Ethiopia: Peaceful Resistance and Civil Disobedience - Panel Discussion

January 31st, 2007


The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy

& Amnesty International USA


“Peaceful Resistance and Civil Disobedience as Treason: Sustained Crackdown on Dissent in Ethiopia”

In 2005, 26 million Ethiopians voted in federal and regional parliamentary elections. The ruling party declared victory before votes were counted.

Massive protests erupted throughout Ethiopia. In response, government security forces opened fire, killing and wounding many, incarcerating even more. In the months to follow, members of an independent Inquiry Commission responsible for the publication of a report exposing the extreme use of force of Ethiopian troops became victims of harassment and intimidation themselves.

All are welcome at a panel discussion featuring:

Judge Frehiywot Samuel Chairman of the Ethiopian Inquiry Commission

Ato Mitiku Teshome, Ethiopian Inquiry Commission

Prof. and Attorney Al Mariam, California State University, San Bernardino

Dr. Meqdes Mesfin, Cambridge Health Alliance - Victims of Violence and Political Trauma Survivors Program

MODERATOR: Joshua Rubenstein Northeast Regional Director – Amnesty International, USA

Thursday, February 8, 5pm

Nye ABC (Taubman Building, Fifth Floor)

Kennedy School of Government

[See the original Press Release]

[View video excerpts of the Ethiopian Inquiry Commission deliberations]

List Prisoners of Conscience

December 24th, 2006

List Prisoners of Conscience
Leaders of Kinijit and other political prisoners who have been thrown
Into jail since November 1 2005, on trumped up charges of treason
and genocide.
1 Dr Yaekob H/Mariam-
2 Ato Aschalew Ketema-
3 Dr. Tadewos Bogale
4 Ato Gebretsadik H/Mariam-
5 Ato Assefa H/wold-
6 Ato Beruk Kebede _
7 Ato Tamrat Tarekegne –
8 Cap. Alemayehu Yeneneh-
9 Ato Habtamu G/Hiwot –
10 Ato Asrat Tase
11 Col. Tamru Gulilat –
12 Ato Bekele Girma –
13 Ato Melaku Fentaye-
14 Ato Tadewos Beyene-
15 Cap. Girma Amare-
16 Ato Alemayehu Mesele –
17 Ato Wosenseged G/kidan –
18 Ato Andualem Ayele-
19 Ato Wonakseged Zeleke –
20 Ato Nardos Meaza-
21 Ato Dawit Fasil –
22 Ato Zekarias Tesfaye-
23 Ato Mesfin Tesfaye-
24 Ato Dawit Kebede-
25 Ato Mesfin Debisa-
26 W/t Kidist Bekele-
27 Ato Waltanigus Asnake-
28 Ato Mulu Gashu-
29 Ato Anteneh Getnet-
30 Ato Mamushet Amare
31 Ato Alemayehu Yeneneh
32 Capt. Getachew Mengistie
33 Ato Abayneh Birhanu
34 Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw
35 W/t Birtukan Midekssa
36 W/o Nigist G/Hiwot
37 Ato Sileshi Andargie
38 Dr. Befikadu Degifie
39 Colonel Tamiru
40 Ato Bediru Adem
41 Ato Debebe Eshetu
42 Ato G/Tsadik H/Mariam
43 Ato Muluneh Eyuel
44 Dr. Hailu Araya
45 Prof. Mesfin W/Mariam
46 Ato Eskindir Nega
47 Ato Hailu Shawel
48 Dr. Berhanu Nega
49 Ato Tamrat
50 Ato Melaku
51 W/t. Seblework
52 Ato Sisay Agena
53 W/o Serkalem Fasil
54 Ato Dereje Habtowolde
55 Ato Seleshi Tena
56 Ato Yeneneh Mulatu
57 Ato Anteneh Mulugeta
58 Ato Feleke Tibebu
59 Ato Dawit
60 Ato Fasil Yenealem
61 Ato Wonakseged Atnafu
62 Ato Daniel Bekele
63 Ato Netsanet Demssie
64 Ato Kassahun Kebede
65 Ato Andualem Aragie
66 Ato Berhane Moguessie

Sign the petition

November 28th, 2006


Click here to Sign the petition

f Representatives


On November 16, 2006, Representatives Donald Payne of New Jersey and Michael Honda of California held a historic briefing in the United States House of Representatives to expose the truth about the massive human rights violations in Ethiopia. All Ethiopians deeply appreciate the extraordinary efforts of Representatives Payne and Honda and their outstanding staff in coordinating this briefing. We are deeply grateful for their commitment to the cause of human rights and democracy in Ethiopia.
We are proud of the three members of the Inquiry Commission who risked their lives and welfare of their families to ensure the truth about the massive violations of human rights in Ethiopia. We are grateful and indebted to them for doing a thorough investigation of the facts in the massacre of peaceful demonstrators under the most difficult circumstances, for their impartial and relentless pursuit of the truth, for their resistance of extreme pressures and threats, intimidations and offer of riches to distort and color the truth and for preserving and safekeeping of evidence on crimes against humanity and for setting personal examples of supreme courage under tyranny and for their unflinching commitment to the truth come what may.
We thank members of the international human rights community for championing the cause of human rights in Ethiopia and for taking swift action to demand release of political prisoners and restoration of human rights in Ethiopia.
It is now time for us Ethiopians in America to show our gratitude and appreciation to members of the Inquiry commission and our supporters in Congress and the international human rights community by engaging in concerted and collective action to:
„X Disseminate the information and facts by the commissioners
„X Demand the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia;
„X Seek legal means to bring to justice all individuals engaged in gross violations of human rights, including public officials and political leaders;
„X Engage the international human rights community to undertake further investigation of continuing human rights violations;
„X Support legislation in the United States Congress to ensure that American economic and military aid is not provided to the regime until such time as the regime observes international human rights conventions and agrees to human rights monitoring inside the country.
In signing below, I solemnly affirm that I will do my best to advance the foregoing objectives in the advancement of freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia.

A Special Annual Fistula Fundraiser Washington DC

November 28th, 2006


The Washington DC Area TESFA INESTE* Committee PRESENTS A Special Annual Fistula Fundraiser

Chaired by

Liya Kebede, renowned supermodel and Goodwill Ambassador for World Health Organization
Kassy Kebede, Chairman of the Fistula Foundation Board of Directors

Sunday, December 10, 2006
4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Crystal Gateway Marriott
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA

The program will feature guest speakers, awards to individuals who have contributed toward the betterment of women’s health, a short film and entertainment.

Invited Guests:
Congressman Michael Honda
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney
Congressman Christopher Smith

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Lekidelu Taddesse-Heath
Dr. Marcella Roenneburg
Ms. Mary Calvert Ms. Betsy Pisik Ms. Yabsera Markos

Dr. Bogalech Gebre
Dr. Marcella Roenneburg
Ms. Lisa Russell
Ms. Meseret Defar

Individual ticket: $30
Hors d’oeuvres will be served.
Sponsor: $1,000 (10 seats, plus ad and recognition in program book , etc.)

* A project of the Fistula Foundation to raise funds to build the Harrar Hamlin Fistula Center, a mini-hospital in the City of Harrar in Ethiopia.
For more information:
e-mail to:

Event Flier

Ethiopia: Civil Disobedience Calendar

November 15th, 2006


I am fighting to FREE my leader.
How about you?


1. Gradually, withdraw your funds from Ethiopian government and EPRDF private banks and deposit in private banks that are not associated with government agencies or agents

2. Break your existing relationship with EPRDF government or EPRDF party insurance agencies and deal with private, not government, agent insurance institutions

3. Use fliers and posters and graffiti to communicate slogans and messages in various parts of Ethiopia without risking your well being

4. Write letters and emails and make phone calls to EPRDF government officials to inform them of the agony they are creating and to plead with them to stop. Share contact information to government officials.

5. Use whatever safe means you find to expose and report government’s abuse of its power and its cruelty to the Ethiopian people including: human rights violation, extortion of country’s resources for personal use, embezzlement, unfair and heavy taxation on private industries, unfair competition with private industries, unfair practices in trade and legal system, heavy intimidation, etc. Please report your findings and facts to

6. Refrain from attending EPRDF government meetings. If you are forced to do so, do not participate or speak to demonstrate your opposition

7. Refrain from working for the illegal EPRDF government

8. Do not associate socially or professionally with federal or local government agents who are agonizing the Ethiopian people; plead with them to abstain from their cruel and abusive actions. The exclusion shouldn't be based on ethnic, religious and/or gender lines.

9. Do not use products and services made by EPRDF government and its agencies such as: Dashen Beer, Pepsi products, Addis Tea, NOC gas station, Mega book store, etc

10. Do not buy or use print and television media produced by EPRDF government and government related agencies such as: Reporter, Eftein, Fekat, The Reporter, Ethiopian Television and Radio News, various programs by Zemi connection (Mimi Sebhatu), EPRDF government officials question and answer sessions

11. Those who work for EPRDF government factories and industries, cooperate with our peaceful struggle by participating in industrial actions

12. Report on individuals and organizations that are doing business with TPLF trading agencies

13. Report individuals that are making their living through extortion of Ethiopia’s resources and abuse of the Ethiopian people. You can email your findings to

14. Plead with foreign embassies, diplomats and governments for the release of political prisoners through letter writing campaigns

PS: The pictures on the Calendar are that of:
a. Engineer Hailu Shaul, Chairman, Kinijit
b. Ato Muluneh Eyauel, Secretary, Kinigit
c. Prof. Mesfin Weldemariam, Kinigit founder and human rights advocate
d. Ms. Birtukan Mideksa, Vice Chairman, Kinigit
e. Dr. Berhanu Nega, Mayor, Addis Ababa
f. Engineer Gizachew Sheferaw, Kinigit high commissioner

Civil Disobedience Calendar