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Ethiopia - Angel Melaku on Cover of "Black Men" magazine

Angel Melaku YouTube Videos

Angel Melaku





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Angel Melaku on Cover of "Black Men" magazine

Angel Melaku: The New "IT GIRL" for 2007.

Angel's measurements: 36D-22-40

Angel Melaku is available for Special Events, look up her contact number on Black Men Magazine. She is in the DC metro area according to the magazine article.

For more pictures check out "Black Men" April - May issue at your local newsstand.

Here is an excerpt from XXL magazine

Okay, for those who don’t understand coded female proportions, allow me to clarify. The cup size is D. The waist, measuring in at 22 inches, is crazy enough, but when you factor in that it’s partnered with a size-40 bass line, you’ve just reached religious regions. If you’ve only seen numbers move like this on Wonder Showzen, then you’ll probably label the approaching statement cliché, but this type of proportion can only be a product of heaven. Angel is her name (told you!). Well, it’s actually her nickname and her last name. Sort of. (Born in Ethiopia to a native mom and a Trinidadian Dad, her last name, Melaku, means angel in Amharic, a language spoken in her native country.) But the point is she might be the most irresistible female you’ve ever seen in your life. “I’ve needed a bodyguard way before I was anybody,” says Washington D.C.’s best national offering. “Sometimes [the attention] gets irritating. There are certain things I can’t do because guys just won’t let me be. I can’t even go to the club.”

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Ethiopia - Opposition members begin defending themselves

Ethiopia - Opposition members begin defending themselves in political trial

The Associated Press
Monday, April 30, 2007

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia:
A former member of parliament charged with inciting anti-government violence along with 47 other Ethiopian journalists and opposition activists stressed Monday that he called for change through peaceful means only, and mocked charges he threw rocks at police.

The 48 defendants appeared in a packed courtroom in the capital in the latest phase of the trial, which has been condemned by human rights activists. Many of the defendants are accused of inciting violence and violating the constitution during protests over 2005 parliamentary elections.

Members of the Ethiopian army patrol the streets of Addis Ababa after recent clashes with protesters, in this June 10, 2005 file photo.

File Photo: Election 2005 June 10 2005

Former parliamentarian Bedru Adem called two witnesses to testify that he was in prison on the date he was accused of participating in street violence. He also said he was not trying to incite violence when he addressed two pre-election rallies.

"I called upon the people to change the system peacefully, nonviolently, using their voters card," he told the court.

Regarding the charge that he threw rocks at police during a November 2005 riot, he said: "I'm an old person, I'm 50 years old. I have gray hairs and they are saying that I threw rocks. It would've been better if they said I shot guns."

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It was not clear how many of the 48 defendants would choose to put on a defense. Thirty-eight of the defendants asked presiding Judge Adil Ahmed to give them the court's list of accusations and evidence before they would agree to defend themselves.

The judge also asked four newspaper owners, who had charges dropped against them as individuals, to defend their organizations. He issued a warrant seeking the identities of two other newspaper owners, who have not yet appeared in court.

The judge then adjourned until Wednesday.

The defendants were charged in December 2005 with treason, inciting violence and attempted genocide. On April 9, the court freed 25 prisoners, among them eight journalists. Earlier in April, the judge dropped the charges of treason and attempted genocide.

File Photo: CUD supporter (BBC)

The trial has been widely condemned by international human rights groups as an attempt to silence Ethiopian government critics. The opposition leaders have claimed the trial is politically motivated.

The violence erupted during protests over elections that returned Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to power in May 2005. The opposition, despite winning an unprecedented number of parliamentary seats, claimed the vote was rigged, and EU observers said the polls were marred by irregularities.

Late last year, Ethiopia acknowledged that its security forces killed 193 civilians protesting alleged election fraud, but insisted they did not use excessive force. A senior judge appointed to investigate the violence had accused the security forces of excessive force.


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DR Congo beat Ethiopia 2-0 in Nations Cup Group 10


DR Congo beat Ethiopia 2-0 in Nations Cup Group 10

BBC Sport

DR Congo extended their lead at the top of Group Ten when beating Ethiopia 2-0 in an outstanding Nations Cup qualifier on Sunday.

Photo: BBC DR Congo lead Group Ten on seven points
Goals from Mputu Mbungu and Portsmouth striker Lomano LuaLua sealed the win for the Simbas in Kinshasa.

The home side dominated the early exchanges and opened the scoring in the 38th minute after Mbungu took advantage of a defensive mix-up.

LuaLua sealed the victory from the spot after Mputi Mabi was fouled in the box, late in the game.

The England-based striker had only arrived on the morning of the match, having played in Portsmouth's 2-1 win over Liverpool on Saturday.

The Group Ten clash, originally scheduled for March, was postponed due to the civil unrest in the capital at that time.

The win gives the Simbas seven points after three games in Group A, while Libya remain second with four points.

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Ethiopia - In respose to EPRDF’s EFTIN

Opinion Ethiopia - In respose to EPRDF’s EFTIN


In one of EPRDF’s Amharic weekly news paper (EFTIN), EPRDF requested Ethiopians residing abroad to show their position concerning the death of 65 EPRDF solders and nine Chinese people, in Degehabur zone. We are sorry that EPRDF’s EFTIN did not bring this agenda to the Diaspora at the time when hundreds and thousands of Ethiopian were gunned down by EPRDF solders, and at the time when thousands of opposition supporters were imprisoned and tortured. We are sorry that EFTIN did not ask the Diaspora to shout for the release for political prisoners and thousands of opposition supporters, who are languishing in EPRDF prisons. We are sorry that EFTIN did not ask the Diaspora to ask justice for those who were massacred. We are sorry that EFTIN did not ask for press and academic freedom. In short, we are very sorry for the fact that EFTIN did not ask the Diaspora to show their concern about the basic human rights that are violated by EPRDF.

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The Chinese government is forming a tread alliance with tyrants like EPRDF, who are torturing and massacring their own people. The attack on the Chinese workers is a lesson for the Chinese dirty economy and greedy expansion. The Chinese government should take Human rights violations and other facts into consideration before jumping into a flaming fuel. Greedy Investors including Al Amoudi, who are lending money for fulfill EPRDF’s blood thirst should learn a very good lesson form this attacks. It will not be surprising if ONLF or OLF, which are the results of EPRDF’s repression, attack EPRDF or its joint institutions (e.g. MIDROCK, Al Amoudi).The steps that are taken by EPRDF to connect this attack to Kinijit (CUDP) are EPRDF’s usual lie and calculation. Kinijit is one among few parties in Ethiopian politics which has fully renounced violence and seek to only struggle peacefully to attain its objectives. These allegations are simply not true and will not have any significant effect on Ethiopians living in Ethiopia or in the Diaspora. After 16 years of EPRDF’s rule the country is facing a growing number of conflicts, growing number of oppositions and enemies. This regime is imprisoning, torturing and murdering the peace loving poor Ethiopians, who are dreaming of peace and prosperity. Ethiopians in Diaspora should continue their unified pressure and action to bring this regime to an end. The focus of Ethiopians in Diaspora should be on how to solve this problem from its roots rather than its consequences. Ethiopians in Diaspora should ask for the release of political prisoners, justice, democracy…….not for EPRDF’s lie and allegations. EPRDF, China, Al Amoudi and all other donors should learn form this attacks, and start helping democratization process as soon as possible.


File Photo: AFD


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Ethiopia - 9 Kidnapped Oil workeres freed

Ethiopia - 9 Freed After Ethiopian Oil Attack

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia —
Seven Chinese oil workers and two Africans kidnapped during a rebel attack on a Chinese oil field near the Somali border were released Sunday, the Red Cross said.


  • 65 Ethiopian workers were killed
  • 9 Chinese were killed
  • 7 Chinese workers were kidnapped
  • ONLF claimed responsibility
  • 9 kidnapped oil workers freed on April 29 2007

Patrick Megevand, spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ethiopia, confirmed the release but declined to provide details. The Red Cross was taking the men to a safe location to be turned over the Ethiopian and Chinese authorities, he added.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the attack on the Chinese-owned oil exploration field in eastern Ethiopia on April 24 that left 65 Ethiopians and nine Chinese workers dead. The group said six Chinese workers "were removed from the battlefield for their own safety." Ethiopian and Chinese officials said seven Chinese workers were missing.

The rebels, ethnic Somalis who claim to be fighting for independence for the Ogaden region, said in a statement Sunday that all of the Chinese citizens were in good health and had been treated well. The group had refrained from new attacks while negotiating with the Red Cross to release the abducted workers, but complained that the Ethiopian military was cracking down on ethnic Somalis in the regional capital, Jijiga.

"Civilians in Ogaden are being told by troops that they will pay the price for the recent ONLF military operation," the rebel statement said.

Earlier, the group said it would resume fighting after the Chinese workers were transferred to the Red Cross. The rebels warned foreign companies against trying to work in Ogaden.

China has condemned Tuesday's attack and rejected the group's warning.


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