወያነን አጨብጫቢዎች ልክ ልካቸውን ይነግራቸዋል::
ስለዚህ አቶ ቴዲ ምስጋናዬን አቀርባለሁ::
በየቀኑ ስታስታጥቃቸው አንጀቴ ቅቤ ይጠጣል!!!
እነኚህ የ ፍርፍሪ ለቃሚ አድር ባዮች በ ናዝሬት አሰለቹን እኮ!!!
- አዲስ ዝቃጭ
- ሰነፍ ኦብሰርቨር
ወዘተ የመሳስለውን የ ብሎግ ስም የያዙት የ ወያኔ ቅጥረኞች ለ ጌቶቻቸው ጠበቃ ሁነው ውሸቱን እመኑ ሲሉን አያፍሩም ጃል!!
These bunch of opportunistic hooligans have no shame when they try to make us believe the lie manufactured by their “masters”

04/03/13 @ 08:19

04/03/13 @ 13:48
Comment from: me [Visitor]

mesay is not able to dock his ship. he seems lost in the high sea,s and lost his navigation. the foundation of Ethiopia , is the multiple overlapping identity of its people. Unfortunately the project to built a nation state failed . It also failed in countries who started capitalism lately. for a democrat the strategy of state building , or the available choice in the market in a multinational state is to liberate the state itself from being the machine of the culture of one nation/ethnic .Self administration and equal participation at all level of structure is a political and democratic panacea . other alternatives are genocide, cleansing . Then we could see now how mesay is derailed

04/04/13 @ 18:00
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]


We need people like you to bring us our senses. By the way it is common sense that the destruction of Ethiopoia and Ethiopians is coming via TPLF and Shabia therefore such slurs, terrible things such as hate, etc is typical of foreign involvement in our society trying to destroy us. You can clearly see TPLF and Shabia has full foreign hands in them. The issue is we must say no to evil. Continue to spread your word.

04/05/13 @ 05:15
Comment from: bikimeli [Visitor]

Guys, we have had enough war between Eritrea and Ethiopian. Let’s move forward. If Ethiopia still wants to colonize Eritrea , it would cost alot of life,and it will never end up. We are one people in two countries. Let’s give the coming generastions live in peace and prosperity instead of inheriting in our father’s footstep.
God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea

04/05/13 @ 12:54
Comment from: Beth [Visitor]

Mr. Messay Kebede, people like you not only annoying also refused to understand the reality on the ground because you are shadowed by you own ignorant outlook what Ethiopia actual is today. Just FYI.. Ethiopia nation has never been as organized as today any time in the history where equality and the rights of the few respected. The road for better political and economic struggle has started long ago thank you the late prime minster Melese.

I reset my case…..

04/06/13 @ 10:45
Comment from: [Member]

I had criticized both Messay and Al Mariam regarding their previous articles. If you read Messay’s article in between the lines, he is gradually evolving to reality. He has understood that the Ethiopian poltics is not outcome based for the empowerment of the majority. It is either based on sentimentalism, emotions, uncontrolable insurrection that resulted in bloodshed and destruction promoting a cycle of violence and intolerance.Moreover, we in the Diaspora are compounded creatures of vestiges of slavery, feudalism, capitalism and social depression resulting from massive displacement trauma and migration.We are detouched from reality. Mesay is slowly waking up to crticizing the elites who brought carnage and devastation in the past 50 years and who are still preaching hate, intolerance among all Ethiopians in the world. Mesay is crying for “reconcilliation", but he is unable to promote it because his cortex is canibalized by three systems of “pride and prejudice", feudalism, slavery and capitalism. Both Dr. Mesay and Almariam do not know that the land grab in Ethiopia is dictated by food stock in DOWJ industrial average and they are at the mercy of banks in New York, Abu Dabi Hong Kong, China and India. The whole Diaspora elite is that foolish and wants us to believe that “Weyane sold our land". Those land grabs are at the mercy of international corporations. READ!

04/06/13 @ 14:09
Comment from: me [Visitor]

what others failed to do:
recent political experience provides a lesson . The leaders in Ethiopia , at least, constructed a strong decentralized state which is also serving as a vehicle of social change and transformation . It seems to have a deficit in the progress of democracy. But it has done formidable work in the empowerment of the people at large. some may wonder as to where the strength of the new state is? this state is unique. it is all inclusive. the marginalized people are at the center.
The ruling elite have successfully built a strong political party, serving as catalysis of development. Some may not be happy EPRDF is strong . but its strength is also a capital. even though one could dislike the front, but he has also confidence in it. Eprdf also built a strong federal state. Some who dislike federalism has also to remember the former state of The military and the emperor. it is good to compare. So now we a state and a party .Ethiopia is also on a good track of economic development.who is in dismay when he hears the double digit growth.
It has become natural for some like mesay to underestimate the progress so far. the theory of failed or defeated elites could explain this perspective. failed elites ,those who abused their chance when it is in their hand are condemned to live murmuring. the Ethiopia case has its specification. their hate is mixed with racism, bordering to what we read from the history book of other countries like Germany .
what do one expect from those politicians in diaspora, I mean extremist groups? Zero. save my country from them . you see them discriminating people with hate propaganda , beware
my countrymen

04/06/13 @ 19:23



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