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Upside down



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Upside down

To satisfy the commentators who prefer that intellectual exercises are better be done in the Diaspora and that it is our duty to provide them with the raw facts, today some observations about the changing street scene.
Most secondary schools have lost their guards of honor, aka federali attention, although surveillances by police car is observed frequently. It probably means that the EPRDF is confident that resistance has been brought to a halt. They were never very good in assessing the feeling of the people.
Some members of the Addis Ababa traffic police are armed again. Not with a AK47 but, motorized officers carry a revolver. They must be special selected members
But every day the situation can change. We have seen it before.

The Shimagle Professor Donald N. Levine has written an impressive paper about why the prisoners of conscience are charged with genocide or as the situation is now attempt of genocide. He goes back in history and pictures a story that won’t be appreciated by lots of TPLF cadres, because it reminds them of the violent roots of this organization.
Professor John Markakis wrote about it in 1987 in his excellent book National and Class conflict in the Horn of Africa.
What Markakis already revealed in 1987 was the ruthless methods the TPLF used to get sole power in Tigray. The TPLF has never wanted a democratic Ethiopia where the nationalities could share responsibility for the State. They started with eliminating Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Party , the Ethiopian Democratic Union on Tigray territory and their own Tigrayan Liberation Front .

The Professor must have told Legesse Zenawi and his gang that there is only one way in which he can help them keeping up their democratic lies and that’s by pretending that the Shimagle is an independent thinker not afraid to criticize the tyrants.
In the end you will be victorious, he must have promised.
So by turning the world upside down he manages to gloss the crimes of the gang by making them victims of their own history.
The prisoners of conscience have to suffer and are indicted with genocide because of Tigrayan history.
And again the Professor shows that he is a faithful servant of the regime. He wants us and the rest of the world to believe although the regime suffers from their history, their intentions are good and democratic. The murdering and killing is just a face which we have to get through, won’t we?
Legesse Zenawi and his gang must have smiled how this intellectual translated the made up motives of these power mongers for an educated public.
I must admit that Donald N. Levine is quite a bit smarter then Bereket ‘ Goebbels’ Simon, alias Baghdad Bob, which makes him even more dangerous in the debate about Ethiopia’s future.

This blog and the website that hosts it are now b l o c k e d in Ethiopia.

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