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The World Fully Embraces Democratic South Africa



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The World Fully Embraces Democratic South Africa

The World Fully Embraces Democratic South Africa

By Genet Mersha

11 June 2010

Today, we are at an exceptionally great moment in the history of Africa, thanks to international sports and South Africa—the truly Rainbow Nation. The 2010 World Football competitions opened on 11 June in style, displaying African dignity and warm hospitality. The holding of this important international event in the free and democratic South Africa, for the first time in our region, should be seen as homage to the human spirit that is uncompromising with all forms of oppression and bondage.

Sports became internationally first line defender of human dignity against the apartheid regime. Again, this time it is sport that is sealing South Africa’s last phase of its complete return to the international fold. In the past decade and half since freedom, South Africa has proved to the world that it shares the values of freedom and democracy. In spite of all sorts of difficulties, especially deep poverty of the black majority, South Africa has been taking important steps to redress those situations step by step. Its democracy is seen growing.

Even after the end of apartheid, South Africa has been picked on time and again because of level of poverty, crime rates, disease (HIV/AIDS) and corruption of some officials. This has not relented South Africans. While under Mandela’s leadership they have taken the right course, not an easy one though, they have barely deviated. During the last decade-and-a-half, they have shown at least the end of apartheid has fostered a free nation, whose success has begun to shine, Not only that it would lift Black South Africans out of poverty, but also with its inspiration most of the rest of Africa out of its morass, if Africa is willingness to be governed by the rule of law.

South Africa has organised a couple of elections since 1994. Although the ANC is the dominant party, its members are proud of its democratic traditions within the party as well as outside. Individual members enjoy the freedom their struggle has earned them. The ANC does not disenfranchise citizens or suppress the freedom of individuals to express themselves in any form or suppress the media. Those that disagreed with it before the last election created their own party. They have not been subjected to harassment because of that, nor their abandonment of it considered a crime and thrown to prison.

We have followed its history, the ANC does not swear at every turn in the name of a democracy it does not practice. We do not see ANC engrossed in an effort to build a cult—not even that of the architect of the nation—the beloved Madiba, the world’s living icon Nelson Mandela! South African democracy is not perfect, nor should we look for perfection in human society, as it is a sign of neurosis. The journey is promising; that is why today we see a united Rainbow Nation, rallying as one to raise the glory of South Africa.

Apartheid was overthrown by popular struggle and determination of united humanity, which effectively reduced racist South Africa to pariah status until its demise in 1994. Since then, South Africans have strived to build on the remains of institutional racism a society where everyone would be equal. The giant steps they have taken so far have shown that no one would get hurt because all members of society are equal and because everybody enjoys equal protection by law. That is why people live without fear and insecurity in a place they call country and home.

Why all this tumult about a round ball?

I am not a ball roller; still I watched happily the ceremonies and the opening match glued in front of the TV. I loved the warmth and spontaneity of the whole thing: South Africans together cheerfully, as they looked to the future hopefully. The message of the opening show was delicious and inspiring. Already the Rainbow Nation has proved to the world that, under a democratic system and where the rule of law is prevalent, imperfect as it might be in terms of opportunities, it is still possible to transcend the barriers of race, ethnicity, colour, age, gender and class. This makes it much better than any of the alternatives.

I am enamoured by the glory South Africa has brought to Africa, much as by the greater attention this has focussed on the region. That should facilitate introspection and more outside eyes, especially in the light of the emergence of new crops of oppressive single party authoritarian states of latter concoction, which in the name of democracy are further damaging the already poor image of Africa with their undemocratic and corrupt practices.

Reading the tea leaves
Media people tried to survey African reactions from around the region to the holding of the World Cup in South Africa. Their findings confirm that Africa is ecstatic. The media have also listed names of African countries in West and East Africa, including Somalia, where there have been public events celebrating the moment. Ivory Coast’s Didier Drogba who would not participate in this competition because of a broken arm has chosen to use the occasion to make public appeals to the leaders in his country and the region to value peace, democracy and forgiveness toward one another.

Ethiopians are football enthusiasts, notwithstanding that they have been overlooked this time around when the media was gauging African reaction. Could it be the fallout from the recently held election that has raised eyebrows around the world? From the many subliminal messages that fly around, that seems to be the case. The world knows that Ethiopians are not allowed to hold any public events—other than supporting the government, as happened recently to show their joy at the 99.6 percent electoral victory of the ruling party.
For sure, the latest unmistakable evidence to the shunning of the country is the fact that Vice President Joe Biden is in Africa at the moment, whose agenda comprises: (a) discussion of Middle East, Horn of Africa and Southern Sudan Issues with Egypt, (b) engaging Kenyans on the forthcoming Kenyan election, the Sudanese referendum and the situation in Somalia, and (c) representing the United States in the World Cup. Why did the vice president did not choose to discuss this issues with Ethiopian officials?
Recall in this connection that the ruling party in Ethiopia was telling citizens during the political debates preceding the May 23rd election that it is African leader and key to stability in the region. To what should we attribute the fact of it being now kept at arms length by Vice President Biden, earlier by Secretary Clinton? In the scheme of things, surely the message that this sends is stronger than the slap of looking the TPLF regime askance.

In what the US embassy in Nairobi termed as “a major speech” to a packed Kenyatta International Conference Centre, the vice president assured Kenyans that the United States stands beside them on what he called their journey to a "secure, free, democratic and prosperous Kenya." He reminded them:

"Too many of your resources have been lost to corruption and not a single high-level official has ever been held accountable for these crimes…Too many of your institutions have lost the people's confidence, and too many times Kenya has been divided against itself, torn apart by ethnic tensions, manipulated by leaders who place their own interest above the interest of their country." He added, "As you prepare to write a new history for your nation, resist those who try to divide you based on ethnicity or religion or region and above all fear. It is a tool as old as mankind and it’s been used to great effect in this country in the past,"

A regime that suppresses human freedoms, persecutes its opponents because they do not agree with it is an opponent of freedom and human dignity. The world isolates it more and more as pariah—the signals of which are too visible in this case for any Ethiopia observer to miss.

Having followed South Africa’s long journey to the present, correspondent Emma Hurd captured the essence of this moment, the moving spirit of the 24th World Cup, after whose opening match she reported from Johannesburg saying, “This is the moment South Africa is welcomed in the World…It is a celebration not just of football but of freedom in the Rainbow Nation.” What a nice way of putting it!

Anyone could see from this piece that, while watching the football, I was buffeted by the troubling realities of our region. Strictly speaking about football, the outcome of one-one draw between Bafana-Bafana (The Boys) and the Mexican national team does not really matter. After all, South Africa has triumphed by gathering the world on its soil to compete for the cup in Africa, as it showcases its achievements and boasts of its bright prospects.

For me that gave me tears of join. It also gave me pain because of the regressive path my country has chosen in choosing the path of a single party state.


Comment from: [Member]

This writer is very predictable. When I first saw the headline of this article and the name of the author,I said to my self,what now? is this person trying to grab some attention by hijacking other country’s cause for his own politcal agenda?
I was right I didn’t have to read the whole article. I zoomed in the middle, and I saw the name Ethiopia. After all,the person is just trying again to cry for the burried and forgotten issue. By doing so spoiling the world cup atmosphere. What a greedy attention seeker. Please get lost!!

06/12/10 @ 01:32
Comment from: justin [Visitor]

Genet, didn’t you tell us EPRDF lost all the national debates, TPLF is in Trouble because MEDREK is hugely popular in Tigray, and EPRDF will lose big time on lection day?? What happened Ms. Genet??

Ms Genet, the world fully enjoyed the Olompics games in China too.

Genet, the World Fully agrees that your are a deceitful Extremist. And BORING TOO.

ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር

06/12/10 @ 02:07
Comment from: tagash [Visitor]

As despicable as it is the one and only weapon that you scumbags thought, and prayed you have was to making the west abandon EPRDF, Ethiopia and dampen that little twilight of hope we true Ethiopians have been seeing over the last several years……..all for the sheer lust of coming to power.

Dream on!

Drum Please….ta taaaaaa!

“U.S. government to invest $387 million to support Ethiopia’s Health Care Sector”

Watch there is more to come!

Don’t you guys know that the West is smart enough to perceive the crocodile tears you scumbags shade for “Democracy, freedom, human dignity?”

Besides, even if I agree with you guys that Meles is one of the worst dictators in human history, can’t you “learned intellectuals” look at history and witness the track record of the west, supporting the most deplorable dictators the world has ever known, against true freedom, equality and human dignity as long as it’s interest is protected?

Wo! Who the hell do you think you guys are?

Give it up!

In fact, Genet, the learned professor Alemayehu, Birhanu, and you’re likes I advise you to stick to your last options.

Drum again!

Armed struggle!

Yetabatu yihe woyane hola!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

06/12/10 @ 02:24
Comment from: Jelati [Visitor]

the same here too when i saw the article and name of the writer i quit reading….what waste of time

06/12/10 @ 03:06
Comment from: Ye Diaspora Geta [Visitor]
Ye Diaspora Geta

Here we go again!

Genet is trying to grab every opportunity to bullshit about Ethiopian politics. Don’t try to sneak in under cover of World cup to write your crap.

06/12/10 @ 03:53
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

You can’t compare South Africa and other Afrcian countries, You can’t talk about multi party politics in SA because it is not yet reached that stage, the situation in SA is of color startification in which people are struggling among the different colors. There is actually no political ideology struggle in SA, but race. There is nothing surprising about ANC being a party of a dominant race and got no significant opposition. The only thing going on in SA is of excitment in the aftermath of the aparthid system and they are far away from reaching to ideological political frication.

I am also not a fun of Mandela for receiving his freedom at the will of the white men on a silver plate or his advanture of Truth and Reconciliation Commission at the cost of Justice. One of the main reason why there is a lot of talk about Mandela and South Africa is ANC have kept the interests of the white man (colonialism) in a sharp contrast with Mugabe of Zimbabwe, that is why many white men are admiring Mandela and demonising Mugabe and fellow African are blindely following the deception.

I also can’t be excited about spending close to 6 Billion dollars from an economy built by the white men for world cup while the majority of black people are living in abject poverity.

I also wouldn’t be excited about a nation that is throughly xenophobic against black migrant workers and refugees to the extent of burning them alive. To me there is nothing exciting about a nation that have the highest rate crime of all sorts on the planet that kills 50 people in a daily bases in which most of the victims are fellow black African migrants and refugees.

The only thing I can see from this article is the echo of white men’s deception in a confused Ethiopian diaspora mouth.

06/12/10 @ 04:30
Comment from: Zeleke [Visitor]

What have you done, yourself, to your country?! Weregna!

06/12/10 @ 05:09
Comment from: werner2010 [Visitor]

Lady, you want to talk politics, go and do exactly that, you have no idea about football, so don’t go there. It was very cheap of you to start with South Africa and the World Cup and clumsily stumble into Ethiopian politics. Only you seem to get the “subliminal messages” that Ethiopia is being ignored by the rest of the world. Ethiopia is regaining her deserved political weight in Africa and in the world. Some recent examples: the setting up of the Nile River Basin Commission, being invited to represent Africa in several crucial summits including the climate conference copenhagen and the G20 Summit.
You better decide which way to go. On the one hand you permanently belittle and condemn any international recognition of whatever achievements our country and her leaders present. There was a recent report that a family of a convicted terrorist calling for revocation of the invitation of the Ethiopian PM from the G20 Summit. At the same time, you see a decline of Ethiopian influence if she is not mentioned once in some regional matter.

06/12/10 @ 05:55
Comment from: HASHIM [Visitor]

the writer is telling like it is an like first commenter who does not wont to hear it who may think zenawi the dictator the best leader ever in Ethiopia.the different between south Africa and Ethiopia are Mr mandala and Zenawi Mr Mandala after he help get ride of apartheid left the office after his first term and give back the power to the people of south Africa and help and the tyrant meles zenawi brought apartheid to Ethiopia and run the country with his iron fist and want be the godfather of Ethiopia become the judge the jury and the executor and self appointed prime minster for life

06/12/10 @ 10:12
Comment from: ababu [Visitor]

I did not read it, but i guarantee it has nothing to with football. lol

06/12/10 @ 10:30
Comment from: Dandy! [Visitor]

1. It is not a secret that Kenya is the darling of the west since its colonial time. It will continue as it is too. It has nothing to do whether Ethiopia is dimocratic or not that American British, Australian and Canadian politicians are frequenting Kenya. Genet, judging by your serial writings I guess that you know very well why Kenya is always prefered over Ethiopia by westerners in many ways. (But definitely you will not argue due to their democracy).
2. As far as my knowledge serves me better, non of the two senior American politicians visited Ethiopia in the more than a century diplomatic relationship. It is a funny situation that they frequent Ethiopia before and after the office and not while in the office. This needs serious analysis instead of blaming this or that government for bizzare American pattern. But as we know west always follow only the money, the market and the self interest. As we Ethiopian improve our economy and marlet, time will tell us and you (I hope you will live to witness that day) what will happen.
3. Please teach me if you can that there is no dimocracy build up in one party rule!!! I know that it is possible. I can give you many examples around the world. However, it is a slow incremental process which needs generations to build it up. It needs also change in attitude of the society. I strongly believe all of us have a role to play to bring the change. The easiest thing (the useless and non-productive)is just blaming the EPRDF, DERG, HILESELASE, etc. (the past, the present and the future)for our shortcomings. That is possible when we all start to have clear and unbiased view what is in the making in the new Ethiopia. Genet! I wish very much that you try to evaluate things in Ethiopia with unbiased lens. I hope it will happen one day and I know you will contribute greatily when you start became true to your heart.

06/12/10 @ 10:59
Comment from: [Member]

My condolences to Nelson Mandela, who lost his great grand doughter to a car accident on the opening day. What a sad coincedence.

The problem with the above article is,the author trys to compare South Africa and Ethiopia,which are completly in diffrent situations. South Africa has a fully developed economy, all they have to do is co-exist as black and white. Nothing else. The blacks were suffering under aparthied rule being descrimented against,in their own country. Mean while the agressors built some of the citys as a copy of london with good infrastructure. That is the benefit they are enjoying not democracy as the above writer put it. they don’t have to fight outside enemy or continously watch their border line from enemys who want to destroy them. Comparing to Ethiopia everything is just a cake walk for them.
Look where The Woyanes then EPRDF start their walk to bring us thus far. How they fought that brutal war against the north devils,who are still fighting us a proxy war any time they can. Against all odds “just name it” we are thriving.

06/12/10 @ 14:39
Comment from: NoStRoDaMuS [Visitor]

I did not read it either. I am just writing to let u know that. just in case if you care.

06/12/10 @ 15:32
Comment from: justin [Visitor]

Ms Genet, Ethiopia is going forward whether you like it or not. I suggest you disavow you citizenship. You are no use to Ethiopia. Your citizenship is probably a moot issue for you are probably a Shabia anyway. It’s well known a lot of Shabia agents are running around as concerned Ethiopians.

ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር

06/12/10 @ 15:49
Comment from: Ali roble [Visitor]
Ali roble

Good comments signorina except that it would have been even better prose if you could have started your narrative with different angle. So far so good but still I don’t believe that SA is out of woods yet as far the stability and fancy democratic rhetorics concerned. There are economics, racial, institutional, etc. lingering problems. How about if you start with comparing or contrasting the Ethiopian political history and that of SA as they stand the opposite and almost ironic poles. For example, South African were colonized or oppressed by white folks and they were the last to be liberated from the yolk of racist whereas Ethiopians were oppressed by their own kind to this date. SA got relatively progressive political culture and it developed against all odds while Ethiopia is struggling, if not backward state in all fronts and so on.

06/12/10 @ 16:09
Comment from: Wey Ene [Visitor]
Wey Ene

Forget the poletices; if Ethiopia gets a chance to hold the world cup in future, what will be look like on opening cermony with all kinds of cultural gifts I can’t wait to see it wow!!!

06/12/10 @ 17:18
Comment from: bymeno [Visitor]

Genet, you are a very hateful person and I feel sorry for you. Every beautiful thing you see has to be converted in to hateful messages.

You trained your eyes to see a glass half empty than half full. South Africa is where it is now because Blacks in South Africa forgave the aparthid injustices commited by South African whites. The question is “CAN YOU FORGIVE AND GO FORWARD AND CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING positive TO YOUR COUNTRY?”

The answer is no because you are sick. Sister, you better see a doctor before it is too late like Al Mariam.

God Bless Ethioia!

06/12/10 @ 18:42
Comment from: Woldai [Visitor]

Genet, you started with sport & finished with your hodge-podge politics! So sad!

I have never encounter a writter who started with one topic & finish with another!

I thought when you write you end your writting with a paragraph that emphasizes the whole idea?

Yihe ye’beshta enji yetena aydelem!

This is called extremism! Trying to politicize everything without any common sense!

06/13/10 @ 10:31
Comment from: Fanta Hailu [Visitor]
Fanta Hailu

This lady ended up always with weyanes,meles bla bla.Come up with new materail.She isn’t better than the wicked-professor. What a sick woman:!:

God Bless Ethioia!

06/13/10 @ 12:40
Comment from: De La Manchu [Visitor]
De La Manchu

Even in none political sporting event that the whole world enjoys every four years the Naftanga revisits its old time religion or romanticizing, moralizing, euphoric and die-hard nationalism and attitudes that border to arrogance, bigotry and stupid Naftanga pride where sensibility is banished from the scene since the end of their empire that mistreated all nations of Ethiopia. Over the years they has established a mass culture of hysteria and oota.
In short this ethnic sickness demands a diagnosis of some other kind. It is like a forest fire with no trees on sight. The Ethiopian people have sent the trash to the dumpster in unison from one corner of the nation to the other. The ethnic empire that perfected the skill or social control to a level that comply for the few and so bad for the majority whose land was taken by the barrel of the nafte, and were forced to feel shame with their names, language, culture and their humanity is questioned. The people unanimously voted that they can’t trust those types of politicians voted in favor of EPRDF that developed the nation so fast and instituted a democratic election for the first time in the countries history humbling itself and taking abuse from the opposition on state TV.

06/13/10 @ 14:34
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

Ethiopians own their country MORE THAN SOUTH AFRICAN DO own theirs…

Genet may want to research on who and how the entire world cup is financed… and MAY BE THEN GENET WILL BE LEGIT TO COMPARE ETHIOPIA AND S.AFRICA.


06/13/10 @ 14:58
Comment from: mitomedhin [Visitor]

SISTER!!!! Please do us a BIG favour!!!



06/14/10 @ 03:23
Comment from: Bond [Visitor]

Genet, that is very cheap. Just because South Africa is in a positive news you some how wanted to muscle in Ethiopia in a negative way in it. If you have nothing to say just shut up. I thought you were a bit logical than that wind bag professor but you have become like the scumbag by the day.

06/14/10 @ 04:05
Comment from: Pat [Visitor]

“Ethiopians own their country MORE THAN SOUTH AFRICAN DO own theirs…”


06/14/10 @ 09:41
Comment from: sami1 [Visitor]

Extraterrestrial, justine, yoni and likes aways thing Ethiopia is going forward while it is going back ward even if you just think of Democarcy from 2005 to 2010.
These same people are trying to tell all Ethiopians just accept it we “TGRAY” people fought to bring about change in government so no one could take this power unless you fight.
We will give you candy, but do not ask for nutritios meal or “banalnce meal” or equality, to be part of this growth unless you will back us to make us look good..

This is what you call fair?

Ethiopia is courupted more than South africa keneya, but just as N. Korea it is muzeled . Just like China to muzel the people againest the will telling them this is the way!

That is what you want for Ethiopia and any one else who sugust other wise is Terorist and no good for Ethiopia!

You guys are a JOKE!

06/14/10 @ 09:43
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF Thugs bunch of moron ,parasite Bandas .Of course ,the author has the right to compare the situation of a democratical florushing South Africa
with the sad situations of our peoples
under the brutal rule of your leba master .Ethiopian Peoples deserved too
as much as the south African for Peace
Democracy and liberty .Your problem is
that you can no longer face the fact about the failures scored by your leba
master and his SS agazis.You’re here
and there barking like mad dogs simply you’re in lack of arguments to challenge her .KEEP ON BARKING BUNCH OF TOUTHLESS HYEANAS !!!!

06/14/10 @ 10:30
Comment from: 100 % ETHIOPIAN [Visitor]

To: Fantaw Hailu;

My Family knows you very well. You are an excellent ARTIST. In few days I will be in Toronto at G-08/G-20 summit to let the World leaders know that Ethiopian Immigrants around the World has been targeted illfully by any Countries wherever they work and live.

Therefore, I need you (FANTAW HAILU) to prepare a good banner with well written letters that could be easilly read by world leaders at G-08/G-20 summit.

Afterall, it’s my condolense for those dead-head who seem to alive Ethiopian immigrant Doctors, Proffessors and other proffessionals by theory. Very amazingly, they used to have false excuses by saying, in Ethiopia, there is no freedom to protest. Ok, now in Toronto, Canada there is freedom to protest, so WHERE ARE YOU?! ARE YOU GOING TO SHOW-UP AT G-08/G-20 SUMMIT?! OR YOU KEEP BARKING ON INTERNATES/WEBSITES, RADIOS, T.V, FALSE MEETINGS, ETC.



06/14/10 @ 11:24
Comment from: observer [Visitor]

Genet that was nice try i thought it was about soccer then when i read the first sentence it was politics……booooooo. politics is for faras business and relaxing for arada. “Ask not for what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country". So Genet what have you done for your country? this question should be pre-request for any future politican. Beside that do you look good Gene, meste efelegalehu. Send me your picture babe.

06/14/10 @ 12:35
Comment from: Mesel [Visitor]

Yoni do Ethiopians really own their country MORE THAN SOUTH AFRICAN DO own theirs…?????? If Ethiopia means only Tigre you are probably right because Tigres own the land, the economy, the politics and the military of Ethiopia.

06/15/10 @ 03:31
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

:)):))Ye diaspora barya ,the only crap and
garbage is of course Thuggies Bandas like you ,GOOD FOR NOTHING ,than jamming this website by your usual
insanities and excrements .Once again if
you’re really HAPPY by your leba master ,SO GO BACK to his holly land than dealing DRUGS in America .Worst of all infecting the inocent American youth with your crack and Marihuana .

06/15/10 @ 11:12
Comment from: Gelmo Kurra [Visitor]
Gelmo Kurra


I always try to separate the Woyane under Meles from the Tigrean people as a whole, and for good reaason that I will discuss someday soon. But when ever I read what you all pigs say about as Ethiopians for speaking up in terms of our freedom and our properties , I wonder if the true Ethio- pian Tigre’s are around or if I am dreaming.myz

06/15/10 @ 20:18



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