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Video: Zidane Head-Butts Materazzi



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Video: Zidane Head-Butts Materazzi


Video: Zidane Head-Butts Materazzi (

Another Video (English)

Updated July 12 2006

Zidane says Italian insulted mother, sister
French star apologizes to kids, fans, but says he doesn't regret head-butt

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Zidane apparently called "dirty terrorist"

PARIS, July 10 (Reuters) - France captain Zinedine Zidane was apparently called a "dirty terrorist" by Marco Materazzi before he head-butted the Italy defender in Sunday's World Cup final, the anti-racism group SOS Racism said on Monday.

"According to several very well informed sources from the world of football, it would seem that the Italian player Marco Materazzi called Zinedine Zidane a 'dirty terrorist'," SOS Racism said in a statement.

Zidane, the son of Algerian immigrants, was shown a red card after the incident and Italy went on to win on penalties after the match was tied 1-1 following extra time.

The Paris-based group called for an inquiry and said world soccer's governing body FIFA had recently toughened sanctions against racism.

"It's for this reason that SOS Racism asks in a determined fashion for FIFA to shed light on this altercation and that sanctions laid out in the official rules be applied should this be the case," SOS Racism said.

Neither Zidane nor Materazzi have spoken in public about what had passed between them before the incident. French television reported that Zidane would talk about the incident "in the coming days".


Materazzi denies calling Zidane "terrorist

Neither Materazzi nor Zidane have spoken publicly since the final. According to reports in French newspaper L'Equipe, Materazzi goaded the Algerian-French Zidane by calling him "a terrorist". Other sources have claimed that the former Everton defender told the France captain that he should "play for your own country". Source: Sporting Life

Video: Zidane Head-Butts Materazzi (

"Dear Zinedine Zidane, what I want to tell you at this perhaps most intense and difficult time in your career, is the admiration and the affection of the whole nation -- it's respect too," Chirac said.

"You are a virtuoso, a genius of world football. You are also a man of the heart, of commitment, of conviction, and that's why France admires and loves you." President Jacques Chirac on Monday July 10 2006

"Italians always act like this," he told AFP. "It is a shame to say that, but when they feel they are being dominated they try to provoke you.

"Yes, they are cheaters, but we can't stop that. Fifa and the referees only see the second act, they never look at why there is an incident.

"I accept when the adversary wins with honour, but that is not the case. We know Zizou, he doesn't react like that, people can't react like that, but he has been insulted.

"I think it was very grave. When you play against people like that you want to kick their ass. It is cheating, but they are Italians." France defender William Gallas

France captain Zinedine Zidane, sent off for headbutting Marco Materazzi late in Sunday's World Cup final loss to Italy, won the Golden Ball award for the tournament's best player.

The British paper
suggested that Materazzi might have called Zidane a 'terrorist'.

*I guess The Guardian had to make a correction and took out the word terrorist from the article.

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Comment from: basha [Visitor]

I think the Italian player sayed something very bad to Zidane.he could not control himself but the way he hit the italian player is very ugly.

07/10/06 @ 00:49
Comment from: berhe [Visitor]

The bloody racist or fashist must have said something provoking, knowing that he is an african origin.I wish he finishes him there in the middel of the fieled.

07/10/06 @ 01:49
Comment from: Great [Visitor]

I am really sorry for Zidan.I think the Italian player insulted him repeatedly and irritated Zidan other wise Zidan seems humble in general.But ,I think the Italian player wants Zidan to kick him so that Zidan will be out of the game and if so he was successful.Zidan should have controlled his emotion for the short moment.
Any way,Zidan has been a wonderful player eventhough he was in an induced madnness condition yesterday.
Sympathy to Zidan and I hate the Italian player who provoked Zodan.

07/10/06 @ 02:02
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

It is obvious that the Italian give a lot of pressure to Zidane by way of overdefence. It is obvious also that Zidane didnt like to argue to this Italian, he left and facing towards otherside. But this Italian give some bad words that Zidane reacted and asked the Italian and then “maybe” the words said again and Zidane give hardshot of head.

Sports should be Sport, If we can avoid arguing with others it is be better, but if you avoid and others are still insulting you, for me HEAD-BUTT is not enough for them.

It is Italian strategy to give more pressure to Zidane thats why they won with Zidane red-card.

Like this: “EPPF will give pressure to Meles, and Meles give head-butt to EPPF and the World Community will give red-card to Meles, and Meles will kicked-out"!!! OOOUUUUTTTTT!!!!!

07/10/06 @ 04:25
Comment from: Dhugaasaa [Visitor]

Zidane is one of most disciplined sportsmen, if not only one, I ever knew in my soccer watching experience. I am sure that rude Italian must have abused him or called him a name he could not tolerate. It was a deliberate act on part of the Italian. Every rational person is also sensitive! I wish Zidane had crashed him to the ground and broken his jaws. That is the only way such stupid racists learn a lesson. I sympathise with Zidane he is a hero! But I also respect him for holding back his anger for the sake of his very reputation! I never agree with an attempt to the represent Zidane’s act as unbecoming, that is too unfair to judge only on the basis of what we see.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

07/10/06 @ 05:40
Comment from: Hong Chin [Visitor]
Hong Chin

ZIZU is the best soccer player have ever lived for me but to end his career like this its so sad. But i would say he deserved a red card because even if Materazi said something bad to he cant do that. This red card will also cost him the golden ball.

07/10/06 @ 05:43
Comment from: qoratu [Visitor]

I know the Italians are like their slave Eritreans. May be he said some stu*id thing to him. That is what it looks from the vid.

07/10/06 @ 07:04
Comment from: jerry [Visitor]

Materazzi might have called Zidane a ‘neger’.

07/10/06 @ 07:52
Comment from: tk [Visitor]

It was the problem of the referee to control the game.The defender made a faule before the incidence. Personaly, Zidan did the right thing. He was really emotional. The word from the defender may be more than what zidan did.

Anyways, in the sense of football :
Wrong Defender=wrong referee=wrong reaction from Zidan!

07/10/06 @ 08:40
Comment from: Flood [Visitor]

In a football match any player say something bad to the others. We do not know what Materazzi said to Zidane, nor we do not know what Zidane told to Materazzi. Any inference is meaningless and speculative. I do believe that Zidane was completely out of energy and lost his mind (this is not the first time Zidane undergoes such an uncontrolling situation).

07/10/06 @ 09:49
Comment from: Yoman [Visitor]

The guardian in UK reported the Italian player may be called Zidane “terrorist” given Zidane north african arab orgine this may forced him to react the way he did. I am sorry for Zidane. If he is called such provoking insult I don’t blame Zidane for his reaction given the curren taboo associated with the word “terrorist” with musilums in general.

07/10/06 @ 11:11
Comment from: Honest [Visitor]

It is so sad that Zeidan was provoked by the fascist to do the unthinkable. Europe is a place where racism is alive, well and kicking and breeding terrorism in its cities and prisons,this issue kind of spot lights the situation. The sad part is that it is all due to the arrogance of these fools like Materazzi.
I am glad I live in the good old U.S. of A. where people are equal.

07/10/06 @ 11:25
Comment from: Tedla Asfaw [Visitor]
Tedla Asfaw

Yesterday in the battle for the world cup, I did not agree with the penality awarded to France in the first half.

Italy played well in the first half and scored a good gall. In the second half France played very well and the header by Zedin was very close.

When Zidan kicked the Italian player we know very well that it was a racist slur which made Zidan to snap and everything this world cup has been was ruined by the red card.

It is sad one of the best players to ever played this game has gone with out billions of fans cheer him for his excellent carrier.

French team is our team dominated by Africans including Zidan and we are proud of them.

The Italian player who insulted Sidan and robbed the cup from the French team has to be punished properly and the Italian team has to apologize for the racist insult.

07/10/06 @ 12:17
Comment from: Gundan [Member]

Before the start of the game, even though I wanted France to win, I was convinced Italy will win, because the team has a combination of good defense and excellent dynamic offense. But once the game started, and especially during the second half, France was playing superb soccer and the Italians were fading out of the picture. They were dog tired and didn’t even know what to do with themselves least of all the ball. Then I was convinced that France has this cup in the bag.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the incident during the game. I didn’t know what happened then, but now that I could replay the image over and over, I am convinced beyond any doubt that, Zinedine Zidane was provoked and repeatedly taunted beyond his control by Materazzi. Zidane is one of the most disciplined and level headed players of all times. You could see in the video that after the holding and the first altercations, Zidane running to continue his game and all the while Materazzi following him with what must have been a volley slurs and insults I think. Well every man has a breaking point, even a level headed person like Zidane. What a shame!

I understand none of the three referees in the field saw the incident with their own eyes. It turns out that one of the side referees saw the incident while being replayed on the big screen monitors in the stadium, and Zidane’s expulsion was based on his testimony which is another shame. In soccer what you see is what you get, and you don’t do video replays like in the US football to second guess referees.



07/10/06 @ 12:33
Comment from: Mesfin from Maryland [Visitor]
Mesfin from Maryland

I love Zidan to death. I am also very aware of the fact that Matterazi might have said some thing despicable and disgusting to provoke Zidane.

However forbearance was what we all expect from Zidan’s sterling and distinguished long career. The fact that he is one of the best players of this world doesn’t justify that he can inflict such an egregeous transgression, especially, at that Golden moment where he can portray love, affection and tolerance to the whole world and respectfully retire from football.

Despite the fact that I have a lot of love to this virtuoso, I am also pleased that he is kicked out of the game leading to the unfortunate demise of his team.

07/10/06 @ 13:26
Comment from: Qindomina [Visitor]

I think what happened to Zidan is may be a racially/culturally motivated attack to French players.
Nicholas Anelka (not called for the squad) has chosen Islam and converted, so did Frank RIBERY- “Islam is my source of strength either in or outside the playground,” Ribery said. “I lead a difficult career and I was determined to find peace of mind, and I finally found Islam.” Nicolas Anelka whose Muslim name is Bilal, Zidane whose family was from Lebanon or Algiers to my knowledge, and Djibril Cisse whose first name is the Arabic of the archangel van persie,stephen apiah,kolo toure so if the things went for that.
we all donot know what we feel if we were in zizu’s place.Either we swallow the insult or or just like zizu and Ethiopians comeout bravely and defend our religion and God given identity.
Racism must be abolished.

07/10/06 @ 13:48
Comment from: Meyesaw Kasa [Visitor]
Meyesaw Kasa

Owww Zidan African Brother, Take It easy, Children of Facist are always like that ! You are always Great No matter What. Good Luck !

07/10/06 @ 13:54
Comment from: rasta [Visitor]

Zidan is for me a living legend. Althoug, I don’t agree with the action he took yesterday, there is no doubt in my mind he was constantly provoked by Materzzi. He should have tried to control himself as much as possible. I am a big fan of him but I am afraid he will alwasys be rememberd by this incident by a lot of poeple. I rate Zidan with likes of Pele and Marodona.

07/10/06 @ 14:06
Comment from: andenet [Visitor]

zz. is the best player of the world.the fact is the reacist italia player called him terrist because they know his from aferica algeria.their reacist can take them no where.fuckin italia fuckin germany are always like that.italia.remember what ethiopia did to you aferian are always strong.that is why they insult zz. because his best player which they can not control him.cheer cheer.ZZ.after all the world knows you who you are.yeah we dont allow reacist.

07/10/06 @ 15:26
Comment from: TuTu [Visitor]

Zidan is legend for many people, but what he did yesterday was not right headbutting Marco Materazzi he should have just control his timper and deal with it after the game. he is a man and he can control what ever marco says to him. i bleive marco didn’t say any thing Zidan was tird and want and wants to get a break. and it is a ball game and they suposed to have a trach talk it is not a big deal

07/10/06 @ 15:29
Comment from: Eritrean [Visitor]

Viva Roma, Italy
Viva Asamra, Eritrea

Italy winning is like eritrea winning world cup

07/10/06 @ 15:30
Comment from: Gundan [Member]

BTW, it was very decent of President Jacques Chirac to officially come out and offer his nation’s gratitude and his understanding the situation to Zidane. This is the hall mark of a great leader taking care of his citizens; at good and not so good times.



07/10/06 @ 15:42
Comment from: Hakim Gara [Visitor]
Hakim Gara

I will say to that fashist Marco Materazzi.. Vafan Kulo. Viva Zizou

07/10/06 @ 15:56
Comment from: SAIMON [Visitor]

Zidane is a human like every one of us looking back maybe he should have avoided that incident but lets be real it is sport you play to win and you play with emotion and sometimes you cant help it but react to the sitution that Italian player must have sayd some nasty word to anger Zidane.
As Zidane fan i still respect him and is still an MVP player.
Lesson for everyone to learn the media could focus all they want on one incidet as viewers we should have our own say and oppinion.

Thank you for giving viewers the chance to express.

07/10/06 @ 15:58
Comment from: Gundan [Member]

Eritrean, WOW! I didn’t quiet look at it that way. Here is my sincere congratulations to our European neighbors north of the Mereb, in this obviously a very joyous occasion for them. Let’s hope Ethiopia wins world cup 2010, to make our Eritrean brothers and sisters delirious with joy and happiness.



07/10/06 @ 15:59
Comment from: Thunder [Visitor]

This fascist Marco Materazzi should be band by FIFA from playing soccor any where in the world.

07/10/06 @ 16:09
Comment from: Ansola [Visitor]

Are people talking about the head-butt incident because there was no other exciting moment during the game? Soccer has got to be the most boring sport on earth. I tried to watch the final, but couldn’t keep myself awake!

This sport will never catch on in the US…but again, Americans found a way to make golf exciting, so perhaps they will find a way to make soccer livelier…

07/10/06 @ 16:22
Comment from: Addisu Admasu [Visitor]
Addisu Admasu

Italian players have no black or other nationality players as I personally observed.

Italians must be racist and Marco, Italian player, must have said racial comment against Franc player.

07/10/06 @ 16:37
Comment from: Thunder [Visitor]

You are one true loyal slave to your masters the fascist Italy! DEDEB.

07/10/06 @ 16:39
Comment from: Abebe [Visitor]

That was a hell of a kick. One hit the guy was down. What ever the guy said to you, I bet he learned his lesson for having a big mouth.
Enjoy your retirement.

07/10/06 @ 16:43
Comment from: tony [Visitor]

italians are inferior in Europe. they always try to prove their western roots by insulting minorities. Even the politicians say things that no western leader would say. I wish Zidane stayed on and kicked those bastardinos out of the cup. Undeserving team cheated the world cup away from France. Zidane is a better player than the whole facist italian team piled up together.

07/10/06 @ 17:33
Comment from: tony [Visitor]

I think Frence has done us a favor this year. the almost all black team playing the finals of world cup in front of German Nazis, against racist Italian team was a modern day Jessy Owens moment. Thank you French officials for having so much confidence in your black citizens. And they also delivered big time. making it to the finals is huge.

07/10/06 @ 17:42
Comment from: Tedy [Visitor]

i just never liked the italian team from the start. They are all cheaters thats how they got to the final. They wanne winn the cup by any means. ofcouse they did piss of zidane during the game thats why he had to knock out the italian player. i don’t like the italians just cuz they came to our country and occupied for a few years. i wish the lost the cups. i was with the french team from the beginning unfortunately they lost.


07/10/06 @ 18:45
Comment from: The Bonga [Visitor]
The Bonga

Its very sad to see such a tragic end for Zidane at the end of his career. I wish the coming will be in South Africa & I wish we africans show our hospitality for the rest of the world as long as we are in the same planet…….Zidane keep your hope alive! its just a game.

07/10/06 @ 19:09
Comment from: AJESSIDINAA [Visitor]

ZIDAN congrataulation for the GOLDEN Ball you won.Your reaction agaianst that facist materrazi is normal human reaction and take easy.We all have to react against racism.Speacially the racism in Europe particularly in Spain,Italy and Germany.Good Luck in the future.You have our support for ever!!!!!!!!!!!Amen.

07/10/06 @ 19:10
Comment from: kelly [Visitor]

im really mad that he said that kind of word to zedane but he played good

07/10/06 @ 19:12
Comment from: Ermiyas [Visitor]

Marco Matterazzi (Coward) deserves what he got from Zinedine Zidane, if you ask me I would have done the same. I did it when I was playing non-league football, only those who does not comprehend what football means criticize him.
For people like me who have followed from the days of him playing football for Juventus (one of the best team) to his final team Real Madrid nothing he has done yesterday means any negative to me in fact as an Ethiopian it’s glory against the fascist, as Buffon the Italian keeper glorifies openly.
But shame on that f***** Matterazzi ruined a day for one of the greatest, most known, magnificent, charismatic player. It is typical of the Italians they will do anything to win, what annoys me is that, as Ronaldo did what he did to get Rooney sent of Matterazzi did his job for Italy, I was admiring him for scoring after he coincided the penalty, but then he goes and ruins the day because he is scared of Zidane’s brilliance, did you know this incident happen just after Zidane headed it into the goal.

Monsieur Zidane, Merci beaucoup pour ce que vous avez fait, pour moi et le football.

07/10/06 @ 19:54
Comment from: Mot lewoyane [Visitor]
Mot lewoyane

The mistake of Zidane was he kicked the Italian guy very soft, had he kick him more strong than he does would have given him a life lesson, or even instead of the chest he could have given him a good punch on his mouth and that way this stupid ass Mettarazi learn what to do and what not in the future.

07/10/06 @ 20:15
Comment from: Joker [Visitor]

I think it was wrong of them to give him a red card.
you cant give a red card 3 minnutes later, it wasnt a fair game. they had to watch the replay to see what he did.the referee didnt see nore did the lines man they acted out,by seeing the replay and what the italian players toled them.
the italian player was Gay ahhaahha he was rubbing on zidane thats why he gave him quite a head hit another explaination could be that he said he was a terrorist.


07/10/06 @ 22:12
Comment from: tolosa [Visitor]

Honest- you are suffering from a typical American bucolic disorder. And the rest of you politically correct sissies(aka Mesfin from Maryland) and Zidane bashers- switch your channels and watch women’s golf or bowling instade. For those who are still trying to figure out why Zidane couldn’t keep his cool (like TuTu)- I suggest you join the Jehova Wittneses (you might find solace there). For guys like Gundan and those not-Born Again football fans here is my opinon. What Zizou did was courageous.He is not an idiot to figure out the consequence. But yet he stood up for himself. This kind of crap has been around for ages without FIFA hitting the issue head on. As for the federation, you have enough evidence to see what all these racial slurs in the pitch can lead to. Stop buttering the issue with only the “Say No To Racism” slogan. If you need more evidence (I am sure you will be asking for one again) fly down to Liberia and ask George Weha what it is like to play in Siera A. Or ask Samuel Eto what he has to endure every weekend in the Spanish League. The best part abou Zizou’s reaction is that, the next time some coward racist tries to open his mouth-he will think twice. Play them the tape again and again. Alez les Blue.

07/10/06 @ 23:09
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]


I think you are supporting those fascist ass*ole, No wonder ALL OF YOU are also fascist loving persons that until now you guys still “LICKING” the backside of this FASCIST country.

For me, Not only “Head-butt” I can offer to you . . .ASS*OLE!!!

07/10/06 @ 23:33
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

Dear Readers,

Here are main story:

Seconds before, Materazzi had grabbed a handful of Zidane’s jersey just as a French attack on goal passed harmlessly by. The two exchanged words as they walked back up the field, well behind the play. Then, without warning, Zidane spun around, lowered his head and rammed Materazzi, knocking him to the ground.

The Paris-based anti-racism advocacy group SOS-Racism issued a statement Monday quoting “several very well informed sources from the world of football” as saying Materazzi called Zidane a “dirty terrorist.” It demanded that FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, investigate and take any appropriate action.

“Dirty Terrorist"???? Dont say that!! The real “DIRTY TERRORIST” is in Addis Ababa!!!!.

07/11/06 @ 00:01
Comment from: dehni [Visitor]

Italian players pull nerves of good players. it happened to George Weah when he played for AC Milan,Rui Costa called him a monky then Weah broke his nose and ejected from the fild.It evident that M.Mattarasi said something very offending to Zidan.

07/11/06 @ 00:41
Comment from: shoot [Visitor]

Zidan was called a “dirty terrorist". ya, to westerners and americans everyone is a terrorist. But it is not surprising because they benefit from their white and black segregation. Wonderful Zidan not by your act by your statement!!

07/11/06 @ 01:22
Comment from: Romeo [Visitor]

zidine is my hero and best player ever in the world whenever he play the ball with his opponet group he play professionally not like others who make faul,but that stupid marco Italian that headbutt was not enough for him he could have just dismantle his jaw into pieces.that is a big lesson for them and i dont mind after four year the cup will be taken by other country so let marco go to hell.

07/11/06 @ 02:25
Comment from: Gobez [Visitor]

Dear Readers,

Zidane is the legened not only to French foot ball but also to the world especially to Africa.We proud of zidane except for his last action.But he is motivated by those dirty players.we believe that Zidane is a hero that we missed for ever from the football world.

07/11/06 @ 04:48
Comment from: W/Senbet [Visitor]

Let us put ourselves in Zidane’s place and judge him even if we don’t have the right.
He didn’t plan, react within a friction of seconds and all the same he did the wrong thing.
I think he was insulted by Marco. Racism still exist in different forms in all parts of the world so that we need to fight.

07/11/06 @ 05:39
Comment from: Zerafe [Visitor]

All you people who jump to conclusions, where were you when Zidane headbutted the portuguese player in the semi final? If the ref had seen it he wouldn’t have played the finals. The french are babies and all you who insult the Italians without nowing the facts are ignorants. Over the all tournement the Italians played better than the french. So please just stick to commenting on the football played and don’t insult the good people of Italy.

07/11/06 @ 08:52
Comment from: kwame kwakye [Visitor]
kwame kwakye

Zidani is a great player i respect very well,most european country’s called we the africans a lot of names.zidani is natural african born and he can not stand such an insult from that italy defender,how can he call him dirty terroist’ is unlawful! But my worry is that zidani is a great player and the captain of the french national team which such thing has happen to him.I am proud of zidani he did a right thing, he should have done more than what he did

07/11/06 @ 09:29
Comment from: serkemamare [Visitor]

Zidan , zizu or whatever you call him seems humble but he has been always mischievous.
You know how many time he was expelled? 14 times. I know him very well when he was playing in Italy and he should be grateful for what , zizi, zizu zaza received in Italy : Respect and Big Money !!!!!.
Nevertheless, I can only accept him until he has a fair-game and not when he is practising a “ HORNING-BULL “.
You like it or not Italy is the champion of the World

07/11/06 @ 09:33
Comment from: Zerafe [Visitor]

kwame kwakye,
Please don’t comment on things you are not sure. First, where you there when they had a fight? Did you hear with your own ears if the Italian player called him a terrorist? Apparently some French company called SOS alleged that he was called a terrorist, but now it seems not the case, so please next time be more sure before you comment. Zidan is a great player no dought about it, but he is a very moody player. How many times has he head butted opponents even when he was hard takled. It’s not new for him. The french are trying to get excuses for their loss. They were lucky to get where they got. Peace Brother.

07/11/06 @ 10:23
Comment from: Zerafe [Visitor]

Addisu Admasu,

Don’t be such an ignorant person. Just because the Italians don’t have black players doesn’t make them racist. Does Ethiopia have white player in her national team, eventhough there are white ethiopians? So does that make ethiopians racists? Please think before you make stupid comments.

07/11/06 @ 11:07
Comment from: barow, salah [Visitor]
barow, salah


The one and only the sport that make the world peace, SOCCER. I, myself ex soocer player admired Ziden for his passion about soccer. I have washed so many soccer games which the great french player was part of it . I never seen any ugly reaction against to any player from Ziden. My veiw about this situation of Ziden hit this Italy player didn’t surpriced me, becuace the Italian players,coaching staffs, and the entire population of italians act unciviliaze. I’m neither French nor French colonied. But I do believe what Ziden heard from this egnoran player wasn’t sound perfect.



07/11/06 @ 11:21
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